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					Page 20 • Mid-North Monitor •         OPP • Wednesday, October 7, 2009
A winning essay...
Why is the Ontario Provincial Police important to you?
By CHERYL KAY                  (Editor’s note: last year, the                                                                             less hearts. Do they ever see sincerity in the world? Do their
                               Mid-North Monitor held an                                                                                  neighbors truly care for them? Are the neighbors always wor-
Special to the Monitor
                               essay contest asking people                                                                                ried that there is a police officer next door? Do they feel in-
why is the Ontario Provincial Police important to them. Cher-                                                                             timidated or safe?
yl Kay of Espanola was the winner and received a special                                                                                    The Ontario Provincial Police are important to me for all the
commemorative OPP 100th Anniversary Watch, compliments                                                                                    things they have not done.
of the paper. Her winning entry is featured here.)                                                                                          At 4:00 am on any given morning, they have not had to wake
                                                                                                                                          me up with news of sorrow.
Some people grow up to be doctors, lawyers, accountants or                                                                                  During my workday, before my first coffee break, they have
even dentists, working until it is time to go golfing or attend                                                                            not had to come and tell me my car was stolen.
a social affair.                                                                                                                            After lunch, they did not have to tell me my home was bro-
  When does the shift end for a police officer?                                                                                            ken in to.
   Some people are happy being an electrician or a plumber                                                                                  On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, they did not have to tell me
and will only do that little extra, maybe, for a family member,                                                                           of a bus accident at my child’s school.
friend or neighbor.                                                                                                                          For all the officers that choose to give all the warnings and
   Do police officers while off duty only help their friends,                                                                              all of the bad news and all of the self sacrificing moments in
neighbors or family?                                                                                                                      their lives, I appreciate you.
  Sometimes a great day of fishing helps to solve a problem.                                                                                 Because of your s presence, I am thankful for what you have
   If police officer’s problems could be solved by a day of                                                                                not had to do.
fishing, we would have no fish in our lakes and no crime on                                                                                   In a society that encourages violence through our children’s
our streets.                                                                                                                              video games, a society where it is all about me, what I de-
  When a police officer goes to his camp, can he turn off the                                                                              serve, what I want, what I need, where we have become so
world like other professions, or is he concerned about the party                                                                          self-absorbed, we sometimes forget the rules or neglect them.
of youth in the campground; the excessive amount of alcohol                                                                               The police do not.
at his neighbor’s camp, and no life jackets in his neighbor’s                                                                                The role that the Ontario Provincial Police play is not just
boat that has three kids in it?                                                                                                           a protector or defender, they are also a baby sitter, looking
   When we start the search for a prospective home, we see a                                                                              after people in our society who lost the ability to look after
lovely porch, a small rock garden, a great place for the pool.                                                                            themselves.
What does a police officer see when buying a prospective                                                                                      In conclusion, I would like to offer a prayer, Heavenly Fa-
home? Does he see windows that are too shaded by the shrubs,                                                                              ther I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for ev-
a dead-end back alley with minimal visibility or does he not                                                                              ery person you have called to do this service, you Lord have
even give this two-bedroom rancher a try as he just served a                                                                              put this burden on their hearts, I pray Lord you protect them.
warrant to the crack house across the street?                                                                                             Lord please allows them to see the beauty in the world that
  At the end of his shift, does this officer take his kids to the                                                                          you created. Lord I ask that your presence be felt throughout
park, or maybe out for supper, or even to a movie? Does he                                                                                this beautiful province and with every Ontario Provincial Po-
have to stand in line at the theatre behind the person he just                                                                            lice Officer you have called. Lord, I ask that you put peace in
charged two days earlier, did he take his kids to their favorite                                                                          their hearts. I ask that you Lord, richly bless them in many
restaurant where the waiter was robbed that very afternoon, or             What if we had extra special vision? What if we could re-      ways. Amen.
did he just choose to stay home?                                         move our rose-colored glasses? What if when we woke up
                                                                         this morning and were told that many will hate you
                                                                                                      except perhaps your
                                                                                                      family? Do we go to
                                                                                                      work every day look-
                                                                                                      ing for those things
                                                                                                      that we want to protect
                                                                                                      our children from, the
                                                                                                      things a police officer
                                                                                                      looks for?
                                                                                                        Many people say this
                                                                                                      is their choice. They
                                                                                                      chose this job.
                                                                                                        I believe this was not
                                                                                                      a choice they could
                                                                                                      turn down, that they
                                                                                                      were born with fear-

