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									                                     PROPERTY PRESS
property & facilities division

                                 from the director                                                                                  edition 46 – may 2004

                                      t was sixteen years ago during the                I don’t remember much of               Bay, Brisbane River, The Great Court.
                                     month of May that I first set foot        Melbourne after that, or Sydney for that        Having arrived from a country that
                                     on Australian soil in Melbourne.          matter, because I was traumatised until         sports dark satanic mills, I still marvel
                                 I cannot remember the exact date but          I arrived in Brisbane. I was on a fact          and cherish the delightful things
                                 I do remember that my cousin, with            finding tour to decide where the family         around.
                                 whom I was going to stay, told me to          would settle in Australia. The deal was                  The recent opportunity to be
                                 catch a cab with a Greek driver to her        I would send postcards back to the              involved in turning a dark, empty hall
                                 house. I am unsure to this day whether        family describing exactly what I saw            into an art museum has been a
                                 she had sent the Greek driver or that         and thought. They (my wife and three            wonderful experience. Since the
                                 all taxi drivers at Melbourne airport         young children) would then make the             Mayne Centre opened, there have been
                                 were from the country of Aristotle and        decision. Since the cards from Victoria         around a thousand visitors a week.
                                 Socrates.                                     and NSW were totally blank, it is               Rather than its occupants being poor
                                          I do remember this particular        totally thanks to a taxi driver that we         unfortunate examinees, they are
                                 descendant of Plato had been an               decided to settle in Brisbane. None of          visitors delighting in the adaptive re-
                                 operator of a tower crane in a previous       us regret that decision.                        use, its history, the organ, the coloured-
                                 career. One unfortunate day, he had                   Expo was on at the time and I           glass window and the magnificent
                                 slipped on the top step and ricocheted        remember being alarmed at the pattern           exhibition.
                                 down the ladder. While I grabbed the          of the carpet in the University of                      We newcomers do care and
                                 steering wheel, he waved his hands            Queensland’s pavilion. Despite the              cherish this beautiful city and campus.
                                 like fish tails to describe his               glorious weather, everybody in                  Yes, it’s a young place, and has its
                                 excruciating descent between the iron         Brisbane seemed to eat inside. When             growing pains, but maybe there is
                                 frame before he pointed to the                I asked for a suburban rail map, I was          someone arriving, as I write, who will
                                 remnants of his legs. As I fought back        advised that they were unnecessary as           be overwhelmed by Moreton Bay,
                                 jet lag and overwhelming revulsion at         everybody knew where to go.                     Brisbane River, Customs House,
                                 the graphic imagery of the poor man’s         Everybody was friendly and, dare I say,         Mayne Centre and decide to make
                                 accident he advised that in fact no           parochial, but I liked what I saw.              Brisbane their home.
                                 injury had been sustained in his                      When you are in a place by                                 ~ Alasdair McClintock
                                 bumpy fall. It had all happened when          choice rather than by accident you                 Director, Property & Facilities Division
                                 he fell out the bottom and a cement           don’t take things for granted: Moreton
                                 truck backed over his two fine limbs.
                                         p&f integrated management system (ims) – internal auditors

                                     n order to achieve our future internal audit goals we recently ran a training session for a number of new auditors and
                                    also provided refresher training for those auditors who had not yet had an opportunity to conduct an audit. The
                                    training focussed on auditing skills and how to audit an integrated system, i.e. quality, safety and environmental
                                 impacts. Thanks go to Linda Whitfield (Quality Officer) for organising and facilitating the training day – well done
                                        We welcome our new P&F internal audit team: Linda Whitfield                           in this issue
                                 (Admin), Nancy Shannon (Admin), Roz Bannan (UQ Centre), Darrell Naylor
                                                                                                                    From the Director .............................. Page 1
                                 (IT), Edward Eacock (IT), Laurence Rietberg (IT), Sherron Irwin                    IMS - Internal Auditors ...................... Page 1
                                 (Construction), Zofia Zimoch (Engineering), Russell Bowles (Engineering),          Campus Security ............................... Page 2
                                 Michelle Kasper (Works Control), Roz Berg (Works Control), Peter Bridges           Fire & Emergency Evacuations ......... Page 2
                                 (Ops Contracts), Ray Meaker (Maintenance Store), Fred MacKinney                    Energy News .................................. Page 2-3
                                 (Maintenance), Danny Johnston (Maintenance), Peter Holborn (Gatton                 Engineering News – Which Lab? ...... Page 3
                                 Maintenance), Mark Luther (Gatton Maintenance), Trevor Hockings (Gatton            Campus Construction ..................... Page 4-5
                                 Grounds), Liz Reynolds (Procurement), Narelle Williams (Cleaning), Val             Environmental Management System . Page 5
                                 Evans (Cleaning), Tony Sommer (Logistics), Peter McAndrews (Gatton                 Integrated Management System ......... Page 6
                                                                                                                    Safety Management System ............... Page 6
                                 Logistics) & Alan Peacock (Gatton Logistics).
                                                                                                                             Staff Profile – Planning ......................   Page 7
                                        We would like to thank those staff who attended the training day. We                 Staff Profile – Services Procurement ..           Page 7
                                 look forward to participating in the internal audit program with you.                       Maintenance Projects List. .................      Page 8
                                                                          ~ Lyn Griffiths, Quality & Web Administrator       Natter Box – P&F Hot Goss ..............          Page 8

