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					                1                                                                             June – July

                      Knight Life
                4                                                                                2010

Volume 82                Knights of Columbus Council 1453               WINDSOR ON                Number 6

  100 years of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism to our community!

Chaplain’s Corner:                                         Grand Knight’s Column:
Fr. Martin Vavrak                                          GK Bob Burns
Wisdom from the Church Fathers                             Hello Brothers and others, Summer is upon us,
                                                           time to rest, relax and recoup. I thank our entire K
Brother Knights, I want to share these words of            executive and the various committees for a
very deep spirituality which we need for our daily         wonderful year of successes and continued          P
life as Christians and Catholic men. Also I wish you       fraternalism. Thanks to all of you for your supporta
a blessed summer time for you and your beloved.            during my term as GK. I am immensely honoured      u
                                                           to have been re-elected for another term, thanks
For to despise the present age, not to love                                                                   l
transitory things, unreservedly to stretch out the         again.
mind in humility to God and our neighbor, to               This past weekend we proudly represented our R
preserve patience against offered insults and, with        Council at the State convention, it was an honour
patience guarded, to repel the pain of malice from                                                           e
                                                           and a report is printed in this newsletter.
the heart, to give one's property to the poor, not to                                                        n
                                                           The elections held at our May 19th meeting was a
covet that of others, to esteem the friend in God, on
                                                           poorly attended, thus the acclamation re-elections
God's account to love even those who are hostile, to                                                        u
                                                           of most of our returning executive. DGK Vince
mourn at the affliction of a neighbor, not to exult in
                                                           Deluzio is very busy getting his new business    d
the death of one who is an enemy, this is the new
                                                           started, and was replaced by PGK Paul Renaud,
creature whom the Master of the nations seeks with
watchful eye amid the other disciples, saying: "If,                                                         G
                                                           thanks Bro. Vince for a good year and your efforts
                                                           and support are appreciated. Welcome aboard
then, any be in Christ a new creature, the old
                                                           PGK Paul and thanks for allowing yourself to be K
things are passed away. Behold all things are made
                                                           recycled. I have hopes for another year of
new" (2Cor. 5:17).
The Homilies of St. Gregory the Great On the Book of the   successful activities and more fraternal social
Prophet Ezekiel                                            events.
Vivat Jesus!                                               Most of all, we must concentrate on recruitment.
                                                           We need new members to continue to exist. We a
                                                           have to start at our parish level, even families and
                                                           friends. I pledge to do whatever has to be done to u
                                                           try and rebuild and refresh our beloved Council.
                                                           Have a happy and safe summer, God Bless           l
                                                           Bob GK

Page 2                                              Knight        Life                          June - July - August ‘10

Deputy G. K. Notes:                                                From the Chancellor:
DGK A. V. “Vince” Deluzio                                          Chancellor Gerry Tino

Worthy Brothers:                                                  Brothers, I am happy with the Rose Sunday May 16 2010
                                                                  results. Thanks to all who participated at the various
        The 2010 year, our anniversary year has been a            parishes.
highlight in council 1453’s events schedule. Thank you to         The total amount made was $1,160.09 for the 4 Churches,
our Grand Knight Bob Burns and his wife Lin and to all the        and 551 roses were distributed. We still have almost 1100
committee members and executives for the time and effort          for future years.
to make it a successful Celebration.                              Thanks again to everyone for helping, specially the ones
                                                                  who actively gave of their time.
         The international bowling tournament, another            It has come to my attention that a Brother and Sir Knight
great event headed up by Ray Dupuis and Roy Renaud as             of 50 years, John Sala is ill and in need of our prayers.
well as the committee makes all council 1453 proud and            Please remember him.
thankful.                                                         Thank you for my re-election and I promise a good effort.
         I would like to thank you, the executive and all         Gerry Tino, Chancellor
council 1453 members for the opportunity to serve as
Deputy Grand Knight in this our historic year. It has been a
rewarding and Pleasant experience.
        A safe and enjoyable summer to all.

