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									                           CHESS Sponsorship Agreement
THIS CHESS SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT is made on the                                   day of                                 20

BETWEEN       BELL POTTER SECURITIES LIMITED ABN 25 006 390 772 AFS Licence No. 243480 of 101 Collins Street, Melbourne in
              the State of Victoria (hereafter called “Sponsoring Participant”)

              (Account Name(s))

              (Account Designation)                                                                             (Account Number)

              (insert residential address)

(hereafter called “Participant Sponsored Holder”)

A      In its capacity as the Securities Clearing House under the Corporations Act ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation Pty
       Ltd ABN 49 008 504 532 ("ASTC") operates a Clearing House Electronic Subregister System ("CHESS").
B      In CHESS, a Participant Sponsored Holder can hold Financial Products in uncertificated form in holdings sponsored by a
       Sponsoring Participant.
C      The Client (“Participant Sponsored Holder”) wishes to hold Financial Products as aforesaid in CHESS as a Participant
       Sponsored Holder.
D      Bell Potter Securities Limited (“Bell Potter”) (“Sponsoring Participant”) is a Sponsoring Participant in CHESS.
E      The Sponsoring Participant and the Participant Sponsored Holder wish to enter into this Agreement to allow the Participant
       Sponsored Holder to participate as a Sponsored Holder in CHESS.

1.     INTERPRETATION                          2.3     Where a contract for the                2.5     If the Participant Sponsored
Any term used in this Agreement                        purchase of Financial                           Holder fails to make payment
which is defined in the ASTC                           Products remains unpaid,                        or deliver any security holder
Settlement Rules has the meaning                       after the Sponsoring                            information or documents to
given in the ASTC Settlement Rules.                    Participant has made a                          the Sponsoring Participant by
A copy of these definitions can be                     demand of the Participant                       the Settlement Date (or fails
obtained from the Sponsoring                           Sponsored Holder to pay for                     to meet its margin obligations
Participant.                                           the Financial Products, the                     in respect of a short sale)
                                                       Sponsoring Participant may                      ("fails to settle"), whether
2.     SPONSORING                                      sell those Financial Products                   pursuant to this Agreement or
       PARTICIPANT RIGHTS                              that are the subject of that                    any other Agreement
2.1    Where the Participant                           contract at the Participant                     between those parties, the
       Sponsored Holder authorises                     Sponsored Holder's risk and                     Participant Sponsored Holder
       the Sponsoring Participant to                   expense and that expense                        authorises the Sponsoring
       buy Financial Products, the                     shall include brokerage,                        Participant and each of its
       Participant Sponsored Holder                    stamp duty and GST where                        directors, officers and
       will pay for those Financial                    applicable. The Client shall be                 managers as the Participant
       Products by 10.00am on the                      liable for any resultant loss.                  Sponsored Holder's attorney
       third Business Day after the                                                                    to give any instructions on the
                                               2.4     the Sponsoring Participant
       date of purchase or such                                                                        Participant Sponsored
                                                       has the right to refuse to
       other date as the ASTC                                                                          Holder's behalf which the
                                                       comply with the Participant
       Business Rules may                                                                              Sponsoring Participant or any
                                                       Sponsored Holder's
       prescribe for settlement                                                                        such attorney deems fit in
                                                       Withdrawal Instructions, but
       (“Settlement Date”).                                                                            their absolute discretion in
                                                       only to the extent necessary
                                                                                                       respect of any of the
2.2    Subject to Clause 2.3, the                      to retain Financial Products of
                                                                                                       Participant Sponsored
       Sponsoring Participant is not                   the minimum value held in a
                                                                                                       Holder's Financial Products
       obliged to transfer Financial                   Participant Sponsored
                                                                                                       that are broker sponsored by
       Products into the Participant                   Holding (where the minimum
                                                                                                       the Sponsoring Participant in
       Sponsored Holding, where                        value is equal to 120% of the
                                                                                                       CHESS to enable the
       payment for those Financial                     current market value of the
                                                                                                       Sponsoring Participant to
       Products has not been received,                 amount claimed).
       until payment is received.

