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The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Melancthon held a meeting on
the 6th day of November, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers. Mayor D.
Fawcett, Deputy Mayor B. Hill, Councillor J. Crowe and newly appointed
Councillor J. Elliott were present. Councillor B. Kumprey was absent with prior
notice given. Denise Holmes, CAO/Clerk-Treasurer was also present. Mayor
Fawcett presided.

Mayor Fawcett welcomed Janice Elliott, newly appointed Councillor to Council.

Declaration of Office

Denise Holmes, CAO conducted the swearing in ceremonies. Janice Elliott took
the Declaration of Office. The members of Council congratulated Mrs. Elliott on
her appointment.


-      None


-      None


S      Show of hands


Moved by Hill and Crowe that we approve the minutes of the Council meeting
held on October 16, 2008 as circulated.

Business Arising from the Minutes

Deputy Mayor Hill - Source Water Protection a resolution for compensation for
landowners presented.

Moved by Hill and Crowe that the Corporation of the Township of Melancthon
supports the letter from the Corporation of the Township of Southgate dated Oct.
2, 2008 to Mr. Craig Ashbaugh, Chair of the Lake Erie Region Source Water
Protection Area regarding compensation for landowners who suffer loss of use or
other enjoyment as a result of Source Water Protection Initiatives. Further the
Council supports a letter and motion dated July 25, 2008 from the Township of
East Garafraxa dealing with same issue in addition to other concerns outlined in
their letter. Carried.

Livestock Evaluator - still have not found one yet.

Members Privilege

Nothing at this time.

County Council Update

Deputy Mayor Hill reviewed the County Council update of October 9, 2008.

Committee Reports

Mayor Fawcett

Joint Fire Board Meeting - the issue of a Fire Prevention Officer being hired
jointly was discussed. Mayor Fawcett and Councillor Crowe in attendance for the
meeting and both do not support this initiative.

Deputy Mayor Hill

CDRC - company has been hired to come in to categorize priorities at the Arena.
The Futures Committee has been dealing with this. $7,500 in budget to hire a
consulting service.

Councillor Crowe

Police Services Board - October 1, 2008 - the Detachment Commander’s report
was presented and reviewed for June, July and August. The 2008 Detachment
Business Plan was received and reviewed. A complaint of speeding on the 3rd Line
OS was discussed and there will be more enforcement on the road. The previous
complaint of speeding in Horning’s Mills has received police attention but no
charges have been laid to date.

Joint Police Services Board - October 3, 2008 - attended by all members -
Secretary absent due to training conflict. The morning session consisted of a
Board Training Session by Peter Osigna and Mark Tatz, Police Services Advisors
of the Police Quality Assurance Unit. Sgt. Steve Sills was introduced as the new
Dufferin Detachment Commander. Staff Sergeant Sills spoke briefly on the new
Detachment office. The Dufferin Towing By-law was discussed and deferred – not
all Councils have passed the By-law. Some discussion on amalgamation of boards
– this will be left up to individual boards to determine if there are any mutual

Mulmur Melancthon Fire Department - October 8, 2008 - All members in
attendance. Discussion regarding the Board adopting policies for sale of land,
hiring of employees and procurement of goods and services. This will be
addressed by the Chair, Secretary, Chief and possibly Melancthon CAO at a later
date. Mayor Gord Montgomery in attendance and concurred with the Board’s
decision to maintain the present financial administration of the department.
Discussion on the Fire Department doing calls outside of their respective
catchment area and this was referred to the Chief’s meeting to be placed on the
Agenda. Ongoing discussion regarding raising of hourly rates for fire calls and
this to be added to the agenda for the Chief’s meeting.

Provincial Offences - October 17, 2008 - The format of these meetings will be now
similar to those of municipal council meetings – there will be no delegations or
question period. The 2009 budget to be presented Jan. 16, 2009. The
administrative fee appears to be sufficient at this time. Charges are down 21% –
mostly due to low enforcement in Orangeville. There were 365 charges filed in
provincial court for Melancthon as of September 30, 2008. As of August 30,
2008, POA revenue before deduction of 45% was $41,411.91.

Garry Matthews, NVCA Rep - reviewed the NVCA Highlights of the October 17,
2008 meeting. The next meeting is November 28th and the budget will be
discussed – looking at a 6% increase.