                                 Visit our website at www.pf.uq.edu.au                                                                           Edition 46 – May 2004
                                                             campus security
THEFT                                                    Licencing Laws. An application to                 University approval. Failure to comply
                                                         keep or consume intoxicating liquor               with any of the conditions set by the
T    he incidence of cash theft is again
     on the increase. In almost all reports
of these thefts, bags, handbags or wallets
                                                         on any University site must be
                                                         submitted for approval by the
                                                                                                           Secretary & Registrar may lead to
                                                                                                           cancellation or closure of the function,
                                                         Secretary & Registrar at least 7 days             so it is in your best interest to ensure
have been left unattended by the owner.
                                                         prior to the function. The                        that University policy is complied with
These items are then easy targets for the
                                                         application must be approved in                   from the beginning.
thief. It takes a thief less then one minute
                                                         order for the function to proceed.
to steal these items if left unattended. All                                                               TOLL-FREE NUMBER
                                                         Function organisers must also be
personnel are reminded that personal
items should not be left unattended at
any time.
                                                         aware of the University Policy
                                                         regarding noise levels, as stated on
                                                         the rear of the application.
                                                                                                           E   ver found yourself in trouble,
                                                                                                               needing to make a telephone call
                                                                                                           for help and finding you have no
FUNCTIONS & ALCOHOL                                                                                        money? – Not a problem on UQ
                                                                If liquor is to be sold at the
APPROVALS                                                                                                  campuses. If you need help call your
                                                         function (either directly or
                                                                                                           Security Section. FREE from any
S    taff and students organising
     functions throughout the University
are reminded that they must comply with
                                                         indirectly) then a licence must also
                                                         be obtained from the Licencing
                                                         Commission to do so, after gaining
                                                                                                           public telephone on the toll-free
                                                                                                           number 1800 800 123.
                                                                                                         ~ Eddie Hall, Security Co-ordinating Supervisor
the University Alcohol Policy and State
                                               emergency & fire evacuations

         uring March, the University experienced a serious                          included reviewing the lines of continuing communications
         gas incident when contractors on the new                                   post-evacuation of buildings to keep staff informed of
         Chancellor’s Place project accidentally drove a                            progress, and to look at managing work procedures in high-
100mm hole into the town gas main. Fortunately the leak                             risk buildings. Unfortunately, the Veterinary Science
was natural gas, and while still dangerous, was more                                Building was evacuated, at the time interrupting an
manageable in such an uncontrolled situation. The situation                         operation being conducted on a dog. For our animal lovers,
resulted in the evacuation of more than four large buildings                        all ended well with the dog making a full recovery.
in the area.
                                                                                           The University conducts an annual fire evacuation
       The result of this allowed us to review our emergency                        program for all our buildings and enquiries regarding this
evacuation procedures and our building ECOs (building                               program and fire evacuation issues can be discussed with
emergency control organisations) in action. I am pleased                            our Fire Safety Officers, Neil Finlayson and Steve McCann
to report that everything proceeded smoothly with only two                          on 3365 2329 and 3346 9723 respectively.
issues being identified as areas for improvement. These                                                                ~ Warren Collyer, Manager Security

