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A message from the CEO. . . Chest Pain Unit _CPU_


									                                                                                                                                           Medical matters

                                                                                       The Warringal Private Hospital Newsletter
                                                                                       for medical specialists

Warringal Private Hospital                                      03 9274 1300                       Issue 2
216 Burgundy St Heidelberg 3084                                                                    Autumn 2009

A message from the CEO. . .
Welcome to the second edition of          allow Warringal Private Hospital staff        Hospital, Hastings Day Surgery         Easter
Medical Matters.                          and visitors access to parking on the         and Coolenberg Day Surgery. Paul       It seems that we no sooner get over
     Behind the scenes there has been     Rehabilitation Hospital site. The finer       leaves after almost 10 years at        Christmas when Chocolate Easter
a lot of work toward our hospital         detail of the logistics of managing           Warringal Private Hospital where       Bunnies and Eggs are at the front
redevelopment plans to get this project   parking over the construction period          he has played an integral part         of Coles and Safeway. We wish
underway. We (myself, the design and      is still to be worked out, but first steps    in the key financial and business      everybody a very safe and happy
planning team) have now met with          have been taken.                              operations of our facility. His        Easter and wonderful holidays for
the Banyule City Council to discuss            It is likely within the next 6 – 9       knowledge of Warringal, VMOs,          those who are lucky enough to take
the application and provide additional    months a Project Manager will be              staff and culture will be sorely       some extra time off.
information requested from council on     appointed to take control of the finer        missed, along with his good
                                                                                                                               Graham Clarke
the submission. Planning notifications    detail of this building project and           humour and penchant for fun, but
                                                                                                                               Chief Executive Officer
have been posted allowing people          further to this a clinical project manager    we wish him every success in his
to see what the planning application      position will be created to manage the        future endeavours.
is for and where to get access to         clinical design consultation process, FF&     We welcome Shamir Varma to
plans and the like. Following this        E selection and procurement process           the position of Finance Manager.
the process follows a series of steps     and a range of other requirements             Shamir comes to Warringal with
with a number of public meetings to       related to this development project.          extensive financial management
be held. Discussion about the plans       Whilst still early days, the Warringal        experience in the public health
and objections may take a number          Private Hospital Development Project is       arena – most recently Northern
of months prior to council making a       well under way. Expressions of interest       Health and Bendigo Health as
decision on whether to approve the        for a development committee will be           well as in a number of private
application. Once the application         posted shortly.                               industries. He will be commencing
is successful planning for actual                                                       at Warringal on the 6th April 2009.
                                          Staff Appointments
construction can start in earnest.                                                      The Peri – Operative Services
                                          Paul Geddes (Commercial
Preliminary discussions with the Austin                                                 Manager selection process is well
                                          Manager) has recently
regarding access to their existing                                                      under way. An announcement of
                                          commenced a new position as
parking have already been conducted                                                     an appointment will made shortly.
                                          CEO of Port Macquarie Private
with an in principle agreement to

Chest Pain Unit (CPU)
Warringal Private Hospital recently commenced operation of our                          Warringal has 2 cardiac catheter labs on site, with a dedicated Cardiac
new CPU located within our Cardiac ward. This unit is a collaborative                   theatre and Intensive Care Unit available when required.
initiative which includes participation by many of our cardiologists and
established with the assistance of Heart Care Victoria doctors. It aims to              There is a dedicated phone line to take referrals directly
“efficiently receive, assess, and manage privately insured patients with                from your rooms if the patient meets the inclusion
acute cardiac chest pain in order to achieve optimal outcomes in patient                criteria. We are also available to MICA units in our
care.” The unit consists of 3 dedicated bed bays with newly purchased                   immediate area for direct admissions, and they also
hard wire monitoring capability. The service is overseen by a 24 hour on-               have this contact number.
call roster of interventional cardiologists.
Inclusion criteria; Private health insurance for > 1 year / DVA patients                This number is 9450 6905.
                     Prolonged chest pain (>20 mins) or recurrent
                     ischaemic sounding chest pain suspicious of or
                     confirmed to be angina / acute coronary syndrome
Medical matters

