HMMWV Spare Tire Rack by niusheng11

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									                                        TRG Proprietary


    Swing Arm Tire Carrier Heavy Duty
             (SWATCHD )

               Tactical & Rescue Gear

•U.S. Patents
•7,249,927 B2 and 7,244,090 B2
               TRG Proprietary


                                                                 TRG Proprietary

   11th ACR Motorpool at NTC
Every HWWMV is outfitted with a SWATCHD.         It handles the toughest
               conditions any tire carrier will see!

15                                                                                                                TRG Proprietary

         Adding a Tire to the SWATCHD

       Mid Bar
                                               Lower Ramp

            Tire at base of Lower Ramp         Tire being pushed up Lower Ramp          Tire balanced on Mid Bar, ready to rotate
                                              (Use leg as stop to reposition hands)    (In either direction. Hub is inside or out)

                                                                                      Fits into
     Upper Ramp                                                                       Lower Ramp Bracket
      Tire rotated through 90o from roll up      Tire laid down on Upper Ramp           Spinner Lift Assist Handle in place
     (Ready to lay down on Upper Ramp)                                                           (Ready to lift)
                   5                                                                                TRG Proprietary



       Lifting Ramp with tire on            Pushing Ramp up – Lower Ramp      Tire folding into upright position
  (Force required to lift - 40 to 43 lbs)       beginning to fold down           Lower Ramp folding down

       Tire in stowed position               Spinner Lift Assist Handle is
                                                                              Line up the holes and lock with Series
Ready for Spinner Lift Assist Handle          rotated clockwise until tight
                                                                                            200 lock
                                              TRG Proprietary

Opening the SWATCHD

Detent Pin
Locking Device

          Depress pin and pull up to unlock
                    from frame
                                      TRG Proprietary

      Detent Pin holes

                         Detent Pin

               TRG Proprietary


                                                                     TRG Proprietary

Characteristics and Specifications
•   Fits all HMMWV models with or without bumper and is mounted to
    the Frame
•   No modifications to the HMMWV are required
•   Swing Arm Version installs in less than 20 minutes and requires a few
    9/16” wrenches
•   Store / remove spare tire in seconds
•   Fulcrum styled Lift-assist design allows soldier to stow a standard
    HWWMV tire, using only 53 lbs of lift or only 43 lbs if using the
    Spinner Lift Assist Handle
•   Design allows security for a stowed tire with a series 200 lock
•   Without a tire, it can also be used to store a few roles of concertina
•   Current version is powder coated; CARC paint is optional
•   No-slip tape prevents sliding in wet weather
•   A number of users throughout the military                              9
                                                                       TRG Proprietary

          Tactical & Rescue Gear
                        Company Facts
• 10 year old company
• Owners have over 100 years of Military service… and
• Small Business / Veteran owned
• Inventor / Manufacturer of Army Systems:
   –   Patented, Weapons Flashlight Mount, NSN 5340-01-485-1916
   –   Patented, Grappling Hook, Collapsible, NSN 2040-01-499-0035
   –   Patented, Multi-purpose Tripper (RFI), NSN 5120-01-512-4417
   –   Patented Delta Tripper (cave, tunnel, MOUT clearing), NSN 5120-01-512-
   –   Laser Hook, NSN 5120-01-512-4415
   –   Minefield Breach Lane Marking System (1st CAV and 101st ABN)
   –   Emergency Helipad Marking Kit
   –   HMMWV , HEMMT/PLS, 2.5 & 5 ton Storage Racks
   –   Patented, TICK , an add on rail for Beretta 92 FS                    10
                                                                         TRG Proprietary

Contact TRG for details

 Tactical & Rescue Gear, LTD
  1116 Dobie Drive, Suite B
       Plano, TX 75074

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