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									                                      BOMA CONNECTION
September /October 2009

                                                   B u i ld i ng O w n er s & M a n a g e r s A s so c i a ti on o f E d mo n to n
                                                   Bu l d n g Ow e r                                       ti            mo to

S TAT I ST I C S                      THE INTACT BUILDING
& NEWS                                ProCura is proud to be a part of the                        technology and design contributing to
                                      revitalization of Edmonton’s “Main Street”            enhanced tenant comfort and building energy
                                      with the re-development of the former                                                   efficiency.
                                      Professional Building into the new and
                                      innovative Intact Building at 10830 Jasper              The project incorporated and expanded the
                                      Avenue.                                                                former 11-storey cast-in-place
VACANCY                                                                                                                  concrete building,
                                      ProCura recognizes                                                                       with only the
Edmonton                   1.92%
                                      the importance of                                                                 superstructure and
Owner/User                 0.84%
                                      developing                                                                         the three existing
                                      sustainable real                                                                       elevators of the
Multi-Bay                  3.01%      estate. The                                                                           former building
                                      environmental                                                                               remaining.
Single Tenant              2.43%      impact of office                                                                           Demolition
                                      buildings is                                                                              included the
Northeast                  0.18%
                                      tremendous. Office                                                                  exterior envelope
Northwest                  2.39%      buildings consume                                                                   in its entirety, all
                                      38% of the total                                                                   interior partitions
Southeast                  1.41%      Canadian secondary                                                                  on and above the
                                      energy, produce 30% of the total greenhouse            main floor, and the main floor exterior retail
Southwest                  0.72%
                                      gas emissions and utilize 40% (3 billion tonnes)              facades. All building mechanical and
Central                    2.35%      of the raw material used globally. Building           electrical infrastructure were demolished and
                                      design and construction practices have a             replaced with new energy efficient equipment,
Old Strathcona             0.44%      significant impact on the environment, the            lighting and plumbing fixtures in compliance
                                      future of our country, our cities and our homes.         with LEED guidelines. The underground
Annexed areas              2.62%                                                                               parkade was retained almost
                                      ProCura is constructing the Intact Building to                             completely and expanded.
                                      be a LEED building incorporating design,
2,966,173 sf (June 2008)              construction, and operational practices that           To date 2,810.93 tons of concrete have been
  298,995 sf (June 2009)
                                      combine health, high-quality and high-                      recycled during the construction of the
NEW CONSTRUCTION                      performance advantages with reduced                  building and overall 96% of total construction
                                      environmental impact.                                     waste was recycled and has been diverted
3,489,682 sf (June 2008)
                                                                                                                  away from the landfill.
  374,200 sf (June 2009)
                                      ProCura has registered for a LEED-CS GOLD
                                      designation for the Building which considers           Our industry-leading high performance cur-
*Statistics courtesy of The Network
                                      base building elements such as its systems,               tain wall is produced by VisionWall. The
Information provided by:              structure, and envelope. Once completed, the                 curtain wall above the 2nd floor boasts
Avison Young                          Intact Building will boast state-of-the-art              innovative technology that reduces sound
Real Estate Alberta Inc.
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                                                                                                               BOMA CONNECTION
Tuesday, October 6
Broker’s Forum                         E L E VATO R S A F E T Y & M O D E R N I Z AT I O N
The Sutton Place Hotel
11:30 am—1:30 pm                 Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides         Many buildings in Edmonton are now
                                 Safety Association (AEDARSA) is a not for profit      approaching the life expectancy for parts of the
Tuesday, November 3
Annual General Meeting           organization whose primary role is to ensure          elevator system. Over the past years a substantial
The Hotel Macdonald              public safety regarding elevators, amusement rides    increase in major alteration inspections have
                                 and passenger ropeways. An owner or owner’s           occurred mostly due to the aging buildings in
Friday, December 11              agent is responsible to report all incidents and      Alberta. Generally speaking elevators of the past
Christmas Charity Luncheon       accidents to AEDARSA as per Alberta Regulation.       have had a life expectancy of approximately 30
The Westin Hotel                 It is AEDARSA’s delegated responsibility to           years. Typically an elevator upgrade is considered
*sponsorship opportunities       investigate incidents and accidents.                  because an improvement in reliability and service
 now available                                                                         is needed. By adding new technology to your
                                 When elevators are installed, AEDARSA ensures
                                                                                       existing equipment you can expect to
                                 the elevator meets the Alberta Regulation and the
 EDUCATION                       applicable codes and standards in effect at that
                                                                                       increase elevator operational efficiency and
                                                                                       performance, improve the appearance of your
                                 time. When existing elevators are inspected they
                                                                                       elevator, improve energy efficiency, and extend the
RPA/FMA                          are inspected to the code that was in force at the
                                                                                       life of your equipment to help you get more from
                                 time of installation.
November 5—8: SOLD OUT                                                                 your initial investment.
Design, Operation &              A major alteration is defined as a change to the
                                                                                       Over time new regulations and new codes evolve
Maintenance of Building          elevator controls, a change to the rise of the
                                                                                       encompassing current safety enhancements.
Systems, Part I                  elevator or a change in the speed of the elevator.
Instructor: Hamish Moir,                                                               If a major alteration is not in your building’s
                                 A major alteration warrants an inspection from
Earthsource Geothermal                                                                 immediate future owners may want to consider
                                 AEDARSA prior to public operation to ensure the
                                                                                       one or more of the following improvements to
                                 code compliance to the code at the time of
                                                                                       increase the safety of their elevator:
Occupational Health &
Safety Series
                                  Elevator Car:
                                                                                      A major alteration on one elevator can take
                                     Ensure that each elevator has an              several weeks to complete depending on the total
Tuesday, October 13:
WHMIS                                  operating communication device (telephones, scope of work that is being performed. Proper
                                       intercoms) that can reach 24 hour assistance. planning of this process can reduce the length of
Tuesday, October 20:                                                                 time a modernization will take from start to finish
                                     Make the elevator car emergency stop
Pandemic 101                                                                         and will provide the owner with an elevator that is
                                       buttons key-operated or install them
                                                                                     more aesthetically pleasing to tenants and most of
Tuesday, October 27:                   behind a locked cover.
                                                                                     all a safer elevator.
Travel Restraint / Fall Arrest       Install an emergency light and alarm bell
                                                                                                           As written by
                                       with emergency power backup.
                                                                                                   Denise (Dee) Oleksiuk
Building Structure Series            Install door restrictors to prevent people                            AEDARSA
                                       from opening the car door from inside when             Northern Alberta Manager
Wednesday, October 7:                  the car is away from the landing or install
                                       long apron guards to close off the opening to
Wednesday, October 28:                 the hoistway.
Roofing                              Install a door protective device.
                                  Hoistway Doors:
Training Seminars
                                     Strengthen the door’s resistance to forces
Wednesday, October 15                  that are applied from the hall side by
Blackberry Training Session            installing door retainers.

