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                          The CHRISTMAS Edition of             House groups are held on various days
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                          NETWORK will be available on
                          28th November 2010.                  afternoons and evenings). For further               ST JAMES CHURCH
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                                                                          Registered Charity no:1131419
                                                                  to know Jesus and to make Jesus known

                          16                                                                                                  November 2010

                                                                                                                                             ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                              They say that travel broadens the mind and           one of her converts and now the church in that
                              contrary to the belief that I spent the last week    area ministers to 45 out of the 65 families in the
                              sunning myself by the Red Sea, my recent trip        village.
                              to Egypt opened my eyes to a very different
                              culture.                                             The main evangelical church in Cairo was built
                                                                                   because a missionary’s wife had the courage to
                              Egypt is a very religious society, but one where     ask the King for permission to do so. The story
                              Christians are allowed to worship freely but live    goes that the King was a little worse for drink at
                              in fear and are easily identified by their names     the time and when he realised what he had
                              and manner of dress.                                 promised, insisted that the spire was lowered
                                                                                   and then built a massive building in front of it.
                              Yet the history of this society is marked by indi-   However, from this building, right in the centre
                              vidual Christians making a difference.               of Cairo, Christians are taught, ministers trained
                                                                                   and ministries supported all over Egypt.
                              Garbage City is a community of four million
                              Christians who have made their home on the           And so I returned from Egypt and on Saturday
                              rubbish dump and where whole families make           went with 14 other members of St James’ to do
                              their living through recycling Cairo’s rubbish.      some outreach in Clitheroe. Four things strike
                                                                                   me as I reflect on both my week away and my
                              A few years ago a Finnish tourist ran down an
                                                                                   morning of outreach:
                              Egyptian in their car. Not badly hurt, the tourist
                              offered to take the person home. Initially they  First, I thank God that we are free to witness in
                              refused for they were too embarrassed. How-      this Country; second, although we are told we
                              ever, eventually they were taken home to Gar-    are secular society, people were pleased to
                              bage City. Appalled by what he saw the tourist   receive prayer and grateful for our ministry;

                                                                                                                                               Let the church office know if they’re not!
                                                                                                                                               Are the contact details on this page correct?
                              returned home and raised the funds to build a    thirdly, God always responds to our obedience.
                              hospital to serve this community.                And finally this is what it is to be salt and light.
                                                                               We can be influencers of society, one person at
                              Father X is a Coptic Priest renewed through the
                                                                               a time.
                              Holy Spirit and ministering in a church carved
                              out of the caves. Not only is he instrumental in
                              helping Christians in the recycling business, he
                              has a tremendous healing ministry.

                              We were honoured to meet a lady in a village
                              south of El Menea who has ministered in that
                              village for 40 years. The present Pastor was

                          2                                                                                                             15

                                                                                                                                                                                  ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                          Week beg.    Sunday                   Sunday                   Wednesday
                                       9.00 am                  10.30am                  10.30am

                          Nov 7        Holy Communion           Holy Communion           Holy Communion
                                       Knowing Jesus Making     Knowing Jesus Making     Titus 3: 1-7
                                       Jesus Known: Produce     Jesus Known: Produce     Luke 17: 11-19
                                       2 Corinthians 9: 6-15    2 Corinthians 9: 6-15                                    You could be profiled here!
                                       Matthew 25: 14-30        Matthew 25: 14-30
                          Nov 14       Remembrance Sunday       Remembrance Sunday       Morning Prayers      We always want to get to know the Church family better, so if
                                                                                         Revelation 4         you would like to be featured, please contact Richard Smith.
                                                                                         Luke 19: 11-28

                          Nov 21       Holy Communion           Morning Worship          Holy Communion
                                       People Who Made A        People Who Made A Dif-   Revelation 15: 1-4
                                       Difference : Cornelius   ference : Cornelius      Luke 21: 12-19
                                       Acts 10: 1-33            Acts 10: 1-33

                          Nov 28       Holy Communion           Morning Worship          Holy Communion
                                       People Who Made A        People Who Made A Dif-   Isaiah 25: 6-10a
                                       Difference : Timothy     ference : Timothy        Matthew 15: 29-37

                                       Acts 16: 1-5             Acts 16: 1-5

                                      FROM THE REGISTER

                                      Baptism:           Harvey Stephenson

                                      Funeral:           Brian Stevenson

                          14                                                                                                                                                  3
                              I cannot believe we are already in      pray for wisdom on my part to know

