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					                   NEC      Issue 3. Vol. 1
                                                                National Executive Committee
                                                                                       October 2010

The New Tendency
is a strategic threat to the revolution
                                                     This New Tendency has brought with it a most
                                                     backward and anti-democratic delinquent
                                                     subculture in the movement, which is that of
                                                     disruption of meetings if they do not go
                                                     according to its wishes.

                                                     We had a lively discussion in the NEC about
                                                     whether or not it was correct to term this
                                                     tendency a New Tendency? Some NEC
                                                     members even argued that if this tendency
                                                     continues for more than twenty years, would it
                                                     still be termed a “New Tendency”.

                                                     It was however agreed that the Tendency
                                                     whether we call it new or old or we find a proper
                                                     Marxian term for it, what is important is that it

           s we prepare ourselves for our National
                                                     poses a strategic threat to the National
           General Council which will take place
                                                     Democratic Revolution and that all our
           on the 3rd to the 8th December in the
                                                     structures should be mobilized to “combat,
 University of Johannesburg 2010, our NEC took
                                                     isolate and destroy the New Tendency” in
 stock of the political upheavals that have
                                                     society and in the liberation movement.
 engulfed our movement and country post-
 Polokwane. In its assessment of post-Polokwane      Our NEC also reflected on the recent SRC
 challenges the NEC came to the conclusion that      elections in KZN and in some parts of the
 although this congress represented a victory of     Eastern Cape where on more than one occasion
 progressive forces against a neo-liberal            the ANCYL and the YCL ganged up against
 tendency, this congress raised from the dead        SASCO, and on all occasions save for one, these
 ambitions of a New Tendency which rode the          organizations suffered untold defeat at the hands
 Polokwane wave. The locomotive of this New          of SASCO
 Tendency is its unparalleled urge to accumulate
 through the state and the fact that it sees the
 national liberation movement as its vehicle to
 state institutions.

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                     October 2010

Our NEC believes that this situation represents a
calamity for the PYA and our NEC committed
us to meet with the ANCYL leadership in order                 Editor-in-Chief
to resolve this. We value our relationship with
both these structures; however, we believe that                   Lazola Ndamase
all our structures should not be angry at the
YCL. In all those cases where the YCL
contested elections against SASCO, YCL
structures are led by businessmen who receive                             Editor
tenders from SRC’s and believe that SASCO
poses a threat to their accumulation. We raised                      Sabelo Sibisi
this issue with the YCL national leadership and
we hope they will act swiftly to ensure that they
root out Tenderpreneurs from their ranks as we
do from our own. With the ANCYL,                               Editorial Collective
Tenderpreneurs are a dominant feature in some
of its structures, we will not even bother                      Phindile Kunene
complaining to them about this. Anyway, their
organization is not anti-capitalist so we cannot               Ngoako Selamolela
expect them to do any differently.

Apart from these tactical questions within the
MDM, our NEC was not pleased with the lack of                      Chief Designer
even a plan about the implementation of Free
Higher Education by the Minister of Higher                       Russell Mulamula
Education and Training comrade Blade
Nzimande. This apart from the fact that comrade
Nzimande had promised that by 30 August he              Issued by:
would detail which aspects of the NSFAS
                                                        Communications Committee
Review Report he would implement. Instead we
                                                        SASCO HQ 7TH Floor
have seen departures of staff in the DHET. No
                                                        54 Sauer Street
students must be excluded from institutions of
higher learning next year because they are              Chief Albert Luthuli House
unable to pay for their fees. The Department of         JHB, 2001
Higher Education and Training together with the
totality of the South African state will have to        Tel. 011 376 1111
deal with that reality otherwise we will mobilize       Fax. 011 376 1084
all students, once more.                                Email.

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                    October 2010