Bell Potter Securities Limited                                                                 ABN 25 006 390 772 AFSL No. 243480
      charge and/or nominee those                   the Sponsoring                        response has not been
      Financial Products or sell                    Participant stipulates.               received.
      those Financial Products and                  The Participant
                                                                                   OTHER RIGHTS AND DUTIES
      generally to place the                        Sponsored Holder must
      Sponsoring Participant in a                   execute such Deed of           4.     SUPPLY OF INFORMATION
      position to apply the aforesaid               Charge within forty-eight
                                                                                   The Participant Sponsored Holder
      Financial Products and the                    hours of the request to
                                                                                   shall supply all information and
      proceeds thereof in reduction                 do so, failing which the
                                                                                   supporting documentation which is
      of the Participant Sponsored                  Participant Sponsored
                                                                                   reasonably required to permit the
      Holder's liability to the                     Holder appoints each
                                                                                   Sponsoring Participant to comply
      Sponsoring Participant and to                 Director of the
                                                                                   with the registration requirements, as
      recover the Sponsoring                        Sponsoring Participant
                                                                                   are in force from time to time, under
      Participant's costs in so                     severally as its duly
                                                                                   the ASTC Settlement Rules.
      acting.                                       appointed attorney to
                                                    execute on behalf of the       5.     EXCHANGE TRADED
2.6   a.   Where an amount is
                                                    Participant Sponsored                 OPTIONS, PLEDGING AND
           lawfully owed to the
                                                    Holder such Deed of                   SUB-POSITIONS
           Sponsoring Participant
                                                    Charge, and to sign all
           either by the Participant                                               5.1    a.   Where the Participant
                                                    further documents and
           Sponsored Holder or a                                                               Sponsored Holder
                                                    do all things to cause it
           third party in connection                                                           arranges with ACH to
                                                    to be registered at the
           with a Financial Products                                                           lodge Financial Products
                                                    Australian Securities and
           transaction in relation to                                                          in a Participant
           which Financial Products                                                            Sponsored Holding as
           are lodged as collateral                                                            cover for written
           by the Participant            3.    PARTICIPANT SPONSORED                           positions in the
           Sponsored Holder with               HOLDER'S RIGHTS                                 Australian Options
           the Sponsoring                                                                      Market, and informs the
                                         3.1   Subject to Clauses 2.3, 2.4,
           Participant, in addition to                                                         Sponsoring Participant of
                                               2.5 and 2.6, the Sponsoring
           having the right to refuse                                                          the arrangement, the
                                               Participant will initiate any
           to comply with the                                                                  Participant Sponsored
                                               Transfer, Conversion or other
           Participant Sponsored                                                               Holder authorises the
                                               action necessary to give
           Holder’s Withdrawal                                                                 Sponsoring Participant to
                                               effect to Withdrawal
           Instructions, the                                                                   take whatever action is
                                               Instructions within two (2)
           Sponsoring Participant                                                              reasonably required by
                                               Business Days of the date of
           has a charge and a                                                                  ACH in accordance with
                                               receipt of the Withdrawal
           power of sale in relation                                                           its Rules to give effect to
                                               Instructions or except as
           to such collateral                                                                  that arrangement.
                                               detailed above.
           Financial Products to
           recover the amount            3.2   The Sponsoring Participant                 b.   The Participant
           owing to the Sponsoring             will not initiate any Transfer or               Sponsored Holder
           Participant.                        Conversion into or out of the                   acknowledges the right of
                                               Participant Sponsored                           the Sponsoring
      b.   In execution of its power                                                           Participant to deal in any
                                               Holding without the express
           to deal with the collateral                                                         Financial Products over
                                               authority of the Participant
           as aforesaid, the                                                                   which the Sponsoring
                                               Sponsored Holder.
           Sponsoring Participant is                                                           Participant has been
           entitled to request the       3.3   The regulatory regime which                     authorised to take a
           Participant Sponsored               applies to the Sponsoring                       charge or interest should
           Holder to execute a                 Participant is ASTC Business                    events necessitate the
           Deed of Charge in favour            Rules and Corporations Act.                     liquidation of Holdings in
           of the Sponsoring                   The Participant Sponsored                       order to extinguish any
           Participant charging by             Holder can obtain information                   liabilities relating to
           way of security those               as to the status of the                         business conducted by
           collateral Financial                Sponsoring Participant from                     the Participant Sponsored
           Products owned by the               ASIC.                                           Holder in Exchange
           Participant Sponsored                                                               Traded Options.
           Holder to secure all          3.4   The Participant Sponsored
           amounts owing to or to              Holder may lodge a complaint
           become owing to the                 against the Sponsoring
           Sponsoring Participant in           Participant or any claim for
           relation to the transaction         compensation firstly with Bell
           to which the collateral             Potter then Financial Industry
           relates on such terms as            Complaints Service Limited
                                               (FICS), if a satisfactory

