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                           T H E N E W S P A P E R O F IMPERIAL C O L L E G E U N I O N                                                       Friday 23rd May 1980                                                Issue N o 554

                             RAPE IN SOUTHSIDE
                                           Police Ask For Information

O n S a t u r d a y night, a female s t u d e n t
from I C was accosted in a Southside
lift. T h e g i r l e n t e r e d t h e lift o n t h e
                                                              Did you see the man
g r o u n d floor i n t e n d i n g t o g o u p t o h e r
hall of r e s i d e n c e . H o w e v e r , t h e o n l y
                                                              described on this
o t h e r p e r s o n i n the lift, a m a n i n h i s         page.. last Saturday?
early t w e n t i e s , sent it t o t h e b a s e m e n t .
W h e n t h e lift s t o p p e d he f o r c e d h e r
out into the basement area a n d the
G e n t s toilets.

     T h e m a n threaten^.! the student a n d
 a      serious crime was committed.                            T h e assailant probably entered
                                                                Southside through these doors.
                                                                   Editorial comment (back page)

     The assailant's
     A g e : 19-25
                                                              The rape of a female student in
     H e i g h t : 5'10" — 6'
     Slim Build
                                                              Southside is the most serious incident
     C o l o u r of S k i n : L i g h t B r o w n
     H a i r : A f r o ( w i t h sides t r i m m e d )
                                                              that I have had to report in FELIX.
     Features: Freckles or p o x marks
     o n c h e e k s . T h i c k lips.
                                                                I was on the scene moments after the
     T e e t h : fairly l o n g a n d n a r r o w
     Eyes: dark                                               incident occurred and have full
     H e w a s d r e s s e d i n blue j e a n s ,
     b r o w n crew neck sweater a n d a
                                                              knowledge of the incident. However, I
     w h i t e tee-shirt.
                                                              have not included many details of the
  A n identikit photograph is to                              rape in this week's FELIX because I
be made up today and we hope
to put it in next week's FELIX.                               believe that it would be wrong to do so.
  If you have any information
which could help the Police,
                                                                The priority is to help the POLICE
please phone Detective Ser-
geant Webb on 434-6431 or if
                                                              apprehend the rapist before he is given
you do not wish to contact the
Police directly then phone the
                                                              the chance to strike again.
IC Union Office on Int 3915 or                                         FELIX ta p u b l i s h e d b y t h e E d i t o r , o n behaff of t h e I m p e r i a l C o l l e g e U n i o n P u b l i c a t i o n * B o a r d .
Ext 01-589-5111 ext 1040. Any                                          F E L I X is p r i n t e d o n t h e U n i o n p r e m i s e * i n P r i n c e C o n s o r t R o a d , L o n d o n S W 7 .
                                                                       E d i t o r C R P s l m c r F E L I X I S S N 0140-0711 R e g i s t e r e d at the P o s t O f f i c e . C o p y r i g h t F E L I X
information will be treated in                                         1960 F E L I X , t h e E d i t o r of F E L I X a n d U n i o n O f f i c e r s c a n n o t a c c e p t liability i n r e s p e c t of
the strictest of confidence.                                           errors or omissions contained in articles herein
                                                        Secondly, Steve seems to assume
             Boat          Club                      that the overseas students were
                                                     forced to attend the meeting, that
Dear Colin                                                                                                                                             Concise
                                                     they cannot make up their minds                        Noise
   I would like to publicise Steve                   for themselves and that their vote
Webb's (the captain of Boat Club)                    does not carry the same weight as
comment to me as his justification                                                                                                   Dear Colin
                                                     that of the home student. For the
for challenging the quorum as the                                                            Dear Sir                                  May I suggest that the Editor of
                                                     first time that I can remember, we
motion censoring the recent action                   had a large contingent of overseas           Sunday 18 May, 02:10am             FELIX issues guidelines on how to
of the Boat Club was about to be                     students at a U G M because they        As I pen this letter three hours        construct a logical argument, in
voted upon.                                          wanted to show how strong their         after retiring to bed, I am regaled     order to avoid the nine letters
   His c o m m en t : " T h i s isn't a              feelings were about the issue being     by the sounds of boogie-woogie          which rambled on to no purpose
                                                     discussed — why else did they           and rock'n'roll music from the          on Iran in last week's issue.
representative meeting — she goes
                                                     bother to attend the meeting? This      Union Building opposite my room.        Yours sincerely
and drags all the overseas students
                                                     is surely the type of response we       Who decided to allow parties till       Frank James
                                                     are aiming at by holding UGMs.          this hour in the morning during
   Firstly, the "she" refers to Mary
                                                                                             exams? I know, it's the weekend
Attenborough, as if this issue was                     Steve has so far argued that his      and we poor Beit residents must
her personal axe to grind. In fact,                 way is the best way to alleviate the     expect to put up with some disturb-
the Anti-Apartheid Group at IC                      situation in South Africa and up         ance (loud music, empty beer cans                       Graffitti
numbers about thirty people,                        until the uttering of those two          and kegs being kicked and rolled        Sir
which, I should think is a number                   phrases, even I thought he really        round the Quad, etc), but 2:00am?       Could you please ask your Islamic
not far removed from the number                     believed that and I merely felt          How many more such events are           readers not to write on our College
of active members of Boat Club,                     sorry. But now I realise that he just    planed for our delight during the       Buildings, this may be the done
and we are joining an international                 doesn't care — "Steve's alright,                                                 thing in Tehran, but certainly not in
                                                                                             exam period I wonder?
campaign to break links with the                    Jack."                                                                           London.
                                                                                             Yours sleeplessly
racist regime of South Africa.                      Jo Armitage                                                                      Disgusted of Mayfair
                                                                                             James Gray
F r o m the A n t i - A n t i - A p a r t h e i d
                                                     Dear Colin
Group/Masses at RSM(IC)
                                                           IC and South Africa               number of non-whites are admitted       Guilds to consult the Foreign
   Following the IC Boat Club's
                                                    As one who has been at various           to courses in certain technical         Office on this matter.
successful and prestigious sporting
                                                    times described by Sennet as "a          subjects at white universities, but        For reasons which I would be
tour of non-racist South Africa, we
                                                     Conservative" and by Ms Atten-          are not allowed the social benefits     glad to explain to any Physics
were pleased to learn that RSM
                                                    borough as a "McCarthyite Fascist",      of full membership of the university.   undergraduate (perhaps a good
(IC) has offered RSM(IC) Union
                                                    I find it rather amusing to be           These courses are not offered by        comprehensive paper question for
equipment ot a non-racist white
                                                    described by the Captain of IC           the poorly-funded non-white colleges,   next year?) the characteristic X-ray
South African team visiting the UK
                                                    Boat Club as one of "Mary Atten-         which cannot of course afford           emission of a 4 kilot on atmospheric
this summer to row at Henley.
                                                    borough's cronies". IC's growing         rowing clubs.                           nuclear explosion is unmistakeable
   In view of the progressive inter-                involvement with the South African          It is ironic that Imperial College   The detection of this signature by
national campaign tg promote                        regime is rather less amusing. It is     is offering collaboration with the      the V e l a test-ban monitoring
sporting links with the enlightened                 a pity that the apartheid system         South African nuclear industry,         satellite last September, during a
non-racist sporting community of                    should have as an advocate in your       when a recently graduated Oxford        S o u t h A f r i c a n naval e x e r c i s e ,
South Africa, we totally endorse                    columns someone so ignorant of           PhD is now under house arrest for       shows how far this project has
the Boat Club's sporting offer.                     the facts (re South African education)   alleged spying on the installations     progressd. Are we (as a College)
   We are considering holding a                     or at least guilty of terminological                                             prepared to assist in the production
                                                                                             of that industry. In the context of
RSM(IC) non-racist U G M to discuss                 inexactititude (eat your heart out, J                                            of a nuclear arsenal in a Fascist
                                                                                             the SA-Israeli H-bomb project,
this further in PO Box 645 Joburg                   Newland).                                                                        country?
                                                                                             such collaboration is against the
RSA during July; come and vote                                                                                                       Yours faithfully
                                                       To return to the serious points:      policy of the U K government. I am
for the anti-anti-apartheid revolu-                                                                                                  Derek Everett
                                                    there are no mixed-race univer-          all for academic freedoms, but I
tionary government at IC.                                                                                                            Physics PG
                                                    sities in the Republic. A very small     would urge the Dean of City and
   Signed: SAS, Sgd Leader Bamo
Woghead, Short-arse, Der Fuhrer,
Paddy, Sgt Doe and Slob.
PS: Quorum by post not allowed.                                    Iran

