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Part -1
Q-1 Which steps of SDLC do you think can spoil the complete base
of the project . Elaborate the importance of that step?
I think the whole step of sdlc is very important.if we take good
system requirmrnt from customer and my coding part is not enough
in project then it can be problame for project.
But according to me customer requirment and coding,design is the
main part of sdlc.
If    our     requirmrnt     is   not    good(problem in   customer
communication),then it can be spoil the complete base of the
      Requirmrnt-This process is also known as feasibility study. In
      this phase, the development team visits the customer and
      studies their system. They investigate the need for possible
      software automation in the given system. By the end of the
      feasibility study, the team furnishes a document that holds
      the different specific recommendations for the candidate
      system. It also includes the personnel assignments, costs,
      project schedule, target dates etc.
      Design And Code Generation
     In this phase, the software development process, the
software's overall structure and its nuances are defined. In terms
of the client/server technology, the number of tiers needed for the
package architecture, the database design, the data structure
design etc... are all defined in this phase.

Q-2 For whom the requirements for project accomplishing are
created - End user or Software Developer. Justify your answer.
I think both are important part for project.but generally we give
high priority to software developer.if software developer want to
develop a software then they needs user support or user requirment
then they can develop the simply we can say that
software developer will take requirment through customer point
of view,then then can develop the software. Software Analyst
gathers the requirements of the user through interviews,
questionnaires, etc. methods.
     Questionnaires -A method used for collecting data; a set of
     written questions which calls for responses on the part of the
     client; may be self-administered or group-administered .
     Interviews- An interview is a conversation between two or
     more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where
     questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information
     from the interviewee.
     GD- a discussion among participants who have an agreed
     (serious) topic

Q-3 Think of a system with some problem. Suggest two alternate
solutions and conduct cost benefit analysis.
1.if system is giving any problem(problem in process,race condition
problem,deadlock problem,paging problem or etc)then we should
manage the system as much as possible .and also we have to save the
money for other system or other idea can be backup the data of
system .so simply we can say that these type of idea we can apply in
the system for cost benefit analysis.
2. A more sophisticated approach to cost/benefit measurement
models is to try to put a financial value on intangible costs and
A sales director is deciding whether to implement a new computer-
based contact management and sales processing system. His
department has only a few computers, and his salespeople are not
computer literate. He is aware that computerized sales forces are
able to contact more customers and give a higher quality of
reliability and service to those customers. They are more able to
meet commitments, and can work more efficiently with fulfillment
and delivery staff.
Some examples of the types of business decisions that may be
facilitated by cost-benefit analysis include whether or not to add
employees, introduce a new technology, purchase equipment, change
vendors, implement new procedures, and remodel or relocate
facilities. In evaluating such opportunities, managers can justify
their decisions by applying cost-benefit analysis.

Q-1 Which fact finding technique could be the most important way
for project development, according to you? Justify your answer with

Ans-According to me interviews and Questionnaires could be most
important way for project development or gathering information.

      Why Interview?-Interview is a very important data gathering
      technique as in this the analyst directly contacts system and
      the potential user of the proposed system.One very essential
      aspect of conducting the interview is that the interviewer
      should first establish a rapport with the interviewee. It should
      also be taken into account that the interviewee may or may not
      be a technician and the analyst should prefer to use day to day
      language instead of jargon and technical terms.

This may also help the analyst to verify and validate the information
gained. Interviewing should be approached, as logically as possible
and from a general point of view the following guides can be very
beneficial for a successful interview.

     Set the stage for the interview.
     2.Establish rapport; put the interviewee at ease.
     3.Phrase questions clearly and succinctly.
     4.Be a good listener; avoid arguments.
     5.Evaluate the outcome of the interview

Why Questionnaires?

Questionnaires are another way of information gathering where the
potential users of the system are given questionnaires to be filled up
and returned to the analyst. The closed questions can be of various
types and the most common ones are listed below.

   Fill-in-the-blanks.
   Dichotomous i.e. Yes or No type.
   Ranking scale questions ask the respondents to rank a list of
    items in the order of importance or preference.
   Multiple-choice questions which offer respondents few fixed
    alternatives to choose from.
   Rating scale questions are an extension of the multiple-choice
    questions. Here the respondent is asked to rate certain
    alternatives on some given scale.

Q-2 Draw decision tree and decision table for a system to highlight
the difference between the two concepts.
      Decision Tree
Type of customer    size of order                 discount
Bookstore            6 or more                     25%
                      Less than 6                   NO DISCOUNT
Library or            50 or more--------------------15%
Individual           20-49--------------------------10%
                       Less than 6-------------------NO DISCOUNT

       Decision Table

                        CONDITION STUB          1   2     3   4
                        Customer is Bookstore   Y   Y     N   N
                Order size is 6 copies or Y         N     N   N
ACTION STUB     Librarian or individual                   Y   Y
                Order size 50 copies or                   Y   N
ALLOW 25% DISCOUNT                        X
ALLOW 15% DISCOUNT                                        X

ALLOW 10 % DISCOUNT                                           X
NO DOSCOUNT                                          X

Q-3 Write logic of assigning grades to students using Structured
IF marks greater than 90
Than grade A++
Else if marks greater than 80 and less than equal to90
Than grade A+
Else if marks greater than 60 and less than equal to 80
Than grade A
Else if marks greater than 45 and less than equal to 60
Than grade B
Else if marks greater than 30 and less than equal to 45
Than grade C

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