CHESS Sponsorship Agreement V.080513                                                                                    1
5.2    Where the Participant             7.    NOTIFICATIONS AND                 7.4   In the event that the
       Sponsored Holder arranges               ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                        Sponsoring Participant is
       with any person to give a                                                       suspended from CHESS
                                         7.1   The Participant Sponsored
       charge or any other interest in                                                 participation, subject to the
                                               Holder acknowledges that if
       Financial Products in a                                                         assertion of an interest in
                                               the Sponsoring Participant is
       Participant Sponsored                                                           Financial Products controlled
                                               not a Participating
       Holding, the Participant                                                        by the Sponsoring Participant,
                                               Organisation of the ASX,
       Sponsored Holder authorises                                                     by the liquidator, receiver,
                                               neither ASX nor any Related
       the Sponsoring Participant to                                                   administrator or trustee of that
                                               Party of ASX has any
       take whatever action is                                                         Sponsoring Participant:
                                               responsibility for supervising
       reasonably required by the
                                               or regulating the relationship          a.    the Participant
       person in accordance with the
                                               between the Participant                       Sponsored Holder has
       Rules to give effect to that
                                               Sponsored Holder and the                      the right, within twenty
                                               Sponsoring Participant, other                 (20) Business Days of
5.3    The Participant Sponsored               than in relation to the Rules                 ASTC giving notice of
       Holder acknowledges that,               relating to Sponsorship                       suspension, to give
       where in accordance with this           Agreements.                                   notice to ASTC
       Agreement and/or the                                                                  requesting that any
                                         7.2   The Participant Sponsored
       Participant Sponsored                                                                 Participant Sponsored
                                               Holder acknowledges that if a                 Holdings be removed
       Holder’s instructions, the
                                               Transfer is taken to be                       either:
       Sponsoring Participant
                                               effected by the Sponsoring
       initiates any action which has
                                               Participant under Section 9 of          i.    from the CHESS
       the effect of creating a sub-
                                               the ASTC Settlement Rules                     subregister; or
       position over financial
                                               and the Source Holding for
       products in the Participant                                                     ii.   from the control of the
                                               the Transfer is a Participant
       Sponsored Holding, the right                                                          suspended Sponsoring
                                               Sponsored Holding under the
       of the Participant Sponsored                                                          Participant to the control
                                               Sponsorship Agreement,
       Holder to transfer, convert or                                                        of another Sponsoring
       otherwise deal with those                                                             Participant with whom
       Financial Products is                   a.   the Participant Sponsored                they have concluded a
       restricted in accordance with                Holder may not assert or                 valid Sponsorship
       the terms of the Rules relating              claim against ASTC or the                Agreement pursuant to
       to sub-positions.                            relevant Issuer that the                 Rule 12.19.10; or
                                                    Transfer was not effected
5.4    Nothing in this Agreement                                                       b.    where the Participant
                                                    by the Sponsoring                        Sponsored Holder does
       operates to override any
                                                    Participant or that the
       interest of ACH in the                                                                not give notice under
                                                    Sponsoring Participant
       Financial Products.                                                                   Clause 7.4(a), ASTC
                                                    was not authorised by the                may effect a change of
5.5    Any arrangement made by                      Participant Sponsored
                                                                                             Sponsoring Participant
       the Participant Sponsored                    Holder to effect the
                                                                                             under Rule 12.19.11 and
       Holder to lodge Financial                    Transfer; and                            the Participant
       Products as cover or security
                                               b.   unless the Transfer is                   Sponsored Holder will be
       for any transaction,
                                                    also taken to have been                  deemed to have entered
       irrespective of whether it was                                                        into a new Sponsorship
                                                    effected by a Market
       first made either before or
                                                    Participant of ASX or a                  Agreement. Where a
       after these Terms and
                                                    Clearing Participant of                  Participant Sponsored
       Conditions become effective                                                           Holder is deemed to
                                                    ACH, the Participant
       will be governed by these
                                                    Sponsored Holder has no                  have entered into a
       Terms and Conditions
                                                    claim arising out of the                 Sponsorship Agreement,
       including Clause 5.                                                                   the new Sponsoring
                                                    Transfer against the
6.     FEES                                         National Guarantee Fund                  Participant must enter
                                                    under Part 7.5, Division 4               into a Sponsorship
The Participant Sponsored Holder                                                             Agreement with the
                                                    of the Corporations
shall pay all Brokerage fees and                                                             Participant Sponsored
associated transactional costs within                                                        Holder within ten (10)
the period prescribed by the             7.3   In the event that the                         Business Days of the
Sponsoring Participant.                        Sponsoring Participant                        change of Sponsoring
                                               breaches any of the                           Participant.
                                               provisions of this Agreement,
                                               the Participant Sponsored
                                               Holder may refer that breach
                                               to any regulatory authority,
                                               including ASTC.