                                                    Dear Colin
                                                       T h e current interest in the
                                                    Iranian situation from members of
Dear Colin
   Following the much publicised
intent of Mary Attenborough to
                                                    this college seems somewhat
                                                    misdirected in view of the plight of
                                                    minorities in Iran. The most violent
                                                    repression is occurring now in
stand as Conservative Society                       Kurdistan. Kurdish cities have been
Chairman, the Consoc Committee                      indiscriminately bombed in an
c o r d i a l l y invite her to do so
provided Mark Clegg (Consoc
                                                    attempt to 'crush the rebels' as
                                                    Khomeini has ordered. He has no             PART-TIME WORK
Chairman) is invited to become                      qualms about using the military
I C W A President for the coming
year. We feel she will be as welcome
                                                    might built up by his predecessor
                                                    for his own imperialistic adventures.       (EVENINGS & WEEKENDS)
in C o n s o c as Clegg will be in                     A problem closer to the hearts of
                                                    students is that of attacks on
Yours                                               universities. Many students were
                                                                                                Our first Fast Food Restaurant, The
William Cortazzi                                    murdered only recently in a number          Hungry Fisherman, has now opened at
Chris Webb                                          of universities during violent
Bernard Smith                                       clashes. Now examinations are               24 Thurloe Street (by South Kensington
John Narbourough                                    being taken early as the universities
Tim Lawes                                           are to be closed down because of            tube). We are also opening shortly in
(Consoc Committee)                                  disagreements between university
                                                    authorities and government. The             Victoria.
                                                    students of this college could make
                                                    an effective protest to the Iranian        If you would like to earn some                                       extra
            Rediculous                              government by passing a motion in
                                                    the U G M condemning the persec-           cash by working as a Catering
            Spelling                                ution of students and attacks on
                                                    the higher education system. A             Assistant,          call in and speak                      to      the
                                                    telegram should then be sent to
Dear Colin                                          President Bani-Sadr informing him          Manager           anytime         between             11:00am
  Your spelling is rediculous.                      of the opinion of the Union.
Yours faithfully                                    Yours sincerely                            and      11:00pm.
Arthur Sore Arse                                    Philip Nash
     Studentae Imperialis
  a review of the species                                                                                                                                                           Aft
T h e average visitor to South Kensington rarely                         p r e d a t o r m a y be so great that a s o c i a l u s
concerns himself with anything other than one                            i n d i v i d u a l m a y s p o n t a n e o u s l y r e v e r t to a
or m o r e of the n u m e r o u s m u s e u m s , or                     normalis, becoming just as drab and boring,
perhaps the Albert Hall. It is easy, amongst the                         a n d f r e q u e n t i n g the s a m e h a b i t a t s . ) U n l i k e                   CITY A N D GUILDS
grandiose Victorian architecture, to overlook                            n o r m a l i s , w h e r e c o p u l a t i o n is u n k n o w n ,        Despite               having                   said         that         last          week's
the shabby, inconspicuous inhabitants of the                             s o c i a l u s m a y p r a c t i c e a p r i m i t i v e f o r m of      a r t i c l e w o u l d p r o b a b l y be m y last, m y                                      arm
area. M o r e than a casual glance, however, will                        sexual reproduction. T h e production of young
soon reveal the exciting variety of creatures to                                                                                                   has     b e e n slightly t w i s t e d a n d                               a typewriter
                                                                         is rare.
be found. O n e of the most interesting of these                                                                                                   put        in        front          of     me,         so        here           it     is.
is Studentae imperialis. It is only recently that                            Three other small but important varieties                                  The        Seaside T r i p on S a t u r d a y was                                        well
b i o l o g i s t s have b e e n a b l e to d e s c r i b e this         have been observed. T h e largest of these is                             a t t e n d e d with negative e m p t y seats being
species, and I present here a review of the                              vulgaris. T h i s evolved from socialus, but is
                                                                                                                                                   available o n                   the       coach. The                     weather               was
work so far.                                                             u n d o u b t e d l y d e g e n e r a t e . T h e r e are one
                                                                                                                                                   very g o o d w h e n we                               left B e i t A r c h b u t                   a
   Studentae imperialis is confined to the South                         hundred and fifty or so individuals, each having
K e n s i n g t o n a r e a , w h e r e t h e r e is a t o t a l         its own distinctive behaviour pattern. Vulgaris,                          few        clouds               appeared                  as     we        approached
population of 4,000 individuals. Because there                           w h i c h is often f o u n d in the U n i o n B a r , is                  our        destination. Yes                           it w a s           Margate.              On
is great variation in appearance, behaviour and                          m o r p h o l o g i c a l l y d i s s i m i l a r to the o t h e r        arrival          the           first      task         was          to     sample              the
habitat, five sub-species, or variants, have been                        varieties, usually being thick-set a n d rather
                                                                                                                                                   sea        and        a few              stalwart (foolish) m e m b e r s
described.                                                               ugly. O n e interesting feature is that the right
                                                                                                                                                   of     Guilds              rushed              t o w a r d s the                sea.         They
     T h e 'type' species is normalis. This is the                       arm may be better developed than the left.
                                                                         This may be due to the unusual diet, which is                             r u s h e d a w a y f r o m the                             sea       pretty quickly
most c o m m o n variety, comprising 80-90% of
the population, and is believed to be the most                           high in liquid content. Other authorities believe                         as     well           due           to    temperature                          dependent
primitive. Normalis is a placid, dull creature. It                       that, like the eyesight of normalis males, it is                          shortening                     effects a l t h o u g h                   some           people
a v o i d s c r o w d s , a n d p r e f e r s w a r m , safe             due to the relative scarcity of females. Vulgaris
                                                                                                                                                   managed                   to     stay          in t h e         sea.       As          normal,
e n v i r o n m e n t s s u c h as l e c t u r e t h e a t r e s a n d   c a n be o n e o n e of the m o s t i n t e r e s t i n g
                                                                         creatures for the,keen naturalist to study. O n e                         once everybody had                                    left the             sea        the      sun
l i b r a r i e s . M a l e s a n d f e m a l e s are difficult to
                                                                         of Nature's most delightful spectacles is to see                          d e c i d e d to               c o m e out             and          the        r e s t of      the
distinguish, due to their similar habits of dress.
However, males do vastly outnumber females.                              a vulgaris individual bend his head towards the                           day        was            rather           good.            After          a     few         pints
The result of this unbalanced distribution of                            ground, to hear the distinctive gurgle-splash-                            and        some                greasy           fish        and          chips          we        all
the sexes is that a high proportion of normalis                          gurlge splash sound that indicates that he is
                                                                                                                                                   w e n t off           to        the       fun        fair t o       try and              find      a
males have poor eyesight and have to wear                                having, or rather, has just had, a good time.
                                                                                                                                                   way        to        get        r i d of        the        f o o d . M o s t of                the
s p e c t a c l e s . A l t h o u g h s o l i t a r y by n a t u r e ,      There are only four individuals of the fourth                          rides           were           tried.          Jo      liked          one        so          much
normalis occasionally joins a group of five to                           variant, Sabbaticalus.   T h e y have a short life-
ten individuals to form a 'clique'. These cliques                                                                                                  she        was            seen staggering away from                                                it
                                                                         cycle of only one year. Nothing useful can be
are u n c o m m u n i c a t i v e a n d w i t h d r a w n w h e n        said about them, other than that they make a                              after h a v i n g - h a d t w o                       rides. M o s t people's
confronted by other individuals, and can often                           lot of noise, out of all proportion to their size.                        overdrafts                     were considerably                                increased
be seen sitting by themselves in a circle in a
                                                                             T h e rarest variant is the m u c h sought after                      and        a g o o d time was                             had         by       all. I don't
c o m m o n r o o m or bar. T h e s e g r o u p s are
                                                                         Eroticus. These females are highly attractive to                          remember                   much                of     the       return               t r i p as     I
e x t r e m e l y b o r i n g , a n d the k e e n n a t u r a l i s t
                                                                         males of all the o t h e r v a r i e t i e s . T h e y are
should not waste time observing them.                                                                                                              fell   asleep until we                               reached               the        pub         on
                                                                         extremely rare, and a live individual has not
                                                                                                                                                   the        way            back.
    T h e most c o m m o n variant after normalis is                     been recorded for many years. S o m e authorities
socialus, which accounts for between ten and                             claim the variety is extinct, and others claim it                              Now             on    to        an        event you                 will p r o b a b l y
t w e n t y p e r c e n t of the p o p u l a t i o n . T h i s           is a mythical creature that has never existed                             not        know            about.               As        we        have             collected
colourful variant is friendly and affectionate.                          o u t s i d e the w a r p e d m i n d s of s o c i a l u s a n d          about           £18,200 this                        year        for        Rag,         it     was
They are more adaptable than normalis, and                               vulgaris males. It is c l a i m e d , however, that
                                                                                                                                                   d e c i d e d at R a g                    C o m m i t t e e t h a t it w o u l d
have a c o n s e q u e n t l y m o r e d i v e r s e habitat.            t h e r e is a stuffed s p e c i m e n in the N a t u r a l
Rarely found in libraries, socialus can often be                         History M u s e u m . This is hard to believe, since                      be     a    terrifically                  spiffing             i d e a if w e                could
f o u n d in b a r s , p u b s , or the n o i s y c r o w d e d          it is w e l l e s t a b l i s h e d t h a t it is v i r t u a l l y       i n c r e a s e this t o t a l to o v e r £20,000. T o                                        this
places w h i c h normalis avoids. T h i s variant                        impossible to stuff such a female.                                        end        there               will       be        a final           massive                 Rag
would undoubtedly increase in numbers and                                   In summary, it ca n be seen that Studentae                             collection                     on        14th        June.            Don't             worry,
bring about the extinction of normalis if it were                        imperialis is an extremely interesting creature.                          m o s t people's e x a m s will have finished                                                     so
not for the activity of the predator Examiner                            S o , for an exciting day out with the kids, get
imperialis. This seasonal creature appears for a                                                                                                   there           is    no            reason            for       not        turning             up.
                                                                         out the car and drive down Prince C o n s o r t
m o n t h in the early s u m m e r . W h e r e a s the                   Road. Remember, keep the windows closed,                                  Further               details             of        this       will       be         available
habitat a n d behaviour of normalis makes it                             don't get out of the car, and definitely d o not                          from            the        Office                   and        in     next             week's
unappetising to the predator, poor socialus is                           feed them!                                                                FELIX.
highly v u l n e r a b l e , a n d the p o p u l a t i o n m a y
                                                                                                                 Dave        Attenborough          Cheers
be drastically reduced. (Indeed, the fear of the
                                                                                                                              Life Sci 2           Bryan

