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2010 Fall Launch – Ontario
Primetime Media Kit
OMNI™ is a free, over-the-air multilingual/multicultural
television system committed to positive portrayal and
broadcast reflection of Canada’s diversity through the
airing of inclusive and accessible programming. With
five television stations – in BC; Alberta (Calgary
and Edmonton) and Ontario (OMNI.1 and OMNI.2)
– OMNI has a combined reach to 16.5 million house-
holds in major market areas. As well as specializing
in Canadian multilingual/ multicultural programming,
OMNI carries well-known International series and
films – including East Asian Super Cinema and South
Asian Bollywood Freetime Movies. OMNI Television is
a part of Rogers Broadcasting Limited., a division of
Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI)
which is a diversified Canadian communications and
media company. For more information visit
2010 Fall Launch – Ontario English Primetime Schedule

WEEKDAYS                        WEEKDAYS
	 6:00	 The	Simpsons            	 6:00	 Don’t Forget The Lyrics
	 6:30	 How I Met Your Mother   	 6:30	 Don’t Forget The Lyrics
	 7:00	 Two	and	a	Half	Men      	 7:00	 Family	Guy
	 7:30	 The	Office              	 7:30	 The	Simpsons
	 8:00	 OMNI	News:	             	 8:00	 OMNI	News:	
	     	 Italian	Edition         	     	 South	Asian	Edition
	 9:00	 Vivere	Novella          	 9:00	 OMNI	News:	
                                	     	 Cantonese	Edition
	 9:30	 OMNI	News:	
	     	 Portuguese	Edition      10:00	 Two	and	a	Half	Men
	 0:00	 Law	and	Order:	CI
1                               10:30		 King	of	Queens
	11:00	 Metropia	(Mon-Wed)      	11:00	 Cold	Case
		    	 Out	There	(Thu)/
	     	 Look	I	Cook	(Fri)
	11:30	 David	Letterman
WEEKEND	–	New	Shows
	 7:00	 America’s Funniest
        Home Videos	(Sun)       *	Bold	indicates	new	shows
Key Contacts

SALES                               Heather Player                      Manitoba                                Leslie Sole
                                    Research Manager                    Tom Scott                               Chief Executive Officer
National                            T: 416.764.6821 / F: 416.764.6810                                           T: 416.764.3030 / F: 416.764.3032
                                                                        General Manager, Citytv Winnipeg
Mitch Dent                                                     
                                                                        T: 204.934.8025 / F: 204.934.8019
Executive Vice President Rogers
                                    Ontario                                   Malcolm Dunlop
TV Sales
T: 416.764.6801 / F: 416.764.6810   Rick Marchand                       Ben Lucas                               Executive Vice President,           Director, Ontario Retail Sales      Sales Supervisor, Citytv Winnipeg       Programming
                                    T: 416.764.6818 / F: 416.764.6830   T: 204.934.8021 / F: 204.934.8019       T: 416.764.3033 / F: 416.764.3032
Michael Cansick                                                                                       
Director, National Sales
T: 416.764.6813 / F: 416.764.6810                                                                               Hayden Mindell
                                    British Columbia                    Quebec                                                                                  Director, Programming
                                    Bruce Hamlin                        Marco Mezzaluna                         T: 416.764.3220 / F: 416.764.3032
Steve Muscat                        Director, Sales                     Sales Manager                 
Director, National Sales            T: 604.872.6111 / F: 604.876.2476   T: 514.734.7355 / F: 514.842.4412
T: 416.764.6815 / F: 416.764.6810          Pacifica Virzi                                                                                     Manager, Commercial Production
                                    Bea Nohr                            International                           T: 416.764.3371 / F: 416.260.3638
Don Lang                            Sales Manager                       Rob Cowie                     
Director, Revenue Management &      T: 604.872.6317 / F: 604.874.2486   President, RNC Media Sales
Sales Operations                                                               Andrea Gagliardi
                                                                        T: 732.303.7489 / F: 732.303.7490
T: 416.764.6816 / F: 416.764.6820                                                                               General Manager, Web
                                    Alberta                                                                                                            T: 416.764.3249 / F: 416.764.3247
                                    Al Thorgeirson                                                    
Rob Groen                           Regional Vice President             TRAFFIC
Director, Marketing Solutions &                                                                                 Dawn Morden
                                    T: 403.508.3331 / F: 403.508.5567   Val Head
Specialty Sales                                                                                                 Executive Director, On-air Creative
                                 Senior Director, Traffic Operations &
T: 416.764.6814 / F: 416.764.6820                                                                               T: 416.764.3350 / F: 416.764.3247            Richard Hiron                       Client Services               
                                    Regional Sales Manager              T: 416.764.3261/ F: 416.260.3662
Jacquie Hood                                                                   Koreen Ott
                                    T: 780.440.7760 / F: 780.412.2777
Manager, Sales Development                                                                                      Director, Marketing & PR
                                  Ada Belmonte
T: 416-764-6817 / F: 416-764-6830                                                                               T: 416.764.3250 / F: 416.764.3247         Peggy Urlacher                      Director, Traffic             
                                    Sales Manager Calgary               T: 416.764.6440 / F: 416.764.6444
Nicole Stothard                                                            Melanie Farrell
                                    T: 403.390.4122 / F: 403.508.5567
Account Manager, Digital                                                                                        Director, Community Liaison
T: 416.764.6888 / F: 416.764.6820                                                                               T: 416.764.3084 / F: 416.764.3247        David Humen                                                       
                                    Sales Manager Edmonton
Gino Belmonte                       T: 780.412.2805 / F: 780.412.2777
Senior Director, Research 
T: 416.764.6421 / F: 416.764.6552
                                                                                                    ONE- HOUR gAME SHOw