Political Report
          de chairperson of the session, Cde
          Deputy President, Cde Secretary General
          of the organisation and Cdes of the NEC
 at large let us welcome you to yet another
 meeting of the National Executive Committee. At
 the same time let us make a special mention of a
 word of appreciation for the dedicated work that
 members of this collective have performed in the
 recent past and during the year on behalf of and
 for the organisation. The work of the revolution
 can be characterised as a thankless job and in this
 case it becomes the best job when it is exactly a
 thankless one. The work of the revolutionary
 movement cannot be measured in monetary or in
 materialistic terms but can only be valued by
 generations that will inherit an organisation alive   This NEC must evaluate the work that it has done
 and capable at all times to carry its tasks without   in the year if 2010 and speak clearly on the
 fail or renege. Our capacity to create an             remaining tasks of this year. This NEC meeting
 organisation as tool of the masses to liberate        bears the responsibility to give guidance to all our
 themselves and to confront their daily challenges     structures on matters of both procedure and
 is what will constitute the gist of the basis of      content in relation to the national general council
 history to judge us and our generation.               that shall be held as the last gathering of the
                                                       organisation in this particular year. The capacity
 We meet at a time when we are moving towards          of the NEC to do this task well will make the
 the close of the political academic year 2010.        difference between a productive year of
 This is an important period to us due to our          revolutionary action that will be recorded
 character as a student movement but also it would     properly and the opposite. The NGC holds a
 be important to any movement that is determined       special place in the set of meetings the
 to make valuable change in the lives of those who     organisation has and for that reason it plays a
 measure progress in their lives according to years.   particularly important role in the functioning of
 This is the time of the commencement of               the organisation as a whole. From the view point
 semester and year examination for our members         of leadership the NGC is tasked with a special
 and the student populace at large, and therefore a    task that no other forum of the organisation is
 challenging time for all concerned. This is the       capable on structural basis to perform. The NGC
 time where we are closing the processes of SRC        must clearly identify this task and perform it
 elections for the year 2010. We need to evaluate      without fail and that will be determined first by
 our campaign for the year standing and make an        this meeting and subsequently the NEC meeting
 analysis of the gains we have made the losses that    that will follow this one.
 we have incurred in the process.

 \                                                3
NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                          October 2010

We meet after the NGC of the ANCYL and after               to its political programme. The celebration of that
the NGC of the ANC. We meet at the time where              sort truly belongs to the masses of the people that
the YCL is preparing for what will be a very               continue to display unparalleled confidence in the
important National Conference for it. We meet at           ANC as a legitimate movement currently
a time where there is a mirage of debates in the           sufficiently qualified to articulate their aspirations
country on both tactical and strategic matters that        and to lead them to the desired destination as
are directly affecting the process of struggle and         reflected by the revolutionary movement’s
the revolution. We meet at time of the immediate           programme. The NGC of the ANC was tasked
aftermath of the setting up the provincial                 with many tasks that related to the capacity of the
structures of the National Youth Development               country to move forward and that related to the
Agency.                                                    position of the majority that continue to bear the
                                                           brunt of the legacy of the past. Our approach to
 All of these events are historic in their character       defining the fundamental task of the ANC in the
and should never evade our scrutiny as the                 present day must be premised on a clear
organisation. But while we perform the analysis
                                                           understanding of the fundamental features of our
of the real meaning of these events to the working         status quo economically and politically and cut
class we need to be certain as well of the balance         through all the burdensome and contemporary
of forces broadly in as far as the revolutionary
                                                           political theory that takes a liberal posture and
programme is concerned.                                    character.
THE NATIONAL SITUATION                                     The character of the discourse that characterises
We meet in the aftermath of the two national               our epoch in South Africa is an interesting one
general councils of both the ANC and the                   and it is our view that it presents an opportune
ANCYL and these were profound gatherings in                moment to make the in-depth investigation in as
the calendar of the revolutionary movement as a            far as the progress of the national democratic
whole or even the calendar of the life programme           revolution is concerned. The NGC among other
of these two organisations. The ANC shall be               things was tasked with the duty to review the
finishing 100 years of existence as an                     work of the ANC and its government since the
organisation in the year 2012 and the NGC of this          National Congress of Polokwane in 2007. The
year will be the last one before that centenary            Polokwane congress of the ANC meant different
celebration. Any organisation that achieves 100            things to different people and different people
years of existence should acknowledge and                  define it in different ways. Despite this fact there
celebrate such an achievement and so should the            is a general consensus that the Polokwane product
ANC. As SASCO we must and we will form part                was a product whose characteristics indicated
of that history and we shall share alongside the           greater chances of saving the ANC from what
people of South Africa and the working class as a          was appearing to be decisive and impenetrable
whole the moment of reflection of hard work and            wave of reformism and the stripping of the ANC
struggle that will be represented by that                  of its revolutionary character and content both as
celebration.                                               a liberation movement but mostly as a weapon of
                                                           the masses to fight their battles. The dawn of the
The ANC is the tool of the masses of the                   Polokwane regime was a clear action of branches
oppressed and has earned its unique character in           that were reclaiming the ANC as what they have
comparison to other political parties as such, from        always conceived as a mass-based revolutionary
its historical approach and posture to struggle and        movement committed to the total liberation of the

