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					   10                guest viewpoint { multicultural marketing }
                                                          BY RICARDO QUAYAT

                                                          The Undeniable Importance of
                                                          Hispanics in the Marketing Mix

                                                                  oday’s Hispanic consumers have            through Hispanic marketing initiatives.          stand one another much more by encourag-
                                                                  more household wealth and                 Fortunately, the segment is more approach-       ing an open-door dialogue that will lead to
                                                                  economic influence than ever               able than ever before, thanks in part to         rewarding brand experiences. is approach
                                                          before—and marketers should be taking             the growing Hispanic online population           can deepen emotional connections with
                                                          notice, placing greater emphasis on the           (52%)—currently representing 23 million          Latinos through strategies that educate and
                                                          development of appropriate methods to             users and expected to reach 30 million by        entertain to evoke a measurable response.
                                                          attract and retain customers in this              2012, according to a study by Consorte
                                                          growing segment.                                  Media Inc., a San Francisco-based Hispanic       The Value of Deeper
                                                                 e forecasted landmark data ndings          digital marketing rm. ese consumers              Cultural Awareness
                                                          from the 2010 U.S. Census may be just the         primarily are U.S.-born and are comfort-         Gone are the days of trying to impose
                                                          impetus for some businesses to explore what       ably bilingual. Considering that Hispanic        general market analytic solutions on
                                                          it takes to reach this valuable and in uential    consumers tend to be younger than                culture-based strategies. Although the
                                                          audience. Measurability is the critical path in   the general market and resilient during          analytic tools may be similar, interpret-
                                                          marketing and the U.S. Census, the mother         economic downturns, a real opportunity           ing data for Hispanic markets requires a
                     Ricardo Quayat is executive          of all measurability tools, will help identify    exists for marketers to build longer-term        di erent approach because cultural vari-
                     creative director at Rauxa Roja, a   new Hispanic audiences, con rm locations          customer relationships with this group.          ables and predictive models perform as
                     Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Hispanic    and validate estimated statistics on audience         Hispanic families frequently attend          di erently as the unique values of multi-
                     direct marketing agency.             dispersion. e Census also will con rm             community events and share their                 cultural consumers.
                                                          what many have known for years: e face            experiences with one another, creating               By recognizing commonalities and di er-
                                                          of America is changing dramatically. Direct       real opportunities to connect one to one         ences, marketers can pay more attention to a
                                                          response strategies must evolve as well.          with brands. Marketers can respond to            brand’s uency and relevance of messaging.
                                                                                                            this collectivism by integrating core            For example, determining consumers’ media
                                                                                                            competencies with thought leadership. In         usage patterns and attitudes in the context
                     The face of America is changing                                                        fact, marketing disciplines not only allow       of their American environment and Latino
                     dramatically. Direct response strategies                                               an open exchange of data, but also work          identity can be eye-opening. is aware-
                                                                                                            most e ectively when integrated—from             ness points to a deeper, more comprehensive
                     must evolve as well.                                                                   creative strategy by segment to the acceler-     segmentation model based on race, ethnic-
                                                                                                            ating technology and functionality of digi-      ity and lifestyle orientation. With a clearer
                                                          Recognizing Multicultural                         tal campaigns.                                   understanding comes a greater appreciation
                                                          Opportunities                                                                                      for the importance of listening to how these
                                                             e 2010 Census is expected to con rm            Insight Drives Content that                      consumers wish to be treated.
                                                          Hispanic population numbers at more than          Connects with Consumers                              As the nation’s largest and fastest-grow-
                                                          50 million. From a marketing perspective,         Marketers have a real opportunity to ll the      ing minority, Hispanics have seen their
                                                          the Census has great potential to prove the       content void between lead generation and         buying power more than triple between
                                                          signi cance of such multicultural audi-           conversion, and o er the culturally rele-        1990 and 2008. e Census will validate this
                                                          ences. It promises to provide insightful          vant messaging that consumers are seeking.       group’s growing numbers and relevance to
                                                          data, such as household residency, presence       When messaging connects consumers with           marketers. Beyond these gures, market-
                                                          of children, country of origin and level of       their preferences, it also creates the percep-   ers have a unique opportunity to dig even
                                                          acculturation by state that will help validate    tion of value and legitimacy.                    deeper. By understanding cultural subtleties
                                                          growth trends relevant to dispersion into             As today’s consumers frequently are in       and nuances, these marketers will develop
                                                          secondary markets.                                control of the ways in which they wish to        successful data-driven strategies and tactics
                                                              Despite the rapid growth and                  engage with their preferred brands, social       for precisely targeted campaigns that speak
                                                          increasing purchasing power of the Hispanic       media has gained signi cant traction. Social     to and reach Hispanic audiences on both
                                                          segment, roughly 50% of U.S. advertis-            media o ers opportunities to be authentic        an emotional and rational level. ose who
                                                          ers don’t include Latinos in their marketing      and drive word of mouth. At Rauxa Roja, we       truly embrace this audience’s potential—and
                                                          mix, according to a recent survey of senior       commonly like to say, “Hablando se entiende      market with “cultura”—will have a signi -
                                                          marketers commissioned by Los Ange-               la gente,” which means that we can under-        cant advantage. m
                                                          les-based Hispanic marketing agency Orcí.
                                                             e Census should serve as a wake-up call
                                                          to this missed opportunity and prompt
                                                          marketers to do more, including more accu-
                                                          rately distinguishing audience behaviors
                                                          and purchasing preferences, and aligning
                                                          brands with the resulting demand for perti-
                                                          nent content.

                                                          Cultural Relevance as a Creative
                                                          and Brand Strategy

                                                          Cultural relevance is a key factor in achiev-
                        For more information on           ing measurable results. To be success-
                        Hispanic marketing, read          ful, new campaign strategies have to
                        “Mi Casa Es Su Casa,”             speak to the unique experiences of Lati-

                        page 19, and “How I Do It,”       nos in the United States and marketers
                        page 31.                          must capitalize on the total market oppor-
                                                          tunity with cultural variables that o er
                                                          the insight necessary to develop break-

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