                                                                                                                            LEFT: OPP
                                                                                                                       Constable Janet
                                                                                                                        Vardon and her

                                                                                                                                         Thank you
                                                                                                                       On behalf of the staff of the Mid-North
                                                                                                                       Monitor, we would like to extend a con-
                                                                                                                       gratulatory message to the members of
                                                                                                                       the Espanola Ontario Provincial Police
 OPP Constables Robert and Wendy Forcier.
                                                                                                                       while they share in the festivities of the
                                                                                                                       100th anniversary of the police service
                                                                                                                       in the province. Thank you for your con-
                          �������                                 ��
                                                                           ����� �
                                                                     ������ ���������                                  tributions over the years. The staff looks
  �������������������                    �����������
                                                                �� ������
                                                                                  ��������������                       forward to continuing to work closely
                                                                                                                       with the Espanola OPP in providing the
                                                                                                                       best in coverage of policing issues in the

                                ����������������   ����������������������                                              Espanola/North Shore area.
                                ������������      �����������������������
                                                                                     Mid-North Monitor •    OPP • Wednesday, October 7, 2009 • Page 21
  Espanola detachment - a historical perspective
    n 1913, the Commander                                                                   as a courthouse. The De-      Commissioner Gwen Boniface to members
    of the Northern area re-                                                                tachment Commander, R.        of the local Community Policing Advisory
    quested a severance of                                                                  Nace lived at the detach-     Committee.
the North for his duties. He                                                                ment residence until it       In November 2007, as a result of a routine
was granted this request and                                                                was closed in 1988. The       traffic stop on Highway 17, the driver of
a New Division, known as                                                                    residence was then con-       the vehicle was found to be in breach of his
the Middle Division was                                                                     verted into much-needed       recognizance. The investigation and sub-
formed. It was at this time                                                                 office space for the four-     sequent search led to the seizure of 20,000
that the Espanola detachment                                                                teen officers.                 pills, which were suspected to be ecstasy
was added to #13 District.                                                                  As a result of a re-organi-   with an estimated street value of $400,000.
June 10th, 1935, the first                                                                   zation in 1996, #13 Dis-      With the ratification of the current OPPA
constable was assigned to the                                                               trict became part of the      contract, effective January 2009, Espanola
Espanola Detachment. The                                                                    North East Region. In that    Detachment became a six-year duration
officer worked alone until                                                                   same year, Espanola De-       posting.
September 10th, 1948 when                                                                   tachment was clustered        Currently, the Espanola Detachment has 19
a second constable was add-                                                                 and became a satellite de-    uniform members who are responsible for
ed to the compliment.                                                                       tachment to the Sudbury       policing a very large geographical area, in-
In 1959, the current detach-                                                                Administration Centre.        cluding three amalgamated municipalities
ment was built. The build-                                                                  In August 2000, Espanola      and several unorganized Townships.
ing was not only used for the                                                               Detachment hosted a lun-
detachment, it was also used                                                                cheon introducing the then

What a resemblance!
At immediate right,
Monique (Fortin) Shank
working the office of
the Espanola OPP
detachment in 1977. At
far right, her daughter,
Danielle Shank, (with
Cst. Ray Zaiser, marine
and snowmachine

                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY CRAIG GILBERT
patrol coordinator)
who did a school-
work placement in the
spring and spent the
summer with the same
detachment this year.

  The following is a list
    of the current Espa-
 nola OPP compliment.
     The detachment is
   considered to be part
    of the Sudbury OPP
 detachment, under the
 command of Staff Sgt.
             Gary Mills.

