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									Sample employee performance review

There are two main aims of writing a sample employee performance review: one is to
sum up the employee's performance and its proper evaluation for over a definite
period; secondly, to motivate the employees to perform better by helping to modify
their weak points. Flaws in the performance reviews may lead to the loss of a
promising employee affecting the business whereas proper evaluation boosts the

So writing down employee performance reviews can be challenging as many key
aspects are to be covered for a fair evaluation within a short period.

Adopting a standard rating system for evaluation and presenting monetary awards
according to the rating helps to motivate the employees. This is mainly done by
checking the attendance records, attitude and conduct towards seniors, colleagues and
subordinates that help in maintaining a friendly working atmosphere in the
organization. This saves a lot of time and the employees are satisfied of their

Comparing the performance of the employee from the previous performance review
also helps in studying the employee's performance whether he has been able to
achieve the goals. In case of underperformance the reasons should be checked and
mentioned in the review.

It is almost impossible to remember all the achievements and the performance of a
large number of employees working under a manager. So if the employee is told to
write the self assessment first, then it can be easily compared with the manager's
personal opinions and observations.

The sample employee performance review must give due stress on the strength and
the weakness of the employee, his capability to make out the best in an opportune
moment and the ability of crisis management and care should be taken that the
evaluation should be fair as possible. Based on these assessments promotions,
incentives and other fringe benefits are awarded to the employee.

As a good employee is an asset to an organization, similarly a bad employee can
affect the growth of the organization. The details of such an employee must be
documented in the sample employee performance review so that proper action can be
taken against him under certain jurisdictions. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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