CHESS Sponsorship Agreement V.080513                                                                                    2
7.5   The Participant Sponsored              all Participant Sponsored                      Record and request that
      Holder acknowledges that               Holdings in accordance with                    ASTC apply a Holder
      before the Participant                 the ASTC Settlement Rules,                     Record Lock to all Holdings
      Sponsored Holder executed              unless the Participant                         under that Holder Record;
      this Account Opening Form,             Sponsored Holder's legally                     and
      the Participant Sponsored              appointed representative or
                                                                                       b.   establish a new Holder
      Holder:                                trustee elects to remove the
                                                                                            Record in the name(s) of
                                             Participant Sponsored
      a.   reviewed all the CHESS                                                           the remaining Participant
                                             Holdings from the CHESS
           Sponsorship terms and                                                            Sponsored Holder(s) and
           conditions;                                                                      transfer the interest of
                                       7.7   The Participant Sponsored                      the remaining Participant
      b.   the Sponsoring
                                             Holder acknowledges that, in                   Sponsored Holder(s) into
           Participant has provided
                                             the event of the death of the                  new Holdings under the
           the Participant
                                             Participant Sponsored Holder,                  new Holder Record.
           Sponsored Holder with
                                             this Sponsorship Agreement
           an explanation of the                                                 8.    CHANGE OF
                                             is deemed to remain in
           effect of these CHESS                                                       CONTROLLING
                                             operation, in respect of the
           Sponsorship terms and                                                       PARTICIPANT
                                             legally appointed
           conditions by providing                                               8.1   If the Participant Sponsored
                                             representative authorised to
           the Participant                                                             Holder receives a Participant
                                             administer the Participant
           Sponsored Holder with a                                                     Change Notice from the
                                             Sponsored Holder’s estate,
           copy of the ASX’s                                                           Sponsoring Participant of the
                                             subject to the consent of the
           CHESS brochure. The                                                         Participant Sponsored
                                             legally appointed
           Participant Sponsored                                                       Holding and the Participant
                                             representative for a period of
           Holder further                                                              Change Notice was received
                                             up to three calendar months
           acknowledges that;                                                          at least twenty (20) Business
                                             after the removal of a Holder
      c.   the Participant                   Record Lock applied pursuant              Days prior to the date
           Sponsored Holder                  to Clause 7.6.                            proposed in the Participant
           understands the                                                             Change Notice for the change
                                       7.8   The Participant Sponsored                 of Sponsoring Participant, the
                                             Holder acknowledges that, in              Participant Sponsored Holder
           explanation of these
                                             the event of the death of one             is under no obligation to
           CHESS Sponsorship
                                             of the Holders the Sponsoring             agree to the change of
           terms and conditions;
                                             Participant will transfer all             Sponsoring Participant, and
      d.   the contact details of a          Holdings under the joint                  may choose to do any of the
           Responsible Officer of            Holder Record into new                    things set out in Clauses 8.2
           the Sponsoring                    Holdings under a new Holder               or 8.3.
           Participant who can               Record in the name of the
           explain the effect on             surviving Participant               8.2   The Participant Sponsored
           these CHESS                       Sponsored Holder(s), and                  Holder may choose to
           Sponsorship terms and             that this Sponsorship                     terminate the Agreement by
           conditions are;                   Agreement will remain valid               giving Withdrawal Instructions
                                             for the new Holdings under                under the ASTC Settlement
           The Sponsorship
           Officer                           the new Holder Record.                    Rules to the Sponsoring
           Bell Potter Securities                                                      Participant, indicating whether
                                       7.9   The Participant Sponsored                 the Participant Sponsored
           Melbourne                         Holder acknowledges that, in              Holder wishes to:
           Telephone: 03 9256                the event of the bankruptcy of
           8700                              one of the Holders the                    a.   transfer its Participant
                                             Sponsoring Participant will:                   Sponsored Holding or to
      e.   the Participant                                                                  another Sponsoring
           Sponsored Holder can              a.   unless the legally appointed              Participant; or
           discuss these CHESS                    representative of the
           Sponsorship terms and                  bankrupt Participant                 b.   transfer its Participant
           conditions with the                    Sponsored Holder elects to                Sponsored Holding to
           Sponsorship Officer                                                              one or more Issuer
                                                  remove the Participant
           before the Participant                                                           Sponsored Holdings.
                                                  Sponsored Holdings from
           Sponsored Holder
           executes this Account                  the CHESS Subregister,         8.3   If the Participant Sponsored
           Opening Form;                          establish a new Holder               Holder does not take any
                                                  Record in the name of the            action to terminate the
7.6   The Participant Sponsored                   bankrupt Participant                 Agreement in accordance
      Holder acknowledges that, in                Sponsored Holder, transfer           with 8.2 above, and does not
      the event of the death or                   the interest of the bankrupt         give any other instructions to
      bankruptcy of the Participant               Participant Sponsored                the Sponsoring Participant