 Jean-Marc Baronette
           Dave Bell
        L.C. Boullion
        Dave Bulman
        John Dawson
      Robert Forcier
      Wendy Forcier
        Jane Fremlin
        Denis Gatien
        Rory Gordon
        Mike Laxton
       Joe McCallion
         Hugh Parks
        John Parsley
          David Scott
      Monique Shank
         Mike Tessier
        Janet Vardon
         Kevin Webb
          Ray Zaiser
                                The local OPP hockey team, the Spanish River Rats.

         Thank You For 100 Years of Service
Page 22 • Mid-North Monitor •                 OPP • Wednesday, October 7, 2009
                                           The origins of policing in Ontario
       olicing, as a professional activity, is a         wild mining and railway construction camps                              the police force by dividing the                counties responsible for their own policing.
       relatively modern phenomenon find-                 in the north and lawlessness along the U.S./                            province into nine districts, each command-     With more than 180,000 vehicles registered
       ing its historic origins in England and           Canada border in the south eventually led                               ed by a district inspector. The OPP’s           in Ontario, the OPP used motorcycles to pa-
in France.                                               the government to form a provincial police                              headquarters was on the second floor of the      trol the highways. The enforcement of The
1748 Chief Magistrate Henry Fielding                     force on Oct. 13, 1909.                                                 Parliament Buildings in Toronto. This was       Traffic Act would grow to be an important
raised public awareness about the corrupt                On Jan. 1, 1910, the first day of its being                              just the beginning of a transformation of the   aspect of OPP duties.
state of justice in London, England. He and              considered an “active organization,” the                                force into a paramilitary                       1922 A disastrous fire spread through the
his brother, John, instituted a full-time force          OPP was comprised of a superintendent, a                                organization.                                   Temiskaming District resulting in 45 deaths.
of uniformed men, famously called the Bow                senior inspector, two inspectors of criminal                            1922 The new commissioner retired in 1922       This resulted in the arrival of 24 OPP officers
Street Runners, to patrol the streets of Lon-            investigation, two divisional inspectors and                            because of ill health. At the time of           who established a police detachment and
don and apprehend criminals. In an interest-             45 provincial constables. This “permanent                               his retirement, the OPP had 72 uniformed        distributed food, supplies and equipment.
ing observation for the time, John Fielding              force of salaried police constables” became                             officers, seven civilians and 50 liquor          1922-1939 Commissioner Major General
asserted that, “it is much better to prevent             an important part of the unique character of                            law enforcement officers on the payroll.         V.A.S. Williams introduced measures
even one man from being a rogue than ap-                 the province of Ontario.                                                Amendments to The Constables Act made           still in use today. His establishment of
prehending and bringing forty to justice.”               1912 Disturbances broke out among striking
                                                         gold miners in the Timmins-South Porcu-
1867 This historic year marked the creation              pine area and all available provincial police
of the Province of Ontario.                              travelled to the area to help restore order un-
                                                         der the supervision of George Caldbick, now
1905 George Caldbick moved from Toronto                  an inspector, who directed one group of of-
to Cobalt in this year to take up work as a              ficers working out of South Porcupine. The
“provincial constable,” his appointment pre-             other group, led by Albert Boyd of Toronto,
dating the formation of the OPP.                         was headquartered at the Goldfields Hotel in
By 1909, more than 100 mining properties                 Timmins. Police presence was required for
were in operation in the Cobalt area.                    nearly a year. Some of the earliest known
The other early Ontario frontiers along the              photographs of the OPP were taken during
Niagara and Detroit rivers and the                       these events.
U.S./Canada border also required police                  1916 The OPP had the difficult and often un-
presence to deal with illegal aliens and the             popular task of enforcing The Ontario Tem-
unlawful trade of liquor over the border.                perance Act, which required closing all bars,
1907 Temporary constables were appointed                 clubs and liquor stores. This Act remained
to enforce The Automobile Act.                           in force until the Liquor Control Board was
Early years of the OPP                                   established in 1927. The OPP continue to
1909 By the early 20th century, there was                enforce many liquor-related laws today.
growing concern about the absence of                     1921 Commissioner Major General Harry
a unified provincial police constabulary. An              M. Cawthra-Elliot was appointed first
increasingly diverse population, the                     commissioner of the OPP. He reorganized
                                                                                                                                 Cst. Denis Gatien & Sgt. Kevin Webb on bike patrol.