America’s Funniest Home Videos

                                                                 America’s Funniest Home Videos highlights video clips that
                                                                 capture the unexpectedly funny things that happen when
                                                                 adults, children, animals and sometimes even inanimate objects
                                                                 are at their spontaneous best. The home videos, submitted by
                                                                 viewers, offer big laughs and compete to win the $100,000
                                                                 grand prize that is awarded to video buffs whose clips are
                                                                 judged favourites by studio audiences. From practical jokes to
                                                                 home improvement plans gone awry, from animal mishaps
                                                                 to just flat out strange behaviour, the program presents a
                                                                 hilarious look at everyday people caught on tape in their
                                                                 most embarrassing moments.

HOST                            EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
Tom Bergeron (The Early Show,   Vin Di Bona (Comedy Colosseum)
Hollywood Squares)
                                                                                    ONE- HOUR MUSICAL gAME SHOw

Don’t Forget The Lyrics

                                                            A musical game show that tests knowledge of song lyrics
                                                            from different genres, decades and artists. Contestants
                                                            sing alongside the studio band and try for the top prize of
                                                            $1 million.

HOST                                  EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Wayne Brady (Celebrity Duets, How I   Brad Lachman
Met Your Mother)                      Jeff Apploff
                                      Chris Coelen
                                      Greg Goldman
                                                                                                      HALF- HOUR COMEDy

How I Met Your Mother

                                                            How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted (Radnor) and
                                                            how he fell in love. It all started when Ted’s best friend, Marshall
                                                            (Segel), dropped the bombshell that he was going to propose
                                                            to his long-time girlfriend, and now wife, Lily (Hannigan), a
                                                            kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realized that he had
                                                            better get a move on if he too hopes to find true love. Helping
                                                            him in his quest is Barney (Harris), a friend with endless, some-
                                                            times outrageous opinions, a penchant for suits and a foolproof
                                                            way to meet women. When Ted met Robin (Smulders), it was
                                                            love at first sight, but when things didn’t work out, Ted realized
                                                            destiny must have something else in store. The series is narrated
                                                            through flashbacks from the future.

CAST                                  EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Ted – Josh Radnor (Judging Amy)       Carter Bays
Marshall – Jason Segel (Forgetting    Craig Thomas
Sarah Marshall)
Lily – Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the
Vampire Slayer)
Barney – Neil Patrick Harris
(Stark Raving Mad)
Robin – Cobie Smulders (The L Word)
                                                                                             ONE- HOUR LIFESTyLE ENTERTAINMENT

The Nate Berkus Show

                                                                         Hosted by the popular design expert and New York Times
                                                                         best-selling author Nate Berkus, The Nate Berkus Show is a
                                                                         daily syndicated multi-topic and multi-segment series that will
                                                                         present a broad range of subjects and guests based on life-
                                                                         style, entertainment and personal transformation. Berkus will
                                                                         bring audiences an upbeat hour filled with a broad range of
                                                                         entertaining topics – from stories of personal transformation
                                                                         to interesting guests to the best design tips & secrets and of
                                                                         course lots of take-away info too.

