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					                                      St Cuthbert’S rC high SChool

                                      Sixth Form
                                         Guide to
                                      AS Coursework
                                          - 2007-2008 -

     St Cuthbert’s RC High School
  Shaw Road, Rochdale. OL16 4RX
Tel: 01706 647761 Fax: 01706 642378

Headteacher: Mr J V Wood BA (Oxon)
                      ResouRces      foR couRsewoRk
Study Time:
	   ♦	 Each	student	has	a	minimum	6	hours	of	study	time	during	the	main		      	
	   	 timetable	day.

	   ♦	 There	is	no	excuse	for	not	having	time	or	not	keeping	up	to	date

	   ♦	 Organise	your	study	periods	allocating	the	time	to	each	of	your		       	
	   	 subjects.		Then	you	will	know	what	to	do	with	your	time

Study Areas:
	   ♦	 Mezzanine Floor of the Library:		
       •	 This	is	a	silent	study	area	for	serious	work.		
       •	 Computer	facilities	with	printer	are	available	to	type	up	work	or	use		
	   	 	 the	internet	to	research	topics.

	   ♦	 Ground Floor of the Library:		
       • General	working	area	with	‘A	level	study	materials.		
       • Computer	facilities	with	printer	are	available	to	type	up	work	or	use		
	   	 	 the	internet	to	research	topics.

	   ♦	 USRB:		
       • For	computer	facilities	with	printers	and	access	to	the	internet	for		
       • Work	desks	are	available	for	use.

	   ♦	 Sixth Form Centre:		
       • During	study	periods	tables	are	available	to	work	at.

Laptop Computers:
	   ♦	 These	are	available	to	borrow	during	study	periods	and	can	be	used	in		 	
	   	 the	centre.

	   ♦	 These	can	be	loaned	from	the	library	and	are	for	Sixth	Form	Students		
	   	 use	only.

	   ♦	 Longer	term	use	may	be	available	by	negotiation	if	work	needs	to	be		 	
	   	 completed	at	home	using	the	Laptop.
                        3D PRoDuct Design
Board: AQA
Weighting: 30%

Unit 2: Coursework
Piece	of	furniture	based	on	the	Memphis	Design	Group          Foreword
Begun: 	w/b	5th	November	2007                                 Dear Students
Completion date: 20th	March	2008

                             Tips for Success                 This booklet contains all the information you need to know
                                                              about the coursework requirements in your examination
  ♦	 Keep	on	top	of	deadlines                                 subjects.
  ♦	 Ask	if	any	problems
  ♦	 Keep	sections	in	order	&	colour	coded                    It has been carefully compiled for you. The members of staff
  ♦	 Attend	all	sessions                                      who have contributed to it wish to give you every chance of
  ♦	 Back	up	work	on	computer                                 success in your forthcoming examinations.
  ♦	 Use	extra	sessions	available	for	practical	work
                                                              Please use it well. I would like to see everyone fulfil their
                                                              considerable potential in the Summer. I wish you every
                                                              success in your endeavours.

                             Students Notes
                                                              Yours sincerely



_________________________________________________________     J V Wood





                                    20                                                         1
                          couRsewoRk PlanneR                                                           sPoRts & Physical eDucation
Departments	have	made	a	contribution	to	this	booklet	to	help	you	gain	the	           Board: AQA
most	out	of	your	coursework.		This	is	to	help	you	plan	and	organise	your	time	       Weighting: Training programme 12% Practical performance 18%
to	maximise	your	chances	of	gaining	success	on	this	element	of	your	course.
                                                                                     Nature of Coursework
                                                                                     Personal	exercise	plan	to	improve	performance.
           The MARkS ARe TheRe FoR The TAkiNG
                                                                                     Begun: 	w/b	10th	September	2007	
   You are in control of the quality of work and tasks to be completed               Completion date: 29th	February	2008

                                                                                                                  Tips for Success

There	are	no	surprises	so	make	the	most	of	the	known	part	of	the	                      ♦	 Keep	to	short	term	deadlines
examination.                                                                           ♦	 Look at how marks are awarded for specific sections
                                                                                       ♦	 Ensure you spend sufficient time on the Evaluation as this is often an
ALWAYS:                                                                                area	of	weakness
    ♦	 Know	what	is	required	of	you	–	the	teacher	is	there	to	repeat,		          	     ♦	 Choose	a	sport	you	are	familiar	with	as	it	makes	your	write	up	far	easier
    	 repeat	and	repeat	the	outline	of	the	coursework	to	be	completed.                 ♦	 Familiarise	yourself	with	assessment	criteria
      ♦	 Know	what	the	marking	criteria	is	before	starting	the	piece	of	work		

      	   so	that	you	know	what	you	are	working	towards	and	must	include.			 	
      	   What	is	the	examiner	looking	for?	–	match	this	with	your	work.