                                                                  energy news

       he Key Energy Performance Indicators presented on the gauges below illustrate the total campus energy consumed
       (kWh) over the last three months divided by the total gross floor area (m2). The KEPI gives a common measure for
       comparing the energy intensity of our different size campuses. The CO2 emissions have also been calculated,
using the total energy consumed over the last quarter. CO2 is in tonnes/quarter.
        Energy intensity at St Lucia has increased by 3.5kWh/m2 when compared to the same quarter last year. This is
largely because the total floor area of the Queensland Biosciences Precinct (QBP) was included in the previous year’s
data, although it was not fully utilised. This increase was expected as QBP became fully operational.
                     St Lucia campus                                       Gatton campus                                        Ipswich campus

           51            53                                      19           20                                      54            55
                                       55                                                  21                                                    56

                                               2003                                               2003     KEPI                                         2003
KEPI                                                  KEPI
                                                      (kWh/m2/quarter)                            2004     (kWh/m2/quarter)                             2004
(kWh/m /quarter)                               2004

                        22000                                                1700                                                   1200
           20000                       24000                    1600                       1800                      1000                        1300

                                               2003                                               2003                                                  2003
CO2-e Emissions                                       CO2-e Emissions                                      CO2-e Emissions
(tonnes / quarter)                             2004   (tonnes / quarter)                          2004     (tonnes / quarter)                           2004

2                                              Visit our website at www.pf.uq.edu.au                                             Edition 46 – May 2004
                                             energy news (cont.)
       Energy intensity at Gatton and     ENERGY INITIATIVE                                overnight or unnecessarily. Please
Ipswich also increased this quarter                                                        balance your need for running the
                                                  Unigreen will implement an
when compared to the previous year.                                                        equipment with the impact that it has
                                          energy awareness program in General
Actual energy consumption at each                                                          on the environment – 25,000 tonnes
                                          Purpose North and General Purpose
campus has also increased in this                                                          of greenhouse gas is a significant
                                          South in the second half of the year,
quarter when compared to last year                                                         impact & a large footprint for the
                                          to help to reduce energy consumption
which relates to an increase in CO2                                                        University.
                                          and in support of the international day                            Try using sleep
emissions. This is the first increase
                                          for the protection of the ozone layer.                      mode on PCs and monitors.
in energy intensity for all three
                                          If successful the program will be                           PCs account for 20% of the
campuses since 2002. These figures
                                          implemented across the campus in the                        energy consumption of a
demonstrate the impact that record
                                          future. The program includes stickers                       typical office, and turn
temperatures experienced this quarter
                                          for light switches and mouse mats with                      them off when you go
have on all of our campuses.
                                          energy saving messages on them.                             home. Turn your room air
NEW PEAK RECORDED!                        Please visit www.pf.uq.edu.au/                              conditioner off before you
                                          Unigreen.html for more information                          go home each day also.
       As reported in the January
                                          on energy awareness and reduction
edition of Property Press, energy                                                                 If you have any energy saving
demand was expected to peak in                                                             ideas or find air-conditioning running
March and it has done just that – at      WHAT CAN YOU DO?                                 when it shouldn’t be let us know, via
18,739 kW the peak was 5500 kW                                                             email, at unigreen@pf.uq.edu.au and
                                                 The average off peak energy
higher than March 2003. Again, this                                                        we will send one of our team to
                                          load at the St Lucia campus for 2004
can be directly related to record                                                          investigate. For information on energy
                                          is around 80% of our peak load. This
temperatures experienced this quarter.                                                     initiatives at The University of
                                          figure is quite alarming and needs to
The QBP has its own chiller precinct                                                       Queensland please contact Leigh
                                          be considered carefully by those who
to meet the building’s air-conditioning                                                    Thompson on 3365 7580.
                                          run electrical equipment of any type
needs.                                                                                                  ~ Leigh Thompson, Environmental
                                                                                                                    Engineering Assistant

              engineering news – which lab? the commonwealth lab...

