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Interdependency - A biblical model of mission by gjjur4356


									IN NETWORK MAGAZINE    2006 No. 3

           Interdependency - A biblical model of mission

               connecting christian nationals worldwide
                                          This Issue...                                                                Editorial
                                                                                        A bright spot in a world marred by sin and conflict is the
                                        Page 1                                          universal Body of Jesus Christ, the Church. Comprising men,
                                        Editorial                                       women, boys and girls who have been born again by the
                                        Paying tribute to the ones who died             Spirit of God it transcends geography, national boundaries,
                                                                                        cultural and ethnic diversity, and colour.
                                        Page 2
                                                                                        The world is characterised by sin and hopelessness, the
                                        Interdependency - IN's partnership model
                                                                                        Church by redemption, reconciliation and hope; the world
                                        Page 3                                          by nationalism, the Church by filial love; the world by the
                                        Helping Vivian                                  haves and the have nots, the Church by giving and receiving
                                                                                        and receiving and giving.
                                        Pages 4 and 5
                                                                                        It is in this context that IN Network exists and serves.
                                        Prayer Calendar
                                                                                        IN Network seeks to be a handmaiden of the Church by
                                        Page 6                                          glorifying God and winning men, women, boys and girls                   Mel Newth
                                        Totally sold out to the Gospel                  to Jesus Christ and seeks to do this by connecting Christians      President IN Network
                                        Ministry to gypsies                             in Evangelism, Discipleship and Community Development.
                                        Page 7                                          IN Network was born in Asia, spread to Africa in the 80's and - with the fall of communism
                                        Transform a child's life                        - established partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe in the 90's. IN Network is now
                                                                                        involved in over 35 countries on six continents. Partnering with 1,200 national staff
                                        A sponsored child writes...
                                                                                        members the organisation touches over 10,000 people each week.
                                        Contact Details
                                                                                        "The Gospel brings us God's solutions to human problems, but it does so by first solving
                                                                                        a deeper problem - the deepest of all human problems - the problem of man's relation
                                                                                        with his Maker". J.I Packer, Theologian and Author
                                                                                        Partnership in Ministry is featured in this Global Update. My prayer is it will both bless
                                                                                        and challenge you as you read of our "talk" and our "walk".
                                                                                        Thank you for the Body Life share you have with us through your gifts and prayers. May
                                                                                        God bless you!
                                                                                        Mel Newth, President, IN Network

                                                                      Paying tribute to the ones who died
                                  For 19 days in April 2006 Nepal saw an                                                      their situation. Bishnulal had been taking care
                                                                                                                              of his family through a small tailoring shop.
                                  unprecedented mass of people come                                                           The three-roomed house is very old, walled by
                                  out in support of full and final                                                            raw bricks and mud and is shaky. They have
                                  democracy in Nepal.                                                                         two daughters and a son who are at the age
                                                                                                                              of 12, 4 and 7 years. An NGO is helping educate
                                  All over Nepal young mothers with suckling babies,                                          the youngest daughter and a local boarding
                                  farmers with their farm tools, students and people                                          school has given word to help the son until
                                  from every walk of life agitated and shouted,                                               his masters' degree. The older girl, Binita, has
                                  "Long live democracy" and "Death to King                                                    been studying in a government school but I
                                  Gynendra". Only after hundreds were wounded                                                 admitted her into the same school where her
                                  and 19 people killed, the king reluctantly gave in                                          siblings are.
                                  to the demand of the people. This revolution has
                                                                                                                              Though I had given my word to help Binita, I
                                  caused the Shah dynasty of 235 years to come to
                                                                                                                              was doubting how I could provide the boarding
                                  an ignoble end and there are no regrets anywhere
                                                                                                                              school's expenses for the next 8 years, but at
                                  but just exuberance and rejoicing.
                                                                                                                              the same time I got convinced that God would
Global Update