      ♦	 Know	how	much	you	need	to	write	and	what	to	include.                                                      Students Notes

      ♦	 Know when the deadlines are for drafts, re-drafts and final                 _________________________________________________________ 	
                 You can’t afford to be on the last minute –
                      you will be throwing marks away.                               _________________________________________________________

Rely	on	the	teacher	for	help	but	it	is	you	who	must	be	motivated	to	complete	
the	work	in	full.		This	is	your	chance	to	show	how	good	you	are	at	independent	      _________________________________________________________
study,	a	requirement	for	Higher	Education	courses.


M	Metcalfe                                                                           _________________________________________________________
head of Sixth Form

                                      2                                                                                 19
                              Psychology                                           as subjects containing a couRsewoRk element
Board: AQA
Weighting: 15%                                                               	           ♦		Computing
                                                                             	           ♦		Drama	&	Theatre	Studies
Nature of Coursework                                                         	           ♦		English	Language
Individual	Psychology	Experiment/Investigation
                                                                             	           ♦		English	Literature
Begun: 	w/b	3rd	September	2007                                               	           ♦		Fine	Art
All material data to be completed by 14th December 2007                      	           ♦		Health	&	Social	Care
Completion of coursework 8th February 2008
                                                                             	           ♦		Health	&	Social	Care	GNVQ
                             Tips for Success                                	           ♦		History
                                                                             	           ♦		Home	Economics
  ♦	 Adopt	a	staged	approach:	How	do	you	eat	an	elephant?	One	spoonful		 	   	           ♦		Human	Biology
  at	a	time
  ♦	 Begin	research	early                                                    	           ♦		Information	&	Communication	Technology
  ♦	 If	in	any	doubt	see	tutor.		Remember	BPS	Ethical	Guidelines             	           ♦		Media	Studies
  ♦	 Don’t try to reinvent the wheel                                         	           ♦		Music
  ♦	 Follow	the	guidelines	to	the	letter                                     	           ♦		Physics
                                                                             	           ♦		Psychology
                                                                                         ♦		Sports	Physical	Education

                                                                             	           ♦		3D	Product	Design

                             Students Notes                                  	
_________________________________________________________                        as subjects not containing a couRsewoRk element

_________________________________________________________                    	           ♦	   Business	Studies	
_________________________________________________________                    	           ♦		Chemistry
                                                                             	           ♦		French
_________________________________________________________                    	           ♦	 Geography
                                                                             	           ♦	 Mathematics
                                                                             	           ♦		Religious	Education	
_________________________________________________________                    	           ♦	 Sociology
                                                                             	           ♦		Spanish

                                    18                                                                           3
                                   comPuting                                                                               Physics
Board: AQA                                                                               Board: oCR
Weighting: 30%                                                                           Weighting: 30%

Nature of Coursework                                                                     Nature of Coursework:
Examination	board	set	practical	exercise.		Usually	the	solution	should	involve	          Three Pieces - ‘Instrumentation’, Research and Presentation and ‘Making Sense
the	 use	 of	 a	 programming	 language	 (either	 stand-alone	 or	 within	 a	 database	   of Data’.
environment).		Documentation	and	solution	are	submitted	along	with	the	CPT3	
examination.                                                                             Begun: 1. w/b	3rd	December	2007
                                                                                         Completion date: 7th	January	2008
Begun:	4th	October	2007
Completion date: 20th March	2008                                                         Begun: 2. 7th January 2008
                                                                                         Completion date: 28th	January	2008
                                 Tips for Success
                                                                                         Begun: 3. 3rd	March	2008
   ♦	   Read	the	project	brief	thoroughly                                                Completion date: 17th	March	2008
   ♦	   Spend	time	documenting	data	systems	before	any	design
                                                                                                                       Tips for Success
   ♦	   Back	up	work	regularly
   ♦	   Refer	to	marking	scheme                                                            ♦	   Make	use	of	pupil	CD	Rom
   ♦	   Present	work	in	the	correct	format	to	ensure	all	criteria	are	met                  ♦	   Stick	to	coursework	guidelines
                                                                                           ♦	   Do	research	thoroughly