         ou may be interested to know that when it comes to       specifically to the degree of potential risk to people and
         laboratories there are no less than three                the environment posed by work with GMOs. The OGTR
         Commonwealth bodies which are involved in                administers the Gene Technology Act 2000. The University
setting design standards, regulation and certification.           IBC has over 170 PC2 and eight PC3 facilities which it is
                                                                  required to inspect annually, certify and report on.
        Firstly, there is Standards Australia which is the
Commonwealth standards body. They publish standards,                       And finally, there is Australian Quarantine and
which amongst many other things include Safety in                 Inspection Service (AQIS). AQIS administers all
laboratories and Laboratory design and construction. Our          Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) and has developed
design consultants use these standards as the basis for new       criteria for these facilities. They are preparing Quarantine
laboratory buildings and refurbishments. The standards            Containment (QC) requirements for various types of
detail the requirements for various physical containment          facilities. These are expected to be published later this year.
(PC) levels (i.e. PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4) based on the             There will be QC1, QC2, QC3 and QC4 facilities. AQIS
degree of hazard of different micro-organisms that are being      administers the Quarantine Act 1908. The University has
used in the laboratory.                                           over 30 QAPs.
        Secondly, there is the Office of the Gene Technology              If the above wasn’t enough to get your head around
Regulator (OGTR). The OGTR regulates the risks posed              there are also different requirements for plants, animals,
by genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in order to             insects, aquatic organisms and special requirements for
protect the health and safety of Australians and the              large scale facilities. If you have got this far you will have
Australian environment by regulating dealings with GMOs.          realised that it is not only what happens in the laboratories
The OGTR publishes Guidelines for Certification of                which is complicated, but also the design, construction,
Facilities/Physical Containment Requirements and IBC              maintenance and management of them.
Checklists. These are used by the inspection team of our
                                                                         So, when next you ask Which Lab? The answer
Institutional Biosafety Committee in conducting laboratory
                                                                  will be a Commonwealth Lab.
certification inspections. The OGTR also uses the                                               ~ Stewart Hobbs, Engineering Manager
terminology PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4. These levels relate
                                                  did you know...
    Staf f can view the P&F policies and procedures at www.pf.uq.edu.au/policy-procedures.html
    Staff      view                        ocedures       .pf.uq.edu.au/policy-procedures.html
                                         procedur at www.pf.uq.edu.au/policy-procedures

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                                                           please dispose of thoughtfully
                                            campus construction

A   re there any people on campus who are unaware of the Chancellors
    Place Enhancement project? We wish to thank everyone for putting
up with the associated disruption to buses, traffic and pedestrians.
       The remaining bus services should be back in Chancellors Place
by June 1. Most of the works should be completed by late June, and we
expect the area to be contractor free and ready for the start of the 2nd
Semester. The site photograph (right) was taken by John Baker of Hoskins
Landscaping, the landscape contractors for the project, as he just
happened to fly over the site in a hot air balloon on April 2, 2004.
                                      ~ Peter Sampson, Construction Manager


C    ity-based postgraduate students and businesses alike welcomed
     the arrival of UQ Business School Downtown in March, the CBD’s
newest state-of-the-art teaching and corporate functions facility (photo
below). Situated on level 19 of Central Plaza One in the heart of
Brisbane’s financial district, UQ Business School Downtown
commenced delivery of its internationally accredited MBA program
on March 1, 2004. The venue is also now available for hire for corporate
functions, seminars and executive training.
        UQ Business School’s expansion into the Brisbane CBD came
as a result of considerable demand for city delivery of the School’s postgraduate business programs. The venue features
tiered lecture theatres, private study workstations, board and conference rooms, syndicate rooms, and generous café-style
breakout spaces, all with extensive data access and provision for wireless communications.
        UQ Business School Downtown also has direct access to the UQ Cybrary, the University’s world-class online
library service featuring a combination of print and electronic information. Aiming for a corporate edge both aesthetically
and functionally, architectural firm Bligh Voller Nield used a variety of materials to reflect a modern corporate image as
well as links to the University’s heritage, such as Helidon sandstone featured at the foyer. Plenty of natural light and a
focus on the venue’s magnificent views are complemented by a careful blend of acoustic privacy and architectural openness.
                                                                                         Designed to be corporate-based,
                                                                                         multifunctional and sensitive to
                                                                                         educational requirements, the
                                                                                         architects drew on international
                                                                                         standards and utilised cutting edge
                                                                                         technical equipment and furniture
                                                                                         through the fit out. The facility’s
                                                                                         contemporary design also reflects
                                                                                         the vitality and strength of ideas
                                                                                         generated from education and
                                                                                               The premises at Central
                                                                                        Plaza One were the result of an
                                                                                        extensive search for an inner city
                                                                                        property, located in the heart of the
                                                                                        financial district, that met the
                                                                                        School’s specific requirements of
                                                                                        flexibility, space efficiency and
                                                                                        communications infrastructure to
POST-DIGITAL STUDIO                                                                     ensure premium program delivery
                                                                                        to students.
P   art of Level 2 of the Zelman Cowen Building has recently been refurbished to
    provide a flexible and purposeful electronic studio to support digital design
projects undertaken by senior architectural students. Architects: Architectus.
                                                                                                                   ~ Paul Blair,
                                                                                                  Construction Project Manager

