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					What the…Chuck?
 Techno Tools
    Are we going to get GPS, laptops, Counter-espionage
What the…Chuck?
 Techno Tools
    Why isn’t there an electronic SiteMangler manual on the
     Construction web page?
What the…Chuck?
 Time sheets and Personnel Policies
    ‘Delivery’ personnel do not necessarily work on a set
     schedule. Is it officially okay to ignore the policy?
        Say no more…A wink is as good as a nudge to a blind bat!
What the…Chuck?
 Consolidation of ‘Delivery’ and ‘Preservation’
    Does my PDP branch have to do everything the same as
     the other PDP branch in the district?
       Because we’re not!
What the…Chuck?
 Change Orders
    Why do the CDE’s have to sign the Change Orders?
    Wouldn’t it be faster if they were taken out ?
       Of the Change Order process, not like a death threat
         or is it?
What the…Chuck?
 Consolidation of ‘Delivery’ and ‘Preservation’
    When ‘Delivery’ employee’s assist with weather
     emergencies, are they allowed C-time/Over-time?
       Block-50’s?
       10% raises to compensate for their initiative and
          I tried.
What the…Chuck?
 Training
    Why are training funds different for Preservation
     employee’s and Delivery Employees?
    Most of the training is no additional cost anyhow.
What the…Chuck?
 Consolidation of ‘Delivery’ and ‘Preservation’
    When supervising prison or trustee workforce, will we
     be issued weapons to shoot those “trying to escape?”
        So you’re saying we have to use our own?
What the…Chuck?
 Lightning Round
    Who is the greatest Baseball player not to use
     performance enhancing drugs?
    Soup beans & Cornbread: Crumble, Dunk, or Sop?
    Elliott Co. Lions, best High school B-ball team in 100
     years, or just the last 25?
    Questions from the floor.
What the…Chuck?
 Going Home
    Where is the closest FleetOne station?

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