                                                                                           ♦	   Meet	the	deadlines

                                 Students Notes

_________________________________________________________ 	                                                              
                                                                                                                        Students Notes
                                         4                                                                                       17
                                   music                                                    DRama & theatRe stuDies
Board: AQA                                                           Board: AQA
Weighting: 30% each                                                  Weighting: 40%

Nature of Coursework                                                 Nature of Coursework
1.		2	compositions	(MUS	2)	4-8	minutes	in	total                      Devised	Drama	Unit	1
2.		Performing	and	Realisation	6-10	minutes.		                       1.		A	performance	by	a	group	of	a	devised	piece	inspired	by	the	AS	subject						
					Ensemble	performance	-	realisation	of	the	one	of	compositions   					content.		Recommended	rehearsal	time	-	40	hours
                                                                     2.		A	portfolio	detailing	the	process	-	approximately	2000	words
Composition 1 Begun: 	w/b	3rd	September	2007
              Completion date: 5th	November	2007                     Begun:	w/b	28th	January	2008
                                                                     Completion date: 20th	March	2008
Composition 2 Begun: w/b	12th	November	2007
              Completion date: 8th	February	2008                                                     Tips for Success

ensemble Performance: Friday 18th April 2008                            ♦	   Be	prepared	to	run	additional	rehearsals	outside	of	the	lessons
                                                                        ♦	   Do	not	leave	the	portfolio	until	the	last	minute
                              Tips for Success
                                                                        ♦	   Follow	the	guidelines	given	and	meet	the	deadlines	set
   ♦	 Set	regular	deadlines                                             ♦	   Be	ambitious	-	think	beyond	Naturalism
   ♦	 Listen	to	and	review	work                                         ♦	   Be	supportive	of	your	group
   ♦	 Experiment	with	new	ideas
   ♦	 Familiarisation	with	Sibelius	3
   ♦	 Regular	practices	for	ensemble	group
                                                                                                     Students Notes

                              Students Notes


_________________________________________________________ 	          _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________            _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________            _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________            _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________            _________________________________________________________

                                     16                                                                      5
                           english language                                                                     meDia stuDies
Board: AQA                                                                          Board: AQA
Weighting: 30%                                                                      Weighting: 40%

Nature of Coursework                                                                Nature of Coursework
Two	piece	of	extended	original	writing	both	with	commentaries	detailing	language	   Practical	Production.		Students	produce	a	media	text	based	on	their	studies	
choices	and	working	processes.                                                      in	module	2.
                                                                                    Begun: 	w/b	7th	January	2008	of	Spring	Term:
Begun: 	w/b	10th	September	2007                                                     By	week	3:	practical	brief	written
Completion date: 8th	February	2008                                                  By	week	4:	production	of	text	begins
                                                                                    By	week	9:	completion	of	text
                               Tips for Success                                     Summer	Term:
                                                                                    Final	evaluation	completed	by	end	of	Spring	Term	2008
   ♦	 Individual	tutorials	for	review	of	progress
   ♦	 Clear	guidelines	at	all	stages	linked	to	assessment	criteria                  Completion date: 20th	March	2008
   ♦	 Time for the completion of drafts and finalised work clearly set out to                                     Tips for Success
   	  complement	guidelines
   ♦	 Marking	criteria	clearly	outlined                                                ♦	 Have a well organised file of notes on module 2
   ♦	 Prior	analysis	of	exemplar	material                                              ♦	 Do	research	before	beginning	the	project
                                                                                       ♦	 Stick	to	interim	deadlines	for	drafts

                               Students Notes
                                                                                       ♦	 Use	teacher	notes	appropriately	to	organise	redrafts
                                                                                       ♦	 Pinpoint	problems	early	and	address	them	immediately


                                                                                                                  Students Notes

_________________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________________ 	

_________________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________________


                                       6                                                                                 15
         infoRmation & communication technology                                                     english liteRatuRe
Board: AQA                                                                  Board: AQA
Weighting: 40%                                                              Weighting: 30%

