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Kings Langley Primary School Headteacher's Weekly Newsletter


									         Kings Langley Primary School
        Headteacher’s Weekly Newsletter
Issue 6                                                                         Friday 5 November 2010

Dear Parents                                             Reminders
I am due to start my maternity leave on Friday 3         A reminder that our year 3 children will need their
December (the day after the KLIPSA Christmas Fair)       full p.e. kit on Monday 8 November as they will
and will return to school on Monday 6 June, after the    be participating in an indoor athletics competition
summer half term break.                                  at Kings Langley Secondary School. We will be
In my absence, Miss Angela Jackman (the lower            leaving the school at 1.45pm and aim to be back
school deputy headteacher) and Mr Andrew Kerse           at base for the end of the school day.
(the upper school deputy headteacher) will be the
                                                         Our year 2 children will need their p.e. kits in
acting headteachers.
                                                         school on Tuesday 10 November as St Albans
Mr Martin Mangan (the headteacher of Bovingdon           Tennis Club are due to give our children free
Primary School) will also be working with our school     tennis taster sessions.
in my absence, in a consultancy capacity.
Kind regards
                                                        KLIPSA Fashion Show – Wednesday 24 November
                                                        The deadline for all ticket orders is Friday 19
                                                        November. Additional order request forms can be
Paula Harris, Headteacher                               obtained from the rack outside the school office.

THIS WEEKEND, PLEASE REMEMBER                           Children in Need Day – Friday 19 November
      THE FIREWORK CODE                                 Advance Warning - The School Council has
                                                        requested that our children wear bedtime clothes for
                                                        the day and bring in their teddies and will shortly be
                                                        writing to you with full details of this event.

 1     Fireworks
 2     Reminders                                        Poppies
                                                        Poppies will be on sale in school from Monday 8
 3     KLIPSA Fashion Show                              November. All donations will be very gratefully
 4     Children-in-Need Day
 5     Poppies
                                                        Bibles for Children
                                                        Children in years 3,4 and 5 will be issued with a copy
 6     Bibles for Children
                                                        of ‘The Children’s Bible’ at some point next week.
                                                        These bibles have been donated to the school by Rev.
                                                        Andrew Masters on behalf of the Churches Together
                                                        Group for your child to bring home. Our year 6
                                                        children received their copies a couple of weeks ago.

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