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Laker shirt


									Commemorate the Lakers Championship with this premium front page T-Shirt!
You’ve followed them all season long in the Sports section. Now celebrate the Lakers’ incredible 2009 NBA Championship with this special souvenir T-shirt — now available with any one of the following subscription options:
• New Subscribers —
Order home delivery & receive a Lakers front-page T-Shirt. Choose from: q 8 weeks – Saturday and Sunday delivery for only $25 q 8 weeks – 7-day delivery for only $35

• Current Subscribers —
q Sign up for EZ Pay & receive a Lakers front-page T-Shirt
(With EZ Pay your subscription renewals are conveniently billed to your credit card)

Whichever option you choose, we’ve got you covered ... not only with the area’s best local coverage, but with a great-looking shirt!
Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip: ______________ Phone: _______________________ Email: _____________________
Shirt Size q Medium q Large q XL q XXL

Method of payment: q Visa

q MasterCard

q American Express

Card # ________________________________
q Check or money order enclosed Clip & mail to:

Exp. ____________

Authorized signature _______________________________________

Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Attn: Kate/Circulation 1210 N. Azusa Canyon Rd., West Covina, CA 91790

To order by phone, call 1.800.788.1200

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