                                  One of the demonstrators who was severely                             Binita                always help the poor and the sincere work I'm
                                  wounded and is fighting for his life in a hospital                                          doing from my heart. When Nicanor Tamang
                                  has three children and one of them, Binita Maharjan, just 12            said, "We will take full responsibility for her education", I felt
                                  years old, has no one to take care of her.                              completely relieved.
                                  As you read about her, please pray for Nepal which is now a             Since then I have met Binita three times at her school. In my
                                  secular state and no more the only Hindu Kingdom in the world.          second visit, dressed in normal uniform, she stared at me and
                                  We have, I believe, a glorious opportunity to share the Gospel in       said, "Auntie, look, everyone else have got tie, and belt and
                                  love with the people of Nepal. Let us pray that we take the             leather shoes except me." "There is no rice or other food in my
                                  opportunity with wisdom and caution so that God's people and            house," she added. I couldn't control myself and took her in my
                                  the church in Nepal is seen as a community of loving and caring         arms, when I saw the her sense of responsibility towards her
                                  people.                                                                 whole family.
                                  Nicanor Tamang, Executive Director, IN Network Nepal                    Two days later she called me and said, "Auntie, all the friends in
                                  Esther Thapa tells her story of finding Binita                          my school eat Tiffin (lunch), shall I eat? Would you pay for that?"
                                                                                                          I kept comparing her with my daughters throughout the night.
                                  My husband Rev. Tirtha Thapa had told me to help the children
                                  of a certain martyr of this movement. I went to the Modal Hospital      On my next visit Binita greeted me warmly and grabbed me. She
                                  where I found Bishnulal Maharjan in a most critical condition           told me that she liked the school, teachers and the friends. Then
                                  among the 5,000 injured people. Even with the help of a ventilator,     she broke down and said, "Convey to my father not to worry,
                                  in ICU, he was struggling to breathe. A feeding tube was installed;     because I'm studying hard." She told me that someone had
                                  his spinal cord and main nerve were completely destroyed. He            brought rice and spices when she was leaving for school.
                                  could not move his body, nor utter a word. Looking at his condition     She requested with expecting eyes, "Auntie, please, come to see
                                  I felt to do something for his children.                                me again..."
                                  I met his wife, Laxmi, and requested her to lead me to their house      [Editors note: Binita is now sponsored through IN Network's child
                                  because I wanted to meet their children and know more about             assistance programme in Nepal]
               Interdependency - IN's partnership model
Are your donations to the IN Network a good thing?                                Christians everywhere. If the admonitions of 1 Corinthians 12-14
Or are they a bad thing?                                                          teach us nothing else, they teach us that even the most undisciplined
                                                                                  and immature Christian is supernaturally gifted by God. Timothy,
Given that you are reading the Global Update, I assume                            the young and inexperienced leader was counselled not to despise
                                                                                  the gift of God received through the laying on of hands. Thus, we
you think they're a good thing.                                                   must acknowledge that all have potential to contribute to the
                          Not everyone would agree. Particularly those            work of God. But the ministry model under which one functions
                          who think your donations foster unhealthy               must recognize this and release the gift in order for this to happen.
                          dependence. Far better, they'd say, to let              IN's experience is that interdependent ministry partnerships do
                          people struggle than to trap them in a                  this most effectively.
                          dependent lifestyle. Dependency ensnares.            • IN Network's interdependent ministry partnerships reflect the
