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                   Let us remember in prayer the souls of the deceased members of the TCDSB
                    community and their loved ones, particularly the following who have died
                                         recently... for these we pray:

                                    May the angels lead them into paradise.
                                 May the martyrs come to welcome them into the
                                          new and eternal Jerusalem.
                                       The holy sacrifice of the Mass will
                                           be offered for their souls.
                                            May they rest in peace.

Slavica Alilovic                         mother of Mary Alilovic-Argiropoulos, Teacher at
                                         Precious Blood Catholic School

Richard Beiwinkler                       brother of Rose Skeath, Teacher at
                                         James Culnan Catholic School

Antonio Calabretta                       father of Rose Chiaravalloti, Teacher at
                                         Monsignor John Corrigan Catholic School

Giacinto Cannatelli                      father of Mary Minicucci, Teacher at
                                         St. Wilfrid Catholic School

William Clark                            step-father of Janice Buccioni, Teacher at
                                         St. Rita Catholic School

Bionda D’Amico                           mother of Teresa Meliota, Teacher at
                                         St. Gerard Majella Catholic School

Delli Colli                              father of Mary Delli Colli, Teacher at
                                         Monsignor Fraser College

Joe Destine                              former Teacher at

Rose Granato                             mother of Rosalie Semoff, Education Assistant at
                                         The Divine Infant Catholic School

Frank Musil                              father of Valerie Werner, Teacher at
                                         St. Bonaventure Catholic School

Sr. Margaret O’Keefe IBVM                former Teacher at
                                         TCDSB and
                                         former IBVM Superior at
                                         Loretto Abbey, Loretto Abbey College School and St.
                                         Michael’s University
Vera Marie Primeau   mother of Deanna Keeling, Teacher at
                     St. Henry Catholic School

Anna Samagalsky      mother of Gloria Samagalsky, Teacher at
                     Bishop Allen Academy

Olha Zelenyj         former Teacher at
                     Notre Dame High School

Leslie Zydron        father of Veronika Zydron, Teacher at
                     Marshall McLuhan Catholic School

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