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Newsletter June 2010


									What’s New?
                 JUNE 2010

     Library will be a jungle this summer
Jungle Fever will hit Windsor Public Library this summer,       Jungle Art with Beth who will teach the art of making
with staff and children overcome by the virus-all in the          mosaic pictures and masks. Sessions will be offered
name of education and fun!                                        for children in three age categories; 5-7, 8-10 and 11-
This year, the Summer Program Theme is Destination                13.
Jungle with all of the fun kicking off on Monday, July 12 at   Staff will also provide crafts, storytimes, movies, games, a
2:00 pm with Brad Toulouse’s Safari Sam Expedition at          poetry boot camp and talent searches. Registration is
Central Library.                                               required for most programs. Space is limited so register
The program is designed for children between the ages of       early. Click on for more
5-14. Programs are designed to encourage reading and           information.
literacy in a fun and relaxed environment, while offering      A Digital Photography Contest will take place for
the opportunity to socialize, learn and grow.                  participants between the ages of 9 and 14. Contest runs
Performers over a six week period include:                     from July 1 – August 9 with voting taking place between
 Urban Jungle Eagle Adventure with ERCA;                     August 16 and 28. Prizes will be awarded by MacLaren’s
 CLaroL the Clown with her companion Peaches the             Photo Lab.
   elephant;                                                   All Summer Reading participants will have an opportunity
                                                               to win a prize by participating in a passport contest.
 The Jungle Bugman who will showcase snakes,
   scorpions, tarantulas, cockroaches and other critters;                                           Continued on Page 4

       Adult Literacy
    celebrates 30 years
The Adult Literacy Program at
Windsor Public Library celebrates 30
years of service with a Gala Dinner,
including a silent auction, dancing
and prizes on Friday, September 17,
2010 at the Hilton Windsor. The
guest speaker will be a national
sports figure. More details will be
available shortly but be sure to mark
your calendars – you won’t want to
miss the fun!

Page   2     Land Registry Deeds          LIBRARY LIVE: The Christopher Paul Curtis Book Club received a visit from its
Page   3     Library Foundation           benefactor last month, internationally renowned author Chris Curtis. At
Page   4     The Story Home               Central Library, Mr. Curtis read to over 800 students and adults from area
Page   5-8   Summer Programs              schools, and then led a mini workshop with students from Kennedy Collegiate
Page   9     Languages                    Institute. It was an entertaining and educational event enjoyed by all. Windsor
Page   9     Photo Contest                Public Library Acting CEO Jean Foster thanked Mr. Curtis for his participation and
Page   10    BBQ Fun!                     his continued support of the public library.
What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010                                                                       Page 2

Land Registry Deeds at Windsor’s Community Archives
In the latter part of the 1990s, the     the original. These arguments, as well     contains deeds but also wills, leans,
Land Registry Office of the Province     as strong lobbying from the heritage       encroachment agreements, leases
of Ontario was looking to dispose of     community, convinced the Land              and other legal documents.
millions of individual land registry     Registry Office to reverse its decision    To     access    this   information,
deeds in its possession. The office      to destroy the original land deeds         researchers will have to visit the
had these deeds microfilmed (mostly      and to transfer them to various            archives located at 850 Ouellette
by prison labour) and it was felt that   heritage organizations throughout          Avenue (Central Library-lower level)
the paper copies were no longer          the province.                              Hours of operation are Tuesdays and
needed. The plan was to destroy the                                                 Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
paper copies. This resulted in the invaluable resource                  Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The
heritage community getting involved          for genealogists...                    archives is closed between 1 and 2
to save the paper copies from                                                       p.m. Appointments can be made for
destruction.                             Windsor’s Community Archives was           Thursdays and Fridays by contacting
                                         one of the chosen repositories for         the archives.
                                         the deeds. Approximately half a
                                         million individual deeds were                Deeds transferred to
                                         transferred to the archives in the first
                                         half of 2003.
                                                                                      Windsor’s Community
                                         Once the deeds were transferred to                 Archives
                                         the archives, the task of entering
                                                                                     City of East Windsor (1929-1935)
                                         each one into the archives database
                                                                                     Town of Ford City (1915-1929)
                                         began. At present, approximately
                                         70,000 deeds have been entered into         Village of Ford City (1913-1915)
                                         the database making them available          Town of LaSalle (1924-1955)
                                         to the public for research purposes.        Town of Ojibway (1913-1955)
                                         The following series have been              Town of Riverside (1913-1955)
                                         entered completely, or are in the           Town of Sandwich (1868-1935)
                                         process of completion: Village of
                                                                                     Township of Sandwich East
                                         Ford City (completed), Town of Ford
                                         City (completed), City of East Windsor
                                         (completed), Town of LaSalle                Township of Sandwich South
                                         (completed), Town of Ojibway                  (1892-1955)
                                         (completed), Township of Sandwich           Township of Sandwich West
                                         South (completed), Township of                (1868-1955)
The heritage community argued that       Sandwich East (in process) and              Town of Walkerville (1890-1935)
the paper copies should not be           County of Essex (in process). The           City of Windsor (1892-1919)
destroyed since the quality of the       remaining series have not been
                                                                                     Town of Windsor (1868-1892),
microfilm copies were in question.       entered, and are not available to the
                                                                                       Windsor East (1919-1955)
Because the microfilmed copies were      public.
                                         These deeds are an invaluable               Windsor West (1919-1955)
done by prison labour, there was a
                                         resource for genealogists, individuals      County of Essex (6 digit)(1955)
concern that the inmates doing the
work did not care about the quality      doing home histories, or researching       Land deeds dated prior to 1868 are to
of the images. The argument was          legal or heritage issues. The deeds        be found at the Archives of Ontario in
also made that just because a copy is    contain information on who owned           Toronto. Deeds that date after 1955
made of an original in another           the property, location and size of the     are still located at the Land Registry
format, does not mean you destroy        property. The collection not only          Offices across the province.
Page 3                                                            What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010