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                                                                                                             Notice for Photosoc          Print Competition          entrants:
                                                                                                             The competition has been cancelled - It is hoped that
                     Studentae Imperialis Vulgaris                                                           your entries will be available for collection from thePhotoshop.

   A Modest Reply From Justin Newland
 Two weeks ago, an essay entitled                  or judgements on the form, rather          a Mr Stephen Goulder concerned               the principle motive of the Iranian
 " T h e American-Iranian Conflict:                than intellectual or logical, or            my "libellous" accusation that the          students in occupying the American
 Some Historical Perspectives"                     judgements on the content. But my           Western media is notoriously                Embassy in Tehran; originally, this
 appeared in this magazine (FELIX                  article was not a poem; it was a            biased. I should say here that, as a        was to force the US to extradite
 Issue No 552, dated 9th May 1980).                serious attempt to examine the             good citizen, I believe everything I         the ex-Shah back to Iran, where he
 The following week, a number of                   current American-Iranian struggle          read in newspapers, down to the              would face a treason trial. Inciden-
 letters criticising my article were               from both sides and to draw some           last monosyllable in the Sun. How            tally, new evidence seems to
 published in FELIX. I should like to              historical analogies. Therefore, any        can the British Press be slandered          suggest that one reason the Amer-
 thank the Editor for allowing me                  aesthetic comments should have              in such a way when, for example,            icans refused to comply with this
 this opportunity to reply to these                been supplementary to a review of          just recently they unerringly                demand was that the ex-Shah had
 criticisms.                                       the content of my work, and                 explained to the curious British            enormous dollar holdings in the
    First of all, I humbly apologise to            should have been confined to a              public just why the Day of Action           US
 any and all Muslims whom I may                    single issue: whether the style was         had been called? G o d forbid! It
                                                                                                                                              While I do not have the space to
 have offended by describing their                 appropriate to the content.                would be like a ccusin g these
                                                                                                                                           comment on some other pertinent
 religion as Mohammedism, rather                     If I am to understand their               honourable journalists of distracting
                                                                                                                                           criticisms raised by Mr Goulder, I
 than Islam. This was entirely due to              aesthetic judgements correctly,             the attention of the public from the
                                                                                                                                           will say this: in my opinion, it is
 my ignorance.                                     writers in FELIX should use no              central issue (ie, the present
                                                                                                                                           now irrelevant whether the Ameri-
    Now, the letter from Islamic                   metaphor, similie, or any literary          administration's iniquitous policies)
                                                                                                                                           cans accede to the terms of the
 Society kindly informs us that "the               embellishment save cliches, and             by creating a ballyhoo about Len
                                                                                                                                           Iranian students, in so far as the
 teachings of Islam . . . regard men               G o d forbid if they should ever            Murray's holiday.
                                                                                                                                           current vogue in terrorism has
 and women ps      equal before      God".         quote any foreign words and                   Indeed, the same critic thought           shifted from plane-hijacking to
 While the italics are theirs, I would             annotate these with their meanings.        that my conclusion "we must look             attacking embassies.
 be more inclined to emphasise the                 A n d eternal damnation to an              beyond . . . the framework of                   Finally, any discerning reader of
 word " r e g a r d " . Perhaps Islam              author whose vocabulary forces             international law for the eventual           my original article will have realised
 regards equality in such a way that               his readers to pore over a dictionary.     resolution of this crisis", did not          that I deliberately adopted a stance
 it bears an uncanny resemblance to                   O n a personal note, I cannot           account for the presence of the              of non-alignment; hence the criticisms
 gross inequality? Have you ever                   believe that my essay offended Ms          U N to deal with such situations.            levelled against me by both sides. I
 seen a Muslim man wearing a veil?                 Ann-Marie Tomsett as much as her           Well, I suppose they have managed            repeat my claim that the one
    Nonetheless, I did admire the                  spiteful, vindictive letter wounded        it so well that they have already            positive common factor shared by
 nimble dexterity with which they                  me.                                        resolved the conflict, but are               the American and Iranian people is
have exploited the current situation:                                                         keeping it a secret for the time             that they are each and all members
in the same letter, they tell us that                 However, this same lady suggested       being? Like its illustrious prede-           of the human race. Thus it is the
"the aim" of sending us all their                  that my essay should have been             cessor, the League of Nations,               springs of humanism that must
religious propaganda was not to                    entitled " T h e American-Iranian          whose mere existence did so much             eventually join these, and all,
disseminate the Muslim faith, but                  Conflict: Some Personal Historical         to halt the onset of the Second              peoples together.
on the contrary, "was to clear                     Perspectives". Allied to her objection     World War, the United Nations has
                                                                                                                                              At the risk of provoking the -

many misconceptions about Islam,                   that my work was " . . . opinionated       feathered its cap by preventing the
                                                                                                                                           derision and hostility of some of my
common in England". Indeed, I was                  . . . verbal tenesmus" (what the hell      Suez crisis, the Korean and Vietnam
                                                                                                                                           readers, I will couch my concluding
interested to read in their 'Brief                 does that mean?), these arguments          wars, and a couple of Middle-East
                                                                                                                                           remarks in a figure of speech.
Guild to Islam' that "from dawn to                 may seem like those of a fool              wars to boot. Seriously though, I
sunset every day for thirty consecu-                                                          accept that the U N may help                    It is only when every country's
                                                   whose bolt is soon shot. In fact,                                                       belief in the U N , or some other
tive days . . . a Muslim voluntarily               they raise an important issue. For         resolve international quarrels once
gives up eating, drinking and sexual                                                          they have arisen, but are their              institution embodying the principles
                                                   example is the historical perspecitive                                                  of humanism, has been nourished
habits". I wonder if they could                    called dialectical materialism (n.b. if    conventions universally recognised,
explain why, in some M u s l i m                                                              or, more to the point, are they              by the rains of time that the flower
                                                   I explain this theory, I'll be accused                                                  of universal peace and equality will
countries, this "voluntary" activity               of verbosity, if not, then pomposity) a    never broken?
is supported by legislation.                                                                                                               prosper.
                                                   universal law, or merely one
                                                   personal interpretation of history? I                                                      Until then, we must endure the
   Yet I fully realise that this is a                                                           However, it was this alert gentle-         stench of wars, the sickness of the
captious objection to a faith which                had always thought of looking at
                                                                                              man who alone raised any fresh               Third W o r l d , the starvation of
is a magnificent spiritual sanctuary,              history as similar to looking at a
                                                                                              questions on the content of my               millions, and the most nauseous
but whose articles, like those of                  panorama: some folk pick out this
                                                                                              essay. His realistic analysis, as far        sight on this earth . . .the suffering
Christianity, are being insistently                aspect, this detail, this tree, or this
                                                                                              as it went, was excellent, but in            of children.
questioned.                                        leaf, while others see the valley, the
                                                                                              some places, dogmatic. At one
                                                   forest, and the landscape as a
   Two critics commented on my                                                                point, he states that: " I f the
                                                   whole. Either way, the view is
literary style. May I ask them, was                                                           Americans agreed to the terms                                 JUSTIN
                                                   individual, and therefore bound to
my essay merely a piece of prose,                                                             demanded this would then put
                                                   be opinonated.                                                                                           NEWLAND
and nothing else? If so, then all                                                             every foreign embassy in the world
criticisms should have been aesthetic,               Another issue raised this time by        at risk." Here he fails to establish

