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Read More - Sport Mobile Data and Talent Identification


									Sport Mobile Data and Talent Identification

A service of/for in- the- field information, data and test results capture, data
base compilation & file storage, info analyze and feedback for general and/or
specific, eg sport talent identification and/or sport talent monitoring

A service for hire: -


   •   NGO’s / Service Providers / Programmes / Sponsors

       -   Anyone who does work in the communities/in-the-field, sport or otherwise, and requires info /
           data for themselves and/or their sponsors regards :

           ~   The school or club, the community leader or school Principal, the venue (field, court, etc),
               the condition, what sport/s or activities, etc

           ~   The participants, their age, gender, contact info, etc

           ~   Attendance, general tests, sport skill tests, or other

   •   Embassies, Donars, Funders, Businesses, etc

       -   Anyone who has a vested interest in a community they link to or with

   •   Sport Associations

       -   Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, etc who have

           ~   Development programmes and requires capture and filing of info/data of their players,
               talent identification, skill and/or physical condition test results/analysis, etc

           ~   High Performance Academy groups skill and physical testing

   •   Municipalities and Government Departments

       -   Info and Data capture of any info related to in-the-field and the above provides some insight
           as to what might be captured, stored, analyzed and feedback/reported

    •   YES will provide the service of:

        -   Mobile device for in-field data captured

        -   Field Operator to use the device and capture the info

        -   Record info as outlined related to:

            ~   area/school or club/venue/responsible persons/contact details
            ~   persons/attendees
            ~   physical conditioning
            ~   sport skill tests
            ~   talent identification
        - Record info as you require/determine

        -   Capture info to a central data

        -   Analyze the info per category or however required/determined

        -   Report back

    •   Your use might/can be:

        -   A visit, a course, a programme, or whatever
        -   An event
        -   A simple pre-determined need to say test physical conditioning (as an example) and capture
            data of all learners in an area
        -   A specific coaching course or specific talent identified course
        -   General or specific to an age or ability level


    •   R 1 500 per day, ex VAT, inclusive of:

        -   Device
        -   License connection
        -   Operator
        -   Recording info and data as required
        -   Capturing info / data to a central, personal and private storage file
        -   Analyzing the info
        -   Reporting

Please feel free to request a demonstration/presentation of the actual device and its operation

To book your ‘YES MobiData Hire’ date, day, time, area, venue and requirements please contact:

        -        or       082 938 9670

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