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2006 Scholarships and Prizes


									     C R E AT I N G O P P O RT U N I T I E S                                                                                                                                                                                                         C R E AT I N G O P P O RT U N I T I E S

     Over the last decade there                  2006 Scholarships and Prizes                                                                  Peter Godfrey Choral Scholarship (2002)
                                                                                                                                               Paul E Tulloch (2nd year Arts/Music)
                                                                                                                                                                                                Rowland (5th year Engineering/Science), Kate
                                                                                                                                                                                                Shepherdson (2nd year Master of Arts), Wen      Trinity Newcomer’s Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                                                Xu (5th year Medicine)                          Established in 2006 largely through the
                                                 The College congratulates the following resident and non-resident students who were
     have been 27 new scholarships                                                                                                             Leith Hancock Scholarship (1992)                                                                 willing support of Trinity Fellow Professor
                                                 awarded scholarships in 2006 and recognises, with gratitude, the individuals and              Amelia Ballard (2nd year Arts/Commerce),         Oodgeroo Scholarships (2000 and 2003)           Derek Denton, AC (TC1943), and
     created, with nearly 40% of                                                                                                               Jayne Thompson (3rd year Science)                Kyle Dadleh (1st year Property/Construction),   Mr Martyn Myer.
                                                 foundations who have supported Trinity College by establishing scholarships.                                                                   Andreas Vorst-Hopkins (4th year Arts)           Mohammad Alamein (1st year Engineering/
     resident students now receiving                                                                                                           Elizabeth Hebden Scholarship (1942)                                                              Biomedical Science)
                                                 Charles Abbott Scholarship (1986)              Clarke Scholarships (1880)                     Stephanie Curnow (2nd year Education -           Alan Patterson International Scholarship
     some form of scholarship or                 Ben Brooksby (3rd year Commerce/Law),          Liz Chong (3rd year Biomedical Science),       Early Childhood)                                 (2002)                                          Trinity Scholarship
                                                 Philippa Duffy (3rd year Arts/Law)             James Lerner (3rd year Commerce), Elizabeth                                                     Shu Yi Tan (1st year Medicine), Siew Ching      Martin Stradling (3rd year Computer Science),
     financial aid. The College’s long-                                                          Paratz (2nd year Medicine/Medical Science),    C Hebden Scholarship (1918)                      Wan (1st year Commerce/Information              Kylie Telford (3rd year Science)
                                                 Randal and Louisa Alcock Scholarship           Henry Wong (2nd year Medicine/Medical          Sally Davies (4th year Arts/Law/Diploma of       Systems)
     term goal is for the residential            (1927)                                         Science)                                       Modern Languages)                                                                                Trinity Theological Scholarship (2004)
                                                 Carolyn Chew (2nd year Medicine), Bronwyn                                                                                                      D Penman Scholarship                            Andrew Coleman (2nd year Master of
     College to become a ‘needs                  Innes (2nd year Engineering/Science)           Ethel & Edwin Cooper Studentship (1978)        Frank Henagan Scholarship                        Andrew Coleman (2nd year Master of              Divinity), Raffaella Pilz (4th year Bachelor
                                                                                                Stephanie Curnow (2nd year Education – Early   Alexander Wills (1st year Commerce/Law)          Divinity)                                       of Theology)
     blind’ institution, able to offer           Lilian Alexander Medical Scholarship (1999)    Childhood)
                                                 Marissa Daniels (6th year Medicine)                                                           A J Herd Choral Scholarship (1996)               The Perry Scholarship                           David Wells Law Scholarship (1997)
     places to the best students                                                                Randolph Creswell Engineering Scholarship      Helen Hughson (3rd year Arts/Commerce)           Sarah Delamore (2nd year Architecture),         Sally Davies (4th year Arts/Law/Diploma of
                                                 Mary Armytage Scholarship (1883)               (2005)                                                                                          Grace Sha (2nd year Dental Science), Anoop      Modern Languages), Alysia Debowski
     regardless of their means.                  Sasa McMurray (2nd year Commerce/Law),         Tim Foster (6th year Engineering/Law)          Arthur Hills Scholarship (1987)                  Varghese (2nd year Commerce)                    (4th year Arts/Law), Fergus Green (4th year
                                                 Sophie Gibbons (2nd year Commerce/Law)                                                        Bronwyn Innes (2nd year Engineering/                                                             Arts/Law)
                                                                                                Robert W H Cripps Choral Scholarship           Science), Grace Sha (2nd year Dental Science)    S A F Pond Scholarships
                                                 The Awumpun Scholarship                        (1994)                                                                                          Julien Robinson (4th year Choir), Fiona         A M White Scholarship (1918)
