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					                        India – Israel Military Relations and Pakistan
                                              By Shahzad Masood Roomi

“The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now
should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of
  it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs
 themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate
 steps against Pakistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have
been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from
   against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of
                             Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”
         David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister. His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1967

Traditionally, India is considered the only real enemy for Pakistani state but above mention statement of
first Israeli premier and history of covert relations between two countries –even before 1992, the year
India formally recognized Israel and established diplomatic relations –proves that Pakistan was perceived
as a security threat despite the fact that Pakistan never showed any such intentions against Israel. Apart
from that, this statement was an announcement of natural strategic alliance between Israel and India
against Pakistan.

Just like India, a nuclear armed Pakistan is also a nightmare for Israel as well due to its strong ideology
and armed forces. Israeli threat perception of Pakistan stepped up further after the participation of
Pakistani armed forces personnel in Arab-Israel wars of 1967 and 1973. Even today various Pakistani
military schools are training military staffs belonging to Muslim countries located next to Israel. Pakistan
is the only country in the Muslim world that has top of the line military training infrastructure and skilled
military trainers making it a natural target for Israel‟s overt and covert plans.
As desired by David Ben Gurion, today, India is serving as covert base against Pakistan. Not only this but
both are colluding against Pakistan in every possible way to make it fragile on economic, political and
military axis. Indian 4th generation war against Pakistan is a manifestation of this covert war and has
Israeli collaboration and assistance. Covert military and diplomatic relations between the two predate to
1960s when Indian foreign spy agency RAW was formed on the footsteps of Israeli Mosssad though
nature of these relations was covert during Cold War to avoid annoyance of Soviets.
After dismemberment of Soviet Union in 1991, India and Israel established their diplomatic relations after
India formally accepted Israeli state in 1992. These relations proved a marriage of convenience for both
India and Israel. Israeli war industry found a huge market to sell weapons and allowed India to arm its
forces with most lethal weapon systems against Pakistan, unbalancing the military equation between the
two rivals. Israel is an active partner in Indian military buildup for her Cold Start war plans against

Infiltrating the sensitive circles of enemy‟s military and strategic infrastructure to make it implode from
within is an old poly of Mossad. Today it is fully utilizing the cover of NATO forces in Afghanistan, UN
and US personnel to find alternate ways to gain access into Pakistan‟s security infrastructure. Pakistan,
having 6th largest military machine of the world armed with nuclear weapons at her disposal, is too big a
target to take on for Israel alone. This military strength of Pakistan helped both India and Israel to push
their strategic alliance further.

India-Israel military relations

The nature of Indo-Israel military cooperation is secretive. India is one of the 39 countries with whom
Israel has signed “secret co-operative agreements” in order to conceal the information about joint military
projects. Much of these plans are related to denuclearization campaigns against Pakistan which has been
put into top gear after 1998 in political affairs, diplomatic engagements and media debates by this Indo-
Israel nexus around the globe.

In conventional warfare domain, US and Israel are biggest supplier of advanced weapons to India which
India is going to use against Pakistan in next conflict whereas Pakistan has been denied number of
weapon systems even those who are purely defensive in nature. These sales began after 2003, when
cunning Indians proposed the idea of forging an alliance among India, Israel and United States, against
common threat of “Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism”.

Below is a brief summary of previous and current arms deals between India and Israel. These facts and
figures must be sufficed to showcase how Israel is arming India to execute her Cold Start military
doctrine against a nuclear armed Pakistan.

        From 2001 to 2009, India purchased arms worth staggering 24$ billion from Israel and emerged
        as largest military hardware client of Israel.

        According to the figures released in 2008 by the Israeli Defense Ministry, India accounted for
        50% of Israel‟s military exports.

        Supply of 3 state of the art Phalcon AWACS air surveillance system t0 IAF. Deliveries have been
        started already since last year. System would allow Indian forces to look deep into Pakistani lands
        and skies.

        Indian air force‟s SU-30MKI, fighter jets were upgraded by Israel Aviation Industry (IAI)
        boosting their electronic warfare and jamming abilities.

        Sale of long-range Green-Pine radars to India. These radars are capable of detecting any flying
        object from hundreds of kilometers.

        In 1996 India purchased 32 Searcher Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Electronic Support Measure
        sensors and an Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation simulator system from Israel.