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                           JUST A SEC
 T h a n k y o u all for turning up to the A n n u a l G e n e r a l
 Meeting, it was indeed good to see the place full.
     The social and athletic awards, which were announced
 then, are printed in this edition of FELIX. If you ai;e on the
 list you may purchase from the Bookshop a tie or pendant.
 However, don't rush along now, wait for a certificate to be
 sent to you in the internal post. This must be presented
 when you go to buy it. Congratulations to you all.
    Union General Awards were presented to Chris Fox,
 Malcolm Brain, Bill Robertson (Senior Assistant Registrar
 at C o l l e g e since 1967), T i m Hillyer and myself.
    Your comments on the French kids completely backed
 up my own thoughts. " A pain in the arse" was the phrase I
 heard most around Southside. Since then I have taken the
 matter to the Union Council Meeting, held last Monday,
 and the Union does not support any profit making venture                                  ICU H A N D O V E R A G M
 which* is to the inconvenience of students. Clearly this                  Last Tuesday's ICU A G M was held in the Concert Hall. About 200 students
 means the French kids if you are studying in your room for             were at the meeting.
                                                                           The Officer's reports were printed in a special edition of E X E C NEWS and
 exams. A letter has been sent to the Refectory Chairman.               after these were discussed, social and athletics colours were announced.
    I have been asked to inform you that members of the                    Members of staff were then given their social colours and the Union General
 College have been invited by the Mayor-elect of South                  Awards were presented.                                       »
 Kensington and Chelsea to attend the Civic Service at St                  The post of U G M Chairman was handed over to Jon Firth and the meeting
                                                                        moved on to the motions. A successful attempt was made to change the order
 Mary Abbots C h u r c h at 11:15am on Sunday 1st June.                 of the Agenda. The motion on the Boat Club (see letter from Jo Armitage on
    T h a t ' s all for this week, except have a good B a n k           page 2) was heard. After one speech for and against the motion, the meeting
 Holiday.                                                               moved to a vote. At this point the quorum was successfully chalenged and the
                                                                        meeting continued in the Queens.
                                            Roger Stotesbury
                                                                                                          -Margaret Bell (RA) (WLC)
                                                                       RSMU                                OGreene (Amnesty International)
                                                                       Paul Gerrard                        Mark Brown (Industrial Society)
                                                                       Trevor Fletcher                     L Herbert (Catholic Society)
                                                                       Bernard Pryor (EO)                  Kieron Brennan (Catholic Society)
S O C I A L C O L O U R A W A R D S 1979/80 SESSION                    Prof Peter Pratt                    Jan Czernuszka (Soc Soc) :)
                                                                       Andrew Lewis                        Dilip Gunawardera (Labour Soc)
                                                                                                           Peter Dodd (Methodist Soc)
                                                                       C&GU                                Ian Hanley (RA) (Methodist Soc)
                                                                       Bryan Stephenson                    Sean Kelly (PATA)
                                                                       Jamie Atkinson
 RAG                             OSC                                   Jo Armitage (EO) (RA)
 Ruth Langford                                                                                              SCAB
                                 Dr Leo Pyle (OSC)
 Steve Tyson                                                           RCSU                                  David Britton (Folk Club)
                                 Dince Mitlie (Turkish)                                                     Mark Wiszowaty (Dramsoc)
 Barney McCabe                                                         Martin Watson
                                 Ella Shum (Chinese)                                                        Mike Town (Dramsoc)
 Annie Lathaen (RA)                                                    Elizabeth Lindsay
                                 K Y Tan (Chinese)                                                           Nick Moran (Dramsoc)
 Rae Snee (RA)                                                         Sean O'Boyle (EO)
                                 K Y Lam (Chinese)
 Dave Hardwick                                                         Barney McCabe                         Roger Nichols (Opsoc)
                                 Mr Shah (Pakistan)
                                                                       Mo Misra (RA)                         Tom Carlstedt Duke (Stage)
                                 K-R Ansah (Afro-Caribbean)
                                                                                                             Jon Griffin (Jazz)
                                 Nick Lambrou (Hellenic)
 ACC                                                                   RCC                                   Ken Haley (RA) (Stage)
                                 George Mitstoulis (Hellenic)
 Roger Davey                                                           Andy Walker (Hot Air Balloon) Duncan Jarvis (Opsoc)
                                 F Gouzales (Latin-American)
 Pat Dunleavy (RA)                                                     Pete Dickinson (RA) (Hot Air Balloon) Brian Cresswell (Ents)
                                 Avijit Chakravant (India)
 Charles De Bono                                                       Chris Golding (Hang Gliding)          Edward Richards (Music/SCAB)
                                 Ishwaran Rajendram (OSC)
 Cyril Knowles                                                         Al Dempsey (Hang Gliding)             Graham Hill (Jazz)
                                 Christopher Sivaprakasam (OSC)
 Andy Pearce                                                           Geoff Keymer (Billiards & Snooker) Tony Cox (Jazz)
                                 Aftab Gujral (OSC)
 Suki Kalirai                                                          Sanjit Teelock (Billiards & Snooker) Neil Smith (Jazz)
                                 S Saboury (Iran)
 Johnson Afilaka                                                       Steve Jeans (Billiards & Snooker) Pravin Patel (Film Soc)
                                 PUBLICATIONS BOARD                    Dewe Nuttall (Billiards & Snooker) Sue McClaughry (Choir)
                                                                       Jeremy Wyndham (Bridge Club)          Hunter Danskin (Choir)
                                 Lars Wernberg-Meller (FELIX)
 ACADEMIC                                                              Neil Beresford (Surf Club)            Andy Cheyne (SCAB)
                                 Ian Morse (RA) (FELIX)
 Bob Bradley                                                           John Savage (Ham Soc)                 Richard Dickins (Conductor)
                                 Jeremy Nunns (ICR/FELIX)
 Gary Nichols (RA)   v
                                                                       Russell Whitworth (Ham Soc)
                                 Rob Shepherd (ICR)
                                                                       John Freeman (Chess Club)             OTHERS
                                 Roger Edwards (ICR)
 ICCAG                                                                 Andy Jobling (Wine Tasting)           John Anderson (Services)
                                 Keith Renton (ICR))
 J Beasley                                                             Paul Minton (Gliding Club)            Dave Ashforth (Chaplin)
                                 Simon Milner (ICR)
 Mike Smith                                                            Guy Buckley (Dancing Club)            T Hillyer (Ext/FEUX/ACC/WUS)
                                 Adrian Jeakins (STOIC)
 Sunila Nimalasuriya                                                   T Cook (EMG)                          Roger Stotesbury (RA) (Exec)
                                 Grant Richmond (STOIC)
 Fiona Sinclair                                                        Nick Towers (Underwater)              Steve Marshall (Phoenix/Rag)
                                 Alistair Knight (STOIC)
                                                                       Andy Cameron (Underwater)             Michael Sandwith (KCOS)
                                 Mark Smith (Phoenix)                                                        Kirsten Pratt (Rag/Academic)
                                                                       John Tidy (RCC)
 WELFARE                         Sean Giblin (Phoenix).                                                      Jo Armitage (RA) (Exec)
                                                                       Roger Brugge (RA) (RCC)
                                 Jon Firth (RA) (Pub Board)
 Shona Ward (Nightline)                                                S Morrison (RCC/Mountaineering) Malcolm Brain (RA) (Exec)
 M Arthur (RA) (Accommodation)                                                                               Chris Fox (RA) (Exec)
                                 COLLEGE                               SCC                                   Rick Kirman (Book Buyer)
 ICWA                            Brian Lloyd-Davies (College Admin)    Henry Rzepa (SCC)                     Gene Wilson (Silwood)
 Merche Clark (RA)               Neil Vincent (Electrician)            Frank James (RA) (SCC)                JWhitehouse(ICCAG/TWSetc)        *
                                 George Targett (Cleaners)             Essam Zaghlotte (Islamic)             John Samworth (Bookshop)
 E X T E R N A L AFFAIRS         Loretto O'Callaghan (Day Bookings)    Ali Mahdmina (Islamic)                G Dearmer (PWP/Ext/Liberal Club)
 Chris Webb                      Bill Robertson (Registry)             El Saie (Islamic)                     Kevin Courtney (Soc Soc/External)
 John Passmore                   George (Estates)                      Karen Harget (WLC)                    Philip Cole (Ext/Liberal Club)