     Scholarship donors understand               Established in 2006 with the assistance        Michael Rooke (4th year Arts)                  Maurice Hurry Law Scholarship (1982)             Scarlett (2nd year Music)                       Jack Cheng (4th year Commerce/Science),
                                                 of Trinity alumnus Ross Macaw and his                                                         Charlotte Lau (4th year Science/Law)                                                             Phebe Kok (2nd year Medicine/Medical
     the transformative power                    wife Susan, in honour of a special Alngith     Nancy Curry Choral Scholarship (2001)                                                           Agnes Robertson Choral Scholarship (1999)       Science)
                                                 Wikwaya woman, to assist an Indigenous         Julien Robinson (4th year Choir)               David Jackson Scholarships (1999 and 2001)       Yi-Shuen Chan
     of providing educational                    student, recognising that the College                                                         Michael Dance (1st year Urban Planning                                                           Nerida Wylie Scholarship (2001)
                                                 community is enriched in every way by          Cybec Newcomers Scholarship (2005)             & Development), Andrew Lin (1st year             The Agnes Robertson Scholarship for             Simon Atkinson (5th year Arts/Science),
     opportunities to talented students          the presence of Indigenous scholars.           Ali Alamein (2nd year Engineering/Science)     Medicine), David Smerdon (5th year               Creative Arts created in 2006 with a            Vanessa Ilicic (3rd year Arts/Law)
                                                 Jarrah MacGregor (1st year Dramatic Arts                                                      Commerce/Science)                                gift facilitated by Trinity alumnus Martin
     who could not otherwise study in            (Production))                                  Cybec Scholarship (1995)                                                                        Armstrong (TC 1959), for a financially           Sydney Wynne Scholarship
                                                                                                Mark Wallace (2nd year Mechatronics),          F F Knight Scholarship (1993)                    disadvantaged student of music, dance, art      John Tai (2nd year Medicine/Medical Science),
     a collegiate environment.                   W J Banks Scholarship                          Zidi Zhao (3rd year Commerce/Prop Constr)      Simon Pitt (3rd year Commerce/Law)               or drama, who is entering second or later       Charlotte Walker (3rd year Arts), Edwina
                                                 Courtney Dixon (2nd year Arts/Law)                                                                                                             years at the University. To be awarded for      Watson (3rd year Arts/Law)
                                                                                                Peter Dennison Scholarship (2002)              Robert B Lewis Scholarship (1989)                the first time in 2007.
                                                 Berthon Scholarship (1886)                     Kristy Biber (2nd year Music)                  Natasha Beh (2nd year Arts), Sally Davies (4th                                                   Yorta Yorta Scholarship (2004)
     Scholarship gift highlights                 Malaka Ameratunga (2nd year Arts/Law),                                                        year Arts/Law/Diploma of Modern Languages)       Amy Smith Scholarship (1985)                    Katie Cahill (2nd year Physiotherapy)
                                                 Charlotte Peel (2nd year Arts), Jayne          N H M Forsyth Choral Scholarship (1997)                                                         Julijana Baltinas (3rd year Optometry)
     • A further gift from the Revd Miltiades
                                                 Thompson (3rd year Science)                    Alice O’Kane (4th year Arts/Law)               Ian McKenzie Medical Scholarship (2001)                                                          Trinity National Scholarships
       and Mrs Alkestis Chryssavgis,
                                                                                                                                               Mark Cicchiello (7th year Medicine), Marissa     Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Scholarships       were awarded to the following students who
       significantly enhancing the scholarship                                                                                                  Daniels (6th year Medicine), David Liew (4th     (1985)                                          received Melbourne National Scholarships:
                                                 Alfred Bird Theological Studentship            N H M Forsyth Assistant Directorship of
       they established in 1995.                 Andrew Coleman (2nd year Master of             Music (2001)                                   year Medicine)                                   Amelia Ballard (2nd year Arts/Commerce),        David Allen (2nd year Science), Jacqueline
                                                 Divinity)                                      Thomas Drent, BMus Melb                                                                         Julijana Baltinas (3rd year Optometry)          Chan (1st year Commerce/Law), Adam Chen
     • The Felicity Anne Curry Choral                                                                                                          WBC Medical Scholarship (2006)                                                                   (1st year Dental Science), Lucinda Green
       Scholarship established with a gift       Reginald Blakemore Scholarship (1991)          Simon Fraser Scholarship                       Michael Bullen (1st year Medicine)               Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Choral             (1st year Arts/Law), Tim Leung (2nd year Arts/
       from the Revd Dr Norman Curry and is      Daniel Cowen (2nd year Engineering (IT)/Law)   Sophie Chapman (4th year Arts/Engineering),                                                     Scholarship (1990)                              Law/Diploma of Modern Languages),
       named for his late daughter.                                                             Bronwyn Innes (2nd year Engineering/Science)   A G Miller Scholarship                           Fiona Scarlett (2nd year Music)                 Wei Liao (1st year Commerce/Law),
                                                 Evan Burge Entrance Scholarship (1995)                                                        Crystal Poon (1st year Optometry)                                                                Grace Liu (2nd year Biomedical Science),