      Sponsored Holder, a Holder                  Holder into new Holdings             which would indicate that the
      Record Lock will be applied to              under the new Holder                 Participant Sponsored Holder
CHESS Sponsorship Agreement V.080513                                                                                   3
      does not agree to the change            extent that any law or            a result of the execution of this
      of Sponsoring Participant               provision of any agreement        Agreement.
      then, on the Effective Date,            makes the novation in Clause
                                                                                11.    TERMINATION
      the Agreement will have been            8.3 not binding or effective on
      taken to be novated to the              the Effective Date, then the      11.1   Subject to the ASTC
      New Sponsoring Participant              Agreement will continue for              Settlement Rules, this
      and will be binding on all              the benefit of the Existing              Agreement will be terminated
      parties as if, on the Effective                                                  upon the occurrence of any of
                                              Sponsoring Participant until
      Date:                                                                            the following events:
                                              such time as the novation is
      a.   the New Sponsoring                 effective, and the Existing              a.   by notice in writing from
           Participant is a party to          Sponsoring Participant will                   either the Participant
           the Agreement in                   hold the benefit of the                       Sponsored Holder or the
           substitution for the               Agreement on trust for the                    Sponsoring Participant to
           Existing Sponsoring                New Sponsoring Participant.                   the other party to the
           Participant;                                                                     Agreement;
                                        8.7   Nothing in this Clause 8 will
      b.   any rights of the Existing         prevent the completion of                b.   upon the Sponsoring
           Sponsoring Participant             CHESS transactions by the                     Participant becoming
           are transferred to the             Existing Sponsoring                           insolvent; or
           New Sponsoring                     Participant where the
                                                                                       c.   upon the termination or
           Participant; and                   obligation to complete those
                                                                                            suspension of the
                                              transactions arises before the
      c.   the Existing Sponsoring                                                          Sponsoring Participant; or
                                              Effective Date and the
           Participant is released by
                                              Agreement will continue to               d.   upon the giving of
           the Participant
                                              apply to the completion of                    Withdrawal Instructions
           Sponsored Holder from
                                              those transactions,                           by a Participant
           any obligations arising
                                              notwithstanding the novation                  Sponsored Holder to a
           on or after the Effective
                                              of the Agreement to the New                   Sponsoring Participant in
                                              Sponsoring Participant under                  accordance with Rule
8.4   The novation in Clause 8.3              this Clause 8.                                7.1.10(c).
      will not take effect until the
                                        9.    CLAIMS FOR COMPENSATION           11.2   Termination under Clause
      Participant Sponsored Holder
      has received a notice from        9.1   No compensation                          11.1(a) will be effective upon
      the New Sponsoring                      arrangements apply to the                receipt of Notice by the other
      Participant confirming that the         Participant Sponsored Holder.            party to the Agreement.
      New Sponsoring Participant        9.2   If the Participant breaches a     12.    VARIATION
      consents to acting as the               provision of this Agreement
      Sponsoring Participant for the                                            Should any of the provisions in this
                                              and the Participant
      Participant Sponsored Holder.                                             Agreement be inconsistent with the
                                              Sponsored Holder makes a
      The Effective Date may as a                                               provisions in the ASTC Settlement
                                              claim for compensation
      result be later than the date                                             Rules, the Sponsoring Participant
                                              pursuant to that breach, the
      set out in the Participant                                                will, by giving the Participant
                                              ability of the Participant to
      Change Notice.                                                            Sponsored Holder not less than
                                              satisfy that claim will depend
                                                                                seven (7) Business Days’ written
8.5   The Participant Sponsored               on the financial
                                                                                Notice, vary the Agreement to the
      Holder will be taken to have            circumstances of the
                                                                                extent to which in the Sponsoring
      consented to the events                 Participant.
                                                                                Participant's reasonable opinion it is
      referred to in Clause 8.4 by      9.3   If a breach by the Sponsoring     necessary to remove any
      the doing of any act which is           Participant of a provision of     inconsistency.
      consistent with the novation            these Terms and Conditions
      of the Agreement to the New                                               13.    COPY EXECUTED AGREEMENT
                                              falls within the circumstances
      Sponsoring Participant (for             specified under Part 7.5,         13.1   The Participant Sponsored
      example by giving an                    Division 4 of the Corporations           Holder, by signing the Account
      instruction to the New                  Act, a Participant Sponsored             Application (contained in the
      Sponsoring Participant), on or          Holder may make a claim on               Account Opening Form, of
      after the Effective Date, and           the National Guarantee Fund              which the CHESS
      such consent will be taken to           for compensation.1                       Sponsorship Terms and
      be given as of the Effective                                                     Conditions forms part) and
      Date.                             10.   APPLICATION
                                                                                       electing in that application to
8.6   The Agreement continues for       This Agreement shall relate to the             be Bell Potter CHESS
      the benefit of the Existing       CHESS Holdings of the Participant              Sponsored, agrees to and is
      Sponsoring Participant in         Sponsored Holder identified by the             bound by these CHESS
      respect of any rights and         HIN obtained by the Sponsoring                 Sponsorship Terms and
      obligations accruing before       Participant from CHESS on behalf of            Conditions, and further
      the Effective Date and, to the    the Participant Sponsored Holder as            expressly instructs the