                                                              A T H L E T I C C O L O U R S 1979/80 SESSION

                               Association Football
                                                                                                      Full C o l o u r s : S Townsend (EO); J Chandler; E Budgen; P
F u l l C o l o u r s : A H a r a l a m p o u s ( M a t h s 3); I S t e v e n s o n ( M e t 3); K
                                                                                                      D u n l e a v y ; R P u l l e n ; R D a v i e s (R). H a l f C o l o u r s : J A u s t i n , W
R e e v e ( C h e m 3); G B r e r e t o n ( E O ) ( M e c h E n g 3). H a l f C o l o u r s :
                                                                                                      Burgoyne; A Lorans; J Manzoni; R Smart; D Waboso; A Warby;
A B e t t s ( A e r o 3); D D e a n ( M e c h E n g P G ) ; C H e n d y ( B i o 1); M
                                                                                                      P Ratcliffe.
K e n r i c k ( R A ) ( M e c h ( E n g 3); G " R i c k a r d ( R A ) ( P h y s i c s 3).
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : «I W i l l i a m s ( M e c h E n g 2); K A n d r e w s ( E O ) ( M e c h
Full    C o l o u r s : T Kakas         ( E O ) ; M Ainsle.
                                                                                                      E n g 3). H a l f C o l o u r s : A B e a n y ( M a n S c i ) ; J B a x t e r ( P h y s 1); C
                                B o a t (1978/79)                                                     M u r r a y ( M i n 2); N A j d e r i a n ( M e c h E n g 1).
Full C o l o u r s : A Dyson; M Johnson (EO). Half C o l o u r s :                              C
W e i r ; A B u r g e s s ; N R a y ; G G r i f f i t h s; J S c o u l a r .
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : F Hofmann (Bot P G ) ; P Smith (EO). H a l f
                                          Fencing                                                     C o l o u r s : J M c F a r l a n e ( B o t P G ) ; M J o n e s ( C h e m E n g 2); N
                                                                                                      A t k i n s o n ( C h e m E n g 2).
F u l l C o l o u r s : D C r i s p ( P h y s i c s 2); G K a y e ( E O ) (Elec E n g 2).
H a l f C o l o u r s : P C o l e m a n ( P h y s i c s P G ) ; V B r o w n (Life S c i 3); P
B i r d (Elec E n g 1).                                                                                                                  Orienteering
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : S Kirk (EO). H a l f C o l o u r s : A Britton; A Maynard; A
                                       Golf                                                           Parker; C Smith; K Warren; N Watmough.
F u l l C o l o u r s : R Pullen ( E O ) (Physics P G ) . H a l f C o l o u r s : A
H a r t l e y ( M e c h E n g 3); P J o h n s o n ( C i v E n g 2).                                                               Swimming and Water Polo
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : P M i l l s ( E O ) ; N B u c k l a n d ( M i n T e c h 3); D
                                     H o c k e y (Mens)                                               R o b e r t s ( M e c h E n g 2); B A s k w i n ( C i v E n g 1). H a l f C o l o u r s : P
F u l l C o l o u r s : I C r o w e ( M i n 2); C D e b a r r ( M i n 3); P W e b b ( E O )           P o r t e r ( P h y s i c s 2); P T h w a i t e s ( M i n 3); N L a s t ( P h y s i c s 1); D
( M e c h E n g 2). H a l f C o l o u r s : P H u g h e s ( P h y s 2); R D a v e y ( M e c h         Papaconstantinov (Mech E n g P G ) .
E n g 2); G F o r b e s ( C i v E n g 1).
                                                                                                                                       Table Tennis
                                  H o c k e y (Ladies)                                                F u l l C o l o u r s : P Rutherford (EO); K Lakhani. H a l f C o l o u r s : A
F u l l C o l o u r s : F H o o d ( C i v E n g 3); A O v e r s b y ( M e c h E n g 3); J             Cowling.
T o w n s ( E O ) (Life S c i 3). H a l f C o l o u r s : C C r o s s l e y ( P h y s i c s 3); A
B u r n i p (Life S c i 3).                                                                                                          Ten P i n Bowling
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : J Knight (Mech E n g 2); B M a c G o w a n (EO). H a l f
                                             Judo                                                     C o l o u r s : S C o x ( C C D 3); R C o o k ( M i n 1); T H i l l y e r ( M a t h s 3).
F u l l C o l o u r s : T O ' B r i e n ( E O ) ( P h y s i c s 2); H M c C u l l o c h (Life S c i
3); M H o d g s o n ( M i n P G ) . H a l f C o l o u r s : N A u d i n ( C h e m 1); M                                        Volleyball
W e e d e n ( C h e m 1); S M a t t h e w s ( C C D P G ) ; N B u s k e l l ( A e r o P G ) ;         Full Colours: M Young (EO). Half C o l o u r s : C Wachincki
A Hope (Aero P G ) .                                                                                  (Mech Eng P G ) ; B Hermansson ( C C DP G ) ;A Cuiksza (Chem
                                                                                                      Eng P G ) .
                                       Kung F u
F u l l C o l o u r s : F Sadreshemi; 1 Seward (EO). H a l f C o l o u r s : J                                                       Cross Country
S a v a g e ( P h y s i c s 2); J D i x o n ( P h y s i c s 1); D P o s t i l l ; S I n g r a m       F u l l C o l o u r s : I Morton; S Kirk; M Pickard; E Cameron.                                  Half
                                                                                                      C o l o u r s : M Thwaites; G L o n g h u r s t (R).
(Aero     3).

                                        Rifle a n d Pistol
F u l l C o l o u r s : J E v a n s ( M e c h E n g 3); E C h r i s t i e ( M i n 3); L               F u l l C o l o u r s : A P e a r c e ( E O ) . H a l f C o l o u r s : S M a n n i n g (Elec
                                                                                                      E n g 1).
W e r n b e r g - M e l l e r ( M a t h s 3); R M a r g e t t s ( M e c h E n g P G ) ; J
B l o o m f i e l d ( R A ) ( M e c h E n g 3); A J o l l e y s ( R A ) ( P h y s i c s P G ) ; P
                                                                                                                                               C r i c k e t (1978/79)
E a s t e r f i e l d ( R A ) ( P h y s i c s 3); A R e e v e ( E O ) ( M a t h s 3). H a l f
                                                                                                      F u l l C o l o u r s : Steve Toplis ( E O ) ; M i k e Pitts; Paul T o m l i n s o n ;
C o l o u r s : J S a c k e t t ( M e c h E n g 2); D S l e a t h ( M e c h E n g 1); J
                                                                                                      P a u l S t a n t i f o r d ; M a r t i n F u r n i s h . H a l f C o l o u r s : R i c h a r d Fifield;
T u n n a r d ( M i n 3); A P e a r c e ( C h e m E n g 3); C D a r l i n g ( M i n 3).
                                                                                                      Nick Morton; Mano.

                                                                        The annual S C R Executive report made                             up to defend both the deal and the secretive
                ULU      SRC A G M                                   plain the problems encountered by the six                             manner in which it was arranged, explaining
The U L U Students' Representative Council                           faculty senators in trying to improve contact                         that it was designed simply to help finance
held its A G M on Tuesday.                                           with AAOs in their respective faculties. This is                      student film societies. The motion was passed
   The Sabbaticals' reports included discussion                      important, because these students are our                             overwhelmingly nonetheless.
on the 23% (average) increase in Intercollegiate                     contact with the Senate of the University,                            2. ICU's Human Rights policy was passed after
Hall fees for next session; the Government's                         giving us all another line of representation,                         some debate, centred on the clause containing
award of a paltry £1.6 million support for                           which at the moment is very under used.                               the assertion that "the family is the natural and
overseas postgraduate students, and changes                             The rest of the Exec reported work on                              fundamental unit group of society . . . " Frank
in the course unit system. (As from the 1980                         Student Grants (based on Bernard Smith's                              James finally explaining that families were natural
intake students will need to pass nine units,                        paper), Libraries and Lecturer Training.                              in the most literal anthropological sense of the
not eight, for validation of degrees, a move                            The elections of next year's executive were                        word.
stimulated by engineering departments which                          then ratified, including:                                             3. The final motion passed proposed by Q M C
unlike ours use units).                                                                                                                    Union on the Chix Chewing Gum dispute; this
                                                                          John Passmore           —             Chairperson                concerns the basic right of workers to join a
   The U L U constitution is under review; the
                                                                       Chris Webb — Senator for Science &             Education
aims of the review body being firstly to make                                                                                              Trade Union.
                                                                           Bernard Smith — Executive                  Officer                 The meeting closed due to inquoracy (a very
the Sabbaticals more accountable (currently
they are responsible to only the annual joint                                                                                               rare event) before the motion concerning
                                                                      Motions debated were as follows:
assembly of Sports, Societies and S R C ) .                                                                                                 smoking during S R C meetings could be
                                                                      1. A motion from» Chelsea College Union
Secondly, some reorganisation of the inter-                                                                                                 discussed.
                                                                      condemning the promotion deal done by NUS
relationship of the three councils is needed, to                      with Philip Morris Tobacco C o (Marlboro, etc).
                                                                                                                                                                                          Chris        Webb
ease administrative and financial problems.                           Helen Connors, the National Treasurer, turned