Nature of Coursework                                                        Nature of Coursework
Own	choice	of	a	self	contained	problem.		Solution	should	be	a	fully	        Module	2	-	Shakespeare.		Assignment	based	on	study	of	one	Shakespeare	
implemented	system	that	utilises	the	advanced	facilities	of	a	particular	   play.		1500-2000	words.		Choice	of	topics.
generic	application.
                                                                            Begun: 	w/b	10th	September	2007
Begun: 	w/b	7nd	October	2007                                                Study of text completed by 21st December 2007
Completion date: 20th March	2008                                            First rough draft completed by 18th January 2008
                                                                            Final draft completed by 22nd February 2008
                              Tips for Success
                                                                                                         Tips for Success
   ♦	 Take	care	to	select	a	suitable	project
   ♦	 Keep	to	deadlines	set                                                   ♦	 Select	topic	wisely
   ♦	 Read	feedback	comments                                                  ♦	 Make	notes	in	class	and	read	round	subject
   ♦	 Keep	back-up	copies                                                     ♦	 Familiarity	with	assessment	objectives
   ♦	 Document	each	stage                                                     ♦	 Extensive	redrafting	following	tutor	advice
                                                                              ♦	 Meet	deadlines	set

                               Students Notes                                                              
                                                                                                         Students Notes

                                      14                                                                        7
                                   fine aRt                                                                         human biology
Board: AQA                                                                             Board: AQA
Weighting: 60%                                                                         Weighting: 30%

Nature of Coursework:                                                                  Nature of Coursework
Two	units	(third	is	a	5	hour	examination).		Both	Unit	1	&	2	are	practical	topics.	 	   Ten skills in five groups which are assessed independently (Planning,
They	have	a	similar	starting	point	and	require	extensive	artist	and	topic	research.	   implementing,	drawing,	analysing,	communicating	essay)	
A final piece concludes each unit. Each unit marked out of 60.
                                                                                       Begun: 1)	Coursework	practical	day	in	late	January	2007
Unit 1 Begun: w/b 3rd September	2007                                                   	      	       (complete	skills	A,	B,	C,	D,	E,	F	on	Thursday)
       Completion date: 3rd	December	2007                                              	      2)	Complete	skill	G	and	H	within	one	week	ofthe	practical	day
                                                                                       Completion date: For	skills	I	and	J	(essay)	April	4th	2007
Unit 1 Begun: 3rd December	2007
       Completion date: 3rd	March	2008
                                                                                                                     Tips for Success
                                Tips for Success
                                                                                          ♦	 Practise	several	planning	exercises
   ♦	   Full	attendance,	both	timetabled	classes	and	studio	time                          ♦	 Try	to	complete	planning,	implementing,	analysing	on	the	practical		   	
   ♦	   To	explore	and	develop	given	topic	thoroughly                                     	  coursework	day
   ♦	   More	primary	source	observational	drawing	/	photography                           ♦	 Stick	exactly	to	the	coursework	guidelines
   ♦	   Clear	annotation	and	analysis	in	sketchbook                                       ♦	 Take	great	care	with	the	graph
   ♦	   Explore	and	experiment	with	material                                              ♦	 Include	bibliography	with	Essay

                                Students Notes
                                                                                                                      Students Notes

_________________________________________________________ 	                            _________________________________________________________ 	

_________________________________________________________                              _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                              _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                              _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                              _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________                              _________________________________________________________

                                        8                                                                                    13
                            home economics                                                               health & social caRe
Board: AQA                                                                        Board: AQA
Weighting: 15%                                                                    Weighting: 33% (single award) 16% (double award)

Nature of Coursework                                                              Nature of Coursework
Investigation	into	food	materials	(choice	of	topics).		Completed	over	15	hours.   Unit 2 - effective Communication.		A	presentation	to	a	selected	audience,	
                                                                                  with	analysis	of	response	and	presentation	of	relevant	data.
Begun: 	w/b 3rd September 2007
Completion date: 8th February 2008                                                Begun: 	w/b	3rd	September	2007
                                                                                  Completion date: 19th	February	2008
                              Tips for Success
                                                                                  Unit 3 - health illness and disease.		The	production	of	a	portfolio	of	
   ♦	 Include as much scientific information as possible                          evidence	demonstrating	the	production	of	a	good	questionnaire.		Evidence	of	
   ♦	 Choose	topic	of	personal	interest                                           two	written	reports	based	on	immunisation	against	disease	and	the	value	of	
                                                                                  health	screening.
   ♦	 Meet	deadlines
   ♦	 Familiarise	yourself	with	assessment	criteria                               Begun: 	w/b	3rd	September	2007
   ♦	 Support	research	with	practical	application                                 Completion date: 19th	February	2008

                                                                                  Unit 9 - Complementary Therapies.		The	production	of	a	report	giving	

                               Students Notes
                                                                                  information	about	three	different	therapies.		The	report	requires	research,	
                                                                                  both	primary	and	secondary	to	be	carried	out.