Builder: Milson Projects.             ~ Robyn McDougall, Construction Project Manager

4                                   Visit our website at www.pf.uq.edu.au                          Edition 46 – May 2004
                                            campus construction

T    he James and Mary Emelia Mayne Centre, formerly known as Mayne Hall,
     was recently refurbished and now functions as a well-appointed art museum
(photos below & right). The Mayne Centre includes: galleries for displays and
exhibitions, boardroom, music performance area (featuring the pipe organ from
the old Mayne
Hall), large collect-
ion storage area,
reception area,
retail facilities and
offices. The refur-
bishment land-
scaping and water
feature integrates
the Centre with the
Great Court.

                       uq environmental management system (ems)

        uestion – if you came across a leaking tap, what would you do – try to turn it off harder, question why it hasn’t
        been fixed, walk away and not think about it, or maybe think about reporting it to P&F’s Works Control Centre?
       The majority of water at St Lucia campus is consumed in ablutions (taps, showers, toilets), followed by irrigation
and cooling towers used for air conditioning. Property and Facilities is progressively retrofitting buildings with water-
saving devices and also monitors building water consumption on a monthly basis. From time to time a major leak is
detected and repaired as a result of our monitoring process.
Answer – if you thought about reporting the water leak – report it to Works Control Centre on extension 52222.
UQ’s Environmental Management System includes procedures for air quality, energy, noise, waste and water, but in the
end our environmental performance depends on each of us. For further information on the EMS go to: www.pf.uq.edu.au/
       Please help to reduce the amount of recyclable materials going to landfill from UQ. The Wastewise program at the
St Lucia campus has expanded to include recycling bins in tea rooms in buildings so please recycle your glass, plastics
and aluminium cans – and don’t forget to put your paper in the Unigreen paper recycling boxes or wheelie bins provided
by Document Destruction.
                              RECYCLING QUIZ – answers on page 8
                              1. Waste audits were conducted in 2002 – how much paper (that could have been
                                   recycled) was sent to landfill from UQ’s St Lucia campus?
                              2. Recycling UQ’s (St Lucia campus) paper waste from landfill would save how many
                                   trees annually?
                              3. Can photocopy wrapping paper and wax paper be included in UQs paper recycling
                              4. How much co-mingled recyclables generated in areas outside of buildings (glass,
                                   plastics, cans) were sent to landfill from UQ’s St Lucia campus in 2002?
                              5. What colour are the co-mingled recycling bins placed outside of buildings around
                              6. Can pyrex and amber glass bottles be placed in recycling bins?
                              7. One of UQ’s environmental objectives is to reduce waste going to landfill by what
                                   percentage by 2005, based on 2002 figures.
      We plan to conduct a further waste audit in mid-2004 to see how our recycling performance is going. Please
support UQ’s recycling system. For paper recycling details go to: uq.documentdestruction.com.au. You will also find
information on paper, recycling co-mingled items, computers, toner cartridges and cardboard, at the Unigreen website at
www.pf.uq.edu.au/Unigreen.html.                                                      ~ Kay Ollett, Environmental Co-ordinator

Edition 46 – May 2004                          This publication is recyclable in our UniGreen system –                     5
                                                            please dispose of thoughtfully
                 p&f integrated management system (ims) – feedback
“FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF                                                quality, safety and environmental issues,
CHAMPIONS”                                                                   preventative action and improvement ideas. Please
                                                                             place your suggestions in the internal mail addressed