                          Dependency disenfranchises. Dependency                  ministry model set down by the New Testament church. From a
                          stifles natural growth. Dependency fosters              purely human perspective, we might regard it as incredible that
                          little more than a childlike existence. It stifles      when Christ ascended to return to the Father He left His mission
                          creativity. It leads to passivity and paternalism.      in charge of men who were regarded by the religious aristocracy
                                                                                  as "unschooled and ordinary". (Acts 4:13) We might also be
                          Was this your intent when you decided to help           dumbfounded when these men set out on their mission; they
                            Walter Pimpong in Ghana? Or Nicanor                   turned over the leadership of the churches they founded to similar
      Glenn Fretz           Tamang in Nepal? Or some young child living           people. Leadership wasn't something to be grasped in the early
in the slums of Bangladesh? Or a Filipino church planter?                         church. Rather, it was something to be given away as soon as
Your intent was to enable ministry, not cripple it, wasn't it? So your            possible.
gift ought to be accompanied by a question. One that asks, what is             • IN Network's interdependent ministry partnerships allow for the
IN Network doing to assure your gift helps, more than it hinders, in              sharing of financial resources in keeping with New Testament
terms of dependency? And your question should be seen as more                     practice. In a variety of his epistles, Paul documents the generosity
than rhetorical. It deserves an answer.                                           of the New Testament church when it came to giving to those in
                                                                                  need. (2 Corinthians 8 & 9, Romans 15 are examples.) He commonly
From its outset IN Network has consistently sought to build                       characterized this voluntary sharing as, "service to the saints",
interdependence into its ministry partnerships. Interdependent values             something in which they were to "excel". That Paul took this
- values like trust, open communication, teamwork and mutual                      aspect of ministry partnership seriously is indicated by the fact
accountability - have always taken precedence. Undue control, the                 that he, "took pains to do what was right" in the administration
stifling of initiative, the "he who has the gold rules" mentality - all           of these gifts, "not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the
of which characterize dependent partnerships - have consistently                  eyes of men." (2 Corinthians 8:21)
been censured within the IN family. So has the "I can do it myself"            Maybe you are asking, has IN Network's intent to foster
self-assertive mentality that often characterizes an independent               interdependent ministry partnerships always been successful? No.
partnership.                                                                   And we must be humble and honest enough to admit that it hasn't.
Was IN Network's interdependent ministry model deliberately crafted            Some decisions have been made with undue regard for the opinion
to answer its dependency critics? Not likely. Dependency wasn't an             of the funding source. Sometimes direction has been dictated instead
issue in the mid-1970's when IN began. Instead its ministry model              of coming about through open discussion and dialogue.
finds its roots in the New Testament.                                          Interdependence doesn't come naturally or easily. It's easy for both
• IN Network's interdependent ministry partnerships are in keeping             sides in a ministry partnership to slip into old ways of dependent or
   with the interdependent nature of the body of Christ. In both               independent thinking and acting.
   Romans 12 and Ephesians 4, where the apostle Paul stresses the              However, IN Network's commitment, both to its Supply-line donors
   unity yet diversity of the body of Christ, what he is describing is         and to its Front-line ministry partners, is to keep working at it. To
   interdependence. He is talking about the natural ties Christians            keep upholding the values of interdependence throughout the
   have to each other because they are brothers and sisters in Christ.         Network - values that fuel ministry without fostering dependency.
   He is helping us to acknowledge what we often forget, that the
   Church is one. So it is not "Us and Them", it is "We". He is helping        Only as we do so can we then assure you that your donations to the
   us to look beyond the artificial barriers that divide us to see that        IN Network are a good and not a bad thing. And that's good, isn't
   we need one another to be truly complete.                                   it?
• IN Network's interdependent ministry partnerships recognize the              Glenn Fretz, International Board
   universal gifting of the Holy Spirit and the innate capability of

