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Single toll free number for group of companies. Toll free phone numbers and Dial by Name directory for companies. Customized business telephony solution.

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									                      Toll Free Number
Group of companies needed to tie together with one toll free number and had
specific needs for menu levels on their company greeting

Challenge, type of company, why they called

Large group that needed dial by name directory and Departments with Multiple levels
to shorten the greeting for their callers.

Solution we developed for them

Working with the company owner, the AccessDirect sales professional customized a
                                                       solution to handle their need to
                                                       have 5 Departments with a
                                                       multi-tiered    greetings    and
                                                       menus. The company owner
                                                       needed to have all thirty
                                                       employees receiving calls based
                                                       on their department and position
                                                       with the company and have
personal extensions that could be reached in the dial by name directory. The
AccessDirect Direct Receptionist was a good fit to solve their problem with getting
calls to the right department and then to the right person. They were able to use their
existing main business number by forwarding it to a number provided in their service.
The program also solved their fax needs by providing fax service on their main business
line at no additional charge.

Results – productivity, leads – bottom line

AccessDirect evaluated the company needs, worked directly with the owner and solved
their needs in less than 24 hours. We ported their toll free number and are saving them
money on their per minute charges.

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