1.    AMO Communication Alert - Report of the Provincial - Municipal Fiscal
      and Service Delivery Review Released
2.    GRCA Minutes - October 2008
3.    Media Release - Partnership Supports Wetland Conservation For Ontario
4.    Resolution from the Township of East Garafraxa regarding Payment for
      Rescue Calls
5.    Crime Stoppers - Simcoe, Dufferin and Muskoka - requesting financial
      assistance for the fiscal year 2009
6.    Resolution from the Township of Amaranth regarding County of Dufferin
       Fire Rescue Calls
7.     Copy of a letter that Long Environmental sent to the Director of Public
       Works - County of Dufferin regarding ITRANS Melancthon Pit Traffic
8.     AMO Communication Alert - Minister Launches Review of Blue Box
       Program and Waste Diversion Act
9.     Notice of Public Meeting concerning a Proposed Official Plan Amendment
       No. 2 to the Township Official Plan and for a New Zoning By-law
10.    CANWET Newsletter - Summer/Autumn 2008
11.    Nottawasaga News - October 2008
12.    Source Water Protection E-Bulletin - # 1
13.    Headwaters In Action invitation to Focus Group Sessions
14.    Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Meetings Highlights
15.    Information from the Ministry of Environment regarding the Final Noise
       Guidelines for Wind Farms
16.    AMO Member Communication Alert - Ontario Proposes Ban on Cell
       Phones While Driving
17.    Resolution from the Township of East Luther Grand Valley regarding
       Payment For Rescue Calls
18.    Strada Aggregates Inc. Proposed Pit - Open House and Public Information
       Meeting Notes

Moved by Crowe and Elliott that the Council of the Corporation of the Township
of Melancthon hereby supports the motions made by the Townships of East
Garafraxa, Township of East Luther Grand Valley and the Township of Amaranth
regarding the County of Dufferin’s intention to discontinue payment of rescue
calls and further that this motion be forwarded to the County of Dufferin as our
position on this very important rural concern. Carried.

# 13 - the Clerk to find out what Committees are still active under this initiative

# 18 - Council to forward comments to the Planner on the proposed Strada
applications prior to November 7th. The following are Councils concerns:

-      the size of the 20 acre pond is inappropriate
-      concerns regarding the excavation of material from below the water table
-      would like to see the report from the NVCA regarding the pond
-      would like to see the first pit rehabilitated before proceeding with this pit

Correspondence on File at the Clerk’s Office

1.     Thank you card from Mary Lynne Armstrong for the Retirement Plaque
       received from the Township
2.     Minutes of the Shelburne Public Library meeting held on September 16,
3.     Minutes of the CDRC meeting held on August 27, 2008
4.     Ontario Power Generation – Semi Annual Performance Report
5.     Minutes of the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee meeting
       held on September 4, 2008
6.     Resolution from the Town of East Gwillimbury
7.     Several news releases from the Province of Ontario, AMO, OGRA regarding
       the Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Services Delivery Review


9:45 a.m. - Rick Riddall, Landfill Supervisor attended Council and presented his
monthly report on operations at the landfill site, update on the wells, etc.

10:00 a.m. - Tom Nevills, GRCA Representative attended Council. Mr. Nevills
updated Council on matters pertaining to the GRCA such as the Upper Grand
Restoration Fund, Source Water Protection, Conestoga Dam, Six Nations Claim
Issue and the 2009 budget.
General Business

Comments from GW Jorden regarding Shelburne Iron and Metal and Compliance
with By-law No. 7-1999

The comments were reviewed by Council and a copy given to David Launchbury
and Steve Lehmann who were in attendance. Mr. Launchbury questioned when
the fencing of C2-6 would be done and Mr. Lehmann advised that it would be
started next week. There were no further comments on the letter from Mr.

10:15 a.m. - Dave Millner, CAO, Township of Southgate and Brian Milne, Deputy
Mayor, Township of Southgate attended Council regarding the Dundalk
Community Centre. Discussion ensued regarding the type of agreement that the
Township of Southgate and the Township of Melancthon should enter into. The
Township of Melancthon has 22 users from hockey and figure skating using the
facility but there are also residents using it for public skating, lacrosse, soccer, etc.
and Council should consider the overall value of the recreation services. Mr.
Millner to forward the current agreement as well as the costs to the CAO for
further discussion at the next meeting.

10:30 a.m. - Council took a five minute break.

10:35 a.m. - Council reconvened.


Garry Matthews thanked the Township for putting the resolution forward
regarding Source Water Protection and inquired when the lights would be
operational at County Road 17 and Highway 10. The Clerk to check with the
County of Dufferin.

John Graham - re: Shelburne Tire and Towing - wanted to know what was
happening on the application? Clerk advised that an amendment was made to the
By-law regarding the fence along western boundary. He inquired about his water
concerns and the creek nearby and he was advised by Council that he would have
to deal with the Conservation Authority on that issue.