Wednesday, October 21             Hydraulic Cylinders
Customer Service                     Replacement of single bottomed hydraulic
Training Workshop
                                     Installation of a cylinder gripper.
                                     Remote “Electronic Monitoring” of
                                       hydraulic oil levels.

E N E R GY & U T I L I T I E S U P D A T E — S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9
 Pricing has finally dropped in the mid-term, new         Forward pricing for natural gas is   intent that it could be operational as early as
 generation is planned, and the government                  mid-$3/GJ for remainder of 2009, and 2011 depending on regulatory hurdles. And
 wants to 'string' us along again...                        $5-$6.50/GJ for 2010-2013            those may be many, given that a number of
                                                                                                 other generation companies have been
 Highlights in this issue include:                        AB government looks to Bill 50 to    blowing smoke while questioning the project
                                                            reduce regulation, but Enmax and     and reiterating the need for a 'level playing
    New 165 MW generation announced by
                                                            others (including myself) strongly   field' (Enmax is owned by the City of
      Enmax, wind generation company seeks
                                                            oppose it                            Calgary). Looking to take advantage of all the
      white knight
                                                          AB government budget deficit looms hot air, Canadian Hydro Developers, a
    Energy pricing (short and mid-term)                                                        renewable energy company, has just
      near 7-year lows                                                                           announced that they have acquired the world's
                                                      Enmax has continued development work on    largest offshore wind generation project even
    Forward pricing for electricity is 5-6
                                                      its new Ogden facility plans, just on the  though they've been dealing with a hostile
      cents/kWh for next 4 years
                                                      outskirts of downtown Calgary, with the    takeover bid by TransAlta... and now says it
                                                                                                 has multiple offers on the table and that
                                                                                                 TransAlta is "no longer in the lead". Stay
FEATURE MEMBER                                                                                   tuned, the competition for generation is
                                                                                                 heating up!
 In May 2009, John M. Ross was appointed            estate business in general, we are finding that   Average electricity and natural gas prices have
 Managing Director of Avison Young in               the talent pool available to us is far greater    continued to drop in the short- and mid-term
 Edmonton. Below, he offers his insight on the      than at times when the business is more           markets - amazing what a recession can do to
 present state of Avison Young and his vision for   robust. This is the ideal time to be taking our   pricing!!! Longer-term pricing for electricity
 the future of the rapidly growing organization.    extremely talented folks and improving their      (out 4-5 years) is near record lows (5-6 cent
                                                    service platforms by adding the best and the      range), so the premium that the traders were
 These are exciting times at Avison Young.          brightest. The ultimate winner, of course, is     looking for in a couple of years has evaporated
 Having now successfully merged Avison              our client.                                       in this market. Natural gas is still quite high
 Young companies in Alberta, British                                                                  in the mid-term (3-5 years) given the record
 Columbia, Ontario and Quebec to create a           In addition to providing support for our          amount of gas in underground storage right
 single national entity, Avison Young now           teams, the other key component of my role is      now - so unless the economy in North
 forms (with its affiliate offices in Regina,       that of client liaison. Our clients are the       America does a quick about-face, these mid-
 Winnipeg and Halifax) Canada’s largest             reason we exist, so it is imperative that we      term prices could soften a bit further...
 independently-owned commercial real estate         constantly seek their input – not just in areas
                                                    where we are strong, but more importantly,        And speaking of hot air, the provincial
 services company and the only national,
                                                    in areas where we can improve. Business           government continues to try to push Bill 50
 Canadian-owned, principal-managed real
                                                    begets business, and the better our service is,   through, which would give the politicians
 estate brokerage firm in the country. Add to
                                                    the more likelihood of success.                   control over deciding about the need for new
 that the recent opening of our Chicago office,