                                                 Jasmine Cleanthous (1st year Science), Jack    Indigenous Scholarship                                                                          Andrew Sprague Bursary for Photography          Daniel Ong (2nd year Medicine/Medical
     • The Markwell Scholarship (See page 16)
                                                 Huang (1st year Medicine/Arts), Jane Lovell    Joe Clifford (2nd year Commerce/Law)           Bruce Munro Scholarship (1984)                   and Archives (1989)                             Science), Nell Pierce (1st year Arts (Media &
                                                 (1st year Medicine), Howard Tang (1st year                                                    Simon Atkinson (5th year Arts/Science),          Katie Tatoulis (4th year Arts/Law)              Communications)/Law), Crystal Poon
     • The Morna Sturrock Doctoral                                                                                                             Lachlan Harrison-Smith (5th year Arts/Law),                                                      (1st year Optometry), Ben Tan (1st year Arts/
                                                 Medicine/Medical Science)                      Fulford Research Scholarship
       Scholarship (See page 11)                                                                Joanna Tieu (2nd year Medicine/Medical         Jenny Huang (4th year Medicine), David           J H Sutton Scholarship (1925)                   Law), Christopher Tran (1st year Arts/Law),
                                                 Champion de Crespigny Scholarship (2000)       Science), Wen Xu (5th year Medicine)           Liew (4th year Medicine), Wen Xu (5th year       Simon Atkinson (5th year Arts/Science),         Alexander Wills (1st year Commerce/Law),
                                                 Ryan Atkinson (2rd year Medicine)                                                             Medicine)                                        Cynthia Sear (2nd year Arts/Commerce)           Shona Wills (1st year Commerce/Science),
                                                                                                General Medical Scholarship                                                                                                                     Caroline Wong (2nd year Commerce/Law),
                                                 Choral Scholarships                            Gihan Wijetunga (2nd year Medicine/Medical     Bruce Munro Organ Scholarship (1984)             A C Thompson Scholarship                        Daniel Wong (1st year Medicine/Medical
       ‘Trinity has made me into a               Amelia Ballard (2nd year Arts/Commerce),       Science)                                       Jonathon Bradley, Yi-Shuen Chan                  Daniel Cowen (2nd year Engineering              Science)
                                                 Adam Cook (2nd year Choir), Claire Kenyon                                                                                                      (IT)/Law), Yevindra de Silva (2nd year
       more independent, mature,                 (3rd year Choir), Peter McInnis (2nd year      General Scholarship                            The R A Must Scholarships                        Engineering)
      and (most importantly) happy               Choir), Thomas Pearce (2nd year Choir)         Frank Hofheins (2nd year Arts), Daniel Ong     Malaka Ameratunga (4th year Arts/Medicine),                                                      2005 Awards (presented in 2006)
                                                                                                (2nd year Medicine/Medical Science)            James Balfour (6th year Engineering/Computer     Trinity International Scholarships
      person, by both supporting me                                                                                                            Science), Sally Davies (4th year Arts/Law/       Faiz Alkhatib (1st year Commerce/Law), Win
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Valedictorian of the Year: Tamara Vu
                                                 Senior Choral Scholars
        and challenging me in the                                                                                                                                                                                                               (5th year Arts/Law)
                                                 Peter Campbell, Suzanne Shakespeare            James Grant Entrance Scholarship (2001)        Diploma of Modern Languages), Phylaktis          Bin Chew (3rd year Design & Planning),
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Trinity College Medal for Outstanding
         transition to adulthood.’                                                              Harrison Wraight (1st year Architecture)       Georgiou (4th year Commerce/Grad Dip Arts),      Mike Chen (2nd year Creative Arts), Grace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Academic Achievement: Jayne Thompson
                                                 Miltiades and Alkestis Chryssavgis                                                            Akane Kanai (4th year Arts/Law), Dinusha         Liu (2nd year Biomedical Science), Nattida
                 Sophie Chapman                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (2nd year Science)
                                                 Scholarship (1995)                             R Grice Scholarship (1879)                     Kularatne (6th year Medicine), Charlotte         Prasassarakich (2nd year Commerce), Gillian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mary Kingsmill Baxter Prize for Engineering:
        (4th year Arts/Engineering), Perth, WA   Alison David (2nd year Arts/Commerce),         Sue Faye Siow (2nd year Medicine/Medical       Lau (4th year Science/Law), Matthew Lee          Tan (1st year Commerce/Law), Shu Qing Tan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Bronwyn Innes (2nd year Engineering/Science)
                                                 Nell Pierce (1st year Arts (Media &            Science), Jayne Thompson (3rd year Science),   (4th year Medicine), Blake Loughran (4th         (4th year Commerce/Law), Gihan Wijetunga
                                                 Communications)/Law), Regina Tan (2nd year     Paul A Tulloch (2nd year Engineering/          year Engineering/Science), Gareema Prasad        (2nd year Medicine/Medical Science),
                                                 Music)                                         Commerce)                                      (5th year Dental Science), Natalie Ross-         Xianglin (Sam) Yeaw (1st year Medicine)
                                                                                                                                               Lapointe (4th year Arts/Science), Thomas

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