          ow many times have you said to yourself, or the
                                                                             to the Quality Officer.
          person you work with, “this would take less time
          if we did it this way…” or “it would be much easier        •       Feedback email – quality, safety and environmental
if it was done like this…”? We all, at one time or another,                  issues can be emailed directly to the Quality Officer
have a really great idea or suggestion but perhaps are                       on l.whitfield@pf.uq.edu.au.
unsure about who to tell or what to do to have it put into
                                                                            These suggestions will be included on the Divisional
action. The following tools have been put in place to make
                                                                     Feedback Register for discussion at the monthly Integrated
sure that you have an opportunity to have a say about your
                                                                     Management System Reference Group Meeting. Why is
                                                                     your feedback so important? It is all about communicating
•      IMS Reference Group Representatives – Section                 on matters that affect you in your day-to-day work. More
       Representatives create a communication link                   often than not it is comments and observations by those
       between the Reference Group and their individual              who are involved in doing the work that identify the
       sections. Your section representative reports to you          obstacles to improved management systems and improved
       on the outcomes of the group’s activities and is              productivity.
       available to discuss any ideas or issues you would
                                                                             So next time you have a brilliant idea or brainwave,
       like raised at the IMS Reference Group meetings
                                                                     don’t forget to let us know. Remember, the feedback system
       (please see the below list for your section’s
                                                                     is your system. It is a way of integrating your suggestions
                                                                     with the policies, practices and information systems that
•      Feedback and Ideas book – these little yellow                 make up the Integrated Management System and improving
       booklets are to be used to submit general feedback            the way we do things.
       from within the Division for all issues, including                                            ~ Linda Whitfield, Quality Officer

               safety management system (sms) – gas cylinders & utes
                                                                                                   Oxygen gas, on the other hand,

          nsecured acetylene and          pressurised gas. Acetylene in cylinders
          oxygen gas cylinders stored     is a compressed flammable gas and the            is not flammable. However it assists
          at the rear of a workers        energy of this gas can be determined             in combustion and it is known as an
utility are a recipe for disaster. I am   by considering the flammability range,           oxidising gas which will greatly
writing this article to highlight the     auto-ignition temperature, minimum               increase the rate of burning of
hazards when dealing with                 ignition energy and vapour density.              materials. If oil or grease is present at
flammable and oxidising gases. On         Acetylene has a lower explosive range            the back of a vehicle, a horizontal
my way to and from work along             of 2.5 % and an upper explosion range            oxygen cylinder that leaks has the
Gympie Road I quite often pass            of 81%. Meaning that even with 2.5 %             potential for violent reaction. This
workers driving utilities with Class      of acetylene in the air it has enough            could lead to fire or cylinder explosion.
2.1 (acetylene) flammable gas, and        mixture to explode. This gas is                  A ruptured cylinder nozzle from
Class 2.2 (oxygen) non-flammable          considered to be highly reactive, just           incorrect storage could result in the
non-toxic gas that are unsecured or       like hydrogen, because of its very wide          cylinder becoming a projectile. Past
lying horizontal and bouncing             limit of flammability.                           incidents of projectile cylinders have
around. I can only surmise that either                                                     resulted in fatal injuries and damage
                                                  Acetylene cylinders contain a
these people have become complacent                                                        to properties.
                                          solvent, usually acetone, and a porous
with this hazard or may not be aware      mass. Cylinders must be kept upright                    Due to the potential energy and
of the potential consequence from         to prevent the loss of acetone. If               the various hazards associated with
damaging the pressurised acetylene        acetone/acetylene liquid seeps out               acetylene and oxygen cylinders, it is
and oxygen gas cylinders.                 through the valves it reacts with metal          highly recommended that these two
      I will summarise the hazards        to produce explosive acetylides.                 common gases, used for oxy-acetylene
associated with Class 2.1 and 2.2         Acetylides explode with minimum heat.            welding, flame cutting, brazing, and
Gases: All dissolved gases in             Cylinders of acetylene must be handled           general localised heating, should be
cylinders have vapour and liquid.         carefully to prevent compression                 handled, transported, and stored in
Gases in cylinders are highly             (shock), heating, and must not be                accordance with workplace health and
pressurised with the top half             dropped or permitted to strike another           safety guidelines and advisory
consisting of gas vapour and the          bottle. Rough handling or heating due            standards to eliminate potential
bottom half liquid. Therefore there is    to shock may result in a delayed                 incidents from occurring.
considerable mechanical energy in         explosion.                                                             ~ Mano Raghavan,
                                                                                                    P&F Health & Safety Co-ordinator

