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									PIP HAYDON
Born Goondiwindi, Australia, 1968

[E]    piphaydon@iprimus.com.au
[w]    www.piphaydon.com

2006 Master of Fine Arts (by Research), Monash University
1997 Bachelor of Visual Arts, (Hons, 1st C), Queensland University of Technology.
1989 Registered Nurse, Royal Brisbane Hospital

2005 The Food Paintings, Blindside, Melbourne
2000 Eyes Bigger Than The Belly, Penthouse & Pavement, Melbourne, and Satellite Space, Brisbane
1999 Pipe Line, Shop 49B, Brisbane
1998 Nozzle, Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane
1997 Squeeze, Re: Site Program, University Art Museum, Brisbane

1999 Transmaterial, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand
     How Long, Nengyang University, Singapore
1997 Australia Beyond, Carpediem Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2005 The raw and the cooked, Blindside Artist Run Space Inc., Melbourne.
     Awkward Balance, Blindside Artist Run Space Inc., Melbourne.
2003 The makers craft, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Undercurrent, Idspace, Melbourne
     Only The Lonely, Block, Sydney
2001 Something for the Ladies, Penthouse and Pavement Gallery, Melbourne
2000 Fortitude: New Art from Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
     Avant-Gardism for Children, Monash University, Melbourne
1999 Avant-Gardism for Children, University Art Museum, Brisbane
     Now: Emerging Artists in Queensland, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
     Extreme Periphery, Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne
     Mannerism, Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane
1998 Toowoomba Biennial Acquisitive Award & Exhibition
     Chew, Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane
     Luscious: Paint, Painting and Painted Words, Cooloola Shire Gallery, Gympie
     Shake, Swizzle + Twist, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba
1997 Dishonoured, Graduate Exhibition, QUT, Brisbane
     Hatched: Healthway National Graduate Show, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
     Fascination Street, Milburn Gallery, Brisbane
     Pharmacology, Fortitude Gallery, Brisbane
     Art Nineties, University Art Museum, University of Queensland
     Fresh Cut, IMA, Brisbane
1996 Meniscus, Fortitude Gallery, Brisbane
     Asia Pacific Hotel Art Fair, Fortitude Gallery, Brisbane

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http://www.blindside.org.au, The raw and the cooked, Blindside Editions
http://www.blindside.org.au, Awkward Balance, Blindside Editions
http://www.blindside.org.au, The Food Paintings, Blindside Editions
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http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/visarts/globe/issue9/amctxt.htm, McNamara, A. Looking for an Opening,
Globe, 1999.

2000 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship for Painting
1999 Arts Queensland Product Development - Individual Project Grant
1998 Churchie Emerging Art Award
     Toowoomba Biennial Acquisitive Award

2004 Griffith University Art Collection
1998 Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
     Downlands School
     Wesley Hospital Art Foundation.
1997 University of Southern Queensland.
1996 Arkhe Field Architects, Brisbane.

Registered Nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

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