Thank you
Deputy Grand Knight
A. Vince Deluzio

                                             Membership Chairman Report

         As Membership Chairman, once a month I receive a Council Membership Statement from Supreme. This small
slip of paper is basically a monthly physical for our Council. Unfortunately the health of our Council is in jeopardy.
         For those who missed the last meeting I will recap: as of the 1st of May our total membership stands at 204.
That includes 18 Honorary , 79 Honorary Life, 2 disabled and 14 inactive. Doing the math 97 have achieved Honorary
status or higher, a great accomplishment but it also reflects the age of our Council. This year to date our growth is -4. I
am not sure how long our Council can sustain this downward trend. I am at a loss as to what to do but if any member
has suggestions the executive and I would like to hear from you. If any one knows an inactive member invite him back.
         I would like to take this opportunity to thank the past executive for their support and encouragement and to
wish the new executive all the best.
“"Because you are God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with heartfelt mercy, with kindness,
humility, meekness, and patience"
(Colossians 3:12). We reach out to others in our Christian vocation.

                                                                   Yours in Christ
                                                                  Bro. Michael Harrigan

            Invite a friend or relative to join
Page 3                                          Knight     Life                       June - July - August ‘10

District Deputy Report:                                     Our Ladies Corner:
Robert. D. Bezaire, DD#88                                  Dear ladies,

                                                           Our fiscal year is coming to an end and as always
         Four years ago, then District Deputy, Brother     we'll close it at our luncheon election meeting at the
Gord Edwards asked me if I was interested in serving       BISTRO BY THE RIVER (in Dieppe Park) on June 9,
as District Deputy for District 88. I accepted and         at 12 o’clock. I would love to see as many of you as
have spent the last four years learning about all the      possible attending it.
councils. It has been an enjoyable time but it would        Again during this past year we have donated to
not been possible if it were not for all of the help and   many charities, including The Missions and we hope
co-operation of all the executives and members.            to continue doing so in the future. We need your co-
Thanks to all. Thank-you also to my family –               operation.
through the last four years there have been many           At this time I would like to thank my executive,
                                                           CELESTE, ROSE, ELSIE and LIN, for always being
meetings, banquets and get-togethers that have taken
                                                           helpful and faithful to their duties.
me away from home. Your support and help is very           It’s been a pleasure working with you, your co-
much appreciated. My wife is truly an angel for            operation and presence at the meetings has been
hauling me to and from all of the events.                  outstanding. Thank you ladies.
         We are tying to set up a 1st and 2nd degree for   There's also another lady that deserves a
Sunday June 27th to assist any councils that are close     big THANK YOU and that's GAY BOIS for always
to their quotas. More information to follow from           being there at the FISH FRY to sell tickets for our
your Grand Knights.                                        raffle. I’m proud and honoured to be associated with
         On July 1st a new District Deputy will take       all of you.
over. Please extend to him the same co-operation and       I remain yours truly MARCY IERACI (president)
fraternity that I have enjoyed for the past four years.
                                                           Tip of the month.
                                                           Recycle a hooded sweatshirt by cutting the hood off
Many blessings to you and your family.                     an old sweatshirt with the strings attached and tie it
Robert D. Bezaire                                          over a mop or broom and use to dust ceilings and
District Deputy 88                                         remove spider webs, The hood can then be washed.

         Council 1453 Meetings                             Council 1453 Charity Fish Fry
         June 16 - Last one until ….
                                                                           September 17
 September 15 - Have a safe Summer
                                                                  FIRST ONE OF THE NEW YEAR
         Executive meeting at 6:00pm                         5:00 to 7:30, bar open, still $10.00
          General Meeting at 7:00 pm                                 St. Cyril’s Slovak Centre,
                                                                    Seminole Street at Chandler
          Cardinal Stepinac Council,                                Hope to see you all there !!
                 Walker Rd.
Page 4                                           Knight      Life                       June - July - August ‘10

                   Knights of Columbus International Bowling Tournament Windsor 2010

The 85th International bowling tournament is over and was a huge success. Roy and I would like to thank all the
advertisers who took an ad in our program and brother knights who put there name on the patrons page. We had
approximately 120 teams in Windsor and Canton. I would like to thank all the volunteers’ who with your help made
this tournament a success. A special thanks you to Brother Steve Laforet and the grade school kids from St. Anne
French Emersion school for the singing of the Canadian and US national anthems at the opening ceremonies. I
would also like to thank Holy Family Council for their hospitality providing a steak dinner Saturday night for our
Brother Knights from out of town. The assistant secretary Paul Ruth and his wife Pat had nothing but praise on how
smooth the tournament was run. Next year the tournament will be held in Indianapolis Indiana. Our council will be
bowling April 16th & 17th, 2011.