   Andrew McAvoy assumes leadership of library foundation
Andrew McAvoy has been elected                 GOALS FOR 2010
president of the Windsor Public           foundation membership
Library Foundation. He takes over
                                          promoting the foundation in
from long-serving chair and friend of
the library, Stan Cunningham.              the community
“I am honoured that foundation            creating an online presence
members have placed their trust in
me,” says McAvoy. “A huge vote of        to advance the foundation message.
thanks is due to Stan Cunningham         Additionally, McAvoy believes it
for his dedication and commitment        important to have a dedicated web
to the foundation and the library. As    site for the foundation.
we move forward, together with the       Andrew McAvoy is CEO of Yovacm
other members of the foundation, I       Inc., a company he founded in 1993,
will be drawing on Stan’s wisdom         and has responsibility for other
and experience.”                         business enterprises and projects as
President McAvoy notes three areas       part of The Yovacm Group. Yovacm is
on which the foundation needs to         a diversified media corporation
focus in 2010:             foundation    based in Windsor, Ontario with
membership;         promoting      the   clientele such as NASA, TD Canada
foundation in the community; and         Trust, RICOH, Major League Baseball,
creating an online presence.             CASCAR, the Windsor Spitfires, and
On membership, he emphasized that        the WFCU Centre, among others.
recruiting new members to the            He has also been involved with the
foundation with skill sets and talents   Windsor and District Chamber of
which can be used to raise money is      Commerce as well as Chambers of
important. Ideal composition would       Commerce        throughout   Canada
be a foundation with 12 members          including in Ontario and British
with a broad representation from         Columbia. McAvoy was educated at
Business,      Labour    and     other   the University of Windsor, the
prominent local organizations and        University of Western Ontario and St.
associations.                            Clair        College,     completing
With the rebirth of the foundation       undergraduate         and    masters
comes a responsibility to properly       programs in business, politics and
inform the community of its role and     economics. He currently serves as
goals. A marketing and promotional       Vice-Chair of the Windsor Public
program will be put in place this year   Library Board.

              Save over a $1000 a year
If you buy . . . .
2 soft cover paperbacks a month, 2 magazines a month, rent 4 DVDs a month
and buy 1 CD a month, you could save over $1000 a year by borrowing these
items from Windsor Public Library.
          (This is based on paperbacks at $19.95; Magazines at $4.95;
                Movie Rentals at $3.99 and CDs at 15.95 plus tax)
What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010                                                                     Page 4

      Download and listen to children’s stories
                                         Partnering with The Story Home             went on, more and more people
                                         allows WPL to provide stories which        asked to hear Alan Scofield's original
                                         delight and inspire children and their     stories.
                                         families.                                  One day, they thought “why not
                                         The Story Home offers an authentic         share these stories with the world,
                                         place for curiosity, imagination, and      and some great classic tales as well?”
                                         self discovery. The creators, Sharon       And so The Story Home was created.
                                         and Alan Scofield, share their love of     The stories can be accessed through
                                         music, dance and many creative             the Resources Tab on the website at
                                         projects with visitors to their website. Simply
                                         They both believe that the                 click on ‘children’ from the drop
Parents and children who visit the       imagination of a child is a priceless      down menu.
Windsor Public Library website can       resource and must be given time,           Stories can be played on your
now access original and classic          encouragement, and education.              computer, transferred to an
children’s audio stories free of         The Story Home website was created         electronic device, downloaded or
charge.                                  in January, 2007 because, as time          saved or burned to a CD.

