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					material safety data sheet
    1 Product and company identification                                                                9 Physical and chemical properties
                                                                                                      Colour                             Creamy white to yellowish fluid
  Product name                               Hydrowax CreteForm O                                     Density at 20°C                    1.0 kg/L
  Product code                               1827
                                                                                                      Solubility in water (20°C)         Emulsifies
  Manufacturer/Supplier                      Sasol Wax (South Africa) a division of Sasol
                                                                                                      pH-value aqueous extract           7.5
                                             Chemical Industries Limited
                                                                                                      Physical state                     Liquid
  Address                                    1 Klasie Havenga Rd Sasolburg 1947 South Africa
                                                                                                      Explosion properties               None
  Telephone number                           +27 (0)16 960 3297 or (016) 960 3297
                                                                                                      Odour:                             mild
  Fax number                                 +27 (0)16 960 2310 or (016) 960 2310
                                                                                                      Boiling range                      (OECD 103): > 100 °C
  National emergency number                  0800 1128 90
                                                                                                      Flash point:                        > 280 °C
  International emergency number             +27 (0)17 610 4444

    2 Composition/information on ingredients                                                            10 Stability and reactivity
                                                                                                      Conditions to avoid: Heat (risk of dehydratation) and temperatures below 0 °C.
  Chemical characterisation: Emulsion of mineral hydrocarbon oil in water
                                                                                                      Material to avoid: Strong oxidising agents
  CAS number: 64742-01-4; EINECS number: 265-101-6
                                                                                                      Decomposition products: See point 5
  Hazardous ingredients:
  Formaldehyde: < 0,2 Wt.%
  CAS-Nr.: 50-00-0; EINECS: 200-001-8                                                                   11 Toxicological information
  Labelling:                                                                                          Acute toxicity :
  C ≥ 25 %            T; R 22/24/25-34-40-43                                                          Oral: Practically non-toxic (LD50: > 2000 mg/kg; rats) based on test results obtained from
  5 % ≤ C < 25 %      Xn; R 20/21/22-37/38-40-43                                                      similar products and/or their components (OECD method 401).
  1%≤C<5%             Xn; R 40-43                                                                     Dermal: Practically non-toxic (LD50; > 2000 mg/kg; rabbits) based on test results obtained on
  0,2 % ≤ C < 1 %     Xi; R 43                                                                        similar products and/or their components (OECD method 402).
                                                                                                      Inhalation: Practically non-toxic (LC50; > 5 mg/l; rats) based on test results obtained on similar
    3 Hazards identification                                                                          products and/or their components (OECD method 403).
                                                                                                      Primary irritant effect:
  Potential dangers to health and environment: Exposure to airborne concentrations of                 Skin: Practically non-irritant based on test results obtained on similar products and/or their
  formaldehyde in excess of 0.1 ppm may cause discomfort in the stomach and pharynx and               components (OECD method 404)
  irritation of the eyes, nose and throat of some individuals. Sensitization may also occur in some   Eyes: Practically non-irritant based on test results obtained on similar products and/or their
  individuals.                                                                                        components (OECD method 405)
                                                                                                      Subchronic toxicology:
    4 First-aid measures                                                                              Severely solvent refined and severely hydrotreated mineral base oils have been tested by
                                                                                                      dermal application to rats 5 days/week for 90 days at doses significantly higher than those
  General information:                                                                                expected during normal industrial exposure. Extensive evaluations including microscopic
  Inhalation:          Take the affected person to fresh air to protect from further exposition.      examination of internal organs and clinical chemistry of body fluids, showed no adverse effects.
                       In case of unconsciousness, vomiting, dizziness or irritation of               Chronic toxicology:
                       respiratory tract seek medical attention immediately.                          This product contains formaldehyde which has caused nasal cancer at 15 ppm in rats. NIOSH
  Eye contact:         Flush eye immediately with cold water. If irritation continues seek            recommends formaldehyde be handled as a suspected human carcinogen. The base oils in this
                       medical attention.                                                             product are severely solvent refined and/or severely hydrotreated. Chronic mouse skin painting
  Skin contact:        After contact with product remove soaked clothing immediately and              studies of severely treated oils showed no evidence of carcinogenic effects. These results are
                       wash the skin with water and soap.                                             confirmed on a continuing basis using various screening methods such as the Modified Ames
  When swallowed:      When swallowed a large amount seek medical attention. Do not induce            Test and IP-346.
                                                                                                        12 Ecological information
    5 Fire-fighting measures
                                                                                                      Elimination/persistence and degradability:
  Suitable extinguishing media: Carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder, sand, water mist                    Hydrocarbon oil: Biodegradable
  Special exposure hazards arising from the substance, its combustion products or from                Behaviour in purification plant: The product can cause strong oxygen deficiency in
  resulting gases: Water evaporates out of the product. The remaining hydrocarbon oil is              biological purification plants.
  flammable. In case of incomplete combustion irritant vapours, smoke, soot and carbon
  monoxide (CO) may be formed.
  Special protective equipment in closed rooms: Use self-contained breathing apparatus                  13 Disposal considerations
                                                                                                      The product is suited to be recycled in authorised plants.
    6 Accidental release measures                                                                     Product not contaminated with foreign material can be disposed off according to the following
                                                                                                      waste disposal code (European Waste Catalogue):
  Personal precautions: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.                                             EWC-Code           Description
  Environmental precautions: Do not allow to enter drains, surface water, groundwater or soil.        12 01 12           Spent waxes and fats
  Methods for cleaning up: Bind discharged product with sawdust, diatom earth or other                12 03 02           Steam degreasing wastes
  absorption agents/remove mechanically. Do not use water or aqueous cleaning agents to wash          Packaging:
  away.                                                                                               Drums: Drums can be returned to supplier
  Additional information: In case of the leakage of a large amount inform the responsible
                                                                                                        14 Transport information
    7 Handling and storage                                                                            US DOT: not regulated
                                                                                                      RID/ADR: not regulated
  Handling                                                                                            IMO not regulated
  Hints on safe handling: No special measures necessary if used correctly.                            ICAO/IATA: not regulated
  Hints for protection against fire and explosion: Avoid formation of product mist                    Other: Allowed for mailing in adequate packaging
  Requirements for storage rooms and containers: Regarding the storage of water hazardous
  products observe the regulations of the Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (law on water balance).                 15 Regulatory information
  Information on storage together with other products: Do not store together with strong              The product does not require a hazard warning label in accordance with the EEC directives
  oxidising agents and food.                                                                          National regulations
  Additional information: Store product at room temperature. Keep from freezing. Protect              Germany:
  against high temperatures.                                                                          Classification according to VbF: Not applicable
                                                                                                      TA Luft: Not applicable
    8 Exposure controls/personal protection                                                           Water hazard class (WGK): 1
  Ingredients with occupational exposure limits which should be monitored:                            StörfallVO: Not applicable
  Formaldehyde: MAK = 0,5 ppm resp. 0,6 mg/m³
  Exposition limit for product: 5 mg/m³ for oil mist recommended
  Personal protective equipment:                                                                        16 Other information
  Hand protection: Waterproof gloves
  Eye protection: Safety goggles                                                                      Although the information contained herein is presented in good faith and to the best of Sasol
  Body protection: Protective clothing                                                                Wax’s knowledge and experience, it is made without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.

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