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Dear Ice Cloud Partner

We have added more products to the system, for playing Mobile Lotto through your cellphone.
Lotto Wallet Voucher allow you to Top Up your Mobile Lotto Wallet.
Once loaded you can purchase Lotto tickets from your cellphone or the web.
The Lotto Wallet Voucher is immediately available on the Terminal and there is no need to apply for them, simply just
sell them.
Discount is set at 5%.

Lotto Wallet Voucher Denominations
R 12
R 25
R 50
R 100

Mobile Lotto terms and conditions
Enquiries / Help: 27822350414 (VAS rates apply, free minutes do not apply)



USSD : Dial *120*88#

1. Register

Register by Dialing *120*88#, and following the steps. You will need your ID Number to Register.

2. The Purse Wallet

Before you can use your wallet you need to load money into it, you can do this in one of the following ways:

     •    Purchase a Lotto Wallet Voucher at any of our designated Terminals
     •    Purchase a Lotto Wallet Voucher at any of our advertised merchants
     •    Then charge your wallet by typing in *120*88*voucherpin# on your Cell phone
     •    Start playing and the fun begins


     •    Top up via Credit or Debit Card
     •    Do a direct deposit to our bank, once your wallet receives the funds, you will be able to play
     •    Start playing and the fun begins

3. Payment Methods

3.1 Lotto Voucher

Users can purchase the South African Lotto voucher from any of our Terminal Devices, Partner Terminal Devices,
Merchant Stores and the like, or at any point where they can buy a Cell phone Recharge Voucher.

3.2 Direct Payments

Users can also pay in via Debit Card, other online mechanisms like Paypal or may make a direct deposit into the
Integrat Lotto Bank Account.

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4. How it works

4.1 Lotto
LOTTO is a game of chance where the player should select six (6) numbers from a field of 49 numbers. If these six
(6) numbers match the six drawn numbers of the LOTTO draw, the player wins the first category prize. Various
additional combinations of wins also applies, e.g 5 matches, 4 matched etc.

4.2 LottoPlus
LOTTOPLUS is an extension of the LOTTO On-line Game in which selections made for a LOTTO draw are wagered
for an additional corresponding LOTTO Plus draw. In other words, it gives a second chance to win in the LOTTO
Game at an additional cost. LOTTO Plus can only be played when playing LOTTO and the game boards entered for
LOTTO Plus must be the same as the LOTTO boards played.

4.3 PowerBall
PowerBall is a game of chance where the player should select, in a single play (one Board), five number and the
PowerBall number that match the numbers and the PowerBall number drawn for the game in which the Player is

4.4 SportsTake
The SportStake game involves the correct prediction of the outcomes of several football matches. In particular,
players will have to predict the outcomes (win, draw, loose) of 12 predetermined matches from South African, English
and other identified professional soccer fixtures.

4.5 LottoQuickPick
Same as the LOTTO with the exception that a computer randomly selects the number sequence to be played.

4.6 LottoQuickPickPlus
Same as the LOTTOPLUS with the exception that a computer randomly selects the number sequence to be played.

5. Payout

Payouts are made to the users bank accounts and can also be collected at the terminals, or at the Gidani offices (SA
Lottery Provider) Terminal Users can get up to R 5000 cash from the Terminal.

Users can get up to R 50,000.00 cash into bank.

Any payments above R 50,000.00 must be paid by the lottery board.

User must be Age verified before payouts can be made.

Terms and Conditions of Play4lotto

Standard SMS rated apply to access the system via a short code.

     1.  The promoters are owners of play4lotto;
     2.  Winnings will be paid within 48 hours by crediting the registered user's purse.
     3.  All registered users must have sufficient funds available on their purses to be able to play.
     4.  Free SMS's and bundles do NOT apply;
     5.  This service is available on all networks;
     6.  Bill payer's permission required
     7.  Only adults over the age of 18 will be allowed to play.
     8.  Network + WAP charges extra
     9.  Only players with a valid South African ID document will be allowed to play.
     10. Updates sent until canceled. By participating you agree to receive marketing material from play4lotto and its
         associates from time to time.
     11. All winners will be able to verify their winnings by logging onto their account to check the purse accounts

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     12. The promoters and their associated companies, agents, partners and sponsors shall not be liable for any loss
         whatsoever arising from a registered user's participation this service.
     13. Entry is open to anyone on the mobile networks, except for any Lottery board members and their families.
     14. In the event of any dispute arising from the competition, the promoters may, at their sole and absolute
         discretion, be able to nominate an independent 3rd party to adjudicate and decide upon any issues arising from
         such dispute. Such party's decision will be final and binding upon all participants. The promoters, organizers
         and judges will be not obliged to give reasons for their decisions or to enter into correspondence in connection
     15. This promotion complies with section 54 of the Lotteries Act, 1997 and is open to all South African residents.
         Changes to section 54 of the Lotteries Act, 1997 may necessitate changes to the terms and conditions of the
     16. Play4lotto will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the service is always available but does not
         guarantee its availability;
     17. If for any reason this competition is not capable of running as planned, whether caused by infection by
         computer virus, mobile phone failure, line drop out, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud,
         technical failures or any other cause beyond the control of Play4lotto Score Airtime which corrupt or affect
         the administration, security, fairness or integrity of the competition, Play4lotto reserves the right in its sole
         discretion, subject to any written Play4lotto direction given by a relevant Regulatory Authority, to cancel,
         terminate, modify or suspend the competition and may in its sole discretion disqualify any individual who
         tampers with the entry process;
     18. With regards to any entry using text via mobile phone or entry via the WEB: Registered users must enter via
         their own mobile phone. Play4lotto is under no obligation to make inquiries as to who is the owner of the
         mobile phone or the mobile phone number;
     19. To the extent permitted by law, Play4lotto, telephone networks, or service providers take no responsibility for
         incorrect or inaccurate transcription or entry information, or for any human error, technical malfunctions,
         lost/delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, line failures or any telephone network,
         computer equipment, software, inability to access telecommunications network services, or any other error or
     20. A Transaction is deemed to be valid at the time of receipt into Play4lotto and the bet is confirmed.
     21. Play4lotto is not responsible for receipt of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information caused by a
         registered users or occurring during transmission;
     22. Play4lotto is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any computer network, lines,
         servers, or telephone or internet providers, traffic congestion on any phone or computer network, or any
         combination thereof, including any injury or damage to participants or any other person's handset or computer
         related to or resulting from participation or sending or receiving of any communication or of any materials in
         this competition;
     23. Charges of R3.42 per transaction will apply for all electronic payouts.
     24. Play4lotto disclaims any responsibility for the inability to enter, complete or continue the transaction due to
         equipment or technical malfunction, busy lines, inadvertent disconnection, Acts of God or otherwise.
     25. Bank charges will apply for all electronic payouts.
     26. A 15% charge will be added to each lotto transaction played for cash handling and collection fees
     27. Enquiries / Help: 27822350414 (VAS rates apply, free minutes do not apply)
     28. For Lotto Queries contact Lidonga on Tel : 011 0837622. Web : E-mail : This email address is being protected.
     29. Winning for the amount of R 50000 or more will need to be collected from Gidani.
     30. Standard USSD rates apply. 20c/20seconds or part thereof up to 3 minutes.
     31. All prices Include VAT.

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