Harvey Lyon inquired about the Canadian Hydro monies for Phase II and if we
would be getting it next year and how we are going to use it? Council advised that
they have to find out if they are getting it first and then will decide.

Jim Dyment, Meridian Planning advised that he has been retained by The
Highland Companies for planning policies in Melancthon.

David Launchbury said he and three of his neighbours filed a letter on May 13,
2008 with reference to By-law No. 20-1966 Section 9 (fencing) and wondering
when we were going to enforce the By-law? The Clerk to check with the lawyer
and planner to see if By-law 7-1999 supercedes By-law 20-1966.

10:45 a.m. - Dale Murray, Source Water Protection Committee Representative,
Dave Millner, CAO, Township of Southgate and Brian Milne, Deputy Mayor,
Township of Southgate were in attendance regarding Source Water Protection.
Mr. Murray updated Council on the draft terms of reference and said the target
date would be the end of December to get the final report out. Mr. Murray spoke
on capture zones and the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program. This
program would provide funding to people and municipalities who are within the
2-year capture zones. Melancthon Township is in the capture area for a municipal
well located in Dundalk (near the Community Centre) – a map was reviewed
showing the area. Mr. Murray advised that a resolution would have to be passed
by Melancthon Council approving the two year time of travel area. This item
deferred to the next meeting of Council.
11:00 a.m. - A Public Meeting had been called to consider a Proposed Official Plan
Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment pertaining to Phase 1 of the
Melancthon Wind Project. The amendments would reduce the area originally
designated and zoned in Phase 1. The Notice of Public Meeting was published in
the local newspapers, on the website and on the information board in the office.
The various agencies were notified by mail. The Clerk advised that the properties
shown on the map were rezoned as part of the process for Phase 1 but did not
receive turbines either due to soil testing or otherwise and members of the Public
had asked that the properties not receiving turbines, be returned to their original
zoning. Donna Close was in attendance and wanted to know who did the soil
sampling? She was advised that someone retained by Canadian Hydro
Developers, Inc. Virginia Stewart-Love was in attendance and asked if the same
process was going to happen in Phase II. Council advised her that they did not
know at this time. As there were no further questions, comments or concerns, the
following resolutions were introduced and passed:

Moved by Hill and Crowe that leave be given to introduce a by-law to adopt an
Amendment No. 16 to the Official Plan of the Township of Melancthon and it now
be read a first and second time. Carried. By-law read a first and second time and
numbered 16-2008.

Moved by Crowe and Hill that leave be given to introduce a by-law to amend the
main governing zoning by-law of the Corporation being 12-1979 as amended and
it be read a first and second time. (Wind Power Amendment - reducing the area
originally designated in Phase 1 of the Melancthon Wind Project). Carried. By-
law read a first and second time and numbered 17-2008.

General Business - Cont.

By-law to Authorize the Enbridge Gas Franchise Agreement

Moved by Crowe and Hill that leave be given to introduce a by-law to authorize a
Franchise Agreement between the Corporation of the Township of Melancthon
and Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and it now be read a first and second time.
Carried. By-law read a first and second time and numbered 18-2008.

Applications to Permit

Mayor Fawcett signed the following applications to permit:

-     a met tower on the West Part Lot 28, Concession 1 OS - Green Breeze Wind
      Park Development/3191574 Nova Scotia Company
-     a met tower on the West Part of Lot 15, Concession 4 OS - Green Breeze
      Wind Park Development
-     a sunroom on the West Part of Lot 6, Concession 4 OS - G. & B. Peart

Request from Royal Canadian Legion to purchase a wreath

Moved by Crowe and Elliott that the Council of the Corporation of the Township
of Melancthon hereby authorizes the purchase of a large wreath at a cost of
$65.00 from the Royal Canadian Legion Shelburne Branch to be placed in honour
of our veterans at the 2008 Remembrance Day Service. Carried.

New/Other Business

Municipal Office - Holiday Office Closure - the municipal office will be closed
from noon on December 24, 2008 and will re-open on Monday, January 5, 2009.

Christmas Dinner - the Council/staff Christmas dinner will be held on November
25, 2008 at Mylar and Loreta’s in Singhampton.

Unfinished Business
Shelburne Tire and Towing Rezoning By-law Amendment - East Half of Lot 6,
Concession 3 OS - the Clerk advised that the Planner had made the amendment to
the Zoning By-law regarding the fence. The amendment reads: “Screening in the
form of a continuous 2.13 metre high tight board fence shall be provided along
the property’s entire western lot line.” Dave Johnson was in attendance for the
meeting. As there were no questions, comments or concerns from those in
attendance, the following resolution were introduced and passed:

Moved by Hill and Crowe that in accordance with Section 34(17) of the Planning
Act, no further notice is required with regard to the change that has been made,
subsequent to the Public Meeting, to the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
affecting the lands in Part of the East Half of Lot 6, Concession 3 OS
(Haynes/Shelburne Tire and Towing Inc.). Carried.

