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Java Internet Cafe - Java Cafe


									                              Java Internet Café
                              2001 Joliet Avenue
                              Boulder, CO 80302-2001

Create a Menu for 5 different Coffee Prices; and Computer Prices.

Look on the internet for examples of Internet Café

The internet Prices
Membership fees
Internet access (members)
Internet access (non members)
Color scanner
Laser printer

T   he Java Internet Café is a coffee shop with a twist. As you can see, there are seven
    computers on the tables at the north side of the café. These computers provide
    high-speed Internet access to our customers. Whether you’re a regular on the Net
or a novice, our system is designed to allow you easy exploration of the World Wide
Web. You’ve heard about it, now give it a try. Ask your server to help you get started.
Use your Microsoft Word skills to create a very appetizing and attractive Menu.

Sit back, sip your coffee, and surf the Net.

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