CORPORATE PLAN 2010–2015

VISION                                               activities such as management services,
A future for the past.                               more challenging.
                                                 •   Our venues business has grown but a
MISSION                                              changing financial environment,
To care for significant historic places,             including a reduced government
buildings, collections and landscapes with           allocation, means we need to find more
integrity, and enable people to enjoy and            and better ways of making the HHT
learn about them.                                    sustainable in the long term.
                                                 •   We have a strong curatorial base but
                                                     we do not always make best use of that
Our own portfolio includes houses,
museums, landscapes, a library and
collections of paintings, furniture and          •   We need to continue to make visitors
objects. We bring the past alive through             welcome, while responding to the fact
our activities such as education,                    that people want more and different
interpretation, exhibitions, events, festivals       ways of engaging with the past,
and publications, while our Endangered               including via online avenues and
Houses Fund finds new futures for historic           through activities and experiences.
buildings owned by others.
                                                 •   We have a loyal group of supporters;
                                                     we need to cherish them. At the same
CONTEXT                                              time we need to reach a wider range
•    Our link with Communities NSW and               of people by working more closely with
     the priorities in the NSW State Plan            others, building on our own knowledge
     reinforce the need to enable more               and recognising that of others.
     people to participate in what we do.        •   Our strengths lie in the history of
•   We are one of the largest museums in             houses, interiors and gardens in New
    Australia, with a varied program of              South Wales but we can do more to
    activities, but many people are aware            challenge existing views about the past.
    only of our houses.
•   We work across 12 properties with a          VALUES AND BEHAVIOURS
    wide range of activities, making
    teamwork and staff support, and core         Integrity We speak and act honestly,
                                                 recognise mistakes and learn from them.

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We do things that are right for the HHT,        AIMS AND OBJECTIVES
and we consistently do what we say we
will do.                                        1 Involvement
Passion We care about the HHT and               A wider range of people are involved in
what the organisation stands for and want       understanding, interpreting and caring for
to share that with others.                      the past. We aim to:
Accountability We take personal                 1.1    better manage partnerships with
responsibility and ownership of problems               cultural institutions, communities
and act conscientiously. We respond to the             and other organisations
needs of our customers and others.              1.2    embrace life-long learning
Teamwork We trust and respect each              1.3    strengthen our community
other, we listen, and are fair, constructive           involvement at properties
and supportive. We actively contribute to       1.4    work more closely with our
improving the way we do business and                   members
value the contributions of others.              1.5    encourage and support volunteers
Fun We wear our professionalism lightly.        1.6    find more opportunities for people
We are serious about what we do and                    to make an active contribution to
stand for but aim to have fun on the                   what we do.
                                                2 Access and enjoyment
CORE ACTIVITIES                                 We provide more people and a wider
                                                range of people access to our properties,
We will focus our own structures and            collections, programs and knowledge. We
activities around the four areas in which       aim to:
we work:
                                                2.1    find more and different ways for
Conservation and curatorship – the                     people to enjoy our properties,
expertise and work needed to understand,               collections programs and
maintain, conserve and interpret our                   knowledge
properties and collections                      2.2    improve access to information
Outreach and learning – the activities                 about our properties, collections,
that enable people access to and                       programs and knowledge
enjoyment and involvement in our                2.3    ensure that all visitors feel welcome
properties, collections and knowledge                  and experience something special
                                                       each time they visit a property
Marketing and business
development – the work we need to do            2.4    use digital and other media to
to promote and raise awareness of our                  engage people with our properties,
properties, collections, programs and                  collections, programs and
knowledge and to improve our earned                    knowledge
income                                          2.5    improve access to our properties,
                                                       collections, programs and
Management services – the core
                                                       knowledge for people with
services and functions that support our staff
and activities and help us to meet public
service standards and requirements              2.6    learn more about our audiences.

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    3        Conservation and curatorship               5.4    improve management structures
    Our properties and collections are handed           5.5    develop a team-based work culture
    on to future generations in good heart. We          5.6    strengthen management services
    aim to:                                             5.7    better manage risk
    3.1     put good research at the heart of all
                                                        5.8    improve communication
            our work
                                                        5.9    keep better records.
    3.2      make better use of curatorial
                                                    6         Knowledge
    3.3      make decisions that are transparent
             and for which we are accountable           We use our knowledge and expertise, and
                                                        work with others, to change the way
    3.4      meet state and other heritage
                                                        people think about heritage and the past.
                                                        We aim to:
    3.5      maintain our properties and
                                                        6.1     promote the value of good
             collections well
    3.6      increase the visibility of the
                                                        6.2    challenge assumptions about the
             conservation process.

    4        Stability                                  6.3     keep our creative edge
                                                        6.4    encourage more people to discover
    The HHT becomes a more resilient
                                                               their own past.
    organisation with a secure future. We aim
                                                        2010 PRIORITIES
    4.1      improve awareness of each
             property and of the HHT as a whole
                                                        The following priority projects will help us
    4.2      better understand the economic,
                                                        to achieve our aims and objectives over the
             social and environmental impacts of
                                                        next twelve months:
             what we do
                                                        P1 Balance the budget.
    4.3      invest in and develop our properties       P2 Review internal structures and roles,
    4.4      increase earned revenue                         including property management and
    4.5      better control costs and improve                guiding, and make better use of our
             financial management                            curatorial expertise.
    4.6      reduce our carbon footprint                P3 Analyse internal processes to improve
                                                           the way systems work together and
    4.7      foster relationships with
                                                           data is gathered.
                                                        P4 Open the new education facilities at
    4.8      evaluate our effectiveness.
                                                           Rouse Hill House & Farm.
5         Well-being                                    P5 Develop a strategy for our digital
                                                           future, including improving access to
    The well-being of our staff improves. We               collections, knowledge and properties,
    aim to:                                                and the implications of that for our
    5.1      develop a better sense of shared              resources and structures.
             mission across the HHT                     P6 Work with HHT Members and others
    5.2      develop the skills of our staff               to review smaller programs.
    5.3      improve the management and                 P7 Develop a strategic business plan to
             implementation of occupational                explore opportunities for increasing
             health and safety (OH&S)

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     commercial revenue, including             2   reviewing our look and brand
     charging for our intellectual property.   3   implementing our digital strategy
P8 Create a corporate risk framework,          4   reviewing our total asset management
   with better data collection and                 system (TAMS) framework to include
   reporting (including OH&S)                      areas such as collections and internet
P9 Implement the results of the staff
                                               5   building a new visitor centre at Rouse
   training review.
                                                   Hill House and Farm
P10 Work in partnerships with others to        6   reviewing our conservation
    develop a strategy to better                   management planning and moving
    understand, interpret and share the            towards conservation principles
    Indigenous stories associated with our     7   exploring options for shared storage to
    properties and collections.                    free up space in the city
                                               8   better packaging our knowledge and
LONGER TERM PRIORITIES                             research
Over the next two to five years our            9   improving our links with the tertiary
priorities will include:                           and further education sectors.
 1 creating an intranet and administration

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