                                                                                                                                                                                          ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                              November…! This year seems to           how to develop this group so it can
                              be travelling at a rapid pace. I        continue after the Romance Acad-          21 Sunday              The Last Sunday before Advent
                              know God told me to fasten my           emy course finishes at Crhistmas.                       9.00am   Holy Communion
                              seatbelt over the summer and He                                                                10.30am   Morning Worship
                              has not disappointed so far in the      This term at Cell group we have           22 Monday     1.15pm   Little Fishes
                              way in which things have started to     been looking at topics such as                          3.00pm   Men’s Prayers
                              grow in the work we do with the 15-     ‘Who am I?’ – looking at what the         23 Tuesday    6.00pm   Rockin’
                              18’s.                                   bible teaches about how God sees
                                                                                                                              7.00pm   Romance Academy
                                                                      us and our identity as his children, ‘I
                                                                                                                              7.30pm   X:cavate
                              September saw the start of our first    am a Child of God’ – learning about
                              ever Romance Academy. This is a         the kind of father God is and ‘God
                                                                                                                              9.00pm   Badminton @ Roefield
                              relationships course run specifically   will never leave me’ – where we           24 Wednesday 10.30am   Holy Communion
                              for 14-18’s. It is a place where        each thought about and shared our         25 Thursday   9.30am   Refresh (Ladies’ Bible Study) – with crèche
                              young people can come and ex-           experiences of knowing God was/is                       5.15pm   Rainbows
                              plore questions and issues sur-         with us through fun times and diffi-                    6.30pm   Brownies
                              rounding what they hope for in a        cult times. I am so excited to see
                              good relationship, to help them         the members of the group begin to         28 Sunday              The First Sunday of Advent
                              build a good level of self confidence   grasp some of these things for                          9.00am   Holy Communion
                              and make decisions about the type       themselves. As always, we all                          10.30am   Morning Worship
                              of partner they are looking for. Also   have different experiences and            29 Monday     1.15pm   Little Fishes
                              to consider how they would like to      questions and know God personally         30 Tuesday    6.00pm   Rockin’
                              be treated in a relationship and how    in different ways but there is some-                    7.00pm   Romance Academy
                              they would like to treat a potential    thing so special about seeing the                       7.30pm   X:cavate
                              partner. These sessions have been       members of the group able to be                         9.00pm   Badminton @ Roefield
                              lots of fun so far and we have 7        totally honest with each other and
                              young people who have come to           get away from feeling as though we
                              Romance Academy. We seem to             need to know the ‘right answers’
                              have attracted the older members        and begin to get to the nitty gritty of
                              of x:cavate which is brilliant as       how we each get to know God and
                              there has been nothing running          trust Him a little more than we each
                              within the church by way of out-        do at the moment.
                              reach for this age group for some
                              time. Just giving this time, space      Please also remember Philip White
                              for questioning and a listening ear     in your prayers. As you will know
                              to a curious age group seems to be      from previous articles of mine, he is
                              a really positive thing and we are      currently away in Toronto taking
                              having some brilliant conversations     some time out from state education
                              and are enjoying getting to know        to learn more about God and His
                              the group better. Please pray for       incredible ways. Philip is being
                              this group which takes place up-        very blessed in Toronto and is keen
                              stairs at church on Tuesday eve-        to share his experiences with us
                              nings up until Christmas and for        when he returns in February.
                              wisdom for myself, Julie Broadhurst     Please pray that God would con-
                              and James Gordon as we lead the         tinue to bless him, teach him and
                          4   group discussions. Please also          inspire him while he is away.                                                                                  13
                                                                                                    It’s hard to believe its half term already   and the preference maybe to keep baby