CHESS Sponsorship Agreement V.080513                                                                                     4
        Sponsoring Participant not to   13.2   Notwithstanding Clause 13.1,                     1     For more information on
        provide the Participant                the Participant Sponsored                              the circumstances in which
        Sponsored Holder with a hard           Holder who is and continues                            a Participant Sponsored
        copy of the Account                    to be, or becomes Bell Potter                          Holder may make a claim
                                                                                                      on the National Guarantee
        Application signed by the              CHESS sponsored whether
                                                                                                      Fund or for information on
        Sponsoring Participant within          before or after these CHESS                            the National Guarantee
        three (3) Business Days of             Sponsorship Terms and                                  Fund generally, contact the
        such execution.                        Conditions become effective is                         Securities Exchange
                                               bound by these CHESS                                   Guarantee Corporation
        The Sponsoring Participant
                                               Sponsorship Terms and                                  Limited.
        agrees to provide to the
                                               Conditions, regardless of
        Participant Sponsored Holder
                                               whether or not the Participant
        a hard copy of such
                                               Sponsored Holder signs the
        documentation signed by the
                                               Account Opening Form of
        Sponsoring Participant if so
                                               which these Terms and
        requested by the Participant
                                               Conditions form part.
        Sponsored Holder.

!" # " !! $ %   " & '(

                                                                        ) $% *   !" # + &   "& ,     + '! " !
                                                                       , '' " ** #     $% # *       '- *

