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Linen Luxurious by gyvwpsjkko



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    Often the quality of
                                     inen for use in the hospitality industry must,
                                     according to necessity, be more hard-wearing
      linen in a hotel or
                                     and of a different quality to the linen we
 guesthouse can be the          would buy for our homes. There can be nothing
 deciding factor in how         more off-putting than thin, worn towels, hard
                                threadbare sheets, dirty bedspreads and floppy
     much we enjoy our          pillows.
    stay. Thread counts,           With more choice and availability than ever
    cleanliness, softness       before, there is really no excuse for poor quality
                                linen. Linen companies are constantly updating
       and hygiene – all        their ranges, so that there is a product perfect for
   these things need to         your establishment and from every price range.
                                                                                       enlarged porthole (30 cm diameter).
  be taken into account
                             Miele                                                        Miele’s laundry machines include flatwork ironers. These ironers
  when purchasing and        But it’s all very well having the perfect linen –         have a roller diameter of 16 cm and a roller length of 83 cm. The
      maintaining linen      maintaining the product and keeping it clean              system contains an infinitely variable temperature control with five
                             and hygienic is almost as important. Miele have           roller speed settings and features polyester needle felt padding with
       in our hospitality    a range of industrial machines that are perfect           nettle cloth, treadle switch controls and a chrome-plated airing bar.
         establishments.     for the hospitality industry – hard-working,                 The design features a return feed operation with an aluminium
                             but ensuring that the quality of fine linen is            trough and roller bearings on both sides. The iron’s safety features
   Compiled by Judith Soskin preserved.                                                include a patented finger guard, a manual trough release in the
                                Little Giants are washer-extractors with a load        event of a power failure and a temperature limiter.
                             ratio of 6.5kg and a drum volume of 59 litres. The
                             machine offers electronic controls Novotronic L           The Little Giants range also features the PT 5135 C Tumble dryer.
                             with modern LCD display and rotary selection              It has a load ratio of 6.5 kg and a drum volume of 130 litres. The control
                             switch, six standard programmes and 12 special            system is Novotronic L with modern LCD display with rotary selector
                             programmes with different temperatures.                   switch. Special features include two timed drying programmes and
                             The machine also features stainless-steel suds            eight special programmes, sensor drying, a countdown indicator
                             containers, two specialised heater elements, a            and drum lighting as well as an optical PC interface, and an option
                             dump valve or drain pump, hot and cold water              for a coin mechanism connection. The machine also features Miele’s
                             connection and coin mechanism connection as               patented Honeycomb drum and a sensitive drying system with
                             well as optical PC interface. The design of the           sensor drying technology and the design of the machine includes
                             machine is a robust spaceframe casing and it              a robust spaceframe casing. The machine is available in stainless
                             is available in stainless steel or white with an          steel or white.

Case Study: Grace Falls Manor House, Bloemfontein:
This luxurious Free State establishment boasts eight unique double rooms, en suite with
designer bathrooms furnished with Egyptian Cotton towels. Each suite has a queen sized
bed, complete with cotton percale bed linen and down-filled duvet. The owners Lynette
Vermeulen and her husband, Jan, have insisted on Miele ‘Little Giant’ Professional laundry
equipment to really care for this very special range of linen and towels.
  All the towels and linen are imported and Lynette was only prepared to entrust them to
the Miele washing machine and spin dryer as they are both equipped with the patented
Honeycomb Drum that prevents wear and tear on expensive fabrics. In fact each drum is
hand tested in the factory with one of the workers running a hand inside a nylon stocking
over the surface to double check that there are no possible rough edges.

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                                                                                                               available in all standard sized duvets, pillows
                                                                                                               and scatters.

