Free Dressage Schoolmaster 15.3 hands_ Chestnut Gelding by bnmbgtrtr52


									                               Free Dressage Schoolmaster
                              15.3 hands, Chestnut Gelding
Zac is an extremely educated thoroughbred with many achievements under his belt. He has
been competing Novice dressage and training elementary however, he has had the last year
relaxing as I have had younger horses coming on. He has been to ample state competitions
and team challenges with several ribbons and placings from each.

Zac has done sporting, camp drafting, mustering, trail rides and spent a lot of time being
ridden on roads, over mountains, through creeks and dams (swimming as well) and along the
beach. He is used to motorbikes, hunting and dogs. This horse has done it all and is perfect
second horse or a horse for mum or dad who won’t play up or give any grief.

Unfortunately, because of my younger horses Zac is just standing around in the paddock so I
decided it’s time he gives another rider the enjoyment, success and horsemanship he has
provided me with over the last 7 years.

He is in show condition with a short coat looking exactly like the pictures. We have had him for sale however
being 20yrs old seems to be an issue. He is an extremely athletic horse and does not look or act his age.

The first person to ride him will take him as he has such a beautiful temperament.

                                          Call Danielle 0437536004

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