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                        October 2010

oppressed and the working class in particular.            colonial scenarios comparable with ours, the
Despite this front of the Polokwane reality we            difference between the ruling party and the ruling
need to also acknowledge that in the consortium           class gets to blur as soon as the access to power
of forces that emerged victorious in Polokwane            and the state increases in time. The mandate of
there exists at the core of it a political tendency       the first post colonial government is contested by
that had not been drastically opposed to those that       forces that, although apparently defeated by the
were ousted. These forces understood that for             new revolutionary political establishment,
their continued relevance, presence and a real            continue to lurk behind the scenes and manipulate
opportunity at domination they needed to present          the transition and the conditions of the transition
a front of unity with those forces that stood, on a       to enable its own survival or at least the survival
principled stance, opposed to the continued               of its interests economically. This effort of the
existence of what was the leading tendency at the         colonial capitalist class gets carried forward
time.                                                     through several means including use of skills and
                                                          technical knowledge of their bureaucracy to arrest
For tactical and strategic reasons and in
                                                          the transformation of the state and as such enable
accordance with the necessity of the time, these          forces empathetic to their agenda to preach with
forces were able to make temporary concessions            moral authority the gospel of the inevitability of
with the radical forces that were at the time
                                                          capitalism and that the task of the new regime is
poised for vital success and were therefore able to       simply to deracialise the economy and to include
keep themselves closer to the centre and these
                                                          the indigenous. Conveniently this action does
forces are now assuming a new stance as radical           nothing to dislodge the hegemony of the colonial
nationalists whilst discrediting the cautious             capital and its indigenous puppets and the
approach of the left to win favour for themselves         cooption of the new politically connected class
with the working class although its interest are          found in the revolutionary movement and in the
not consistent with those of the working class in         state does very little for the case of the de-
the strictest sense
                                                          alienation of the working class from the means of
These forces assume an interesting class as well          production and the broader socialist effort.
as political character. They are part and parcel of
                                                          In this progression of events and evolution of
the emerging black or the indigenous powerful             political and class forces it easy then to see how
class whose emergence is owed to the attempt of           the interests of the ruling class and those of the
survival of the colonial or apartheid socio-
                                                          bureaucracy of the ruling party converge.
economic relations and the class forces that are          Although we make this assertion it is also
driving this agenda. This tendency is usually             important that we make an observation that the
located at the high echelons of the revolutionary
                                                          continued presence of the new powerful class
movement, particularly the broad church                   needs justification and motivation for their life is
character movement that is an embodiment of               a politically induced presence as opposed to their
class collaboration to defeat the foreign                 class allies in the economy. Because of this
government represented by the colonial                    reality this political ilk devises a strategy to
government. This is case in our movement as               remain in favour with the masses and the
well. Although our colonial government has not            revolutionary movement, essentially the property
been a classical colonial government it still             of the people and the working class in particular,
however contains the essential ingredients of a
                                                          becomes an ideal tool for that accumulation
colonial government. As it is in many post                programme. The policy positions of the

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                           October 2010