HOST                                   EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Nate Berkus (The Oprah Winfrey Show)   Terry Murphy (The Big Idea with
                                       Donny Deutsch)
                                                                                                                        HALF- HOUR COMEDy

Two And A Half Men

                                                                                Charlie Harper (Sheen) is a well-to-do bachelor with a house
                                                                                at the beach, a Mercedes in the garage and an easy way with
                                                                                women. But his casual Malibu lifestyle was interrupted when
                                                                                his tightly wound brother, Alan (Cryer), and Alan’s son, Jake
                                                                                (Jones), moved in with him. Despite the complexities of their
                                                                                lives and their own strained relationship, Charlie and Alan have
                                                                                one thing in common: They both love Jake and want what’s
                                                                                best for him. As a result, they manage to create a little family
                                                                                unit that promises to make each one of them a better man.

CAST                                         EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Charlie Harper – Charlie Sheen (Spin City,   Lee Aronsohn (Who’s The Boss, Cybilll)
Being John Malkovich)                        Mark Burg (John Q, Love, Inc.)
Alan Harper – Jon Cryer (Pretty In Pink)     Oren Koules (John Q, Love, Inc.)
Jake Harper – Angus T. Jones                 Eric Tannenbaum
Berta – Conchata Ferrell                     Kim Tannenbaum
Evelyn Harper – Holland Taylor
                                                                                                          HALF- HOUR ANIMATED COMEDy

Family Guy

                                                                              The Emmy®-award winning series, Family Guy, continues to
                                                                              serve up the distinctively twisted and irreverently outrageous
                                                                              trials and tribulations of Peter Griffin and his not-quite-so aver-
                                                                              age family. Lois is Peter’s loving wife, who struggles to maintain
                                                                              a modicum of normalcy in their home. Then there are the kids:
                                                                              angst ridden, 16-year-old Meg, who only really wants to get
                                                                              noticed; 13-year-old Chris, a sweet natured slacker and one-
                                                                              year-old Stewie, a diabolically clever baby who’s already bent
                                                                              on world domination. Rounding out the Griffin household is
                                                                              Brian, the brainy family dog who likes his martinis as dry as his
                                                                              dog food.

CAST                                        EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Peter Griffin – Seth MacFarlane             Seth MacFarlane (American Dad!)
(American Dad!)
Lois Griffin – Alex Borstein (MADtv)
Chris Griffin – Seth green (Four Kings)
Meg Griffin – Mila Kunis (That ‘70s Show)
Cleveland Brown – Mike Henry
(American Dad!)
                                                                                                                     ONE- HOUR COMEDy

Home Improvement

                                                                               Stand-up comic Tim Allen, who specialized in “macho” humour,
                                                                               brought his act to television in this light TV comedy about
                                                                               family man Tim Taylor. Home Improvement revolves around
                                                                               Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the accident prone host of a
                                                                               Detroit, Michigan cable TV show, Tool Time, a cheerful mix
                                                                               of fix-it advice and family humour.

CAST                                        EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Tim Taylor – Tim Allen (The Santa Clause,   Bob Bendetson (Coach)
Toy Story)                                  Elliot Shoenman (The Cosby Show)
Jill Taylor – Patricia Richardson           Bruce Ferber
Al Borland – Richard Karn                   Tim Allen
Brad Taylor – Zachery Ty Bryan
Mark Taylor – Taran Noah Smith
Randy Taylor – Jonathan Taylor Thomas
                                                                                                                      HALF- HOUR COMEDy

The King Of Queens

                                                                              It’s impossible to watch The King Of Queens and not recognize
                                                                              the similarity between Doug (James) and Carrie Heffernan
                                                                              (Remini) and Ralph and Alice Kramden of The Honeymooners.
                                                                              Doug is a blue collar worker, a courier who enjoys the simple
                                                                              things in life – beer, fast food and the company of his male
                                                                              cronies; his wife, Carrie is the smart-mouthed dynamo who
                                                                              keeps him in check. Add to the mix Doug’s buddies, Deacon
                                                                              and Spence and veteran character actor, Jerry Stiller as Carrie’s
                                                                              eccentric father, Arthur, and the comic possibilities are bound-
                                                                              less. The King Of Queens is situation comedy in its truest form
                                                                              where laughter is derived from everyday situations.