                                                                                                                                                               R E V I E W S

           (U, Irvin Kershner)
D e s p i t e the a v a l a n c h e of p o s t S t a r
W a r s rip-offs, the s e q u e l m u s t be o n e
of the m o s t eagerly a w a i t e d films of
all t i m e . F o r t h o s e of y o u w h o
e n j o y e d the o r i g i n a l , I c a n a s s u r e y o u
that T h e E m p i r e w o n ' t be in the
least d i s a p p o i n t i n g .
    T h e original cast r e t u r n in their
familiar roles a l o n g w i t h a few
interesting newcomers. D a r t h V a d e r ,
h a v i n g s u r v i v e d t h e d e s t r u c t i o n of the
D e a t h S t a r , is o u t for r e v e n g e . H e
e v e n t u a l l y finds the s e c r e t r e b e l b a s e
o n the ice planet H o t h , w h e r e L u k e ,
H a n , the P r i n c e s , et al are h i d i n g .
T h e y are a t t a c k e d i n s p e c t a c u l a r style
by h u g h m e c h a n i c a l w a l k i n g ' t a n k s ' —
a real t r i u m p h for the effects t e a m of                                  Luke      Skywalker           rides    a    tauntaun       on    the    ice   planet       Hoth.
G e o r g e L u c a s . In the c o n f u s i o n L u k e
t a k e s R 2 - D 2 off t o t h e m a r s h w o r l d                T h e n e w c o m e r s are L a n d o C a l r i s s i a n ,        illusions, w h i c h are        created     by     George
of D a g o b a h , w h e r e h e is t u t o r e d by             a n o l d f r i e n d of H a n S o l o a n d                           Lucas'      company,          Industrial Light           and
Y o d a , a n 800 y e a r o l d J e d i m a s t e r .            the m e r c e n a r y B o b a F e t t . L a n d o t u r n s            M a g i c . T h e s p a c e c r a f t w e a v e in a n d
Y o d a is n o s t r a p p i n g h e r o t h o u g h ;           o u t t o be q u i t e a h e r o , b u t little is m a d e             o u t of a s t e r o i d s a n d s w o o p d o w n
the c h a r a c t e r w a s c r e a t e d by M u p p e t         of B o b a F e t t w h o will o b v i o u s l y figure                 into c r a t e r s ; -the d i n o s a u r - l i k e t a u n -
m a n F r a n k O z a n d is r a t h e r like a                  p r o m i n e n t l y i n t h e n e x t e p i s o d e of the           t a u n s r u n freely a c r o s s t h e s n o w of
c r o s s b e t w e e n G o n z o the G r e a t a n d            saga.                                                                  H o t h a n d s p a r k s fly as light s a b e r s
a hobbit.                                                             In t r u e S t a r W a r s s t y l e , t h e plot is              c l a s h a g a i n . A l l great stuff.
     M e a n w h i l e the o t h e r s e s c a p e i n the        a non-stop action r o m p which                                            F i n a l l y , the c o n f u s i n g bit. If y o u
Millenium Falcon through an asteroid                              p r e t e n d s t o be n o t h i n g but e n t e r t a i n i n g .    t h o u g h t S t a r W a r s w a s the b e g i n n i n g
s t o r m , agai n utilising a series of                          A little l o v e interest filters i n , but t o                       of the s a g a t h e n y o u ' r e w r o n g ; L u c a s
 magnificent s p e c i a l effects. T h e i r p a t h s           my m i n d the outstanding strongpoint                                is planning a NINE part saga in
 eventually c o n v e r g e o n the c l o u d c i t y             of t h e film is the s p e c i a l effects. T h e                     w h i c h S t a r W a r s a n d T h e E m p i r e are
of B e s p i n , w h e r e D a r t h V a d e r f i n a l l y      w o o d e n a c t i n g pales i n t o i n s i gn i f i c an ce        p a r t s 4 a n d 5. T h e s e will be f o l l o w e d
 confronts L u k e .                                              w h e n s u p p o r t e d b y the s t u n n i n g                     by " R e v e n g e O f T h e J e d i " , pa r t 6.
                                                                                                                                        T h e n t w o o t h e r trilogies are p l a n n e d ;
                                                                                                                                        1 to 3 explain V a d e r ' s development
                                                                                                                                        a n d 7 t o 9 will p r o b a b l y be t h e
                                                                                                                                        d o w n f a l l of t h e E m p i r e . It's difficult t o
                                                                                                                                        see h o w l o n g t h e a p p e a l will last, b u t
                                                                                                                                        at the m o m e n t I c a n ' t wait t o see
                                                                                                                                        t h e n e x t i n s t a l m e n t . S o until the
                                                                                                                                        Revenge O f The Jedi                    . . . .
                                                                                                                                        M T F B W Y (pure c o r n ) .
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mark         Smith

                                                                                                                                                   Foreign Oskar Winners
                                                                                                                                        Two other films well worth mentioning are The
                                                                                                                                        Tin Drum (X, Odeon Haymarket) and Get
                                                                                                                                        Out Your Handkerchiefs (X, Curzon), both
                                                                                                                                        of which won oscars for the best foreign film.
                                                                                                                                        The former concerns the development of Nazi
                                                                                                                                        Germany as seen through the eyes of Oskar, a
                                                                                                                                        three year old boy of uncanny talents. Not only
                                                                                                                                        does he refuse to grow up, but he has a glass
                                                                                                                                        shattering scream. The film is quite fascinating,
                                                                                                                                        but drags in places.
                                                                                                                                           Better, however, is the latter. A young man
                                                                                                                                        decides to give his wife away to another man in
                                                                                                                                        order to make her smile, which eventually
                                                                                                                                        leads to further affairs with a neighbour and
                                                                                                                                        then a very nasty child genius, The humour is
                                                                                                                                        stylish and at times very subtle. V e r y
              Darth     Vader     confronts      Lando      Calrissian     and Boba         Fett.                                       enjoyable, indeed.
                                                                                                                                                                           Mark Smith

        PIPER I A L

                                                               Phil Collins

                                                             Peter   Gabriel
                                                                               Transalpino announce the
                                                                               opening of their new "quick-
                                                                               trip" travel centre at
                                                                               214 Shaftesbury Avenue.
                                                                               Now you can enjoy the fast,
                                                                               efficient Transalpino service
                                                                               in the heart of London.
Mike    Rutherford                                            Tony    Banks    If you're under 26, Transalpino

                                                                               offer fantastic discounts to
                                                                               over 2,000 European rail
                                                                               connected destinations
                                                                               -immediate booking, no
  In 1968, a group of public schoolboys from Charterhouse,                     delay! - so get along there
Surrey, approached a music company with some tapes of
songs they'd written at school. Nine years later, their band                   now!
was simultaneously "Best British Band" and "Best Live
Band in the World" in the Melody Maker        Readers' Poll.                   Transalpino
  This Sunday at 5, Simon Milner presents Focus on
Genesis, part one, tracing the careers of the band and its
                                                                               214 Shaftesbury Avenue
members from 1968 to the departure of Peter Gabriel in                         London WC2
  The second part, bringing the story up to date, will be                      01-836 0087/8
broadcast the following Sunday at 5.                                           also at LST Office, Walkway, Sherfield
                                                                               71-75 Buckingham Palace Road
                                                                               London SW1 0QL
                                                                               01-834 9656/6283
                   IC RADIO TOP TWENTY                                         Kiosk
                        19th M a y 1 8                                         Hudson's Place,
                                                                               At Victoria Station
         1   <i)     The Cure — A Forest                                       London SW1
        2    (2)     Pete Townshend — Rough Boys
        3                                                                      Offices in
             (3)     Peter Gabriel — No Self Control
        4    (14)    Genesis — Duchess                                         Birmingham.
        5    (12)    Graham Parker — Stupefaction                              Dublin and
        6    (4)     Undertones — My Perfect Cousin                            all over
        7    (7)     New Musik — This World Of Water                           Europe
        8    (5)     Squeeze — Pulling Mussels From The Shell
        9,   (-)     Kate Bush — Breathing
       10    (9)     Steel Pulse — Don't Give In
       11    (-)     Shakin' Street — Susie Wong
       12    (20)    Phoenix — Juliet
       13.   (6)     Boz Scaggs — Breakdown Dead Ahead
       14    (-)     Paul McCartney — Coming Up

       15    (18)    Delta Five — You
       16    (10)    Jona Lewie — YouH Always Find Me In The . . . .
                     Rodney Franklin — -The Grove
                     The Only Ones — Fools                                                                              O
       19    (-)     E L O — I'm Alive
       20    (-)     Elton John — Little Jeanie
              Compiled   by Sarah
              played records
                                   Talbot from the most
                              on IC Radio over the past
                                                                                 for the best deal going
               two     tveeks.                                                   In association with British Rail and Sealink