                                                                                                      transmission capacity (because they're the
 and it’s clear that the North American
                                               If we constantly strive to provide the highest         experts, right?!? :-)
 platform has begun to take shape.
                                               level of expertise from the best brokers in the        My guess is, the government is under so much
 In Edmonton, we bring a true team concept     business, if we are always on the lookout for          budget and revenue pressure right now,
 to the table for our clients. Each of the     better ways to transact our business, and if we        they’re not sure exactly which way to turn.
 practice areas, whether it be Retail, Office, never, EVER, lose sight of the fact that our           With short-term gas prices hitting 7-year
 Industrial or Investment, is represented by a clients are our reason for being, then Avison          lows, revenues from natural gas have been
 team, so the clients know that when they      Young will continue to lead the pack– not just         horrible – and since the government budgeted
 speak to any one of our members, they get the in Edmonton, but in Canada and North                   for prices to average $5.50 over the year but
 full effort of the entire group.              America.                                               they’re now around $3, where is the shortfall
                                                                                                      going to come from? Hang onto your hats
 In my role as Managing Director, it is of the      If my leadership can in some small way            folks (and your wallets), desperate times may
 utmost importance that I ensure that each          contribute to this goal, then my tenure at        lead to desperate measures…
 team is equipped to function at the highest        Avison Young will be considered a success.
 level. The tasks range from overseeing office
 equipment, software and technology to              ~ John M. Ross
 recruiting brokers and staff members to fill
 whatever gaps we may have. With the current                                                                            Chris Vilcsak, President & CEO
 slower state of the economy and the real                                                                                  Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.
                                                                                                                  www. /780-429-4774
             The Intact Building … continued from pg 1

                                transmission, eliminates perimeter heating        complex include bicycle parking, meeting
                                requirements and dramatically decreases           rooms, and surface parking at the rear.
                                energy consumption. VisionWall also allows
                                clients to design their spaces to maximize        ProCura is proud to welcome Intact
                                views to the outdoors, which has been             Insurance and the Alberta Investment
                                proven to increase occupant productivity          Management Corporation (AIMCo) who
Building Owners &               and comfort.                                      will occupy seven floors of the building’s
Managers Association
of Edmonton                                                                       10 floors of office space. We are also proud
                                 The Intact Building floor plates have been       to welcome Rexall, The Second Cup and
#390 Standard Life Centre       expanded to approximately 21,000 square           Subway to the building.
10405 Jasper Avenue             feet allowing for flexible space for both
Edmonton, AB T5J 3N4            single or multiple office tenancy. The            The modern aesthetics and environmental
T: 780.428.0419                 building offers retail space on the main floor,   design principles of the Intact Building will
F: 780.426.6882                 a two-storey vaulted entry lobby with two         ensure that the building remains an
                                new elevators added to the three                  Edmonton landmark with its own unique
                                retrofitted existing elevators, and a well        identity and style.
Percy Woods,                    appointed main floor lobby, complete with a
 Executive                                                                         Information provided by
                                back lit feature lighting wall and a sculpted               Jody Kundrik,
 Vice President
                                lobby ceiling design. The amenities in the               General Manger
T: 780.702.5007

Jeannette Mensink,              NEW BOMA EDMONTON MEMBERS
  Executive Assistant
                                     Western Maintenance (Edmonton) Ltd. - Represented by Sheila Murphy
T: 780.702.5008
E:                  DCS Global Enterprise Canada Inc. - Represented by Dan Lindsay

Cora Krywko                          Georgia Pacific Professional - Represented by Jim Shelast
T: 780.702.5009                      Gulf Pacific Property Management Ltd. - Represented by Angela Crowder

                                    Agriculture Financial Services Corporation Building
                                           - managed by Alberta Infrastructure

                                    Provincial Building Grande Cache
                                           - managed by Alberta Infrastructure

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