Specialist Profiles on the Website
Recently we invited our VMOs to provide a profile of their areas of          3. Dr Nick Antoniades – Respiratory Physician
expertise and special interests as well as contact details and photos        16 Martin St, Heidelberg. 3084. Ph. 9459 0555
if they wished. These profiles provide GPs and the public with a brief
                                                                             Nick Antoniades is a graduate of Melbourne University and completed
synopsis of the specialist, and now feature on the hospital website.
                                                                             his training in Respiratory and Sleep medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital,
To find the specialist profiles go to:
                                                                             Melbourne and Austin Health. He currently holds a public hospital
                                                                             appointment at Austin Health and is actively involved in research, with
  We would like to introduce you to some of our Specialists at               particular interests in physiological changes during COPD exacerbations
Warringal Private Hospital.                                                  and telemedicine. His major clinical interests include general respiratory
                                                                             disorders (COPD, asthma, lung cancer) and sleep related breathing
1. Mr Richard Brouwer – Colorectal Surgeon
                                                                             disorders (obstructive sleep apnoea and sleep related hypoventilation).
Suite 4 / 210 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg. 3084.
                                                                             He runs a comprehensive outpatient respiratory and sleep medicine
Ph. 9459 6555
                                                                             practice in Heidelberg and manages inpatients at Warringal Private
Richard Brouwer is a Colorectal surgeon and                                  where he also provides a bronchoscopy service.
member of the Colorectal Society of Australia
and New Zealand. After completing his general
                                                                             4. Dr Fergal O’Donoghue – Respiratory Physician
surgery, he did post-fellowship training in colorectal                       16 Martin St. Heidelberg. 3084.
surgery in Australia, New Zealand and the UK                                 Ph. 9459 0555
before returning to practice in Melbourne. He                                Fergal O’Donoghue initially trained at the National
is appointed as a colorectal surgeon to both Austin and St. Vincent’s        University of Ireland in Dublin before moving
Hospitals and operates his private practice at Warringal and St. Vincent’s   to Australia in 1993. He trained as a Respiratory
Private Hospitals. He has a special interest in colonoscopy, laparoscopic    Physician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth
colorectal surgery, inflammatory bowel disease and sacral nerve              and Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide
stimulation for pelvic floor disorders.                                      where he completed further subspecialty training
                                                                             in sleep medicine and a PhD on noninvasive ventilatory support (BiPAP)
2. Mr Ahmad Aly – General Surgeon
                                                                             in severe COPD. He moved to Melbourne in 2001 and took up a position
Suite 3 / 195 Thompsons Rd, Bulleen. 3105.
                                                                             at Austin Health and Warringal Private Hospital. He has continued an
Ph. 9852 3777
                                                                             active research career and holds a number of NHMRC grants, and is a
Ahmad Aly is a General Surgeon who trained at the                            lecturer at Melbourne University. He has served on national committees
Austin Hospital and completed fellowships in Upper                           in the respiratory and sleep specialty societies, and at the RACP, with a
GI surgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the                            particular interest in specialist training and laboratory accreditation. His
Royal Hallamshire Hospital (Sheffield, UK). Ahmad                            major subspecialty interest remains in sleep medicine and noninvasive
is a Consultant Surgeon at the Austin Hospital, is                           ventilatory support but he continues to practice in all areas of
an active researcher and conducts private practice                           respiratory medicine and of recent years has been increasingly involved
at Warringal Private Hospital. Ahmad’s surgical practice covers; General     in lung cancer diagnosis and management.
Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal surgery, Surgery
for Obesity.

    Focussing on
    GP education

                                                                                                       .a u


                                                                                       ram            .c

    Warringal Private Hospital held its inaugural GP education evening in February this year. The evening
    was entitled “Disjointed” and focussed on Orthopaedic management of patients with a variety of
    injuries / complaints including shoulders, hips, knees, and backs. We had very positive feedback from
    the GPs who attended and all enjoyed the round table format which saw 4 groups rotate every 20 -25
    mins to hear the Orthopaedic surgeons speak on their topic of expertise. This allowed smaller groups to
    interact more personally with the Specialists and to engage them with specific questions and answers.