Cst. Ray Zaiser, snowmachine patrol coordinator.

Standing Orders (also known as Police Or-                1924 OPP air service was inaugurated.
ders) proved influential and provided the                 1925 OPP constables travelled on a gasoline
members with a common sense of identity.                 driven “speeder” which ran on
Williams undertook the military conversion               railway tracks from Cochrane to Hearst, and
of the Ontario police, introducing foot drill,           finally to Larder Lake in pursuit of a
regular inspections of standardized uniforms             fugitive.
and equipment and military courtesies such               1927 The Ontario Department of Highways
as saluting.                                             Motorcycle Patrol numbered 70
1923 The province assumed responsibility                 officers. These officers were transferred to
for roads in the southern part of the province,          the OPP in 1930.
including 1,800 miles of provincial high-                1929 The Ontario Provincial Police Training
ways. Since lawbreakers also had discov-                 School was established based on a military
ered the utility of the automobile, the OPP              model.                  continued on page 23
established a motorcycle patrol in 1924.                 1930s During
                                                                                           See ‘History...’

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  for all your rexall
   brand products                                                              ��������



                                                                                                                                 Cst. Rory Gordon with a big haul of ecstasy pills and cash seized in an
 800 Centre Street                                                             �������                                           Ontario Provincial Police raid. The photo is undated.
 Phone 869-1860                            ��������������������������          ��������������������������������
                                                                                                          Mid-North Monitor •          OPP • Wednesday, October 7, 2009 • Page 23
A history of policing in Ontario
continued from page 22     1956 The breath-       1990s Commissioner Thomas B. O’Grady           at the University of Western Ontario Law        2001 The Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in
                           alyser was put         (1988-1998) initiated a number of modifica-     School, brought outstanding credentials to      New York had a significant impact on the
into service in Whitby, Ontario to identify       tions to make the force increasingly respon-   the position of commissioner.                   OPP and changed both proactive and reac-
impaired                                          sive to the needs of a changing society. One   1999 The purchase of a Pilatus PC 12/45         tive responses to emergency situations. The
drivers.                                          of these involved strengthening “Commu-        plane saw the expansion of Aviation             creation of the Provincial Emergency Re-
1957 In the 1957 OPP Annual Report, the           nity Policing Principles” to encourage the     Services by allowing the OPP to operate and     sponse Team (PERT) in
OPP identified 238 detachments of                  development of police-community partner-       perform missions anywhere in                    2001, the Provincial Anti-Terrorism Section
which 173 were “regular” detachments as           ships designed to create services consistent   Ontario, as well as provide aid and services    (PATS) in 2002 and the OPP Security Ser-
opposed to municipal contracts. Of                with the needs of the whole community. To      anywhere in North America. The newly cre-       vice at Queen’s Park, Toronto, (2003) po-
these detachments, 45 were still staffed by       make the OPP more representative of Ontar-     ated Incident Support Centre was utilized to    sitioned the OPP as a leader in emergency
only one constable and a further 39               io’s population, O’Grady began a campaign      prepare the OPP for the dawn of Y2K, which      management.
staffed only by two or three men. Adminis-        to encourage recruiting women as well as in-   arrived and passed without incident.            2005 The Highway Safety Division was in-
trative support (such as clerkstenographers       dividuals from diverse cultural backgrounds    Turn of the 21st century The OPP’s prepa-       troduced as part of a focus on reducing mo-
and transport personnel) was becoming in-         and Aboriginal communities.                    rations for the millennium proved more          tor vehicle collision fatalities and injuries.
creasingly important. In                          1990 A new telecommunications system was       than adequate. By the turn of the century,      2006 Julian Fantino was appointed Com-
1957, 161 clerical employees served the           created.                                       the OPP’s services ranged from providing        missioner of the OPP on Oct. 30, 2006, after
OPP. The adoption of a Teletype system            1991 The OPP received delivery of two new      day-to-day policing in more than 400 towns,     serving the province in public safety for 42
greatly improved communication between            Aerospatiale AS 355F2R twin-engine heli-       cities and rural communities to supplying       years, including the roles of
detachments and headquarters.                     copters. The new machines came with the        the province with emergency services and        Commissioner for Emergency Management
1980s Police efficiency and connectedness          advantage of two engines, allowing for flight   specialized criminal investigation expertise,   (2005), Chief of the Toronto Police
to Ontario communities improved with              over water and night flying, and a greater      and to targeting crime on a global scale.       Service (2000-2005) Chief of York Regional
the added promotion of the “Neighborhood          fuel capacity.                                 To respond to public concern, the OPP fo-       Police (1998-2000) and Chief of
Watch Program.”                                   1995 The OPP relocated its General Head-       cused on rural crime prevention, which          London Police Service (1991-1998).
The OPP on the move                               quarters to Orillia.                           helped to bring declines in property crime.     2007 With a nod to the organization’s strong
1989 All-white cruisers replaced the familiar     A secure Ontario                               The OPP’s continued commitment to in-           roots, he re-introduced the highly visible
black-and-white colour scheme of the OPP          1998 Commissioner Gwen M. Boniface             creased road safety also helped to reduce the   black-and-white cruiser in 2007 and initi-
cruiser.                                          (1998-2006), a lawyer and adjunct professor    number of road fatalities.                      ated the return of the blue-on-blue peak

