Youth Council of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia

       Latvijas Brīvo arodbiedrību savienības (LBAS) Jauniešu padome


                     SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE

             DEVELOPMENT     ”
Duration: 1 year

Starting date (indicative): 01.02.2004.

Project language: Latvian, English

Preparation date: 05.12.2003.

Author: Ms Vita RUDUŠA
        Press secretary of LBAS, Vice chairperson of Youth council of LBAS

1. Background and Justification

     Educational system of Latvia is in high level and also very popular.
Comparing to the 1993, the number of university students in 2002 has increased
2.8 times. There are 496 university students on each 10 000 people, which is the
3rd highest rate in the world behind the Canada and the USA. But education
which is one of the strongest tools in labour market doesn’t give enough
information of labour market in general and also workers rights. The problem of
young people’s entry into working life concerns not just the quantity but the
quality of work. Therefore trade unions as representatives of workers should train
new generation on tendencies of the labour market development and what kind of
possibilities trade unions have. One major way in which this may be achieved is
trough strengthening formal and informal links between schools, universities,
different youth organizations and trade unions.
     The employment rate in Latvia has overrun 60% in 2002, but this still
stays behind the average rate in European Union. The unemployment rate of
economically active population was 8.9 % in April 2003. Every seventh
unemployed person is a juvenile under 25 years of age. The unemployment
among young people (15 – 24 years of age) is two times higher as for persons
55 – 64 years of age. Often it’s explainable because of the lack of education.
The high unemployment level among youth are giving evidence that there is
necessary to help young people to integrate into labour market, especially for
young people who have a low educational level or who didn’t finish their
studies (for example young mothers).

     Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) is the biggest non-
governmental organisation in Latvia, which protects the interests of
professional trade union members and employees on the branch and inter-
branch level. At present LBAS unites 170 248 trade union members in almost

3000 state, municipal and private enterprises. Only a 14 % of them are young
people aged up to 25 years (9 % women and 5 % men).

      On 27 November, 1997 was established Youth Council of the LBAS. It
operates on a voluntary basis. LBAS Youth Council unites the youth
representatives delegated by LBAS affiliates. Young people up to 35 years of
age can be delegated to the Youth Council. Aim – to protect and represent the
joint labour, economic and social rights and interests of young people – trade
union members, to promote their participation in creation of a lawful and
democratic society. Since 1998 Youth council of LBAS is the affiliate of the
biggest non-governmental youth organization – Latvian Youth Council.
      The members of Youth council of LBAS are trained by the confederation as
a lectors to run the seminars about trade unions as well as youth issues later
themselves. They are running informational seminars for young workers in the
regional trade union centres of Latvia an also participated as lectors in
informational seminars for members of LBAS affiliates.
          On September, 2003 Youth council of LBAS established contacts with
Latvian Students’ Association. On 30 October, 2003 there was the first meeting
and discussion between Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia and
student’s leaders from all of the country. The resolution of this meeting – to
develop a network between trade unions and student organizations to train
youth about tendencies of the labour market development and about workers

2. Target Groups
          This work-plan is meant for:
         student organizations (Latvian Students’ Association, students’ self-
         non-governmental youth organizations (Latvian Youth Council and their

3. Development objectives
       The project is designed to create and establish contacts between trade
unions, non-governmental youth organizations and students’ self-governmental
structures, to develop trade union policies on youth employment, to participate
in educational activities and information networks, especially in the subject of
Youth and Employment.
      This work – plan will contribute to recruiting of new members in trade
unions and also will favour leadership of young trade unionists who will
participate in project activities.

4. Immediate objectives
      At the end of work – plan, the network participants will be able to:

a) understand the procedures and tendencies of the labour market development;

b) have a knowledge of Latvian trade unions and what kind of possibilities trade
  unions can offer.

5. Indicators of objective achievement
     This work – plan will contribute to recruiting of young people in trade
unions in all branches which are represented in Free Trade Union Confederation
of Latvia. Also it will contribute youth employment in the country, knowledge
about social guaranties, healthcare and collective bargaining as well.

6. Activities
       Experts of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) and also
representatives of Youth council of LBAS will participate as lectors in different
seminars organized in co-operation with Latvian Students’ Association,
students’ self-governments, Latvian Youth Council and other non-governmental
youth organizations.

      Youth council of LBAS will prepare a training material especially for
young people (PowerPoint presentation about trade unions, support material on
the subject matters, handouts and booklets).

7. Inputs

                             Cities where         LVL
            Expenditure           are           (Latvian    EURO
                             universities      currency)
        Transport               Liepāja           800         524
        Training material       Jelgava          500        327,50
                                  TOTAL          1300        851,5

8. Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation
      The project will evaluate together by experts of Free Trade Union
Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) and Youth council of LBAS.

Date: 05.12.2003.

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