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Pomona Chiropractor, Dr. Jay Schwartz, Helps Locals Safely Recover From Auto-Accidents Fast


Pomona chiropractor, Dr. Jay Schwartz, helps locals find effective and rapid relief from pain caused by injuries received in car accidents.

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									Pomona Chiropractor, Dr. Jay Schwartz, Helps Locals Safely Recover From
Auto-Accidents Fast

Pomona, NY 28-February-2011 -- Rockland SpineCare is pleased to announce
that Pomona chiropractor, Dr. Jay Schwartz, offers pain relief for
victims of auto accidents. The most common injury experienced by accident
victims is whiplash. This condition affects the entire cervical spine,
the head, and the shoulders. It can be extremely painful, often resulting
in lost time at work and potentially, disability.

Whiplash occurs when one of two things occurs during impact. Either the
car comes to a sudden stop, allowing the head to continue moving forward
after the seatbelts have stopped the body, or the body is shoved quickly
out from under the head when the car is struck and moved. The resulting
injuries affect the cervical vertebrae, the muscles of the head, neck,
and shoulders, and other soft tissues.

Medical care for this condition is often immobilization of the head with
a neck brace and administration of pain killers and muscle relaxers until
the injury has healed, which can take a very long time. Dr. Schwartz uses
a blend of therapies to gently manipulate the bones of the neck back to
their proper alignment while massaging the muscles to relaxation and
caring for the other tissues.

For more information about how Dr. Schwartz helps provide pain relief to
victims of auto accidents, Pomona area residents are encouraged to visit
the website of Rockland SpineCare at Members of
the press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional
information about this practice by contacting the following:

Rockland SpineCare

Dr. Jay Schwartz, DC

Pacesetter Park Rte 202

Pomona, NY 10970

Phone: 845-354-5545

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