Bro. Ray Dupuis
Director Knights of Columbus
International Bowling Association

Deacon Ray Mady and Ray Dupuis                                Dean Wagner 4th Degree
  Student Choir of Ste. Anne French Immersion School                Directors International Bowling Association
Page 5                                       Knight      Life                   June - July - August ‘10

                          Congratulations and Best Wishes to ALL

                                                         June Birthdays
 June Anniversaries
                                                         Marilyn Bennett   Marcy Ieraci  Anthony Istl
 Gary & Murielle Jubinville Gerry & Margaret Soulliere   Shelly Gray       Ivan Marcoux Pat Lajoie
 Larry & Chris Lesperance   Bob & Pierrette Wallis       Peter Blak        Dave Pare Diane Tousignant
 Father JJ Stortz (CSB – PGK) Ordination                 John Gray (PGK)   Kenneth Blain R.J. Potomski
 July Anniversaries                                      July Birthdays
 Bert & Pauline Decaire       Jim & Sherry Farrand       Rose Levis     Dolores Farah     Leo Sinasac
 Frank & Marci Ieraci       Rene & Theresa St. Pierre    Constance-Anne Seguin        Ken Mailloux Jr.
 Patrick & Kathy Renaud    Jean Paul & Jean Rivard       Angela Sturba John Haggith Ernie Bellehumeur
 Anthony and Annette Bigaouette                          Jeanine Gauvin Terry Hayes Roland Turpin
                                                         Otto Valvasori    Mike O’Brien
 August Anniversaries
                                                         August Birthdays
 Robert & Irene Bezaire       Howard & Rose Levis
                                                         Fred Weir    Carol Ouellette     Gary Jubinville
 Rene & THE ORDER. – FEBRUARY. Mary Meyers
GOOD OFBernadette Trudell     Mark &
                                                         Roger Stone Sandy Rak        Margaret Soulliere
 Steve & Michelle Laforet     Nicholas & Susan Angell
                                                         Eleanor Phaneuf        Dr. Raymond Larocque
 Leonard & Carolyn Marentette
                                                         Robert Marcoux Edwin Kornacki Richard Solcz
                                                         Ralph Webber                 Louise Schincariol

                   GOOD OF THE ORDER – APRIL

                   Century Club - #285 – Martial Voligny – sold by Gord Edwards.
                                #167 – Rene Trudell PGK – sold by Rene Trudell PGK.

                   50/50 Winner – Edwin Kornacki - $16.00

                   GOOD OF THE ORDER – MAY

                   Century Club - #093 – Yvan Gauvin PGK – sold by Yvan Gauvin PGK.
                                #172 – J.P. Rivard – sold by J.P. Rivard.

                   50/50 Winner – Ivan Marcoux - $17.50

 You can receive Knight       Life in full colour via e-mail and save the Council the cost of
 postage. It’s easy, let the editor know or email me at or (there is a underscore between Robert and burns). You would
 also receive it sooner and on your pc. Or phone me at (519) 253-5465.
Page 6                                                   Knight   Life                          June - July - August ‘10

                         BOWLING LEAGUE REPORT.                                                EUCHRED BY ESSEX

Council 1453 Monday night mixed bowling league season has come to an end.                 On April 28 we lost back the
The champs this year included Dave Pare, Pauline Menard, Donna Bondy and                  infamous crying towel to Essex.
Roy Renaud. They defeated a team with Steven Clinansmith, Angie Pare, Bill                We lost at home by a very narrow
Bondy and Ray Dupuis.                                                                     margin, only 3 points difference.
The league will start up again on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the          But we got it back. In the fall we
Bowlero. New bowlers are always welcome. If you would like to bowl or know                will have our chance for revenge
someone who would like to bowl, contact the president of the league Roy Renaud            in Essex. Let us get our best
@ 519-825-8078 or the secretary Ray Dupuis @ 519- 739-0034.                               euchre players together for then.

     NOTICE OF MOTION                                               WINDSOR COUNCIL 1453
At the General Meeting of June 16, 2010 a
motion will be made to donate $5000.00 to
                                                                  Annual Golf Tournament
Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church to assist
them to replace the floor in their hall.
                                                                         Sunday, August 22nd
Robert Bezaire                                                       Dominion Golf Course
       CONVENTION 2010 REPORT                               $80.00 p.p. Includes golf, cart, dinner and prize.
The Convention was a time of business and                   For tee times phone: Roy Renaud @ 519-825-8078
fraternizing and of course spiritual instruction. I
have no room to list the raffle winners, but you can                                 Pat Renaud @ 519-944-8880
find it on, no winners from our
area. The state board elections were exciting,
almost every chair was contested. Bro. Art Peters
was elected State Deputy, Joseph Salini was
elected State Secretary, Dan Heffernan was
defeated by Kevin Daudlin for Treasurer, Alain
Cayer won as Advocate, and Peter Lemon won a 3
way race to be our new State Warden.

