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					    INTRODUCTION                                                      Modeling and Simulation                                                            APPLICATION FORM
                                                                      Programmable logic controller
                                                                                                                                                          A Refresher course on
The purpose of two-week training programme is to provide a            Flexible manufacturing systems
forum for presenting and discussing the recent trends in              Evolutionary computing
Automation and Robotics. The recent years have witnessed the          Adaptive & learning control                                  AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS
emergence of high performance automated systems driven by             Design of robots
the ever-increased quest for productivity, flexibility and            Micro & Nano level Manufacturing                                            6th July – 18th July 2009
competitiveness.       The trends and impacts of automation           Image processing
                                                                      Sensor technology                                                     Centre for Automation and Instrumentation
technologies in the new millennium have to be thoroughly                                                                                            NIT Warangal 506 004 (A.P)
discussed, shared and practiced for facing the challenges in          Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks
the era of electronics. Automation reflects the growing               Pattern recognition
convergence of IT and automation technology. Robots are               Virtual reality                                                 1.   Name
getting closer to humans and raises issues in matters related                                                                          2.   Date of Birth
to human robot interaction, in advances and experiences of                 The faculty of Department of Mechanical Engineering
robots and automation at home, at work, for education, as well    and ECE of NIT Warangal will form the core group for                 3.   Designation
as in other emerging areas. In this context, the STTP on          conducting the programme. Guest faculty from leading
                                                                  technical institutes, R&D organizations and practicing               4.   Department
Automation and Robotics would provide a platform for the
Researchers, educationalists and practicing engineers to share    engineers will also be invited to deliver lectures.                  5.   Institution
the knowledge and exchange ideas for achieving and                                                                                     6.   AICTE Recognised institute?      YES/NO
                                                                      ELIGIBILITY & SELECTION CRITERIA
realization of integrated, flexible intelligent manufacturing
systems. Keeping view of this idea, the faculty at National                 The programme is open to the teachers of AICTE             7.   Address for communication
Institute of Technology, Warangal felt the need of organizing a   approved Engineering/Polytechnic colleges working in the
refresher course on Automation and Robotics. This course          Mechanical/Production/Industrial   Engineering    disciplines.
would bring the academicians from various fields to a common      Teacher participants are limited to 50. The completed                                         E mail                Phone
platform to encourage and share the knowledge of use of this      applications should reach the coordinators on or before 17th
idea in their institute and research.                             January 2009. The selected participants will be informed by          8.   Educational Qualifications
                                                                  21st January 2009.
 OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE                                                                                                              Sl. No.     Degree           Specialization     University
                                                                   REGISTRATION FEE
    To provide a comprehensive understanding of various          TA / DA & Accommodation:
     aspects of Automation, Robotics and soft computing                    Participants are provided with free boarding and
     technologies used in design and control of Automation and    lodging at NITW guest house. Participants arriving from the
     robotic systems                                              places 300 km away from Warangal be paid TA as per rules.
    To train the teachers with the state of art information on
                                                                                                                                       9.   Subjects handled during the last 3 years
     Automation and Robotics inculcate research interests in
     the said area.                                                ABOUT CAI                                                           10. Experiences (in years)
    To arrange laboratory classes like CNC machines and                   Centre for Automation and Instrumentation (CAI) is in           Teaching:
     robotics, Mechatronics, Simulation, CAD/CAM, MATLAB          the process of establishment under MHRD Govt. of India. CAI              Research:
     etc.                                                         is a center of excellence for incubation, development and                Industry:
    COURSE CONTENTS                                               nurturing of advanced technologies in the areas of Automation    11. Detail of refreshes courses attended earlier
                                                                  and Instrumentation, which is being created at par with any
    Automation                                                   global level institutes. The centre aims to nurture the          12. Accommodation required                     YES/NO
    Robotics                                                     technologies that required for the present and future like       13. Any other information
    Artificial Intelligence                                      Mechotronics, Automation, Modeling & Simulation, Micro
    Expert Systems                                               Electromechanical Systems (MEMS), Bio-MEMS, Bio-MEMS, Bio-
    Mechatronics and MEMS                                        Informatics,    Autonomous       Robots    Bio-Robots,    Nano
    Intelligent manufacturing systems                            Electromechanical Systems (NEMS), Bio-NEMS etc. The CAI will
    Data mining                                                  provide a platform to all to conduct R&D in the above areas.
                          Declaration                                to the B.Tech. degrees in various branches of engineering and                 A REFRESHER COURSE
                                                                     M.Tech. and Ph.D. Programmes in various specializations. With
         The information provided is true to the best of my          a view to give further impetus to the technological education,                           On
knowledge. If selected, I agree to abide by the rules and            the Central Government upgraded the RECs to NITs, and
regulations of the course and shall attend the course for the        conferred the Deemed to be University status.                     AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS
entire duration. I also undertake the responsibility to inform
the Coordinators in case, I am unable to attend the course.                   Warangal is known for its rich historical and cultural
                                                                                                                                                 6th July – 18th July 2009
                                                                     heritage. It is situated at a distance of 140 Km from
                                                                     Hyderabad. Warangal is well connected by rail and road.                                 Patron
                                                                     National Institute of Technology campus is 2 Km. away from                           Prof.Y.V.Rao
                                                                     Kazipet railway junction and 12 Km. away from Warangal                          Director,NIT,Warangal
                                       Signature of the applicant    railway station. Participants are advised to alight either at
                                                                     Kazipet or Warangal depending upon the train of travel.                            Sponsored by
                                                                                                                                         Ministry of Human Resource and Development
                                                                     Important Information:                                                     Government of India, New Delhi
                                                                      Application should be accompanied by sponsorship
         Dr/Mr/Ms. …………………………………………………………….                            certificate, and a stamped (Rs. 5/-) self-addressed
is an employee of our Institute/Organization and is hereby             envelope.
sponsored to participate in the A Refresher course on                 Last date for submission of application is 25thJune 2009.
                                                                      Selected applicants will be informed by 30th June 2009.
“Automation and Robotics” during        6th July – 18th July
                                                                     Contact Details:
2009 at National Institute of Technology, Warangal                          Prof. C. S. P. Rao
                                                                            Coordinator, STTP on AR – 2009.
                                                                            Centre for Automation and Instrumentation
                                                                            NIT Warangal – 506 004.
                                                                            Phones: 0870 – 2462332 (O)
Date:                                                                                                                                                 Prof. C. S. P. RAO
                                                                                     0870 – 2459891 (R)
                              Signature of Head of Institution                                                                                        Dr. N. SELVARAJ
                                                                                     9885 238699 (Mobile)
                                        (with seal)
                                                                            Fax:     0870-2459547
N.B.: Brochure and application form can also be down-loaded
      from our institute website:                                                                                                  Organised by
                                                                            Coordinator, STTP on AR - 2009
  ABOUT THE INSTITUTE AND WARANGAL                                                                                                     CENTRE FOR AUTOMATION AND INSTRUMENTATION
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