                                                                                                               Micromax – a quality product which is great
                                                                                                               value for money
                                                                                                               The recently launched Micromax range of
                                                                                                               duvets and pillows is ideal for the hospitality
                                                                                                               industry. Not only is it a quality product
                                                                                                               made to exacting standards, but it offers
                                                                                                               great value for money.
                                                                                                                   Micromax duvets are filled with siliconised
                                                                                                               hollowfibre balls and encased in a microfibre
                                                                                                               fabric which is indulgently smooth against
                                                                                                               the skin. Duvets are quilted to ensure the
                                                                                                               filling does not shift during the night or after
                                                                                                               washing. Soft to the touch, the duvets and
                                                                                                               pillows mould to the shape of your body and
                                                                                                               offer great comfort.
                                  U&G Fabrics                                                        Lifson        Microfibre duvets and pillows are anti-
                                                                                                               allergic and machine washable and are a
Lifson                                                                                                         great energy saver as they dry very quickly
Lifson Products, premium manufacturers of the finest quality down, cotton and microfibre duvets and            without the use of a tumble dryer. Micromax
pillows, has launched two bedding products ideal for the hospitality industry.                                 is the ideal product for bed and breakfasts,
                                                                                                               and three star hotels, and available in all
Fine Fibre – the first class down alternative                                                                  standard sized duvets and pillows.
Fine Fibre was developed in response to calls from the hospitality industry for a down alternative which
was suitable for allergy sufferers and high traffic use. The filling has been created to imitate down and is   U&G
soft with a high loft, and, like down, provides warmth without weight, ensuring the duvets and pillows         U&G offer a range of bedding products in
are warm and cosy, without being heavy.                                                                        varying thread counts as well as a range of
  Fine Fibre products are manufactured from innovative microfibre filling developed and imported from          accessories and table linen.
Europe. To date this is the only filling of its kind that has been proven to be machine washable and tumble
dryable, making Fine Fibre products ideal for domestic and hospitality use (tests conducted by Legacy          Sheeting:
Hotel Group and Boston Launders). Both the duvets and pillows are mite-free and anti-allergenic.               An ensemble of finely woven 300 thread
  Fine Fibre duvets and pillows are encased in 100% cotton downproof casings, which being a natural            count bedding in 100% cotton percale,
fabric, is soft and comfortable to sleep with. The casings comply with OEKO-Tex standard 100, ensuring         creating a hand feel and incandescent look
that they have been manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. Fine Fibre duvets are quilted in        that is the ultimate in quality and comfort.
an attractive diamond formation, ensuring that the filling does not shift during sleep or after washing.       Adorned with a lovely satin stitch inset
  The duvets are available in either standard or moderate weights. The recently launched moderate              border available in pure white, this range is
weight is ideal for hotels and guesthouses situated in warmer and more humid climates.                         accompanied by a satin stitch, flat top sheet
  Fine Fibre is the ideal choice for four and five star hotel and guesthouse accommodation and is              and a fitted sheet.
  VOLPES                  EST. 1929
                                                                                                                                      of exclusive boutique hotels and
                                                                                                                                         At Granny Goose, only 100%
                                                                                                                                      tightly woven cotton cambric
     A TRADITION              OF GOOD LINEN
                                                                                                                                      downproof fabric is used for the
                                  A vast selection                                                                                    casings, preventing dust mites
                                of top quality and                                                                                    from entering. Duvets are finished
                                 affordable linen,                                                                                    with durable piped edges with
                                     ready-made                                                                                       double stitching which also
                              curtains and decor                                                                                      ensures that the down cannot
                                    accessories.                                                                                      leak through the seams. “All
                                                                                                                                      Granny Goose natural fill material
                                                                                                                                      is triple de-dusted as part of the
                                                                                                                                      exhaustive cleaning process,” says
                                                                                                                                      Gaynor Walkey, the doyenne of
                                                                                                                                      Granny Goose.
                                                                                                                                         The      unique     baffle-wall
                                                                                                                                      construction of the duvets, coupled
                                                                                                                                      with the natural down or down
                                                                                                                                      and feather inners, moulds itself
                                                                                                                                      to your body’s contours to cushion
                                                                Granny Goose
                                                                                                                                      you in blissful comfort without
                                                                                                                                      clumping. The natural fill down
                                                               Sheer Elegance: Pure, simple and sophisticated, this 200 thread        and feather pillows will cradle your
                                                               count finely woven range of bedding in 100% cotton percale, will       head and neck with optimum,
                                                               enable restful sleep through all seasons. Available in pure white,     breathable yet cosy support.
                                                               this range encompasses a plain flat top sheet with satin stitch
                                                               detail, duvet, pillow cases and fitted sheet. The oxford pleat satin   Down:Natural-filled duvets provide
                                                               stitch inset border provides the ultimate finishing touch to any       three times the warmth per ounce
                                                               home, hotel or palace.                                                 compared to synthetic duvets.
                                                                                                                                      Synthetic fibres have a tendency to
                                                               Stylish Comfort: The fabric is made up of a 50/50 polycotton           lump together over time, leaving
                                                               percale with a 200 thread count and is available in pure white. A      empty cold spots, while down
                                                               timeless range that includes a plain flat sheet and fitted sheet,      remains evenly distributed. Down
                                                               as well as a duvet and pillow cases with an elegant pleat and          has the added property that, while
                                                               satin stitch detail. This luxury range offers added strength and       it is fluffy, it can be packed into a
                                                               durability making this an ideal range for hotels and B&B’s of          very small space. Synthetic duvets
                                                               distinction.                                                           tend to be flat and heavy. Because
                                                                                                                                      down is a natural fibre, it has the
                                                               Table linen: With table linen that turns every
                                                               gathering into an event, this stunning range
                                                               not only offers you outstanding quality and
                                                               durability but a choice of design fit for any
                                                               theme or occasion. The polycotton blend
                                                               with Teflon and stain release, makes this
                                                               product highly recommendable and widely
                                                               used by the hospitality industry globally. An
                                                               SABS approval ensures that this table linen
                                                               is a product with outstanding endurance
                                                               and exceptional style.