Continued from Page 1

          Library is a jungle...
Pick up a Destination Jungle passport at your local library
between July 12 and August 21. Receive a stamp each
time a required action is completed. When all squares are
stamped, submit your passport for a chance to win a
prize. The draw will take place at each library location on
Monday, August 23. You need not be present to win.
Kids Alliance, in conjunction with WPL, will also offer a
literacy program at Fontainebleau Library. Davis P.S.
students from grades 7 & 8 will pair with younger
children, under the supervision of an instructor, to read
and participate in activities.
Essex County Health Centre will again offer a Fitkids
program at Bridgeview Library. The program involves
playground activities followed by a review of events and
refreshments at the library.       In addition to fighting    AUTHOR VISITS: British Columbia-based children’s author
obesity, the program stresses reading.                        John Wilson visited Central Library last month to discuss
A Poetry Boot Camp will be offered at South Walkerville       the writing process, the inspiration for his work and also to
Library for children between the ages of 9-14. This is an     read from his latest book, WHERE SOLDIERS LIE. He told
opportunity to develop writing skills while expressing        the attentive audience of close to 100 young students, that
creatively. This event will be followed by a coffee house     he wrote the book to answer the question of 'where a gold
event on August 30. Participants of the Poetry Boot           watch his father found in the stomach of an alligator may
Camp will be invited back with family and friends to read     have come from?' John Wilson answered all questions put
their poems and enjoy some refreshments.                      to him with passion and enthusiasm and demonstrated
Everyone is invited to participate in our summer              his love for writing readable fiction and non-fiction on his
programs!                                                     favourite historical interests.
Page 9                                                          What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010

 International materials meet community needs
Did you know Windsor Public Library             Chinese                Hungarian            Serbo-Croatian
offers print and audio visual                   Croatian               Italian              Slovak
materials in over 25 international              Dutch                  Panjabi              Somali
languages - as we serve the fourth              German                 Polish               Spanish
most ethnically diverse city in                 Greek                  Portuguese           Tagalog
                                                Gujarati               Romanian             Urdu
Additionally, Windsor Public Library
                                                Hindi                  Russian              Vietnamese
has a rich collection of English as a
Second Language (ESL) materials,          We have also recently added a collection of books in the Somali language.
dictionaries, travel kits, and language   Resources include many children’s books, both in Somali and English and
audio resources for all language          adult books covering subjects such as Somali poetry, language, proverbs,
needs. Language-learning materials        songs, history and fiction.
include Mango, an e-resource that
lets users learn a language, including
English, from their home, via the
Also available are DUAL-LANGUAGE
(English-Chinese for example)
children’s books in the following
languages - Albanian, Arabic,
Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Somali,
Spanish and Vietnamese.
Another resource available at
Windsor Public Library is access to
more than 20 international language
magazines and a wide selection of
foreign language daily newspapers
printed daily in the library.
Materials are available       in   the
following languages:
 Albanian (Children’s),
 Amharic-Newspaper
 Arabic
 Bosnian

 WHAT’S NEW is produced monthly
   by the Windsor Public Library.
 For more information about library
 programs and services, please call
  519.255.6770 or visit us online at
What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010                                                             Page 10

  Summer BBQ to thank community and staff
Members of the Windsor community        Administration will be hosting the
and WPL staff are invited to take a     second         annual     SUMMER
few minutes out of their busy           APPRECIATION BBQ to personally
schedules on Thursday, August 19 to     express thanks for the continued
stop in at the Central Branch of        support the library receives from
Windsor Public Library (850 Ouellette   staff and the community.
Avenue).     Board Members and          The BBQ runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

                                                                              on the lawn of Central Library
      Memories from Windsor’s Community                                       fronting Ouellette Avenue. There will
                                                                              be a small charge for BBQ items with
         Archives...downtown Windsor                                          the proceeds going to the
                                                                              Unemployed Help Centre Food Bank.
                                                                              Items to be served include hotdogs,
                                                                              potato chips, pop, water and other
                                                                              summer favourites.