movement, once revolutionary and skewed to                 These are some of the challenges of the political
proper human development and emancipation of               economy in Africa and in most third world
the majority, become prey to the populist exploit          countries and its work of one of the three things:
of the new ilk in question. The distribution of the        the inability of the multi class revolutionary
economic means is explained in much more                   movement to clearly understand the complexity
restricted context (and insistence on the                  of the class dynamics of the post colonial
socialisation of the economy is dismissed as               transition owing perhaps to its very class
counter revolutionary and “conservative”                   composition and in these strata we include some
particularly when raised to question the                   elements of the regime of the past, the failure of
legitimacy a bourgeois brand of nationalisation)           the revolutionary movement to confront the state
and therefore all concepts of fundamental                  and to ensure that its cadreship is cosseted from
transformation of the political economy are                the effects of the riches of the state (this area is up
reorganised in reformist fashion and the historical        for debate in a number of aspects) and arguably
legacy of the revolutionary and anti colonial              the concerted and the unending effort of the
movement plays a central role in the propaganda            colonial capital to do all that is necessary to keep
of the new rulers. For this task there is a need for       its profits despite the dislodging of its
the conversion of the old revolutionary                    government and this aspect is aided a great deal
intellectual and invention of the new                      by the globalised nature of capitalism and (in the
sophisticated liberal intellectual who couches his         past) what was the unravelling and brutal
terminology with revolutionary flavour to keep in          antagonism of cold war. After the cold war the
line with what is seen as a key survival tactic.           consolidation of the neo-liberal agenda painted
                                                           red for all form of independent economic paths
In this era there appears, on the ground and where         and created conducive ground for excusing of
true working class activism takes place, different         reneging on revolutionary programme.
traits of new forces that have lost faith in the
capacity of the existing state bureaucracy and the         Now it is common cause that what is highlighted
political status quo in its broader aspects. These         above is no gospel on the political economy of
forces, in light of the new and mutually beneficial        the post colonial Africa or even Latin America
relationship between the ruling class and the              but an inference can be drawn that it is
bureaucracy, find enemies in those that used to            representative of the symptoms of many failed
occupy the chair of the struggle heroes and who            states in the continent. Form that situation it is
perhaps in some section continue to. The task of           also possible to draw parallels with the South
the new forces of change is hampered to a                  African revolution and perhaps enhance our
particular extent by their perpetual task to counter       ability to understand the renewed alliance of the
the belief that is created by the new alliance of          new black capitalist class and some section of
classes of their illegitimacy and their ill-informed       leadership in the movement and the strange
attempt to derail the “revolution”. This is the            consensus on the topic of nationalisation of mines
scenario where the actual work of the exploitation         and the unusual offer of some capitalists to sell
of the legacy of the movement in the anti colonial         their mines to the state and their obvious refusal
struggle is seen in action. In this situation to           to consider the concept of “expropriation without
suggest that revolution has been aborted by the            compensation” as part of the they profess as
collaboration of the “liberating” class/ilk and the        nationalisation.
former oppressor is not far-fetched at all.

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                          October 2010

Although it would be unfair and perhaps                     However a point must be made that the task to
unscientific for this NEC to raise red flags in             defend the ANC includes the task to build the
relation our own progression in the struggle but it         movement as whole and this includes the tasks to
would also be bigotry to ignore the current                 strengthen the Student Movement. As SASCO we
challenges as indicators of a greater challenge             need too acknowledge our role in this programme
whose source is placed on our incapacity to                 and truly emphasise on building the capacity of
improve the stand point of the working class in             our cadres and to build branches and so on.
relation to beneficiation from production and
proceeds of the product they produce. It would be           In the National Congress of the ANC in
                                                            Polokwane the marriage of minds between
unacceptable for us not to correctly task ourselves
to understand deeper more revolutionary methods             sections that in the past regime led by the first
                                                            detachment of the new tendency and the those
to confront the challenge of our time as we now
are definitely faced by a real stagnation of the            who were standing to be victors represented by
revolutionary wheel and are locked in a cycle of            working class forces presented opportunity for
                                                            gains particularly and primarily for the second
reform and lack of new production. It is the duty
of the new revolutionary intellectual to defeat the         detachment of the new tendency, even though it
new form of thought that uses revolutionary                 was weaker and dominated at the time in
                                                            comparison to their competitors of the same kind.
concepts like nationalisation to keep afloat an
uncompetitive indigenous and unproductive                   The understanding of the exact articulation of the
                                                            National Democratic Revolution is now explained
bourgeoisie whilst inciting the masses to believe
in quick fix of their material conditions. The              once again consistently with the initial
emergence of the tenderpreneur in our political             articulation that we experienced before
economy as well as minority stake holders in                Polokwane save for the addition of elements that
multinational companies as BEE partners has                 seek to display characteristics of the so called
fuelled the growth of a faction of defenders of             Radical Nationalism. The addition of the Radical
                                                            Nationalism elements is owed to the development
capital in the revolutionary movement.
                                                            of class forces since Polokwane and the stratagem
The defence of the ANC from this tendency is the            of black and unproductive capital to survive in
actual restoration of the capacity of the movement          the turbulent Post World Financial Crisis
to pursue the National Democratic Revolution                economic environment. Other than this reality
and further mobilise the masses to continue to              there is nothing that sets these two tendencies
fight for their freedom. In the first NEC meeting           apart from one another and any difference apart
we said that: “we reject the populist attempts by           from this is merely cosmetic and not
the ANCYL to opportunistically and factionally              fundamental.
use support or lack of support for nationalization
as a yardstick to elect leadership. Leadership              It is for this reason that it not possible to gain
cannot be elected on the basis of one issue. We             hegemony at an ideological level in the
therefore reject the ANC YL formula of electing             movement for the proposal of real and strategic
leadership, either in the ANC or in the MDM as a            moves to move towards socialism and the vital
whole”. And however may we add in this session              dislodging of the strength of monopoly of the
that pronouncement of nationalisation or lack               capital in out country. The radical economic steps
thereof confers to nobody an automatic                      preached by the new tendency intend to lock us in
                                                            a capitalist system that does nothing to achieve
qualification     to    be    an     unquestionable
revolutionary individual or             organisation.       real revolutionary ends. The conservative and the