6                                    Visit our website at www.pf.uq.edu.au                               Edition 46 – May 2004
                                           staff profile – planning section

       he P&F Planning Section provides physical planning of all University campuses and is involved in the administration of
       committees maintained by the University for the purposes of policy advice on the built environment. Services provided
• preparing new and updating existing Site Development Plans for
   University campuses;
• assessing and recommending sites for projects and particular uses;
• preparing Impact Studies, built form analysis and local area (precinct)
• providing expertise for the architectural design and review of all
• co-ordinating landscape, campus graphics the provision of public
   amenities; signs management;
• providing in-house consultant advice to the Disability Access
• development application and processing for approval of major and
   minor building works and site development works (buildings, civil, works and landscaping projects), through the various
   working parties, Buildings and Grounds Committee and Senate; and
• reviewing building or site proposals in terms of the existing site conditions, proposed use and requirements of the Site
   Development Plan.
The Planning Section staff (photo above) consist of Ross Meakin, Site Planner/Section Manager (right) and Geoff Webber, Project
Architect (left).                                                                                      ~ Ross Meakin, Site Planner

                           staff profile – services section – procurement

       he Procurement Section forms one part of the P&F Services Section, which is managed by Peter O’Donnell. The Procurement
      Section, which has recently undergone massive transformation, is responsible for the procurement, delivery, installation,
      office design, arrangement, and disposal of all items of furniture for the University.
       Barry Murphy is the foundation member of the team and traces the sections’ establishment with some pride and a little
excitement. Each morning Barry loads up the two drivers, Neil Veld and Steve Campbell – with inevitably too much work – but
these two dedicated staff, with their travelling companion (the old truck), never flinch and never fail to get the job done
(although sometimes with use of external contractors, due to new OH&S policies on furniture handling, increasing the workload).
       Barry has greatly influenced the selection of furniture for the University – as a determined and relentless negotiator for the
University, he is determined to obtain the best service and price. Under the guidance of Paul Smith, and ably assisted by Liz
Reynolds, the Section has increased the range of furniture, fabrics and services to the University community. Liz comes straight
from the furniture industry and brings with her design, manufacturing and negotiation skills – and also adds a little grace to the
male-dominated team. Also we can’t forget Ruth and Nellie, who are the backbone to the section – acting as receptionists,
handling inquiries, paying the accounts, preparing contract documents, filing and general support for Paul, Barry and Liz.
        With the introduction of new quality and OH&S standards, everything now has to have a Blue Tick or we will not supply.
                                                                                 Why? As Barry explains, the AFRDI Blue
                                                                                 Tick is the independent Industry’s
                                                                                 Assessment of the continuous compliance
                                                                                 with the OH&S, Standards and
                                                                                 Manufacturing Specifications for the
                                                                                 Industry. Adherance to this standard is
                                                                                 strongly supported by the University’s OH&S
                                                                                 Unit as it saves considerable time in
                                                                                 assessing each design or modification to a
                                                                                 very large range of furniture as well as
                                                                                 providing a tangible measure of quality.
                                                                                         The Procurement team is planning a
                                                                                 new catalogue and providing input to the
                                                                                 P&F Design Guidelines to ensure quality
                                                                                 outcomes to the new construction and
                                                                                 refurbishment projects.
                                                                                                         Should you require new furniture (at
                                                                                                  your cost, of course), need to move furniture
Photo above: Procurement Section (from left to right). Front row – Barry Murphy & Liz Reynolds    or simply plan your new office layout please
(Furniture Project Officers), Paul Smith (Senior Procurement Officer & section supervisor) &      contact any of our team.
Peter O’Donnell (Services Manager). Back row – Neil Veld (driver), Nellie Elkamali (assistant),
                                                                                                              ~ Peter O’Donnell, Services Manager
Stephen Campbell (driver) & Ruth Orellana (assistant).

Edition 46 – May 2004                                    This publication is recyclable in our UniGreen system –                               7
                                                                      please dispose of thoughtfully
                                                    maintenance projects
                             “TOP 10” MAINTENANCE PROJECTS LIST – 2004
 #      Building                       Job Description                                                 Project            Project
                                                                                                                                     FEEDBACK IS VERY
                                                                                                       Cost $             Manager
                                                                                                                                     IMPORTANT TO US
 1      Skerman                            Replace Roof                                              400,000              MOS
 2      St Lucia Campus                    Resurfacing Glasshouse Road                               165,000              EPO2       If you would like to raise
 3      Frank White                        Roof Repairs                                               90,000              MOS          a work order or if you
 4      Mansergh Shaw                      Replace Air Conditioning                                  175,000              MOS        have a query about your
 5      Seddon Small Animal Hospital       Replace Air Conditioning                                  150,000              ME            project or even the
 6      Hawken                             Replace Cooling Towers                                    125,000              OCO        progress of your project,
 7      Forgan Smith                       Stonework Repairs                                         500,000              MOS        please contact the Works
 8      Mansergh Shaw                      Replace Asbestos Roof                                     300,000              MOS           Control Centre via:
 9      St Lucia Campus                    Glasshouse Maintenance                                     65,000              MOS
                                                                                                                                    Phone:    52222
 10     St Lucia Campus                    Toilet Upgrades                                           100,000              MOS
 Project Manager Contacts – phone:                                                                                                  Fax:      51013