                                                                            Sgts. Lynn and Larry Beach, now retired. Above, Cadet Lynn
                                                                            Beach at her graduation in 1976. BELOW: Community services Cst.
                                                                            Michelle Coulombe at St. Mary school in Massey promoting the
                                                                            DARE anti-drug abuse program.

cap in 2008/2009. Frontline policing and
uncompromising public service have been
Commissioner Fantino’s key priorities. Law
enforcement, traffic safety and preserving
the peace, along with crime detection, pre-
vention and reduction are but a few of the
fundamental elements of the OPP’s public
service mission.
The OPP today
• After a century of policing, the OPP fulfills
its mandate as one of North
America’s largest deployed police services
with more than 5,900 uniformed officers,
approximately 2,200 civilians, over 70 First
Nations policing agreements, and more than
900 auxiliary officers.
• International border enforcement and in-
telligence units, specialized services for
municipal police, provincial emergency re-
sponse and joint forces operations have re-
emerged as critical priorities amongst gen-
eral law enforcement duties.
• OPP members provide a vast array of ser-
vices to both the province and more than
315 municipalities, through 165 detach-
ments, six regional headquarter facilities,
and OPP General Headquarters.
• The OPP serves a province with more than
12 million people, nearly one million square
kilometres of land, over 110,000 square ki-

                                                                                                  100 YEARS
lometres of waterways and more than 72
thousand kilometres of paved roads.                                                                                                    Thank you to
• Ontario covers an area larger than France                                                                                            our dedicated                         &
and Spain combined. Its lakes and rivers oc-
cupy one-sixth of the total landmass. The                                                                                                                                 Delivery
OPP’s land, air and marine units all play a
critical role in helping officers do their job.                                                                                                                           Serving Espanola &
• Ontario’s diversity rests with its landscape,                                                                                                                           Manitoulin Island
its people and its stories. From forested wil-                                                      Thank                                                              1-877-223-2269
derness and vast lakes and rivers, to rural                                                          You                                                     
farmland and dynamic urban centres, the
frontiers of policing continue to present ex-                                                     Roger Rabbit’s
                                                                                                                                         Hwy. 6 & 17
citing challenges to the OPP.                                                                      Restaurant

                                                                                                       869-3418                        701 Centre Street

                                                                                                     92 Park Street                      ESPANOLA