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                        October 2010

stagnant articulation of the revolutionary theory          capacity of the Revolutionary Movement to keep
that arrests the NDR from going a step further on          the workers and the working class mobilised and
the through systematic over emphasis of the                shape revolutionary and organic intelligentsia
broad church nature of the ANC and the multi-              from among the working class that shall be
class character of the ANC and as such its                 instrumental to interpretation of different twists
inability to put the working class struggle at the         and turns and tactical permutations in the
top of its agenda. This debate is taken a step             progression of the revolution. The revolutionary
further by provision of an amorphous explanation           movement shall not assume a permanent and
of what constitutes the motive forces of the               unmandated leadership of the revolution but shall
revolution. These are some of the symptoms of              consistently do so on the basis of perpetually
the complexity of this struggle against the new            renewed mandate of the working class.
tendency that is currently spreading of extraction
on political debate in the movement at large or a          This point is made so that we don’t lose sight of
shallowing-down of that debate.                            the link between society with proper democratic
                                                           features and people’s power and the struggle for
By its nature the NDR is no tool to lock the               the consolidation of the working class place at the
working class in the current social, political and         centre of the economic activity of the country.
economic relations. It would be absurd to imagine          Essentially it is an area to give us pointers in
or argue that by its conception the national               relation to our approach to the state and the task
democratic revolution looks no beyond the                  of the revolutionary movement.
capitalist relations especially the colonial capital
relations. In actual fact the logic of the NDR             The questions that face us today cannot be
assumes and declares, out of appreciation of               resolved by mere postponing of the questions
                                                           raised above but by direct confronting of these
Marxist conception of society and all known
revolutionary occurrence, capitalist relations as          questions. The left in the country must be at the
exploitative, unsustainable and incompatible with          centre of these discussions and provide the
                                                           necessary revolutionary oomph to them and
the principle of optimum human development
meaningful freedom.                                        nudge them to the correct ideological path and in
                                                           this respect the COSATU document on the new
The National Democratic Revolution presupposes             growth path is commendable. The time for the
a deliberate and properly inclined development             South African Communist Party to merely enjoy
and struggle advancing to a stage (so to speak)            its companionship with the ANC with no tangible
beyond the capitalist relations or at least, in the        effort to take the revolution a step further has
medium term, the destruction of the colonial               come to an end. If we are unable to notice this
aspects of capitalist relation. Even though the            reality the Party may be guilty of what amounts to
destruction of the colonial capitalist relation            unwitting collaboration with the new tendency
cannot and should not be equated to socialist              and the enemy class forces found in the train of
outcome but it plays the role of creating different        the movement. SASCO must begin to lead an
context and altering the shape composition of              objective discussion around how the communist
class forces in such economy and thereby                   movement should be revitalised an important
heightening the process of development of                  component in saving the broader revolutionary
productive forces. Such development is                     movement and in furthering the interests of the
indispensable to the struggle for socialist                revolution itself in the main.
revolution. The key to this development is the

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                      October 2010