                                                                                                                                                          Global Update
                                                             Image gallery

     Mrs Julia Atkova, executive director, and two children from the              A group of orphans that the New Generation Kindergarten
     New Generation Kindergarten in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the celebration                visit to minister, at the celebration of 10 years of
             of 10 years of IN Network's ministry in Bulgaria                                   IN Network's ministry in Bulgaria
                                                                                 Helping Vivian

                                                                                 Walter Pimpong visits Vivian and her mother

                                  April 2006... Easter this year was very significant                    May 2006 .... What a surprise! Vivian called at my office last week
                                  for me as a leader of our work in Ghana; I was                         and asked to see me and to announce that she had started
                                                                                                         attending church services. She smiled and announced that her
                                  confronted for the first time by a twenty year                         birthday would be in three weeks. Vivian was relaxed and relieved.
                                  old, Vivian, who wanted to go into a Trokosi                           It looked as if a burden was lifted off her and life had started all
                                  shrine.                                                                over again. Why? Because nobody died at the end of the month
                                                                                                         as the priest had said.
                                  Vivian is the grandchild of a man who died                             But all is not over yet with Vivian because she is under extreme
                                                                                                         pressure from the extended family. She is still confused and still
                                  about fifty years ago. It is believed Vivian's                         thinks she has to go to the shrine.
                                  grandfather offended the gods and was asked                            The team at IN Network office was under pressure to do something
                                  to pay a fine which he could not pay before                            in the past few weeks. I telephoned the Paramount Chief of the
                                                                                                         Shrine village where Vivian would be sent many times. I also
                                  he died. It is believed that the nine deaths                           visited and consulted with this chief as to how best to resolve
                                  that have occurred in the family within these                          the problem. I wanted to negotiate with the priest to take a cow
                                                                                                         or a sheep but I was told he would not take it. I went further to
                                  50 years were the results of the grandfather's                         see the Legal Adviser to the Minister of Women and Children’s
                                  offence against the gods.
Global Update

                                                                                                         Affairs to advise as to how the law could be enforced. I saw a
                                                                                                         psychiatrist to counsel Vivian, and Christians to organise a
                                  Vivian's father is the oldest son of the deceased grandfather and
                                                                                                         deliverance service for her. But in all these, I see the hand of God
                                  has to send a daughter to the shrine as reparation for the offence
                                                                                                         at work and the Spirit of God prevailing over the force of evil.
                                  committed. A die was cast. The gods wanted a Thursday born
                                                                                                         Your prayers have contributed a lot and I encourage you to
                                  and Vivian happened to be the one among her siblings.
                                                                                                         continue praying.
                                  Her father contacted IN Network to protect Vivian. IN Staff spent
                                                                                                         The implications of this problem are far reaching. Vivian's younger
                                  a lot of time counselling and praying with this family but pressures
                                                                                                         sister, Rebecca, feels the spirits are after her. She is depressed,
                                  from Vivian's grandmothers, both maternal and paternal, were
                                                                                                         has sleepless nights and is unable to study at school. She has also
                                  unbearable and she decided to give in. Her grandmothers were
                                                                                                         come home and is being counselled. Vivian's mother is depressed
                                  strongly traditional and gave her the impression that somebody
                                                                                                         and fears someone will die soon in the family. Victor, Vivian's
                                  will die in the family by the end of this month if she does not go
                                                                                                         father, is confused because he is torn between his faith as a
                                  to the shrine. Vivian, for fear of losing her parents and close
                                                                                                         Christian and the demands of his immediate family. The whole
                                  relatives, now believes she is the only one who can save them.
                                                                                                         family is in turmoil.
                                  Minor ailments like colds and headaches are now interpreted as
                                  acts from the spiritual world. Her sense of reality is so warped       To demonstrate our genuine love and concern, I visit the family
                                  now that everything is interpreted in the light of the spiritual       very often. The family are now impoverished through fines that
                                  world and death. Vivian is so badly traumatised that we have           were extorted from them. Vivian's father may not be able to pay
                                  asked her to see a psychiatrist.                                       for their school fees for a while and IN Network is seriously
                                                                                                         considering helping. At least we can rejoice now that Vivian has
                                  Reality for each of us is to a great extent defined by what we
                                                                                                         not gone to the shrine and is with us. Let us pray and do our best
                                  think and believe. What freedom we have in Christ, in whom we
                                                                                                         to prevent her from going.
                                  believe, who died for us at Calvary. Easter made more sense for
                                  me, for indeed Christ set me free from the shackles of the evil        Walter Pimpong
                                  one.                                                                   Executive Director