                                                                           !       "

CHESS Sponsorship Agreement V.080513                                                                                            5
       Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity
       For a director/guarantor to complete for Company Accounts, including those acting as trustee only

       THIS DEED is made on the                                             day of                                                   20

       BETWEEN BELL POTTER SECURITIES LIMITED ABN 25 006 390 772 AFS Licence No. 243480 of 101 Collins Street, Melbourne in the
       State of Victoria (“Bell Potter”) is a Market, Clearing and Settlement Participant of the Australian Securities Exchange of the first part

NAME                             (name(s) of the individual guaranteeing and indemnifying the Account)

                                 (insert residential address)                                                    (the “Guarantor”) of the second part
CLIENT’S            WHEREAS                                                           <                                                                >A/c
                                 (Client Name – as per application)                       Account Designation (if applicable)

                                 (Client Address – PO Box not acceptable)                                                                  (“the Client”)
       A     and Bell Potter are bound by the terms and conditions for operating an account with Bell Potter which may be varied by Bell Potter in
             writing from time to time including those contained in any trade confirmation issued by Bell Potter to the Client (“the Client Agreement”).
       B     The Guarantor wishes to guarantee the obligations of the Client and to indemnify Bell Potter against any liability that Bell Potter
             may incur as a consequence of any dealings or other actions made by Bell Potter on behalf of the Client.

       NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES and it is agreed as follows:
       1.    The Guarantor hereby guarantees to Bell Potter the                            c.     any other thing that would otherwise affect the
             performance by the Client of all of its obligations to Bell                          obligations of the Guarantor; or
             Potter of any kind whatsoever.                                                d.     any change in the constitution of Bell Potter, the
       2.    The Guarantor agrees to indemnify and keep                                           Client or the Guarantor.
             indemnified Bell Potter against any and all liability or                4.    This Guarantee and Indemnity shall be in addition to
             loss (including any consequential loss or damage                              and shall not merge with, or be affected by, any other
             suffered by Bell Potter) arising from, and any costs                          security held by Bell Potter in respect of the obligations
             (including legal costs), damages, charges and expenses                        of the Client or the Guarantor, now or in future,
             incurred by Bell Potter in connection with:                                   notwithstanding any rule of law or equity, or any
             a.   any failure by the Client to pay Bell Potter any                         statutory provision to the contrary.
                  monies which are due and payable by the Client; or                 5.    The Guarantor acknowledges that:
             b.   any failure by the Client to deliver financial products                  a.     it shall do everything to discharge its obligations under
                  or documents which are due and deliverable by the                               this Deed on demand of Bell Potter; and
                  Client; or                                                               b.     it has the power and authority to enter into this Deed;
             c.   any failure by the Client to fulfil its obligations to                          and
                  Bell Potter under the Client Agreement.                                  c.     it has read the terms and conditions of operating an
       3.    This Guarantee and Indemnity shall be a principal and                                account with Bell Potter; and
             continuing obligation of the Guarantor notwithstanding                        d.     it will pay on demand of Bell Potter a sum equal to all
             termination of the Client Agreement and shall not be                                 monies due and payable by the Client to Bell Potter
             affected in any way by:                                                              and the amount of Bell Potter’s loss suffered or liability
             a.   any indulgence, delay or period of grace allowed by                             incurred without set-off or counter claim.
                  Bell Potter to the Client or the Guarantor; or                     6.    This Deed shall be governed by the laws of New South
             b.   any modification or variation of the Client                              Wales.
                  Agreement between the Client and Bell Potter; or

                    EXECUTED BY THE GUARANTOR AS A DEED                                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                                EXECUTED BY BELL POTTER SECURITIES LIMITED
                    Signature of Guarantor                                                       Signature of Director
                    In the presence of (Signature of Witness)                                    Name of Director

                    Name of Witness                                                              Signature of Director/Secretary

                    Address of Witness


       Account Opening Form V.080514                                                                                                                       6

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