EDUCATION TRANSFORMATION                                our country and this inequality continues to take a
                                                        worryingly and consistently racial character. It
Among other things this NEC ought to do is to           would have been natural to expect that these
look at the current sate of higher education asses
                                                        institutions, even the historically disadvantaged
the inroads or lack thereof in as far as the            ones, would mount a serious resistance to
transformation of this sector is concerned. If we       transformation that sought to destroy the relation
were to survey the actions of the current
                                                        of privilege of some over the others. The
government in as far as this action is concerned        intelligentsia in the black institutions would
we will find out that there has not been much           mount a less rigorous resistance purely on the
ground that has been covered in comparison the
                                                        basis that the transformation process would
administration of Minister Pandor and her               appear to intend to alleviate some of the resource
predecessors. The point of departure for us as
                                                        challenges that they have perpetually grappled
SASCO recognises a few things about the higher          with. But to the extent that the state would temper
education system since the current government           with the privilege of its bureaucracy opposition
took it over from our erstwhile racist rulers. The
                                                        would have been mounted against such a
first one is that higher education terrain              programme.
historically took a shape, out of creation of the
past regime, which produced particular results in       Flowing from this would be a set of structural
terms of quality of education and skills pattern to     deficiencies and a set of ideological distortions an
further the aims of the regime of the time. The         persuasions that would continue to jostle for
higher education further took a shape that created      hegemony with all the new forms of thinking
inequality in the outcomes of as well as in the         (cosmetic or real). The agenda of the
competitiveness of certain institutions in              revolutionary movement of transformation of
comparison to others. This pattern of distribution      these institutions that took different forms and
of skills and knowledge continue to define the          shapes culminating into the White Paper on
skills profile in our economy today and as such         Higher Education Transformation of 1997 was a
influences and informs the current shape of the         well though through agenda. The White Paper
state. It is the understanding of SASCO that the        presented a new blue print spelling out the ABC
function of the specially skewed education              of what would have been a strategic intervention
system was achieved. To make this point further         to alter the shape and the content of higher
we must add that the class structure in our society     education forever and for the better in as far as
especially the composition of the middle class is a     better was described by the White Paper and
direct consequence of the rule of the past.             many other official thoughts on this matter.

The intelligentsia therefore that stands at the gates   This was an initial attempt to create institutions as
to defend the above-mentioned status quo is             sites of struggle and democracy and to
found every where in society such that in reality       consolidate the noble notion of creation of
the higher education terrain in out country has         people’s education for people’s power. The realty
consistently been a venue of strenuous opposition       of the political economy of our country is the
to revolutionary ideas perhaps in line with the         undeniable linkage between unfettered privileged
liberal domination of society. There are results        few and the furtherance of the primitive mandate
that derive from this scenario and these results are    of the prestigious institutions and that condition
results of unnerving inequality I our country and       creates a powerful class even outside of these
the continuous imbalance in the labour force of         institutions of those that will be engaged in

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                         October 2010

protracted struggle to block these changes. The             implementation      of    the    previous     ANC
tool that has been used to keep these sanctuaries           administrations. The said summits were meant to
of white “excellence” and perpetuate the “second            produce a report that will be a product of
class” black institutions has been the notion of            consensus or at least fair consultation that would
institutional autonomy and academic freedom.                take the process of transformation to a higher
This term, although noble at face value, has been           level and a much more rapid rollout. That was the
utilised to justify this tendency and to explain the        promise of the higher education summit in short
insistence on keeping racial profile of students,           term. The question is what is the character of the
gate keeping and systematic academic exclusions             summit report? The question further is what
and so forth. It has given a new life to the liberal        occurs with the fundamental recommendations
intelligentsia and it has put a new wave of liberal         that have legislative and severe political
thought in education and reproduced it in society.          implications. The task we have now comrades is
                                                            to evaluate on the basis of these few observations
The evidence of this is that even though the white          the real way forward and immediate challenges
paper and subsequent discussions led to mergers
                                                            that must be addressed.
and collaborations the five most powerful
institutions were left alone and were not affected          Conclusion
by these structural reforms and have in all
                                                            Comrades this NEC is looking towards the NGC
fairness continued with business as usual in all
fundamental aspects. Save for some cosmetical               and it must do more to give leadership to
                                                            structures and members on a number of issues.
alteration in minor areas the power structure in
those institutions remains intact and true t the            We must engage all matters raised here, there is
mandate of creating sites of rare excellence in the         no gospel in the report, all views ought to be
                                                            engaged. That is where the strength of SASCO
sea of poverty and challenges. To this far we have
been unable to temper with the fundamental                  lies!
relations in as far as these institutions are               A luta Continua
concerned despite isolated commendable merger

The positions of SASCO on free education and
many other areas of concern for the poor have put
SASCO firmly in the position of conscious
participants rather than observers. This is the
reason why we believe that despite these
intentions stagnation continues.