                                                                                  Begun: 	w/b	3rd	September	2007
                                                                                  Completion date: 7th	January	2008

_________________________________________________________                                                      Tips for Success

_________________________________________________________                           ♦	 Read	the	unit	assessment	requirements.
_________________________________________________________                           ♦	 Break	the	assignment	into	manageable	tasks.
                                                                                    ♦	 Complete	relevant	research	and	apply	the	information	to	your	work.
_________________________________________________________                           ♦	 Read	feedback	given	and	discuss	issues/progression	with	your	teacher.
                                                                                    ♦	 Plan	your	work	load	and	ASK	for	help.
_________________________________________________________                           ♦	 Do	not	forget	the	extra	work	involved	when	revising.

                                      12                                                                               9
                      health & social caRe                                                                                     histoRy
                 ocR level 2 national ceRtificate
                                                                                              Board: AQA
Board: oCR                                                                                    Weighting: 30% of AS marks
Weighting: Units are equally weighted 1/6 of the qualification. All units must be passed
to	achieve	the	award.                                                                         Nature of Coursework
                                                                                              Two	course	essays,	1000	words	each.		Titles	set	by	board	&	externally	
This	course	is	made	up	of	6	units.		4	Mandatory	Units	(	M)		and	2	Optional	units	(O).		All	   marked.		Completed	under	supervised	and	timed	conditions.		(90	minutes	for	
work	is	internally	assessed	and	externally	moderated.
                                                                                              each	essay)
Nature of Coursework
                                                                                              Topics	for	each	essay	are	taken	from	a	theme	of	British	history	and	a	theme	
Unit 1 (M)- Preparing to Give Quality Care.		This	unit	will	help	you	understand	the	          of	American	history	studied	in	Year	12.
principles	and	skills	essential	to	work	in	the	care	sector.
                                                                                              Begun: w/b	3rd	March	2008
Unit 2 (M)- Communicating with Service Users in Care Settings. 	This	unit	will	allow	
                                                                                              Completion date: w/b	28th	April	2008
you	to	demonstrate	your	knowledge	and	understanding	of	the	principles	that	bring	about	
effective	communication	between	care	workers	and	their	clients.
                                                                                                                           Tips for Success
Unit 3 (M)- Practical Caring. This	unit	will	allow	you	to	develop	basic	practical	skills	
that	will	enable	clients	to	improve	their	mobility	and	quality	of	life.                         ♦	 Make	sure	you	are	aware	of	what	the	questions	demand	from	you.
Unit 4 (M)- hygiene and Safety in Care Settings. This	unit	will	help	you	recognise	             ♦	 Identify	areas	of	misunderstanding	and	seek	clarity
the	main	types	of	infections	that	might	occur	in	care	settings.		You	will	also	be	expected	     ♦	 Do	research	thoroughly	using	a	wide	variety	of	resources
to	demonstrate	a	knowledge	of	good	hygiene	and	safety.
                                                                                                ♦	 Prepare for final session by practising model answers
Unit 7 (o)- Development and Care of Young Children.		This	unit	will	help	you	understand	        ♦	 Manage your time and stay within official guidelines (mark scheme)
the	physical	intellectual	emotional	and	social	milestones	of	growth	and	development.		You	
will	also	understand	the	care	needs	of	a	new	baby	and	design	a	nursery.

Unit 12 (o)- Nutrition and Cooking for health.		In	this	unit	you	will	make	meals	that	
are	nutritionally	sorted	to	different	service	users.
In	addition	you	will	be	provided	with	the	opportunity	to	complete	a	First	Aid	Course	and	
the Food Handling Certificate.
                                                                                                                            Students Notes

Completing 4 Mandatory and 2 Optional units = 4 GCSE’s National Certificate.                  _________________________________________________________ 	
Completing 3 Mandatory and 1 Optional Unit = 2 GCSE’s National Diploma.
Completion date: Work	will	be	externally	moderated	December	2007	and	March	2008

                                    Tips for Success                                          _________________________________________________________

          ♦	     Organise	your	work	load                                                      _________________________________________________________
          ♦	     Attend	all	lessons
          ♦	     Complete	research	and	homework                                               _________________________________________________________
          ♦	     Make	sure	that	coursework	is	evident	at	each	lesson
          ♦	     Meet	all	deadlines	for	interim	assessment
          ♦	     Be	aware	of	the	requirements	of	the	assessment	grid
          ♦	     Ask	for	help

                                           10                                                                                     11

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