                   CRICKET                                              Senkiw and Morton o p e n e d the
                                                                     throwing after ten. The former, although                             BOAT
IC SUNDAY XI vs BAYGREEN                                             ageing, showed plenty of class and
Skipper Price won the toss for the sixth                             was most unlucky not to get a wicket
                                                                     in his o p e n i n g s p e l l . T h e latter,
consecutive time, this time using the
                                                                     Morton, with a wider variety of short                      Nottingham City Regatta
d o u b l e - t a i l e d c o i n to maintain his
unbeaten run this season (despite                                    balls and long hops down the leg side                  Over the weekend, the majority of the
winning the toss every game, though,                                 managed to pick up the wicket caught                   Boat Club were competing in the Two
he's only won one match, drawn one,                                  by his partner Stantiford behind the                   Day Nottingham City Regattas, held
and lost the rest). He elected to bat on                             stumps. The next bowler brought into                   on the Glare international course at
a beautiful summer's afternoon.                                      the fray was tennis player, Middelboe.                 the National Watersports Centre.
Forshaw soon sacrificed his wicket by                                He boweld with great spirit, if not skill                  The 1st VIII had a weekend of mixed
being stumped for 1. Then Chadwick                                   and took a wicket in his mammoth                       fortunes. Competing in the Senior 'A'
came in and dominated an hour long                                   four over stint. Next we were treated                  event on Saturday, their only opposition
partnership of 72 with his contribution                              to a truly breathtaking display of the                 came from Durham University. However,
of 15. Meanwhile at the other end,                                   art of spin-bowling, by Myers and                      the crew had a bad row and were
Stantiford was showing a bit more                                     Price. Myers bowled over 11 overs, 1                  beaten by about two lengths. Sunday,
calm and composure with his batting.                                 for 30, the wicket being a diving catch                however, was a different story, and
He took 58 minutes to reach his 50,                                   by the s k i p p e r at m i d - o f f . P r i c e ,   despite being down in the first part of
being dropped only once on the long-                                  keeping his spinning ball for every                   their final they rowed w e l l , a n d
on b o u n d a r y . He was j o i n e d by                            10th over, managed with deceptive use                 eventually rowed through to win by
Morton after Chadwick was caught,                                     of flight and pace to take four wickets               just over a length'from Lady Margaret
and the crowd were treated to two                                     for 44 runs off 15 overs, all of them                 B C Cambridge.
vastly different styles of batting.                                   being cuaght off half v o l l e y s just                  The 2nd VIII, qualified easily for the
Stantiford was punishing the bowling                                  outside the off stump. Despite these                  final of the Senior ' C Vllls event, by
with his usual textbook-style shots                                   breakthroughs and the re-introduction                 finishing third in their heat. A good
whilst Morton, showing his forming                                    of Senkiw into the attack, Baygreen                   start gave them an early lead in the
background demonstrated most of the                                   held on to a draw and finished on 137                 final, which they increased throughout
shots that you wouldn't find in textbooks.                            for 7. Forshaw helped Baygreen by                     the race, to win by about three to four
Stantiford reached his 100 in just two                                very ably dropping 2 catches in the                   lengths. On Sunday, suffering from
hours and finally finished up with 127                               slips off Senkiw's bowling. The evening                the night before, and competing in a
N O, including four 6s and twelve 4s                                  was crudely rounded off by Morton,                    higher class, they were fifth in the
whilst Morton scraped a meagre 61 N                                   Stantiford and Middelboe suggesting                   Senior 'B' Vllls final.
O in his ninety minutes at the crease.                                various poetic phrases for the skipper to                 The most unfortunate competition of
C o n s e q u e n t l y P r i c e was a b l e to                      write on his 'good luck' card to, as                  the w e e k e n d was n o v i c e S c u l l e r
declare at 210 for 2 at ten (reluctantly,                             Morton, put it, his 'passion flower'!                 Alistair Rowe. On Saturday he finished
though, because he had lost the two                                      T e a m (only 10): P r i c e , M o r t o n ,       second In his final and seemed about
games in which he had previously                                      Stantiford, Maguire, Clark, Chadwick,                 certain to win the same event on
declared).                                                            Senkiw, Myers, Middelboe and Forshaw.                 Sunday. However, with about a minute
                                                                                                                            to go in Sunday's final, as he was
                                                                                                                            taking the lead, equipment failure
                                                                                                                             robbed him of victory.
            WHAT'S                                                            AEROSOC                                           The Ladies Senior 'B' IV, had a very
                                                                                                                            hard race with a Hereford RC crew in
                                                                              WIN                                           their Saturday final, but just managed
            ON                                                                AERO-                                         to hold them off to win by about half a
                                                                                                                             length. On Sunday, they had to row in
                                                                              NAUTICAL                                      the Unclassified IVs event, where they
           FRIDAY 23rd M A Y                                                                                                came up against a potential inter-
IC Christian Union Meeting, 6:30pm i n
                                                                              CHALLENGE                                      national crew from Thames R C . The
the M u s i c R o o m , 53 P r i n c e s G a t e .         With
                                                                                                                            girls rowed well to keep in touch for
talk o n ' G o d ' s G r a c e ' .                                                                                          the first half of the race, eventually
                                                                            IC may have lost University Chal-                l o s i n g by a b o u t f o u r l e n g t h s to
                                                                            lenge, but C & G Aerosoc won
        T U E S D A Y 27th M A Y                                            Aeronautical Challenge.
                                                                                                                            Thames, but beating a Nottingham BC
                                                                               Aeronautical Challenge is an                 crew.
Riding Club Meeting                      i n R o o m 1110
(level 11) E l e c t r i c a l E n g i n e e r i n g b e t w e e n          annual competition run by the                       A Ladies Seniro ' C IV and a Ladies
12:30 a n d 1:30pm.                                                         Graduate and Students Section of                 Novice IV were also entered for the
                                                                            the Royal Aeronautical Society with             Sunday event, but neither of the crews
                                                                            the same format as University
       W E D N E S D A Y 28 M A Y                                           Challenge.
                                                                                                                             rowed as well as they can, with the
Graffitti 'At Home' b e t w e e n 12:30 a n d                                  Teams of three, from each of the             Senior ' C IV losing to a very good
1:00 i n t h e Graffitti W o r k s h o p , 2 n d F l o o r ,                four London sub-sections (Imperial,             Wallingford School crew.
West Staircase, Union.                                                      Queen Mary, City and Kingston                                     Winning Crews
                                                                            Poly) competed against each other,              Senior 'A' Vllls (Sunday): Bill Bradbury
                                                                            answering questions on aeronautical
      T H U R S D A Y 29th M A Y                                            subjects.
                                                                                                                             (bow), Steve Webb, Matt Pritchard,
STOIC          transmission at 12:45pm a n d                                                                                Chris Geary, T o n y Reynolds, J o h n
                                                                              In the first round Imperial beat
again at 6 : 0 0 p m .         With     Summer           News-              Kingston Poly by 170 to 50 points               Urry, Richard Fearnheard, Miles Fellows
Break.                                                                      and in the final we beat City by 130            (stroke), Steve Crampton (cox).
                                                                            to 60 points.                                       S e n i o r ' C V l l l s (Saturday): Bob
Hot       Air      Balloon           Club        Informal                      The team consisted of Mike                   Maddocks (bow), Steve Collier, Ed
Meeting at 1 2 : 3 0 p m a b o v e S t a n ' s B a r .                      Napier (Aero 2), Paul Butcher                   Hobhouse, Chris Adams, Paul Gerrard,
                                                                            (Aero 2) and Huw Robert (Aero 2).
                                                                            Once again, this confirms the high
                                                                                                                            Pete Allen, Tim Joslin, Pete Maysey
           FRIDAY 30th M A Y                                                                                                 (stroke), Ian Simpson (cox).
                                                                            standing of Aeronautics students at
IC     Christian          Union Meeting i n t h e                           IC.                                                  Ladies S e n i o r ' B ' IV (Saturday):
M u s i c R o o m , 53 P r i n c e s G a t e at 6 : 3 0 p m .                                  Merrie Mannassi              Angela Burgess (bow), Gwen Griffiths,
W i t h talk o n ' G o d N o w ' by V e r n o n                                                      (Chairman)              Nonie Ray, Cathy Wein (stroke), Steve
                                                                                                                            Cramptan (cox).