CAST                                      EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Doug Heffernan – Kevin James (Hitch)      Josh Goldsmith (What Women Want)
Carrie Heffernan – Leah Remini (In the    Kevin James (Hitch, Mall Cop)
Motherhood, Old School)                   Cathy Yuspa (What Women Want)
Arthur Spoon – Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld)   Michael J. Weithorn (True Colors)
                                                                                                                         HALF- HOUR COMEDy

The Office

                                                                                  A fly-on-the-wall docu-reality parody about modern American
                                                                                  office life, The Office delves into the lives of the workers at
                                                                                  Dunder Mifflin paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                  Regional manager Michael Scott (Carell) is a single, middle-aged
                                                                                  man who is the boastful tour guide for the documentary. With
                                                                                  unshaken enthusiasm, Michael believes he is the office funny-
                                                                                  man, a fountain of business wisdom and his employees’ cool
                                                                                  friend. He has no clue that his employees tolerate his
                                                                                  inappropriate behaviour only because he signs their paychecks.
                                                                                  Painstakingly trying to be liked and look cool, Michael comes
                                                                                  off alternately absurd and pathetic. His prize possession is his
                                                                                  “World’s Greatest Boss” mug – which he had to buy for himself.

CAST                                            EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Michael Scott – Steve Carell (The Daily Show,   Ben Silverman (Ugly Betty)
Get Smart, Anchorman: The Legend of             Greg Daniels (King of the Hill)
Ron Burgundy)                                   Ricky Gervais (Extras)
Dwight Schrute – Rainn wilson (Juno,            Stephen Merchant (Extras)
Six Feet Under)
                                                Howard Klein (The Starter Wife)
Jim Halpert – John Krasinski (License to Wed,
The Holiday)
Pam Beesly – Jenna Fischer (Walk Hard: The
Dewey Cox Story, Blades of Glory)
Ryan Howard – B.J. Novak (Knocked Up)
                                                                                  HALF- HOUR COMEDy

Out There With Melissa DiMarco

                                           This award-winning dramedy parodys the perks and pitfalls of
                                           celebrity entertainment journalist, Melissa. Struggling to keep
                                           her sanity, she and her oddball team produce a weekly enter-
                                           tainment show. This scripted series goes ‘behind-the-scenes’ to
                                           reveal Melissa’s funny, and sometimes outrageous, interactions
                                           with industry-types and celebrity guests. Watch for appearances
                                           from notable A-listers including Brad Pitt, George Clooney,
                                           Paris Hilton, Ricky Gervais, Queen Latifah, Angelina Jolie, Jodie
                                           Foster, Terrence Howard, Sir Ben Kingsley, Cate Blanchett, Alicia
                                           Keys, Kevin Costner, Gene Simmons, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess,
                                           Kim Catrall, Gerard Butler, Ludacris and many more.

Melissa DiMarco      Melissa DiMarco
                                                                                                          HALF- HOUR ANIMATED COMEDy

The Simpsons

                                                                             A favourite among children and adults alike, The Simpsons is
                                                                             the longest-running prime-time animated series in television
                                                                             history and the yardstick against which all other animated series
                                                                             are measured. Its blend of political satire, timely social refer-
                                                                             ences and sight gags evokes laughter from both young and
                                                                             old. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the host of colour-
                                                                             ful characters that inhabit the town of Springfield have kept
                                                                             audiences in stitches since they first sprang to life as a series of
                                                                             30-second spots on The Tracy Ullman Show. They have carried
                                                                             that momentum through 20 seasons as a regular series and
                                                                             show no signs of letting up.

