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1. Designation : Assistant Professor, E& I Department of ISM Dhanbad
2. Qualification:

   B.E. (Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.)- Year of passing-1999

                                                     Shri G.S. Institute of Technology
                                                       and Science Indore (MP) India

   M.Tech. (Solid Sate Technology) Year of passing-2002

                                        Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

   Ph D (Electrical Communication Engineering)-Year of awarding-2009

                                             Department ECE of IISc Bangalore
                                        Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

3. Area of Specialization:

                                                  Optical fiber Communication
      PhD Thesis Title

                         Analytical and Numerical Study of Propagation in optical
                         Waveguides and devices in linear and nonlinear domains

4. Research interest:
My Doctoral research work was focus on inhomogeneous and nonlinear optical effects in
DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) optical communication systems. I require
to fabricate of various DWDM optical components and to be tested at high optical power
level to estimate the effect of nonlinearity as well as in-homogeneities of waveguide
structures. Pulse propagation through various types of waveguide structure need to study
theoretically as well as experimentally. I am planning to study various types of MEMS
(micro-electromechical switch), FBG (fiber Bragg grating), PCF (photonic crystal fiber) and
integrated ring resonator based optical components for DWDM applications.
I would like to be focus on the following areas of my further research work:

               The light wave properties of photonics cystal fiber.
               Study of various types of optical components for DWDM applications.
               Finite element analysis of MEMS based optical devices.
               Study of nonlinear optical effects and in-homogeneities of waveguide

5. Book Publication

Published by International VDM publisher Germany

Book Details:

Title                  Numerical Study of
                       Propagation in
                       Optical Waveguides
                       and Devices

Subtitle               Analytical and
                       Numerical Study of
                       Propagation in
                       Optical Waveguides
                       and Devices in Linear
                       and Nonlinear

ISBN                   978-3-639-22167-1

Date of issue          2009-11-27 00:00:00

pre-tax                68

after-tax              68

Author                 Sanjeev
                       Kumar Raghuwanshi,
6. Previous
From                   To                 Employer            Position held     Reason for leaving:

Feb 2002               May 2002           IIT Bombay Powai- Research Engineer   Join IISc Bangalore
                                          400076                                PhD

                                          Asansol                               Join SPSU
Nov 2008               May 2009           Engineering       Lecturer            university
                                          College, Sen
                                          Raliegh Road,
                                          Kanyapur, Asansol

June 2009              Nov 2009           SPSU university     Assistant Prof.   Join MITS (deem
                                          Bhatewar Udaipur                      university)

Dec. 2009              March 2010         Mody Institute of   Assistant Prof.
                                          Technology and                        Join ISM Dhanbad
                                          Sikar, Rajasthan-

7. Course Taught in B. Tech & M. Tech level:

a) Digital Image Processing

b) Digital Signal Processing

c) Electromagnetic Wave

d) Network Theory

e) Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
10. Research Achievements/ Awards:

            MHRD Scholarship received during M Tech and PhD programs. All India
             GATE -1999 Rank-93 in Instrumentation paper.

            Nominated: Who's Who in the World published by America since 1899
             upcoming 2010 Edition which had been scheduled for publication in
             November 2009.


All India Selection

                                  .   Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering-1999

                                                                   Percentile 90.93

                                               Instrumentation Engineering Paper

                                  .   Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering-2004

                                                                   Percentile 91.79

                                         Electronics & Comm. Engineering Paper

                                         .   BSNL (Junior Telecom Officer)-2002

                             Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Post

                                  .   Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering-2006

                                                                   Percentile 92.79

                                         Electronics & Comm. Engineering Paper
.   Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering-2008

                              Percentile 94.51

       Electronics & Comm. Engineering Paper