                                                                                                                                                                                                 ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                               01 Monday     1.15pm   Little Fishes                                 – it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago       with you during the service. However
                               02 Tuesday    6.00pm   Rockin’                                       we were sorting out registers ready for      babies’ routines don’t necessarily fit in
                                             7.00pm   Romance Academy                               children to move up into the next age        with that of the 10:30 service, which
                                                                                                    group for the new term. Everyone has         may result in parents needing to leave
                                             7.30pm   X:cavate
                                                                                                    now settled into different rooms and         the service to see to baby’s needs.
                                             9.00pm   Badminton @ Roefield                          groups, and we are all getting prepared      Crèche leaders are used to this and
                               03 Wednesday 10.30am   Holy Communion                                to run the Children to Communion ses-        frequently help to comfort mum and
                               04 Thursday   9.30am   Refresh (Ladies’ Bible Study) – with crèche   sions throughout November and De-            baby, make coffee, lend a listening ear,
                                             5.15pm   Rainbows                                      cember. Children need to complete all        and offer ministry and support. Some-
                                             6.30pm   Brownies                                      four sessions, and will receive their        times parents have been interested in
                                                                                                    certificates in the New Year ready for       enjoying the supportive environment
                               07 Sunday              The Third Sunday before Advent                potentially participating in their first     offered at St. James’ on a Monday
                                             9.00am   Holy Communion                                Communion (depending on requests             afternoon by also joining our Little
                                                                                                    and arrangements made with parents).         Fishes group for babies and toddlers
                                            10.30am   Family Communion
                                                                                                                                                 held at the Church from 1:15pm.
                                             4.00pm   5-a-Side Football @ Roefield                  It has been great to see the number of
                               08 Monday     1.15pm   Little Fishes                                 new babies and toddlers rising in the     It is an exciting time for our ‘Tiddlers’ (2
                                             3.00pm   Men’s Prayers                                 Church family recently, and this has      year olds) section of the crèche as the
                               09 Tuesday    6.00pm   Rockin’                                       been reflected in the crèche, which runs  numbers have grown and the crèche
                                             7.00pm   Romance Academy                               alongside the Emerge groups on Sun-       leaders are hoping to offer a more fo-
                                             7.30pm   X:cavate                                      days. The crèche volunteers not only      cused session for this age group as
                                             9.00pm   Badminton @ Roefield                          care for and play with our youngest       they start out on their faith journey
                               10 Wednesday 10.30am   Holy Communion                                members of the family but offer tremen-   learning more about Jesus and doing
                                            12.00pm   Lunchbreak                                    dous support for new parents on a         creative activities. However, due to the
                                                                                                    Sunday morning. Often parents arrive      smaller numbers of children and the
                               11 Thursday   9.30am   Refresh (Ladies’ Bible Study) – with crèche
                                                                                                    with little ones still asleep in prams andextra need for leaders, Tiddlers didn’t
                                             5.15pm   Rainbows                                      pushchairs and are able to leave them     run last term, but we hope to start up
                                             6.30pm   Brownies                                      in the garden room next to the crèche     again soon (after Christmas). In order
                                                                                                    where the crèche leaders can observe      to do this effectively more Crèche /
                               14 Sunday              The Second Sunday before Advent               them.                                     Tiddlers leaders are needed (we work
                                             9.00am   Holy Communion                                                                          with 2 Crèche 1 Tiddler leaders per
                                            10.30am   Family Service                                Often as new parents it can be difficult session) If you feel you are gifted or just
                               15 Monday     1.15pm   Little Fishes                                 to leave your baby in the care of others, enjoying this age group then please
                               16 Tuesday    6.00pm   Rockin’                                                                                           speak to Rachel Jenkins or
                                                                                                                                                        myself as we would love to
                                             7.00pm   Romance Academy
                                                                                                                                                        hear from you. Please continue
                                             7.30pm   X:cavate                                                                                          to keep our youngest members
                                             9.00pm   Badminton @ Roefield                                                                              of the church family in your
                               17 Wednesday 10.30am   Morning Prayer                                                                                    prayers.
                               18 Thursday   9.30am   Refresh (Ladies’ Bible Study) – with crèche
                                             5.15pm   Rainbows                                                                                                     God Bless
                                             6.30pm   Brownies

                          12                                                                                                                                                                 5
                                                        Mission Group Update

                                                                                                                                                                                                             ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                                                             Katy Holden

                          St. James’ is a mission-driven Church and has continued to distribute funds to support a
                          wide range of Christian Mission Projects during this year. The total sum of the mission
                          tithe represents one tenth of the annual Church budget.                                       Bonfire and Firework Celebrations
                          10% of the Mission Tithe is put aside for The Mission Development Fund – this offers an
                          exciting opportunity for YOU to undertake personal development in Christian mission, for      The School Bonfire and Firework Extravaganza will take place this year on
                          example through formal training, a visit to a partner project, or a working sabbatical with   Thursday 4th November. Tickets are available from the School Office. Ad-
                          a Christian organisation at home or overseas. Application forms are available by email        mission is £1.50 for adults. Children are free, but MUST be accompanied
                          from Katy Holden or the Church office. St. James’ is able to           by an adult. As part of this celebration we are holding a “Best Dressed
                          offer financial support of up to £500 from the Mission Development Fund towards appro-        Guy Fawkes” Competition. Entries can be brought to school from Monday
                          priate ventures.                                                                              1st November through to 1.00pm on Thursday 4th November. This year
                                                                                                                        the winning entry will also be representing the school at the Town Bonfire
                          There are also funds from the Mission Tithe put aside for National/International Emer-
                          gency Appeals throughout the year.                                                            on the following Saturday.