  Totally sold out to the gospel of Jesus Christ
Many of you will have read stories of our wonderful
church planter in the highlands of Papua New
Guinea, Pastor Manuko Yautaki.
Manuko came into ministry because of a series of
events which were ordained by God.
Many years ago, three Australian sisters decided to
spend some of their income on supporting a national
worker in Papua New Guinea. His name was Bafi
and he was active in planting churches in the eastern
These three ladies continued to support the work for a number of
years, and as one of them passed away, the same level of support
would be forwarded as the remaining sisters lived on less income. Bafi
discipled a young man named Manuko Yautaki, who assisted him
planting churches and taking care of congregations. Eventually all of
the sisters died and it was at that point that IN Network took over the
support for this young church planter, Manuko. He is the product of
faithful, prayerful giving.
As you see in the photo, Manuko and his wife Simamu have quite a                It has come at a time when Simamu was involved in running a women's
number of children - eight in all. But four of these children have been         conference at Ukarumpa (where they live), when Manuko is just about
adopted because they were not wanted by their birth parents. One of             to go on a ten day outreach, and when Simamu was about to take a
these is Uru (just in front of his mother), who is about 24 years old.          ladies group to the capital Port Moresby for the first time.
Uru was left on the doorstep of the Yautaki home when he was a                  This family is totally sold out to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In planting
baby, and Manuko and Simamu have raised him as their own child.                 many churches, conducting crusades, pastoring congregations, settling
Uru suffered from severe epilepsy, and it is likely that it is this disease     tribal disputes, running conferences ... they are always busy at the
that took his life in his sleep on June 22nd. Uru died as a follower of         Lord's work.
Jesus Christ, so we can be comforted by knowing He is now in the                Please pray for this family, they need our support.
Lord's presence. The loss of their son Uru is a severe blow to this family,
as is the death of any loved child.

                  Helping the orphans and elderly
In the village of Cinobana, Slovakia, live a
large gypsy population, many without jobs,
and some have no electricity in their homes.
IN Network Slovakia workers heard how God
was working in this village. Through personal
evangelism the gospel spread mostly among

                                                                                                                                                             Global Update
teens and young adults in their early twenties.
Many of their friends accepted Christ and
even some of their parents.
We began to have a weekly Bible study with them. Every
Thursday a car load of people from Lucenec drove to Cinobana
and had a three hour Bible study, which included a time of
singing, fellowship, Bible study, discussion, question and answer
time and prayer. During the first year we were able to meet in                                Gypsy children singing about Jesus
the village community centre. However, the mayor of the village
has always been suspicious of the group and considers it a cult.              an older house in the village and remodel it and use it for
We were not permitted to use the community centre as a                        continuing the outreach ministries in the village. This will give
meeting place any longer; however the Lord provided another                   the group of believers a permanent meeting place and eventually
place for us to meet. Believe it or not, it is an old, run-down               start a Sunday morning worship service in the home. With the
bar. Although it doesn't look like much, we are all very excited              house they will continue to have the coffee house ministry,
about the potential. The first time we met there, we spent time               after school programs and weekly Bible studies, reaching out
in prayer dedicating the building to God and asking Him to use                to the community and transforming it through the love of
it for His purposes.                                                          Christ. Please pray for spiritual growth of these people, as they
In this place we also started a Café kind of ministry five                    have many struggles because of their mentality and sinful past.
afternoons/evenings per week, as additional to Bible studies.                 Pray so they will stay firm and grow in the knowledge and grace
Local believers are involved in various ministries focusing on                of our Lord Jesus.
youth and children's outreach. Our long-term plan is to purchase              Pavel Sinko, Executive Director, Slovakia