Five Resolutions were debated and voted on. The
resolution 1 to raise our per capita to fund the State
newspaper was referred back to committee for
further study, the other four were passed and
supported. A Beautiful Mass celebrated by
Archbishop O’Connor of Toronto, Our State
Chaplain Bishop Simard, and former Chaplain
Bishop LaRoque and several priests. It was a
wonderful weekend, meeting many new and old
friends and exchanging idea. Thanks
                                                              Bowling Tournament Opening Ceremony
GK Bob                                                              All Photos by Bro. Otto Valvasori
Page 7                                        Knight Life                                       June - July - August ‘10

                                                LIFE MATTERS…
                                              Andrew J. Despins, Field Agent

                                 A MESSAGE FROM YOUR FRATERNITY
                  There are many personal rewards in belonging to the Knights of Columbus.
                         Here are some additional advantages for you and your family.

LIFE INSURANCE- The Knights of Columbus currently has one of the top ranked insurance programs in North America.
We have phenomenal Term, Whole Life, Mortgage & Estate Planning insurance, with some of the lowest premiums in the
industry. If you are currently holding life insurance with any other company or are currently looking for insurance, give
us a call…you will not be disappointed.

GUARANTEED INVESTMENTS- Even in these tough economic times, the Knights of Columbus is in a position to offer
members and their families either Registered (RRSP or RIF), T.F.S.A.’s or Non-Registered investments on a GUARANTEED
basis. We guarantee that the money invested will never renew at less than 3.0% (3.25% on deposits over $10,000.00).
These investments are creditor proof and probate free as well. Be sure to ask me about our current rates.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE- In 1999 the Knights established this new program for Members and their families.
Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is a program that reimburses the expenses associated with long term care needs in your
own home, assisted living facility or nursing/long term care facility. The Canadian health care system definitely does not
provide for seniors who are faced with the enormous cost associated with a disability (whether physical or a cognitive
impairment), now the Knights are in a position to help when a Brother or his spouse find themselves in this unfortunate
situation. Our program is considerably less expensive and is significantly more comprehensive than the commercial
companies’ policies.

ASSISTANCE SERVICES- Do you need help with budgeting, reducing debt or saving techniques? Do you have
questions about an impending retirement or about a potential estate tax liability? These are all areas that we can help
you with and we provide these services to Members and their families for FREE! We also assist in your time of need if
there is a death in your immediate family. We can and will assist in several ways. Here are just a few:

                    We will contact your lawyer regarding your will.
                    We will assist, if needed, with funeral arrangements.
                    We will notify the Council so they may assist you and the family.
                    If needed, we will help in any financial matters.
                    We will assist in filing claims with other and all insurance companies.
                    We will submit on your behalf for all pertinent CPP survivor benefits, Old Age security benefits or
                      any Veterans benefits if applicable.

We will do all of the above as an absolutely free fraternal benefit. All that is required is that you or your family ask for

Please remember, this is YOUR fraternity.     We were established in 1882 to protect our Members and their families in
their time of need. We are still here 128 years later doing just that. If I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact

Andrew J. Despins, FIC
Fraternal Insurance Advisor
Knights of Columbus
PH: (519) 979-0899
“Creating Legacies…One Family at a Time”

Page 8                                            Knight   Life   June - July -August ‘10

      2010-2011 Executive Officers Council 1453

Chaplain                     Fr. Martin Vavrak
Grand Knight                 Bob Burns            519-253-5465
Deputy G K                   Paul Renaud PGK      519-945-8808
Chancellor                   Gerald E. Tino Jr.   519-254-3890
Warden                       Ivan Marcoux         519-974-4646
Financial Secretary          Ray Dupuis           519-739-0034
Treasurer                    Larry Trembley       519-948-9586
Recorder                     Roy Renaud, PGK      519-825-8078
Trustees                     Edwin Kornacki       519-948-2534
                             Rene Trudell, PGK    519-735-8096
                             J. P. Rivard         519-256-2545
Guards                       Otto Valvasori       519-739-6420
                             Paul D. Chesnik      519-971-8282
Advocate                     Howard Levis, PGK 519-251-8114
Lecturer                     Dave Pare            519-971-2131

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