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6. Improve Your Memory Recall With Hypnosis


The best way to maximise your productivity is to manage your brain power effectively

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                                          Improve Your Memory Recall With Hypnosis
                                                                   By Alan Crisp

    Have you ever noticed how you sometimes have trouble remembering something and the harder
you try to remember it the more difficult it becomes? Then later that day, when you'd forgotten about
trying to remember, the name, answer or information you wanted just popped into your head?

The information was there the whole of the time of course but you were experiencing what Emile Coue
called the "Law of Reversed Effect".

And of course we all know how the mind can wander when we are feeling relaxed and all sorts of
memories can flow up into conscious awareness. This will happen even more easily using hypnosis.

How memory works

The latest thinking on how memory works is that there is a three stage process:

• Accepting - a memory into your memory system and filing it away safely. • Storage – Keeping it safe
and in a place where it can be found easily when wanted. • Retrieval – Finding the memory again and
bringing it back into conscious awareness.

Types of memory store

There are thought to be two of memory store:

• Short term or working memory • Long-term or permanent (we hope) memory

And maybe two types of memory, ‘Explicit’ (which country do you live in?) and ‘Implicit’ (How do you tie
a shoe lace?).

So, using hypnosis to improve your memory makes sense. In fact, many accelerated learning
programs such as speed reading and photo-reading actually use a state of altered consciousness
similar to hypnosis. They won’t call it hypnosis but instead they may talk about

Alpha and Theta states

So, hypnosis can provide a lot of help with improving memory because it can help to overcome some

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                                Presented by Leona L -

of the problems associated with poor memory such as:

• Good perception of the object or thought you want to remember in the first place;

• Having a good route and system of storage so you can find that memory again really easily and
quickly when you want or need to;

• A system of linking one memory to others that may be in the same catagorie or group (very useful for
exams and tests).

. However, once in a hypnotic state of mind there are some really excellent memory techniques that
can be learned, or as a hypnotherapist may say “installed”. You will learn to use them far more quickly
if the initial understanding is gained at both conscious and subconscious levels as in clinical

Alan Crisp DHP is one of London's leading Hypno-Psychotherapists and has a busy practice in
Beckenham on the borders of West Kent, South East London and East Surrey.

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                                 Presented by Leona L -

                            How to Use Hypnosis to Get a Person to Improve Their Life
                                                               By Regie Lions

There are very many uses of hypnosis, especially in the medical field. Many surgeons use hypnosis to
get a patient to fall asleep after administering anesthesia. This is where the doctor tells you to count
from ten and before you know it you are already in slumber land waiting to be operated on. Other
doctors use hypnosis to help a person recover speedily or even control bleeding.

Hypnosis can be used to Recover Lost Memories

 There have been cases where a patient for example loses memory completely after an accident. In
such a scenario a psychiatrist can use hypnosis to help the patient to recover their lost memory. There
was this incident where a woman had been a victim of a violent sexual assault. After the incident the
woman went into complete shock and suffered from short-term memory loss, which is usually a
defensive mechanism of the body when it tries to block out a bad memory. After several psychiatric
sessions the psychiatrist decided to use hypnosis to get the woman to recall what had transpired
during that gruesome incident. This lead to the arrest of the culprits who had raped that innocent
woman because apparently she had known them in the past; they were her work colleagues.

 It has also been proven that it is also possible to use hypnosis to get an obese person to lose weight.
There are many obese people who struggle with the issue of losing weight. Losing weight is not as
simple as people think especially if your problem is psychological. There are many obese people who
developed such body physiques because each time they got stressed out they turned to eating
chocolate and other junk foods in order to forget their problems. It is possible to use hypnosis to get
obese people who exhibit this tendency to change their behavior. Therefore, instead of eating when
they are stressed out, they could start exercising each time they feel stressed out.

 You can also use hypnosis to get rid of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), which really affects a lot of
women. You can also use hypnosis to get rid of endocrine problems, which are a common issue
among older women.

 You can use hypnosis to get a person with low self confidence to build up there confidence and
overcome being shy. The importance of having great confidence cannot be overemphasized, actually
confidence is the key needed to attract romance, get a promotion, and improve your social life.

 You can even use hypnosis to get rid of panic attacks which usually affects many people. This type of
hypnosis is referred to as wakened hypnosis. When it comes to dealing with anxiety panic attacks it is
considered the best.

 You can use hypnosis to get a man who has been suffering from sexual problems such as frigidity,
impotence and issues with their performance. A lot of the male problems are psychological and not
physiological. Those are just a few of the ways to use hypnosis to help people improve their lives.

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