                                                                                                                      Contact Details
                                  Transform a child's life                                                        IN Network connects Christian partners in the developed
                                                                                                                  and developing world in evangelism, discipleship, and
                                                                                                                  community development.
                                  Right now, a poor child in a developing country needs someone to
                                                                                                                  The emergence of outstanding national leadership and
                                  reach out and say: "I care."                                                    ministries is one of the exciting moves of the Spirit of God
                                  Sponsors are urgently needed for many children!                                 in the developing world and Eastern Europe.
                                                                                                                  This is the most cost-effective aspect of mission today.
                                  You can be that "someone" today. As an IN Network child sponsor, you            Certainly ministry through nationals is a global force in
                                  supply a modest monthly gift that provides food, clothing, shelter and          mission today, and God has positioned IN Network for the
                                  Christ-centred education.                                                       task.
                                  Each sponsored child is given the opportunity to respond to the gospel of       NB. In the event that designated funds given for a ministry
                                  Jesus Christ. Your gift initiates a transforming friendship ... with benefits   or project(s) result in an over-subscription, the IN Network
                                  for both you and your child.                                                    board will reallocate the surplus to another needy ministry.
                                                                                                                  International Office
                                  Sponsors receive personal inspiration through:                                  20210-84th Avenue, Langley, BC
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                                  •   A profile and photograph
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                                  There are children from many countries who urgently need your help now.
                                  Please telephone or email your nearest office, or fill in the form below, to
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                                  begin your IN journey.
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                                  My Response                                                                     E-mail:
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                                  Email address:                                                                  11/13, rue Louis Aureglia, 98000 Monaco
                                                                                                                  Phone: (377) 93-50-16-58
                                                                                                                  Netherlands Office
                                  A sponsored child writes...                                                     Toermalyndyk 66, 4706 RH Roosendaal
                                                                                                                  Phone: (31) 165-543-030, Fax: (31) 165-528-085
                                                               Annet Namrata is one of the                        New Zealand Office
                                                               children who has benefited from                    P O Box 1165, Tauranga, New Zealand
                                                                                                                  Phone: (64) 7-578-6198, Fax: (64) 7-578-6195
                                                               the IN Network sponsorship
Global Update

                                                                                                                  Free phone: 0800 144 646
                                                               programme. She reports; "I was                     E-mail:
                                                                                                                  Singapore Office
                                                               forced by my grandmother to go                     PO Box 755, Crawford Post Office
                                                               and work as a housemaid after I                    Singapore 911909
                                                               lost my father and mother.                         Phone/Fax: (65) 6396 4825
                                                             At that time I was 9 years old. My desire            Switzerland Office - Kemptthal
                                                             was to be in school but I had no one to              Dorfstrasse 27, CH-8310, Kemptthal
                                  pay my fees. I worked for some months but was sent away unpaid.                 Phone: (41) 52-345-0130, Fax: (41) 52-345-0131
                                  A Good Samaritan found me stranded and enrolled me at the                       E-mail:
                                                                                                                  Switzerland Office - Veyrier
                                  Makonge Mixed Primary School. Through IN Network I was able to
                                                                                                                  10 Chemin de Castelver, CH 1255, Veyrier
                                  attend school because their sponsorship programme was able to pay               Phone/Fax: (41) 22-784-0596
                                  my fees, buy my school books and provide a uniform. My future is                E-mail:
                                  now bright and my desire is to be a doctor. I am now in Primary 5               United Kingdom Office
                                  at one of the schools run by IN Network Uganda. Thank you to my                 111B South End, Croyden, Surrey, CRO 1BJ
                                  sponsors for helping me to get an education and for making my                   Reg'd. Charity No. 1010597
                                  dreams come true".                                                              Phone/Fax: (44) 20-8688-3939
                                                                                                                  USA Office
                                                                                                                  10432 Chicago Drive, Suite 2, Zeeland, MI 49464
                                                                                                                  Phone: (1) 616-748-9620, Fax: (1) 616-748-9641


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