                                                               Granny Goose
                                                               Granny Goose Duvets, makers of exquisite
VOLPES PE                            VOLPES CENTURION          bedroom accessories, including the finest
William Moffet Retail Park,           Cnr Old Johannesburg
William Moffett Expressway,       Road and Lenchen Avenue,     down-filled duvets, feather beds and simply
Tel: 041 398 6211
                                          Tel: 012 681 0740
                                                               stunning bed-linen, provide you with a
                                                               comprehensive service that takes all the
K90 Centre, Cnr Rondebuilt      Cnr Liebertas and Struanway,
                                                               guesswork out of your selection.
and North Rand, Boksburg                      Struandale, PE     Today the company supplies the top
Tel: 011 418 5360                          Tel: 041 402 6800
                                                               5-star hotels in South Africa and a number       U&G Fabrics
                                                    retail and hospitality markets a superior
                                                    quality cotton sheeting, thereby setting a
                                                    new benchmark for quality.

                                                    What is combed cotton?
                                                    Combed cotton is an extremely soft version
                                                    of cotton made by specially treating the
                                                    cotton fibres before they are spun into
                                                    yarn. As a general rule, combed cotton is
                                                    slightly more expensive than conventional
                                                    cotton. The extremely soft, strong material
                                                    is ideal for making bed linens and clothing
                                                    which will be worn against the skin. If the
                                                    textile used in a cotton product is combed
                                                    cotton, it will usually be clearly identified.
                                                       The texture of combed cotton is
                                                    softer because it lacks short threads
                                                    to stick out and prickle, and all dirt and
                                                    impurities have been removed from the
                                                    thread. Combed cotton is also stronger,
                                                    because shorter and breakable fibres
                                                    have been removed through combing.
                                                    In addition, the straightened fibres lie
                                                    together more tightly after combing,
                                                    making combed cotton thread less
                                                    likely to fray and unravel. Because the
                                                    combing process removed volume and
ability to breathe and absorb body                  adds an extra step, the resulting textile
vapor, preventing the overheating                   will be slightly more costly.
that often occurs with synthetic
    Down insulation is rated by fill
power, measured as the number of
cubic inches displaced by a given
ounce of down. Fill power is a measure
of the loft or "fluffiness" of a down
product, related to the insulating value
of the down. Higher fill powers are
associated with a larger percentage
of down clusters and a larger average
down cluster size. Higher fill-power
downs will therefore insulate better
than lower fill-power downs of the
same weight. Feather and down
filling is a more economical option. It
is a blend of small duck feathers and
duck down, and therefore the duvets
will be slightly heavier than the pure
down options.

Volpes have introduced combed
cotton sheeting to its superior quality
sheeting range. Although this may
be considered a bold step by some,
especially under the prevailing
economic climate, Volpes remains
optimistic about the South African
economy and have therefore taken
the bold step to offer the domestic,

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