        In 1997, Israel offered its Barak-I vertically launched surface to air missile (SAM). India bought
        this missile system with the ability to destroying targets like cruise missiles.
During 1999 Kargil crisis, Israel supplied India with laser guided missiles and munitions making
it possible for Indian air force‟s Mirages to destroy Pakistani bunkers in mountains. According to
Jane‟s Defense Weekly, India was provided with Heron / Machatz 1 UAVs for high altitude
surveillance, laser-guided bomb and many other systems within 24 hours.

In 2000, Israeli submarines reportedly conducted test launches of cruise missiles capable of
carrying nuclear warheads in the waters of the Indian Ocean, off the Sri Lanka coast.
In June 2002, as part of “Operation Parakram,” after the attack on Indian Parliament, Israel
supplied hardware through special planes after a visit by the Director-General of Israeli Defense

India has signed a $30 million contract with Israel Military Industries (IMI) for 3,400 state of the
art Tavor assault rifles and 200 Galil sniper rifles, as well as night vision and laser range finding
and targeting equipment. India buys the counter-infiltration devices Israel uses on Golan Heights
and in the Negev Desert. 4 battalions were sent to Israel for special training against insurgency in
Kashmir Ghatak force.

India launched Israeli Spy satellite with ability to draw real time 3D maps.

Israeli advised India new methods of curbing Kashmiri struggle. Indian newspaper The Pioneer,
wrote on 3 March 2001: "Fencing of the Indo-Pak border is not enough. To check Pakistan-
sponsored cross-border terrorism, top security experts of Israel have suggested that hi-tech
gadgets ranging from an electronic barrier system of radars to thermal imaging devices should
be immediately installed on India's sensitive international border in J&K and Punjab sectors.”

Israeli involvement in Kashmir issue is not a secret anymore. Recent wave of Indian military
human crimes in the valley is a culmination of adopting the military tactics used by Israel defense
forces against Palestinian citizens. Emergence of a horrifying resemblance between the two
forces‟ counterinsurgency approach vividly explains how Indian army is getting its lesson from
the maters of oppression. Result is a bloodbath in Kashmir with deaths of innocent children and
        women exactly replicating Gaza which came under attack by Israel in 2008. Indeed, India and
        Israel are natural allies as these are the only two “democratic” countries in the world that have
        killed over 1 million peoples in between 1947 and 2010 even without labeling any charges.

Strategic blunders in foreign policy affairs by Islamabad and US military invasion into Afghanistan after
9/11 provided another base for combined Indo-Israel clandestine operations inside Pakistan‟s FATA and
NWFP regions from Afghanistan. Pakistan has been bleeding shoddily since last 10 years due to these
furtive wars. Indians are willing partners in these dirty wars as they have succeeded in damaging Pakistan
and its armed forces much more than they could in previous four wars since 1947. The excerpt, re-
produced below, from Janes intelligence report, of 2001, vividly explains the connection between RAW
and Mossad;

"The Indian spy agency RAW and the Israeli spy agency Mossad have created "four new agencies" to
infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers
and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus stations,
cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Islamic sects to incite sectarianism. Pakistani intelligence agencies
also said that RAW had constituted a plan to lure Pakistani men between 20 and 30 years of age to visit
India so that they could be entrapped 'in cases of fake currency and subversion' and then be coerced to
spy for India."

Not surprisingly, the pattern of terrorism and social unrest in Pakistan since 2001 is exactly the same.
Pakistan army is the biggest encumbrance to Indian hegemonic designs in the region so weakening it
through surrogate wars remain an obvious imperative. After engaging Pakistan army on Western theatre,
exploiting economic pressures due to internal war is the next step in ultimate game against the army and

Pakistan has spent billions of dollars while fighting against Indian and Israeli proxies in Northern areas.
On the other hand, it requires billions more, every year, to maintain a credible balance of forces in the
region vis-à-vis India. Strong lobbying by Indian-Israeli political and diplomatic engagements and media
ops has painted Pakistan army as a collaborator against US/NATO forces in Afghanistan. Compelled by
this propaganda, US administration is hesitating to give any economic waiver to already economically
strained Pakistani military. Consequently, whole modernization of Pakistan military is about to suffer
further weakening country‟s defenses.

Odiously, this Indo-Israel nexus is the advantage of having influence over American media due to Israel‟s
penetration. Pakistan‟s global outlook has been devastated by this influence haunting country‟s foreign
direct investment (FDI) as well. US insistence on giving India a bigger role in Afghanistan overlooking
all its security implications on Pakistan is yet another expression of this media influence.