In the recent past the ministry of higher education
in South Africa has convened the higher
education summit and the FET summit to map
out the distance that has been travelled in the
process of change and transformation and to map
out a new plan for the education system in the
country. This summit takes place within a context
of an unequal system whose fundamentals have
not been affected by the previous policy

NEC    National Executive Committee
                                                                            October 2010

 Abridged Resolution
 of the NEC Meeting
                                      22 - 24 October 2010
                                      Booysens Hotel

The NEC received an input from Comrade Pallo           Resolved:
Jordan on the Topic: Has Socialism Failed? 20
years on.                                           · we must play a pivotal role in
                                                     isolating, exposing and defeating the New
The NEC also received a political update from        Tendency
the President and these are some of the political   · outsourcing of services in institutions
resolutions that ensued:                             should be abolished
                                                    ·Anti-privatization campaign in institution of
Resolutions on political Matters                     higher learning
                                                    ·Whatever the name of the Tendency, the
Points of discussions                                characteristics are at least discernible.
   1. New tendency and outsourcing of services      2. Free higher education
      and the state higher education
                                                    · resolution of 52nd ANC conference on
   · the state procurement policy is used to
    That                                             the matter
    strengthen unproductive black capital           · NSFAS report recommendation
   ·There are different Conceptualization of        · ministers’ promise to respond by the
    tendency, others describe it as political        end of August
    accumulators, others as Tenderpreneurs and      · reluctance of the minister to make a
    others as the New Tendency                       public announcement on the NSFAS report
   · character of the tendency is that it is
    hell-bent to capture the        soul of the        Resolved:
    movement to advance its accumulation
    interest                                        · the organisation must make a public
   ·That the outsourcing of services by              pronouncement condemning the Minister of
    institutions of higher learning                  Higher Education and Training
   ·That the organisation must run anti-            · the NEC must meet the minister of
    privatization campaign in institutions of        DHET
    higher learning                                 · the society and students in general
                                                     must be mobilized to march to the ministry
                                                     at the beginning of next year
                                                    · march must mark the opening of

NEC   National Executive Committee
                                                                                  October 2010

  “SASCO will forever guard the unity
  PYA but not at its expense”
 1. PYA relations

 · recent attack on SASCO by PYA
  structures reflected through SRC elections           ·   Limited participation of the SASCO cadres
 · all leaders of SASCO must participate
  That                                                     in party structures
  and defend SASCO on this matter                      ·   Numerical growth of the party in the recent
 · higher education is the only terrain of
  That                                                     past
  the student movement                                 · Polokwane exodus of the party
 · urgent need for us to defend the
  The                                               leadership into government
 · difference in perspectives going to
  That                                              Believing:
  conferences of fraternal structures is a cause
  for this commotion                                That communist cadres must be found and
                                                    deployed in the spheres of influence in society as
    Resolved:                                       the SACP’s own MTV stipulates.

 ·SASCO will forever guard the unity of the         Resolved:
  PYA but not at its expense
 · SRC constitutions and election policy
  That                                                  · the members of SASCO must be
  should be relooked                                     encouraged to join the party
 · we must hold urgent meetings with
  That                                                  · we must also engage the party in bi-
  PYA leaders                                            laterals on matters of difference rather than
                                                         engage our Party in public.
 2. Instability within the ANC
                                                    Organisation Report
                                                    NB: Resolutions on the Organizational Report are
 · pre-mature discussions on leadership
  That                                              withheld totally and are circulated only within
  erode revolutionary character of the ANC          structures.
 · the tendency threatens the Unity and
  cohesion of the movement
 · the tendency delays the program of the
                                                   “Members of SASCO must be
 · urgent need to strengthen the SACP
  and broader working class movements
                                                   encouraged to join the SACP”

NEC    National Executive Committee
       BULLETIN                                                                             October 2010

The National Executive Committee of SASCO                  We are proud that our structures particularly in
convened at Booysens Hotel between the 22 nd to            UKZN have been able to mobilize the student
the 24th of October 2010. The NEC meeting was              population to defeat both the ANCYL and YCL, in
characterized by frank analysis of South African           defence of our organization. We will continue to
society including divisive tendencies that are             strive for unity of the PYA at all costs and at all
encroaching on the unity and cohesion of                   levels, however, we will not strive for PYA unity
revolutionary forces within the Mass Democratic            at the expense of our organization and its role in
Movement led by the ANC.                                   the Higher Education sector. We will attempt to
                                                           meet with the National Leadership of both the
Free Higher Education                                      ANCYL and YCL to resolve these issues.