                                                                               Mark August 19 on
                                                                                your calendars !
                                                                              “The Windsor Public Library has over
                                                                              100,000 library users – over 50
                                                                              percent of the community using,
                                                                              depending and thriving on library
                                                                              services. In the past year on record,
                                                                              WPL logged over 1.3 million
THOSE WERE THE DAYS: Looking north along Ouellette Avenue at Wyandotte        transactions”, says Acting WPL CEO
Street. The photograph was taken around 1950. PC-1326                         Jean Foster. “We want to use this
                                                                              opportunity to thank everyone for
                                                                              their support and encourage
                                                                              customers who haven’t visited a
                                                                              library in a while to do so. We think
                                                                              they’ll be pleasantly surprised by
                                                                              what they find. The Board and
                                                                              Administration also want to use this
                                                                              opportunity to thank staff for their
                                                                              dedication and commitment.”
                                                                              Mark August 19 on your calendars
                                                                              and experience the BBQ cooking
                                                                              prowess of Administration and Board

RIVERSIDE DRIVE WEST: Photograph was taken looking west along Sandwich
Street (today Riverside Drive) at Ouellette Avenue circa 1950. PC-1327
Page 11                                                            What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010

                                          Thursday, June 3, 10, 17, 24 /10:00 -    South Walkerville Library
      CHILDREN’S                          10:30 a.m. To register call Ext. 7700.   Monday, June 7/6:30 - 7:30 p.m..
      PROGRAMS                            Seminole Library                         For more information call Ext. 5900.
                                          Thursday, June 3, 10/10:30 - 11:00       Get ready for the lazy days of
TODDLER STORYTIME                         a.m. To register call Ext. 8800.         summer with a great book! join our
Budimir Library                           South Walkerville Library                youth book club for a discussion of
Tuesday, June 1, 8, 15, 22/10:30 -        Tuesday, June 1, 15, 22, 29/10:30 -      fantastic books. Let us know what
11:00 a.m. For more information call      11:00 a.m. To register call Ext. 5900.   you’ve been reading and compile a
Ext. 3300.                                                                         summer reading list from peer and
                                          Fun and entertaining stories for
                                                                                   staff recommendations. For children
Riverside Library                         children 2 1/2 to 5-years-old with a
                                                                                   ages 9 to 14.
Tuesday, June 1, 8, 15, 22/10:30 -        caregiver. Program. helps build
11:00 a.m. To register call Ext. 6620.    language skills and enrich the
                                          imagination.                             PAWS 4 STORIES
Join in stories, finger plays and songs
                                                                                   Forest Glade Library
for children 18 months to 2 1/2 years
                                                                                   Tuesday, June 8, 22/7:00 - 7:30 p.m.
old accompanied by an adult.              FAMILY STORYTIME
                                                                                   Improve your reading skills by
MOTHER GOOSE                              Bridgeview Library
                                                                                   reading with a therapy dog and its
South Walkerville Library                 Wednesday, June 16, 30/6:00 - 6:30
                                                                                   trainer from St. John’s Ambulance.
Wednesday, June 2, 9/1:00 - 2:00          p.m.
                                                                                   For more information call Ext. 5400.
p.m. To register call Ext. 5900.          Come one, come all for a family story
                                          time evening. Kids of all ages and
A program for caregivers and infants,                                              BEDTIME STORIES
0 to 12 months which fosters              their parents are welcome to this
                                                                                   Remington Park Library
bonding and enhances relationships        drop in program. For more
                                                                                   Thursday, June 10, 17/7:00 - 7:30 p.m.
through songs, rhymes and stories to      information call Ext. 2200.
                                                                                   Join us at the library for bedtime
promote early speech and language                                                  stories every Thursday, pajamas
development. Presented by trained         CRAFTY KIDS                              optional. Drop-ins welcome. For
Par ent/C hi ld Mo ther G o o s e         Bridgeview Library                       more information call Ext. 5500.
instructors.                              Monday, June 7/4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
                                          Come to the library the first Monday
                                                                                   DOG-EAR BEGONE CRAFT
PRESCHOOL STORYTIME                       of each month and be a crafty kid.
                                                                                   Fontainebleau Library
Budimir Library                           There will be a monthly book with
                                                                                   Saturday, June 12/2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, June 3, 10, 17, 24/10:30 -      corresponding craft. For more
                                                                                   Tired of losing your place in the book
11:15 a.m. To register call Ext. 3300.    information call Ext. 2200.
                                                                                   you’re reading? Well never again do
Fontainebleau Library                                                              you have to fold down the corner of
Tuesday, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29/10:30 -
                                          BOOK CHATTER                             the page of a library book. Drop by
                                          Fontainebleau Library                    and design your very own Bookmark.
11:00 a.m. To register call Ext. 5000.
                                          Wednesday, June 23/6:30 - 7:30 p.m.      For more information call Ext. 5000.
Forest Glade Library                      Please register by calling Ext 5000.
Thursday, June 3/10:30 - 11:15 a.m.
To register call Ext. 5400.
Riverside Library
Thursday, June 3, 10, 17, 24/10:30 -
                                              Call 519.255.6770 for
11:15 a.m. To register call Ext. 6620.       MORE INFORMATION and to
Sandwich Library                               REGISTER for events
What’s New at WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY JUNE 2010                                                                 Page 12