In his article carried by Opinion Maker, in May 2010, titled „Framing Pakistan: How the pro-Israel media
enables India‟s surrogate warfare‟ Maidhc Ó Cathail wrote:
“The media component of India’s alliance with Israel affords India a powerful weapon to wage surrogate
   warfare against Pakistan and enables both Tel Aviv and Delhi to pursue their common objective of
                           destabilizing the nuclear-armed Muslim nation”.

Characters like Farid Zakria, Stephen Schwartz, Daniel Pipes and others have been tasked to create a
monstrous image of Pakistan, as source of global terrorism and an unreliable and devious ally. Not very
surprisingly this heinous media onslaught has met with unprecedented level of success due to complete
diplomatic failure of Pakistan.

Denying nuclear capability to any Muslim country is foremost strategic goal of Israel. Attacking
preemptively deep into enemy territories and destroying their under-construction nuclear installations is
an old Israeli military strategy. Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981. In 2007 Syrian
secret nuclear installation met with same fate due to devastating attack by Israeli Air Force. Pakistani
nuclear installations are constant targets of Israel and this is one point where US is also onboard fully in
the sinister drive of Indo-Israel covert nexus. Rendering Pakistan into a non-nuclear state is necessary in
order to fulfill strategic goals of US as well. According to intelligence circles of Pakistan, Israel and India
tried at least twice to destroy Pakistan‟s nuclear park at Kahuta; in 1984 and in 1998 just before Pakistan
declared itself as N-Capable country.

But after failure of previous attempts to destroy Pakistan‟s nuclear capability, India, Israel and US trio
cultivated covert plans, using 4th generation asymmetric warfare, to meet their ends. A detailed evaluation
of this war had been carried out in June 2010 and October 2010 issues of Brasstacks Monthly Security
Review. A brief tactical excerpt of the 4th generation war against Pakistan is given below;

        Insurgencies in North and North Western provinces. These are supported by Indian
        RAW from Afghanistan. TTP in FATA and BLA in Baluchistan are creating mayhem and
        chaos by unleashing terrorism and anarchy.
        An extreme sense of insecurity is prevailing in masses due to target killings, suicide
        bombings, sectarian violence and ethno-linguistic sadism in all major cities. Increasing
        frequency of these incidents depicts a very bleak picture of national security profile.

        This frenzied situation presented foreign secret services like CIA, MI6 and RAW and
        private mercenaries like Blackwater (Xe Worldwide) with an opportunity to establish
        their independent footprints in Pakistan to carry out kidnappings, assassinations and
        sabotage operations as well as eavesdropping and spying. The entire Drone operations
        and subsequent assassinations are being conducted by CIA and their mercenary
        contractors with impunity.

        Economic intimidation of Pakistan and to destroy Pakistan's food supply chain, through
        water aggression is relatively new but most ruthless move in this hushed war by India.
        Violating Indus Water Treaty, India built multiple dams on Pakistani rivers in Kashmir

        Media ops and propaganda warfare have been launched using disinformation, twisted
        analysis and planted intelligence reports about Pakistan, its nuclear weapons and its
        possible extinction in the near future.

        Corrupt and incompetent government in Islamabad accelerated economic meltdown of
        Pakistan through staggering corruption. National financial policies and institutes have
        been handed over to IMF and World Bank and by taking loans on compromisingly
        unforgiving conditions.

        On diplomatic plain, worldwide cloak-and-dagger Israeli spy network is working in semblance
        with Indian diplomatic presence in the countries who have not established any diplomatic
        relations with Israel.

Despite hostile intentions of Israel and India, a campaign with renewed vengeance against Pakistan and its
nuclear assets began after 9/11 when Islamabad failed to demonstrate any sense of sovereignty while
allying itself in US war on terror. This move provided necessary foothold to RAW-Mossad nexus against
Pakistan. Pakistan has paid heavily for that mistake. It is time to fix this historical error.

In a fascinating development in late October, When a US delegate confronted a Chinese diplomat about
Beijing's uncompromising support for Pakistan in military and nuclear domains, the Chinese responded
with a heavily-loaded remark: "Pakistan is our Israel". Remarks of Chinese diplomat may sound sarcastic
to Americans but undoubtedly this is strongest expression of Chinese aspiration of having a long term
strategic partnership with Pakistan.

For Pakistan, this is ideal time to get out of US camp where Israeli and Indian lobbies are dominating and
dictating the terms. A uni-polar world is coming to an end with the emergence of China and now Pakistan
will have to make an ultimate decision about its strategic partnership in 21st century. Intimidation by US
on political and diplomatic fronts, sacrifices of core strategic interests made to appease US and grand
failure of this appeasement policy must serve as helping tools for Islamabad while weighing its options
for future strategic partnership.