                                                                                                                                                                  more and London Student will need
                                                                                                                         EDITORIAL                                to have many large orders from other
                                                                                                                                                                  colleges if it is to survive.
        Practical joke                                                                                         The incident, last Saturday,                          What do think of London
        fails to amuse                                                                                       indicates how easy it is for                         Student? Please write to FELIX
                                                                                                             unauthorised people to get into                      with your views.
             Police                                                                                          Southside. The architectural design
                                                                                                             of the building adds to the problem.                    Thank-you     to Marie-Therese,
                                                                                                             There are 3 entrances and it is almost               Jeremy Nunns and Tim Hillyer for
On Sunday residents from Weeks
                                                                                                             impossible to stop a determined                      paste ups. Ian for impatiently waiting
Hall drew an outline of a body on the
                                                                                                             person from entering the building.                   for eight hours while we rearranged
pavement outside their Hall. The
                                                                                                                                                                  the front page. Once again Mickie
added some tomato ketchup and
                                                                                                                Moving on to other less serious                   lias been a great help with printing
surrounded the figure with barriers.
                                                                                                              events. The FELIX Motor Rally takes                 photographs. Steve Groves has been
A local resident phoned the Police                                                                                                                                helping print up pics for the review of
and they questioned some of the                                                                               place on Sunday 15th June.
students who live in the hall. The
                                                              Massive scores                                     If you are interested, please                    the year. On page 3 of this issue I
                                                                                                              contact your C C U President. The                   have included one of the photos from
Week's security guard stayed with                              o n Asteroids                                  Rally takes the form of a simple                    the Rugby tour of Holland .... there'll
the students while they were being                                                                                                                                be lots more special photos in the
questioned.                                                       machine                                     treasure hunt round London. Teams
                                                                                                                                                                  review of the year!
                                                                                                              of 2 to 5 members. The winning team
                                                        On Wednesday night, students                          have their enscribed on the                    Cheers to Justin Newland for
                                                      scored a high set of points on the                      FELIX Rally pot in the Union Bar. I                 writing another article this week.
  FINNISTON R E P O R T                               Asteroids machine in Southside. The                     would like to thank Martin Watson                   Mark Smith enjoyed 'The Empire
                                                      above photograph of the top ten high                    for his help in organising the event.               Strikes Back' and 1 hope you do too.
I have had a bitterly disappointing                   scores table shows that IC students
response to* my enquiries about the                                                                              Last Tuesday the ICU A G M voted                 Congratulations to everyone who
                                                      are getting pretty good at the game.                                                                        was awarded colours.
views of the students in City and                                                                             that ICU should buy 200 copies per
                                                      When will we challenge other                                                                                Colin Palmer
Guilds College on the Finniston                                                                               week of London Student next year.
                                                      London colleges?                                                                                            FELIX Editor
Report. Our original plan was to                                                                              The paper hoped that we would buy
formu'ite a student response to be
sent to the Department of Industry
at the beginning of April, but with a                       The Badge Soc Bit
mere 18 replies from our 2,316                        The Badge Society A G M took                              Men's and Women's                                          The
s t u d e n t s we c o u l d h a r d l y be           place last Friday in the Bridge
representative, but IT IS N O T                       Room, as the Green Committee                             Shirts and Tee Shirts                             L o n d o n Student
T O O LATE.                                           Room was shut. The attendance                                          ONLYSOp!
   Mr Richard Morris, who is to
organise the conference on Engineer-
                                                      wasn't quite as high as expected
                                                      with many of our keener members                                   Indian             Dresses                      TRAVEL
                                                      being unable to make it. However,
ing Education, the offical reply to
Finniston, to be held in October,                     the elections went without hitch
                                                                                                                          £1.50       -    Office at IC
                                                      with the following people taking the                                        from
has expressed a keen interest to
                                                      major posts unopposed.                                                            will be closed next
hear our students' views and so we                                                                           Silverstone Auctioneers
are once again aiming to produce a
                                                                   Chairthingy       -    me                      212 Brick Lane        week and will re-
student response.
   So please keep your comments,
                                                            Secretary - Dave Postill
                                                         Treasurer - Dave Greenwood
                                                                                                                          EI                  open on
criticisms, and ideas on the Finniston
Report rolling into the Guilds                            The remaining two posts, Co-
                                                                                                              (on the corner of Bethnal Monday 2nd June
Union Office, Mech Eng Dept                                                                                  Green Rd and Brick Lane)
anytime until the end "of term. It is
                                                       ordinating Committee members,
                                                       will be decided at the first general
                                                                                                                                          (11:00 — 2:00)
obviously important that we, as                                                                                 Only open Sundays
students of the foremost engineering
                                                       meeting of next term. Membership
                                                                                                               between 9:00 and 1:00
                                                                                                                                        The Main Office at
                                                       for next year will be on sale soon,
institution in the country, voice our
opinon effectively.
                                                       price 50p, and there will also be a
                                                                                                                  For further details    111 Euston Road
                                                       competition to design the members
   Thank You                                           badge, so get thinking!                                     see Annie in the     will be opened as
Jo Armitage                                            Have Fun.
 President C & G U                                     John Whitehouse
                                                                                                                     Union Office              normal

                                                                   The Fox Strikes Back
   Inarticulate—Life in a Fox hole                                      Staff                                                                        It t h e n w e n t o n t o s p e n d h o u r s
 " A n d n o w , " as F r a n k (the b l u e - e y e d one)             O n e of m y j o b s as P r e s i d e n t , w h i c h n o t              d i s c u s s i n g F i n n i s t o n a n d U L U , at w h i c h
 h a s oft s a i d , " t h e e n d i s n e a r " . L a s t              m a n y p e o p l e realise is as a n e m p l o y e r .                  point C o u n c i l became inquorate and
 T u e s d a y ' s A G M , a l t h o u g h h e r a l d i n g that       I n c l u d i n g the F E L I X staff, the u n i o n                     ended.
 o c c u r r e n c e is n o t h o w e v e r t h e finale. I'm           e m p l o y s s e v e n p e o p l e , a l l of w h o m are                    B e f o r e the e n d C o u n c i l h a d d i s c u s s e d
 still p r e s s y u n t i l the e n d of J u n e , w h i c h           e x c e l l e n t , t h e r e b y r e n d e r i n g m y j o b far        b o a t s a n d S o u t h A f r i c a n s , the p r o p o s a l
 m e a n s I still have to w o r k a n d write                          easier t h a n it m i g h t be. T h i s is just to                       by C o l l e g e t o b u i l d a n e w hall of r e s i d e n c e
 F E L I X a r t i c l e s (or i n a r t i c l e s ) .                  r e m i n d y o u , that w h e t h e r y o u be in the                   at S i l w o o d w h i c h the r e s i d e n t s are n o t
                                                                        U n i o n O f f i c e , the W e l f a r e C e n t r e o r the            t o o k e e n a b o u t , a n d lots of o t h e r t h i n g s .
      Firstly, I must express my s o r r o w and                        F E L I X Office t o treat t h o s e p e o p l e w h o
 h b r r o r o v e r t h e o c c u r r e n c e last S a t u r d a y .   maintain the Union, despite people like                                  W U S Third World Scholarship
 A n y a c t i o n t h a t n o w f o l l o w s will be                  m e , w i t h the r e s p e c t t h e y d e s e r v e . F a i l u r e    N o t e s w e r e sent to all a c a d e m i c staff
 s h u t t i n g the s t a b l e d o o r after t h e h o r s e          t o d o s o in the past h a s l e d t o d i s c i p l i n a r y          a s k i n g for d o n a t i o n s s o far the r e s p o n s e
 h a s b o l t e d , b u t it i s i m p o r t a n t t h a t             action.                                                                  has been g o o d so keep the cheques
 S o u t h s i d e a n d B e i t are n o w m a d e m o r e                                                                                       rolling in.
 s e c u r e . C o l l e g e are c u r r e n t l y m a k i n g          Council
 internal investigations, I C U C o u n c i l has                       C o u n c i l last M o n d a y , as well as e x c e e d i n g            Colours
 c a l l e d for a R e c t o r ' s W o r k i n g P a r t y t o be       itself in t e r m s of n a s t i n e s s (my f a u l t ) ,               M a n y c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s to all t h o s e w h o
 set u p i m m e d i a t e l y to m a k e r e c o m m e n -             d i s c u s s e d the U n i o n reply t o a letter f r o m               w e r e a w a r d e d C o l o u r s at the A G M a n d
 d a t i o n s b y the e n d of J u n e . In t h e m e a n              S i r P e t e r S w i n n e r t o n - D y e r w h o is c h a i r i n g   especial congrats to M a l c o l m , W o d g e r ,
 t i m e it lies w i t h t h e r e s i d e n t s of H a l l s a n d     a F l o w e r s - t y p e w o r k i n g p a r t y o n the n o n -        T i m a n d B i l l for g e t t i n g U G A ' s (the top
 H o u s e s , male a n d female, to be b o t h                         m e d i c a l bits of the U n i v e r s i t y of L o n d o n .           award).
 more vigilant a n d more careful. T h e r e                                 C o u n c i l d e c i d e d that it w o u l d like I C t o
                                                                        s t a y in U of L a n d that t h e r e s h o u l d be                    O h well b a c k        to    the    Office.
 m u s t be n o f u r t h e r r e p e a t s of i n c i d e n t s of
 this k i n d .                                                         m u c h closer academic interaction between                              Bye
                                                                        the s c h o o l s .                                                      The   Fox

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