Moved by Crowe and Hill that By-law No. 12-2008 be hereby read a third time,
signed by the Mayor and Clerk, sealed and engrossed in the By-law Book. Carried.

Community Safety Zone By-law - deferred to next meeting as signs are not yet

Horning’s Mills - Parking on Sidewalk Issue - as there appears to be voluntary
compliance for the time being and until this becomes an issue again there will be
no further action on the matter.

PSAB - the Clerk advised that staff are meeting with Burnside and Associates next
week for assistance in doing the calculations with the asset inventory.

Capital Asset Policy - deferred.

Note – 11:30 a.m. delegation did not attend

General Business - Cont.


Moved by Crowe and Elliott that the general accounts in the amount of
$76,280.55 be approved as presented. Carried.

The Clerk was directed to obtain the following information on the Township of
Southgate medical call invoices 08-173 and 08-174:

-      was the fire department called because the ambulance was not available
-      did 9-1-1 arbitrarily call them
-      were both the fire department and ambulance on the scene

Road Business

Allen Braiden, Road Superintendent attended Council and presented the road
accounts. Moved by Hill and Crowe that the accounts in the amount of
$171,838.65 be approved as presented. Carried.

Marc Atkinson request (from last Council meeting) - Moved by Crowe and Hill
that the Council of the Township of Melancthon has reviewed correspondence
from Marc Atkinson requesting authorization to bury a water main under the 3rd
Line OS between the West Part Lot 28 and the East Part of Lot 28. This water line
is to be used for agricultural purposes. Council authorizes the required
construction by the applicant at no cost to the Township. The construction will be
done by excavating the existing road bed and putting it back in the existing
condition – any additional repairs required by the Road Superintendent will
receive immediate attention. Carried.

Marc Atkinson had another request to put a water line across the 3rd Line on the
north side of the intersection of the 3rd Line and County Road 21, as well as a line
diagonally from the northwest corner of the intersection under County 21 to the
southeast corner of the intersection. Council did not make a decision on the
request and asked the Clerk to forward it to the County for their comments.

Allen reported that the guide rails are completed in Horning’s Mills and the
culverts on the 8th Line SW and 10th Line NE are completed.
Discussion regarding the CHD underground cables and Avertex is in the process
of putting up markers for this. This will also be part of the “One Call” system.

Allen reported that the Mayor received a complaint of trees being planted on the
4th Line OS by Dave Lowndes. This is in the experimental stages and Mr.
Lowndes would like comments after the winter. Allen advised that he would
prefer to see them moved back.

Discussion regarding the winter help – Allen advised that the starting rate and the
hours are not competitive enough with other Townships and he is having trouble
finding employees. Most people want a guaranteed 40 hour week. Council
approved the 40 hour week but the employees must come in and work those
hours. Allen to put a new ad in the paper.

A letter was reviewed by Jack Sinclair of the Mulmur Melancthon Townline
regarding the condition of the road that Mulmur maintains. He asked that we
contact Mulmur Township to have the graded.

12:35 p.m. - Moved by Elliott and Crowe that we adjourn for lunch. Carried.

1:25 p.m. - Council reconvened.

New/Other Business - Cont.

County Administration Building - This item to be discussed at the November 13,
2008 meeting. Deputy Mayor Hill has had a tour of the present facility. The
County is proposing to build a new 32,500 square foot building – 7,500 for POA
and 25,000 for County Administration. The County is currently working in 12,
500 square feet. There are no agreements in place to lease the Court House.
Deputy Mayor Hill asked Council what they would like him to do because he
cannot support this issue. Council not in support of it either.

Closed Session

1:35 p.m. - Moved by Elliott and Hill that we go into Closed Session in order to
discuss a matter pertaining to personal matters about an identifiable individual,
including municipal or local board employees. Carried.

2:00 p.m. - Moved by Hill and Crowe that we rise from Closed Session with no
report. Carried.

Third Reading - By-laws

Moved by Crowe and Elliott that By-laws 16-2008, 17-2008 and 18-2008 now be
read a third time, signed by the Mayor and Clerk, sealed and engrossed in the By-
law Book. Carried.


2:05 p.m. - Moved by Elliott and Crowe that we adjourn Council to meet again on
Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. or at the call of the Mayor. Carried.

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MAYOR                                          CLERK

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