The Minister of Higher Education and Training              Dictatorship in the University of Free State and
had promised that by the 30th August 2010 he               Stellenbosch
would outline which areas of the NSFAS Review
report    he     would     implement.      These           We are appalled by the dictatorship of Professor
recommendations of the NSFAS Review Report                 Jonathan Jansen in the University of Free State
included ways in which Free Education would be             who has outlawed student political organizations
implemented. We are disappointed that there is no          and has deposed a democratically elected SRC.
concrete plan from the Ministry of Higher                  This is in violation of the Higher Education act
Education on implementation of Free Higher                 and we call on the Department of Higher
Education.                                                 Education and Training to act decisively against
                                                           this tyrant. We call on the whole community of
At the beginning of the next year there must be no         Free State to rise and defeat this tyranny in the
students that will be excluded on the basis that           University of Free State.
they cannot afford or they owe fees. We will, once
more, mobilized society and the rest of the student        We are also appalled by the refusal by the
community in order to achieve Free Higher                  University of Stellenbosch for a SASCO branch to
Education. To ensure this occurs, we will not rest.        launch. The intransigence of the University of
                                                           Stellenbosch is in complete violation of the right
Contestations of SRC elections against SASCO               to associate and organize enshrined in our
by ANCYL and YCL                                           constitution. We believe that this exposes the
                                                           hypocrisy of Afrikaner groups such as the Afri-
We are extremely disappointed that the ANCYL               forum and others which claim to defend our
and in some instance the Young Communist                   constitution whilst Afrikaner institutions such as
League have decided to contest SRC elections               Stellenbosch operate as though oblivious that
against our organization. We are of the firm view          apartheid is no more.
that this confuses students and leads to disunity
amongst revolutionary forces. We are convinced
that the reason for these contestations is the fact
                                                           “Tenderpreneurs from both
that SRC’s sit in tender committees in Universities        the ANCYL and YCL want to
and that Tenderpreneurs from both the ANCYL
and YCL want to capture SRC’s in order to drive            capture SRC’s in order to
their accumulation agenda.                                 drive   their  accumulation

 NEC    National Executive Committee
                                                                                        October 2010

The New Tendency
                                                             WFDY Festival
A New Tendency of accum ulators has arisen from
the ashes in the ANC and the liberation movement             We are aware that the World Federation of
and has begun a most reactionary anti-comm unist             Democratic Youth will host its Festival in South
program. This New Tendency is in cahoots with                Africa mid-December. As an organization we feel
the emergent black bourgeoisie. This Tendency is             honoured organization together with the YCL and
represented by those who played a role in the                ANCYL to host this prestigious gathering. We call
ousting of the 1996 class project in Polokwane. Its          on members of society and students to attend this
locomotive is its unparalleled urge to accum ulate           historic event whose significance is equal if not
through the state and the fact that it sees the              more, to that of the Soccer World Cup.
national liberation movement as its vehicle to state
institutions. It has brought with it a m ost backward    “Let’s defeat imperialism for a world,
and anti-dem ocratic delinquent subculture in the
movement, which is that of disruption of meetings
                                                         Solidarity and Social Transformation”
if they do not go according to its wishes.

We are of the view that the New Tendency poses a
strategic threat to the National Democratic
Revolution. Counter-revolutionary activity takes
place when some in the liberation movement
conspire against the poor and working class. We
call on all our structures to combat, isolate and
defeat the New Tendency as part of their
contribution to defeating counter-revolutionaries.

South African Communist Party

We are of the view that the SACP, like any
organization is undergoing a process of
development and renewal. As SASCO we are not
entirely happy some approaches of the SACP on
specific matters and we are willing to engage the
Party on these. We call on those who have
identified themselves as opponents of the SACP to
reconsider their ways. We will do all in our
capacity to defend and develop the SACP. W e will
do all on our capacity to assist the SACP advance
the struggle for Socialism in South Africa. W e will
organize an urgent meeting with the SACP in
order to raise our dissatisfaction on specific
matters, w e will not do that in public.

National General Council

Our National General Council will take place from
the 3rd to the 8th December 2010. This NGC will
be our mid-term policy review conference. In this            NB:
gathering we will also review our support for the            17TH Youth & Students festival
ANC in the upcoming Local Government
Elections. This General Council will also detail             will be at University of Pretoria
our demands for the Local Government elections
which if not m et would result in our organization
reconsidering its support during the local
government elections.


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