HENRY’S PHOTO WORKSHOP                          TEEN                              KNIT 'N CHAT
Budimir Library                                                                   Fontainebleau Library
Saturday June 19/1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.          PROGRAMS                            Wednesday, June 9, 16, 23, 30/6:30 -
Join Ted Kloske of Henry's Camera                                                 7:30 p.m.
Shop for an afternoon of                  TEEN ADVISORY GROUP                     Now is the perfect time to hone your
photography fun. Ted will teach you       Budimir Library                         knitting skills by starting a new
how to take great photos; take you        Wednesday, June 9/6:30 - 8:00 p.m.      knitting project or finishing an old
on a mini-photo adventure in and          Join Budimir Library’s new Teen         one! To register call Ext. 5000.
around the library, where you can         Advisory Group. We’re looking for
use your new skills and finally, you'll   members ages 13 to 17 to share          REMINGTON READS
be able to print your masterpieces        ideas and activities every month. To    Remington Park Library
and create a photo collage to display     register call Ext. 3320.                Tuesday, June 15, 29/2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
in the library.                                                                   Join us and share what you are
All participants will need to bring a
point and shoot digital camera with
                                                A D U LT                          reading now, what is on your must
                                                                                  read list, and hear what others are
fully charged battery and a memory            PROGRAMS                            reading and recommend. To register
card. For youth ages 10 to 15. Space                                              call Ext. 5500.
is limited to 20 children. To register    ASK THE GENEALOGIST
call Ext. 3320.                           Central Library                         RIVERSIDE CHESS CLUB
                                          Saturday, June 12/10:00 - 12:00 p.m.    Riverside Library
YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER’S                      Members of the Essex County             Wednesday, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30/5:00
DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY                       Chapter of the Ontario Genealogical     - 7:30 p.m.
CONTEST “URBAN JUNGLES”                   Society will be available to help you   Saturday, June 5, 12, 19, 26/12:00 -
                                          with your family history research.      4:30 p.m.
WPL is proud to announce a digital
                                          Please meet on the second floor of      All ages are invited to play a game of
photography contest for youth ages
                                          the Central Library. For more           chess. For more information call Ext.
9 to 14. Use your digital point and
                                          information call Ext. 4434.             6620.
shoot camera to capture the theme
“Urban Jungles”. You could win a
fabulous prize and be featured in our        SOMETHING
newsletter! A Critic’s Choice winner
will be chosen based on technical
                                            FOR EVERYONE

merit by Brad MacLaren of
MacLaren’s Photo Lab and a Popular        HEALTHY LIVING WITH EFT
Choice winner will be selected based
                                          Riverside Library
upon online voting to take place          Tuesday, June 15/1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
between August 16 and 28 on the           Introduction to EFT - Emotional
library Facebook Fan page. Submit         Freedom Techniques with Frances                   and to
photos to your closest Windsor            Soda B.A. Join us for this free
Public Library branch or email them       presentation and learn how to do                 REGISTER
in good quality .jpeg format to           this simple tapping procedure. EFT
between June 1 and August 9, 2010.
                                          gently realigns the body’s energy               for events
                                          system and helps relieve stress,
For full rules and regulations visit
your nearest branch or contact us at
                                          emotional and physical pain. For
                                          more information call Ext. 6620.

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