CAST                                      EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Homer Simpson – Dan Castellaneta          James L. Brooks (As Good As It Gets, Taxi)
(The Tracy Ullman Show)                   Matt Groening (Futurama)
Marge Simpson – Julie Kavner              Sam Simon (The Drew Carey Show,
(Doctor Dolittle, Deconstructing Harry)   The Tracy Ullman Show)
Bart Simpson – Nancy Cartwright
(The Replacements)
Lisa Simpson – yeardley Smith
(Dharma & Greg)
Ned Flanders – Harry Shearer (For Your
Consideration, Chicken Little)
                                                                                                                   ONE - HOUR DRAMA

Cold Case

                                                                          Executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman,
                                                                          along with Meredith Stiehm, explore an equally absorbing facet
                                                                          of law enforcement in this fascinating drama series. Headstrong
                                                                          and resourceful, Detective Lilly Rush (Morris) works on “cold
                                                                          cases” for the Philadelphia Police Department, reopening
                                                                          dormant, unsolved homicides that occurred years or even
                                                                          decades ago, making use of today’s science and finding fresh
                                                                          clues to crimes once thought to be unsolvable.

CAST                                     EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Detective Lilly Rush – Kathryn Morris    Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI: Miami)
(Minority Report)                        Jonathan Littman (CSI: NY)
Detective Scotty Valens – Danny Pino
                                         Meredith Stiehm (ER)
(The Shield)
Lieutenant John Stillman – John Finn     Jennifer Johnson (Lost)
(Dawson’s Creek)                         Greg Plageman (Law & Order)
Detective Nick Vera – Jeremy Ratchford
(The Practice)
Detective Will Jeffries – Thom Barry
(The West Wing)
Detective Kat Miller – Tracie Thoms
(Private Practice)
                                                                                                                      ONE - HOUR DRAMA

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

                                                                             From the producers of the Emmy® Award-winning Law & Order,
                                                                             the longest-running drama on television, comes a compelling
                                                                             series detailing the extraordinary crime-solving techniques and
                                                                             exploits of the elite Major Case Squad. In the NYPD, Detective
                                                                             First Grade Robert Goren (D’Onofrio) is the best there is, called
                                                                             in by Captain James Deakins (Sheridan) for special high profile
                                                                             crimes and hard-to-crack cases that must be solved, whatever it
                                                                             takes, by exposing “Criminal Intent.”

CAST                                       EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Detective Robert Goren – Vincent           Dick Wolf (Law & Order: Special Victims
D’Onofrio (The Break-Up)                   Unit, Law & Order)
Detective Alex Eames – Kathryn Erbe (Oz)   Rene Balcer (Law & Order)
Captain James Deakins – Jamey Sheridan     Peter Jankowski (Law & Order: Special
(Trauma)                                   Victims Unit, Law & Order)
Asst. District Attorney Ron Carver –
Courtney B. Vance (ER)
Detective Mike Logan – Chrish North
(Sex and the City)
                                                                                                                           ONE - HOUR DRAMA


                                                                               Metropia is an exciting dramatic soap series about a group of
                                                                               multicultural, multi-ethnic, hip and happening, twenty-some-
                                                                               things living in Toronto. The series reflects the diverse cultural
                                                                               make up of Toronto and deals with young adult contemporary
                                                                               themes – university; jobs; social and cultural issues and of
                                                                               course sexual themes.

CAST                                        EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS
Maya – Dharini woollcombe                   Paul Bronfman (Train 48, Stephen
                                            Greenberg, Crusoe)
Cyanne – Kristin Fairlie (Instant Star)
                                            Jean Bureau (Crusoe)
Lee – Silver Kim (Mayday)
                                            Steve Levitan (The Saddle Club)
Phoenix – Kerry Lai Fatt (Paradise Falls)
Kate – Andrea Lui (Instant Star)
l ifestyle
                                                                     ONE- HOUR LIFESTyLE TALK SHOw

Latenight with David Letterman

                                           There is only one David Letterman, and his wry sense of
                                           humour has been a staple of OMNI Television’s late night
                                           programming for 15 years. Interviews with celebrities share
                                           the spotlight with Stupid Pet Tricks, The Top Ten List and Paul
                                           Shaffer’s orchestrations with guest musical artists.

David Letterman      Rob Burnett
                     Barbara Gaines
CO-HOST              Maria Pope
Paul Shaffe          Jude Brennan

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