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           Guide to Submitting Your Online Form:
            Innovators-in-Residence Application

This is a guide to submitting your online application. Print it out for easy reference while you
are preparing your answers. It lists the questions on the online form with word limits. For all
other information, including Program Details and Selection Criteria, please see

Applying to Be an Innovator-in-Residence
The application form should be completed and submitted online at

It may be helpful to prepare your answers to the application questions in a separate
document (for example, in MS Word) and then cut and paste the text into the online form.
Note the word number limits for each answer. Please do not format your text, as all
formatting (such as bullets, tables, etc.) will be lost when text is pasted into the online form.
Please review all of your information carefully before submitting your application. Once you
hit submit, you can no longer make changes.

To be considered, applications must be submitted through this website by 8 p.m. Eastern/5
p.m. Pacific on Friday, April 3, 2009.

Online Application Questions and Word Limits

    •   Applicant contact information
           o Applicant name
           o Applicant address
           o Applicant e-mail address
           o Applicant phone number
           o Employer/affiliation current status (check one)
                       full-time employee
                       part-time employee
                      on or planning sabbatical
                      other – explain in box below [50 words]

Required if full-time employee, part-time employee or entrepreneur/self-employed box is
            o Employer or affiliation organization name
            o Employer/affiliation address
            o Employer/affiliation title

   •   Focus of Innovator-in-Residence Work Plan: within the broad arena of assets
       and opportunity, help us sort your application by checking any and all of the
       following categories that may apply:

           o   manufactured housing
           o   financial security and household savings
           o   children and youth
           o   older Americans or aging
           o   communities of color
           o   entrepreneurship and small business
           o   education
           o   homeownership or rental housing (other than manufactured housing)
           o   health care
           o   environment
           o   other – explain in box below [50 words]

   •   Project Summary: Briefly (in 50-100 words) describe the project to be pursued
       during the residency. (This is a summary description. The Innovation can be
       described more in the answers to follow.)

   •   Description of Innovation:
          o How does your concept increase economic opportunities or promote financial
              security for low- and moderate-income individuals? What makes this concept
              innovative? [200 words]

           o   What kind of outcomes and impact do you seek? What is the theory of
               change behind your innovation? In other words, how does this concept
               create the outcomes you desire? [300 words]

           o   How many individuals could your innovation potentially reach? How? [100

           o   What is the current stage of development of your innovation? How has this
               concept been tested in the real world? [200 words]

   •   Brief Overview of Proposed Work Plan: What are the primary activities you
       propose for the next one to two years to bring your innovation to a higher level of
       impact and/or scale? What are highlights of the timeline and key milestones? [250
   •   What is the benefit of "embedding" this innovation at CFED for one to two years, and
       how would you leverage CFED resources? [250 words]

   •   What will the innovation "look like" at the end of the residency? [250 words]

   •   To submit your application, you must Agree with the following statement: I am
       applying to be an Innovator-in-Residence. If I am selected, I understand that CFED
       will be providing valuable support, both financial and in-kind, and that an intellectual
       property agreement will be a part of the Innovator-in-Residence agreement.

   •   All applicants are required to submit a current resume, totaling no more than
       1MB. In addition, applicants may submit up to two relevant attachments, each
       totaling no more than 1MB, in support of their application. Each document MUST be
       under 1MB in file size or NO uploaded documents will be accepted. The attachments
       must be in WORD, EXCEL OR PDF format.

   •   Online applications will be carefully reviewed and a limited number of applicants will
       be invited to submit additional information for further consideration. If you are not
       invited to submit additional information for consideration for the Innovators-in-
       Residence program, your concept will be considered for selection under our
       Innovative Ideas program. You will have an option to not have your application
       considered under Innovative Ideas.

How to Get Help
First, check the Frequently Asked Questions at If you
have additional questions, please send them via e-mail to Questions
and answers that may be applicable broadly will be shared (without attribution) via additions
to the Frequently Asked Questions posted on the innovation@cfed website.

If you need technical assistance with the online form, please contact Aaron Watts.

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