Pharmacist Intern

					Pharmacist Intern
                                                                                                June 2008 Volume 16 No 1

Pre-Registration evaluation process
All persons who studied and wish to register as pharma-        Portfolio of Evidence
cists in South Africa are required to complete the
Pre-Registration evaluation (examination and portfolio)           The portfolio must be submitted to Council before/on
prior to registration as a pharmacist for purposes of             the eighth month of internship.
performing pharmaceutical community service.
                                                                  Re-submission of a portfolio will be required if an intern
The Pre-Registration evaluation consists of a written pre-        obtains less than 40%.
registration examination, which has a weighting of 70%
towards the final mark and the submission of a portfolio,         Interns who obtain less than 50% for their portfolio will
which has a weighting of 30% towards the final mark. The          receive a Feedback Form to guide them in amending
pass mark for the Pre-Registration evaluation is 50% and          their portfolio. Council requests that these interns
the sub-minimum for the Pre-Registration examination and          submit comments on the usefulness of the Feedback
portfolio is 40%.                                                 Form when re-submitting their portfolios.

Pre-Registration examination
                                                                  Interns that are required to re-submit the portfolios will
                                                                  also be levied a fee of R148.32.

   The first Pre-Registration examinations for 2008 took          Pharmacist interns are required to submit evidence and
   place on 29 February and subsequent exams will take            reflection for 15 outcomes i.e. two outcomes from each
   place on 04 July and 03 October.                               of the first seven Competence Standards and one
                                                                  additional outcome from Competence Standard 8, 9 or
   Only after completing six months of internship may a           10 or one condition/disease under a body system when
   candidate attempt the Pre-Registration examination for         completing the Clinical Knowledge Self Assessment
   the first time.                                                Tool (Appendix C of the Intern Porfolio Instruction
   Interns are required to apply to sit for the examinations
   at least one month prior to the examination date.              Interns may NOT use evidence from their last year
                                                                  of the B.Pharm programme (2007) for Competence
   A fee of R148.32 is payable for second and subsequent          Standard 4 or any other Competency Standard.
   attempts of the Pre-Registration examination.
                                                                  Pharmacist interns who submit theoretical evidence (by
   The pass mark for the Pre-Registration examination             using relevant reference material) for Competence
   is 50%.                                                        Standard 7.2 will be awarded the appropriate mark(s)
                                                                  i.e. assessors of portfolios will accept theoretical
   Interns who obtain less than 40% in the Pre-Registration       evidence for Competence Standard 7.2 from interns in
   examination will be required to re-write the examination.      community, institutional and/or academia.

   The October 2004 and March 2005 past papers of the Pre-        The assessment for the portfolios is based on the
   Registration examination are available on the website of       following criteria: Structure (10%), Evidence (30%) and
   Council at (         Reflection (60%).
   ContentId=19 ).

   Other past papers are available at the Office of Council
                                                               STRUCTURE     :-   10% i.e. the assessment includes
                                                                                      the    following:    professional
   for a fee of R36.60 per question paper, however the
                                                                                      communication and appearance,
   memoranda for these papers are not available.
                                                                                      explanatory introduction, conclu-
                                                                                      sion, and that all the required
   Past papers and memoranda are NOT permitted in the
                                                                                      documents have been submitted.
   examination venue.

   Sharing of reference material is NOT permitted, only
   reference material (textbooks, articles, journals etc) is
   permitted and NO university notes are allowed in the

   venue.                                                                                             Continued on page 26
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     Pharmacist Intern
     Pre-Registration evaluation process
     From page 25

                 ASSESSMENT SHEET: STRUCTURE                           sub-sections must be completed because there are less
                                                                       than three sub-sections, but for Competence Standard 3.3
      Marked range                       Criteria                      the candidate may complete three of the four sub-sections.
            2          Included: introduction and conclusion
                                                                                    ASSESSMENT SHEET: SUFFICIENT
            4          Included: a Learning Plan,              CV,          No. of
                       Professional  Profile    Sheet          and                            Minimum No. of sub-sections
                                                                       sub-sections per
                       Competence Standard review.                                                  to be completed
            4          Good Professional Communication,
                                                                             4                             3
                       Appearance and Layout.

                       5 marks will be deducted for those                    5                             4
                       pharmacist interns who do not maintain                6 –7                          5
                       confidentiality at all times, even if this
                       occurs once.                                          8                             6

     Names of patients and medical personnel must be                         9                             7
     removed so as to maintain confidentiality when submit-
     ting evidence.                                                          10 – 11                       8

     REFLECTION: - 60% i.e. The contextualisation of your                    12 – 13                       10
                       reflection, linking it to the compe-
                                                                             14 – 15                       11
                       tence standard and to ongoing
                       practice as a pharmacist will be                      16                            12
                                                                             17                            13
      Marked range                       Criteria                      Pre-Registration Supplementary Evaluation
                                                                          The Education Committee has the discretion to allow
            0          No reflection/No relevant reflection               candidates that have failed the Pre-Registration evalu-
            1          Partial contextualisation                          ation to sit for the Supplementary evaluation, provided
                                                                          that such candidates have completed 12 months of
            2          Contextualisation (how, when, where)               internship and have attempted the Pre-Registration
                                                                          examination more than once.
            3          Contextualisation (how, when, where                Such candidates will then be allowed to sit the
                       and why)                                           Supplementary evaluation and/or a subsequent
                                                                          Pre-Registration evaluation.
            4          Contextualisation (how, when, where
                       and why), linked to the competence stan-        Re-marking
                       dards and linked to ongoing practice as a          Any candidate may request a re-analysis (re-mark) of
                       pharmacist.                                        his/her examination conducted by Council.
                                                                          Such a request will only be considered if the mark
     EVIDENCE: - 30% i.e. The authenticity, currency, suffi-              obtained by the candidate in the particular examination
                     ciency and validity of the evidence                  paper is not less than 5% below the pass mark for the
                     will be assessed.                                    examination paper.
                    ASSESSMENT SHEET: EVIDENCE                            The candidate shall lodge his/her request within one
                                                                          calendar month of written notice of such results
      Marked range                       Criteria                         deemed to have come to the notice of the candidate.
            0          No evidence/totally inappropriate evidence         The request must be in writing and must be submitted
                                                                          to the Registrar together with a non-refundable fee as
           0.5         Valid                                              determined by Council.
            1          Valid and 1 of current, authentic, sufficient      Similarly interns may request a re-analysis of their
           1.5         Valid and 2 of current, authentic, sufficient
                                                                       Tutors of pharmacist interns are requested to submit the
            2          Valid and 3 of current, authentic, sufficient   Summary of Outcomes Achieved form when they receive
                                                                       correspondence from Council that the pharmacist
     No marks will be allocated for authenticity, currency and         interns have been deemed competent after successfully
     sufficiency if the evidence submitted is not valid; however,      completing the Pre-Registration evaluation (examination
     marks will be allocated for appropriate reflection. A             and portfolio).
     pharmacist intern who submits evidence that covers 75%            Pharmacist interns are encouraged to contact the Office
     of the sub-sections of an outcome which has four                  of the Registrar, pharmacy schools, colleagues and
     or more sub-sections, will be awarded the full mark for           other health professionals when preparing for the
     sufficiency. For example, for Competence Standard 1.3, all        Pre-Registration examination and during the development

                                                                       of the portfolio.