 MOS        Maintenance Officer St Lucia                     Sean Power ..................................... 59148                 Email:
 OCO        Operations Contracts Officer                     Ray Deller ...................................... 52948                  wcc@pf.uq.edu.au
 EPO2       Engineering Project Officer                      Alan Carmichael ............................ 52205                     Web/online work orders:
 ME         Mechanical Engineer                              Zofia ZImoch ................................. 53177

1. 470 tonnes. 2. 6110 trees, 13 trees per tonne. 3. Photocopy wrapping paper – yes; wax paper – no. 4. 47 tonnes.
5. Green or black with yellow lids. 6. Pyrex – no; amber glass bottles – yes. 7. 30%.
                                                                 did you know ...
                      You can view all editions of Property Press, plus our other publications
                              view                   operty ess,
                                                   Proper Press                      lications
                                              we             .pf.uq.edu.au/pubs
                                                      at www.pf.uq.edu.au/pubs.html
                              by visiting our website at www.pf.uq.edu.au/pubs.html

                                              natter box – p&f hot goss ...
     We welcome the following new                      Works); Toni Verra (who                                         It is with regret we announce the
       staff: Liz Wilson (Operations                   transferred from our Mailroom                                       death of Faye Simmonds – a
       Assistant); Luke Clark                          to the QBP); & Colin Northey                                        valued member of the St Lucia
       (Carpenter); Peter Kerby                        (Security).                                                         Cleaning staff.
       (Electrician); Doug Murray                  A special farewell to Pam Lee                                       Faye commenced work with the
       (Apprentice Refrig. Mech.); &                 whose position has now                                                University’s Cleaning Unit in
       Christopher Smith (Logistics                  transferred from P&F to the                                           October 1986 and was a
       Officer).                                     Gatton Halls of Residence. Pam,                                       welcomed member of our staff.
     Congratulations to the following                now contactable on 50712, will                                        She was popular with both her
       staff on their transfers to                   still be responsible for the                                          work colleagues and the staff of
       permanent positions: Roz Berg                 facilities bookings for Gatton                                        the University – always cheerful,
       (Works Control); & Margaret                   campus, including Continuing                                          helpful, and a willing participant
       Bail, Linda Holborn, Krishna                  Education Centre, Foundation                                          in making the St Lucia campus a
       Kumar, Lyndel Pitt & Leona                    Bldg, Gymnasium, Hamon                                                better place to work.
       Staatz (Gatton Cleaning).                     Centre, Homestead, Mahon                                          Our condolences to Faye’s family, her
     We farewell the following staff and             Training Room, Morrison Hall                                          husband Ken, 5 children and 8
       wish them well for the future:                Central Meeting Room,                                                 grandchildren. Faye will be sadly
       Dawn Byrne (Campus Services                   Morrison Hall Western Meeting                                         missed.
       Coordinator St Lucia); Craig                  Room, Gatton Motel, Multi
       Hooper (Mailroom Team                         Purpose Hall, ovals and grounds                              Please forward comments to:
       Leader); John Thomson                         bookings. We thank Pam for her                               Lyn Griffiths (Editor)
       (Supervisor Refrigeration                     loyal service and contributions                              ph 3365 1150      fax 3365 1900
       trades); Jak Guyomar (who                     to P&F and wish her well in her
                                                                                                                  Quality & Web Administrator
       retired as Construction Clerk of              new role.
                                                                                                                  Property & Facilities Division
    Last word ...                                                                                                 The University of Queensland Qld 4072
    All editions of the Property Press are available online at www.pf.uq.edu.au/                                  Email: l.griffths@pf.uq.edu.au
    prop-press.html. Please email the editor if you wish to be included or removed                                Website: www.pf.uq.edu.au
    from the mailout listing.                                                                                     P&F staff can email any Feedback items to: qwa.

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