    We will hold a similarly formatted evening in May on Cardiology. This will be done on site at Warringal
    but allow rotations through our Cath lab departments, Day stay area, and through a Stress Echo lab. An
    invitation and evening outline will be forwarded to you all shortly.

    More diary dates for 2009;
    May 7th 2009              Cardiology evening
    August 4th 2009           Urology evening
    October 14th 2009         Women’s Health evening
                                                                                                                       Medical matters

 Respiratory & Sleep Clinic
 16 Martin St, Heidelberg. 3084                                        Hospital
 Contact number: 9459 0555 Fax: 9455 0955
 In February 2009 Fergal O’Donoghue and Nick Antoniades,
 two of our Respiratory and Sleep Physicians, commenced
 practice under the banner Melbourne Respiratory and Sleep
 Services (MRSS). The service is based at number 16 Martin St,
                                                                       • Boardroom update: Our new Boardroom is open and
 Heidelberg, adjacent to Warringal Private Hospital, and to the
 rooms of several of the local thoracic surgeons. The contact              operational and located outside the staff dining area. We
 details are as above. MRSS aims to provide a broad range of               are awaiting final fit out with executive style furnishings
 respiratory and sleep services. Both physicians continue to               and equipment. It will be a great venue to house many
 provide outpatient and inpatient consultation services, and               of the essential meetings, committees, and presentations
 to perform bronchoscopies at Warringal Private. A respiratory             provided by Warringal Private.
 function testing laboratory has been established which accepts
 referrals from GPs and other specialists, and will provide an
 inpatient spirometry service at Warringal for the first time.
 Within the next few months a service for home diagnostic

 testing for obstructive sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders,
 both respiratory and non-respiratory, will commence. Please
 contact MRSS offices for appointments and/or to order referral
 pads for these services.

 For Referral Request Forms please contact the
 practice staff on 9459 0555.

                                                                   All patients at Warringal Private Hospital are issued with 2 copies of their
                                                                   discharge summary. One is for the patient’s information, and one is for
                                                                   their GP. We advise patients to take along the Discharge Summary for
                                                                   your information to their next appointment.
                                                                      Open Access Endoscopy – this service allows you and your patients
                                                                   to book directly for a gastroscopy or colonoscopy. If you require more
                                                                   Referral Request Forms, please contact 9274 1377.

Cardiac Services at Warringal
Private Hospital
Warringal Private Hospital began doing Cardiac Surgery in February 1993. Interventional Cardiology commenced in June
1995 with the opening of its first Cardiac Catheter lab. In 2004, the 2nd Cardiac / Vascular lab opened with an extended
day recovery area and an upgrade of the previous lab equipment.
  Cardiac Services consists of a dedicated Cardiac Theatre, 6 bed ICU, 30 bed Cardiac Unit, 2 state of the art Cath labs,
and a very popular Cardiac Rehab program.
   WPH sees about 250 patients per month through Cath lab for Cardiac Interventional procedures including Coronary
Angiography, Angioplasty, PPM insertions, and Electrophysiology studies. There are approximately 20 patients per month
for Cardiac Surgical procedures. This makes WPH one of the busiest private cardiac services in Victoria! Not only are we
busy, but we have a reputation for quality care and excellent customer relations with our team of 15 Cardiologists and 4
Cardiac Surgeons.
   With the recent opening of our Chest Pain Unit, we aim to further enhance our commitment to efficiently receive,
assess, and manage privately insured patients with acute cardiac chest pain in order to achieve optimal outcomes in
patient care.
Medical matters
Warringal Private Hospital

  Healing entire
  Serving the Warringal community
  for over 30 years!

Warringal Private Hospital
216 Burgundy St Heidelberg 3084
Ph: 03 9274 1300

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