                          The PCC Mission Team is currently in the process of reviewing the Mission Tithe alloca-       Whitehough Week – Year 6
                          tion for 2011 and is keen to embrace new projects, but also needs to ensure that there is
                          some consistency and continuity in order for meaningful contributions and relationships       The Year 6 trip to Whitehough was a tremendous success. The children
                          to be developed with existing projects.                                                       were wonderfully behaved and, due to great weather, were able to take
                                                                                                                        part in all the activities provided. These included rock climbing, abseiling,
                          We would like to hear from Church members who would like to present a Christian pro-
                          ject for consideration by the team.                                                           canoeing, survival skills, mountain biking and wild walking! My thanks to
                                                                                                                        all the staff that went. It’s quite a sacrifice to leave your families for a
                          The Mission Tithe supports Christian projects in four strategic mission aims:-                week. Without their commitment these activity weeks would not be possi-
                          Distributing and proclaiming the Word of God                                                  ble. A great big thank you to all the children who went and made the week
                          Christian anti-poverty projects                                                               such a great and enjoyable learning experience.
                          The Persecuted Church
                          UK Emerging Church and Outreach Ministries
                                                                                                                        School Book Fair
                          Church members are required to maintain an active connection with their project and
                          feedback to the Church family in various ways, such as network articles; display informa-     Many thanks to those of you who supported our recent SCHOOL BOOK
                          tion with photos; talk about visits with the project etc.                                     FAIR. Total monies made from the BOOK FAIR was £658.83. We will now
                          Please talk to a member of the Mission Team before Monday 15th November, if you               be able to select a number of books free for use in our school.
                          have ideas about a Christian project that the Church could support.

                          Mission Team members: Katy Holden; Nigel Rix; Chris Richardson; Nick Schumann;
                          Rob & Esther Youlten, and Steph Clarkson.

                          6                                                                                                                                                                             11
                                    2011:Year of the Bible

                                                                                                                      ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                           Next year it will be 400 years since the publica-
                           tion of the King James Bible, a translation that
                           was used well into the twentieth century. To
                           mark this anniversary, 2011 has been desig-
                           nated year of the Bible. Many Christian organi-
                           sations and all the major
                           denominations are joining together to encour-
                           age ordinary people to focus on the Word of
                           God, and discover new ways to be inspired to
                           read, understand and apply biblical truth.

                           Biblefresh is a movement of churches, agencies, organisations,
                           colleges and festivals which has a vision to reignite and re-enthuse the church in
                           it’s passion for the Bible.
                           “For many in our churches the Bible has become tedious and toxic rather treas-
                           ured, trusted and true. The aim of the Biblefresh
                           initiative is to encourage a greater confidence and passion for Scripture across the

                           We are asking churches to agree to raise the level of biblical
                           understanding amongst their members by taking practical steps in four areas:
                           Reading, Training, Translation and Experience.”

                           For more information about Biblefresh, and to sign up for news, information and
                           resources, go to

                                 Hearing God’s Voice (for ourselves and others)
                               This practical course continues into November on Monday nights at

                               There are also further opportunities to try this in a practical environment
                                               and get out onto the streets of Clitheroe!

                          10                                                                                      7

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ST JAMES CHURCH NETWORK
                                                                                                       Across the world millions of Christians are denied their basic right to religious lib-
                              The first ‘preparation to communion’ course that ran at St. James        erty. They are looking to us to walk with them... on our knees in prayer and on our
                              across all the children’s groups took place in the Autumn of 2007.
                                                                                                       feet in action.
                              Three years on and it is
                              appropriate to run the course again as our younger children are
                              ready to actively understand and participate in taking Communion.        The Open Doors Right to Believe campaign is designed to support and strengthen these
                              Additionally there are children who took part in the course but were-    believers: to walk with them through informed and committed prayer, campaigning action to
                              n’t quite ready to continue and participate with communion at that       petition the powerful on their behalf, and gifts that will bring new hope through practical
                              time. However, both parents and children feel that they are now          help that meets their needs.
                              ready to consider this again.
                                                                                                       Act now for their right to believe!
                              For those of you new to St. James Church our PCC (our governing
                              body) adopted the practice of receiving communion before confir-         SIGN THE PETITION
                              mation for those who have been baptised, in an extended interpre-
                              tation of the phrase ‘those who are desirous of confirmation.’ As a                                                          We need your signature! Say YES
                              vital part of this, children who may want to take communion also                                                             to religious liberty, NO to the Defa-
                              need some preparation so that they are able to make their own
                              response to the grace of God.
                                                                                                                                                           mation of Religions Resolution…

                              If your children have previously attended these sessions and now
                              actively take communion, the course will provide a great opportu-
                              nity to refresh their understanding of communion and the commit-
                              ment they chosen to undertake. Therefore during November and             INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER 2010: Sunday 7th November
                              December all the Sunday children’s groups will be exploring the
                              Lord’s supper, it’s meaning and significance. It is important that                                                           Pray that our brothers and sisters
                              children attend all four sessions. At the end of this time, in con-                                                          will have the right to believe in free-
                              sultation with parents, names will be added to the list of those wish-
                              ing to receive communion. Then in the New Year we will have a
                                                                                                                                                           dom and without fear...
                              first communion service.

                              If you have any questions or concerns then please come and chat
                              to Sam or Mark.                                                          GIVE
                                                                                                                                                           Make a gift to strengthen believers
                                                                                                                                                           who do not have the right to be-

                          8                                                                                                                                                                          9

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