If there is news in Grand Central_ it's in The Central Times by gjjur4356


									   If there is news in Grand Central, it's in The Central Times
                                                                     Sunday, October 25, 2009
The Central Times, newspaper for The Perhaps we could help setting up one, if they
Grand Central Region in Nation States. want to. As a final the Associate Editor has
                                                   asked Grand Central's government to contact
                                                   Atlantis in order to get this problem solved. If
Editor in Chief       – Aegara                     that too fails, we must assume that the attitude
Associate editor      – Richard van Buren          displayed to our reporter is policy and that our
                                                   correspondent is not welcome in Atlantis!
                                                             Resolution passed!
   1. Endorse Grand Centrals WAD The
       Technocracy of Aegara.                   World Assembly - Last night ended the voting
   2. Join the Forum the HEART of GRAND on Aegara's resolution “Repeal Commend 10K
       CENTRAL.                                 Islands”: The Security Council resolution Repeal
   3. The Grand ARMY is accepting troops. A "Commend 10000 Islands" was passed 3,505
       fun way to play the game NationStates.   votes to 2,817.
   4. Elections are at the horizon time to look
       around and then run for Office.          Excellent work Aegara a great victory! Reactions
   5. We are rebuilding the region, so it is a from 10K Islands:
       great time to become a member of the
       Government.                              QUOTE (Acc Lands @ A 10KI Member)
   6. Sent ME a letter of commendation i absolutely despise you
       attached to a 2010 Porsche 911 GT3.
       Send To:                                 Okays... that can be heard in diplomatic circles
                                                more often
Main Office                                     QUOTE (Grub @ 10KI Founder)
Grand Central , NS, 04576.                      We shall see who wins in the end. We are
  Reporter put in blank account coming for you and you will rue the day you
                                                decided to mess with the 10000 Islands. That,
   Is the administration deaf in Atlantis?
                                                my friend, is a promise.
                    Central City / Atlantis – The
                                                    That “my friend Grub” is not a promise, it's a
                    Central Times has started
                                                    threat, not worthy of a diplomat! Our response to
                    expanding to other regions
                                                    our member nations is:
                    recently a reporter was sent to
                    Grand Central's Allies, and
                                                    As you can see, these people are nothing but
                    possible future allies, such as
                                                    thugs and I wish now to expose them for what
                    Atlantis to establish a foreign
                                                    they truly are. They are just gangsters
                    correspondent's offices there.
                                                    determined solely upon preying upon others. We
With some this went off like a gem, other
                                                    must stand up and resist their thuggery. Enlist in
proofed to be more difficult, like for instance
                                                    the Grand Army today!
Atlantis. After registration the reporter was given
                                                                    (free advertisement)
a Journalist's template, but... that template
seems to be empty, as our reporter can't see or
do a thing in Atlantis City (Not even report a         Join the Black Ops or The Grand
technical problem, which he previously could!) .                     Army today
Even messages to the High King of Atlantis
through the PM system of Grand Central stayed
unanswered and didn't improve the reporter's            Grand Central needs YOU!!
circumstances. Atlantis itself has no newspaper;
         November Elections                       are routinely condemned. Continuing in this
              Running for Office?                 fashion and value or meaning will be completely
                                                  lost rendering the entire program a joke.

Central City – Yesterday it was announced that The 10,000 Islands is a good region overall they
Grand Central will have elections in November, indeed are accomplished as Defenders, yet so is
are you running for Office (any office) then you the region UNKOWN they are very accomplished
might consider of informing us and allowing to Raiders. This is true for many regions and
interview you, or send us your political plans nations. Yet it is not the accomplishment of the
when in office, also advertising is one of the region, or its treatment of members or even its
options; so.. how you bring your message to the stability       which   is   used     to   assign   a
voters is completely up to you!                     Commendation/Condemnation;         rather   it is
                                                    whether they are Defender/Raider. The proposal
                      OPINION                       successfully passed by Aegara was a major
(The editors and owner of the Central challenge to this inequity.
Times take no responsibility for the
published opinions,the responsibility solely Although the votes in favor of the repeal were
lies with the sender of the opinion!)               not focused on this inequity, for many regions
                                                    due actually hate 10K Islands, the point was
Sman: Over the past week the Grand Central made that both regions and WADs working
World Assembly Delegate (WAD) Aegara has together can make a difference.
initiated and stewarded to completion a proposal
through The World Assembly Security Council. It the world of WA proposals: The Security
Under normal circumstances this is difficult, Council resolution Repeal "Commend 10000
under the circumstances Aegara faced it is a Islands" was passed 3,505 votes to 2,817, is nail
Triumph. I will not belabor the process for I don’t biting squeaker. The totals Votes For: 4,082
know what all was entailed, yet I can show some Votes Against: 1,381 are much more the norm.
of public events and perhaps add to the purpose Aegara and others were able to rally support.
and meaning related to this proposal.               Many WADs and Regions are now feeling
The successful proposal can found at this link:
http://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_r...n This is a first of such collective actions, and
cil=0/start=75                                      Aegara deserves the praise for bringing it
Much of the Public Discussion can be found here: forward. We must support Aegara and promote
http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=2 fairness and a level playing field.
                                                    We can do this by Endorsing Aegara so he
As you can read this was a convoluted and continues to wield a large number of votes, in
misunderstood discussion, the issue was the WA World size does matter. So let’s increase
frequently ignored and the discussion strayed in Aegara' size. Also equally important is to vote
many directions, generally along Raider vs. yourself even if you endorse Aegara you can
Defender line.                                      vote, it is allowed, this will increase the total
First of all the original Commendation was poorly
worded,                                             Grand Central has entered the NationStates
http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.ph...=37 world with a large splash, we should all be
2282#p372282                                        proud!
Indeed it was brought to the public attention
that the Author was not fluent in English, a valid
point. (I am amazed that someone did not assist Do you want your opinion published in the
this individual.) Yet it misses the overlying point Central Times? Then PM it to the
and principle of the Aegara Proposal.               Associated Editor of The Central Times or
Over all I feel the Commendation/Condemnation
program promoted by the WA Security Council is
fundamentally flawed. In most cases prejudicial
in its administration and implementation, where
Defenders are routinely commended and Raiders               
  Grand Army now has flag!                           Musicians sought
Central City – As of today the Grand Army has
                                                   The region is desperately looking for the
now a flag to call its own, the designer (SMan) is
still working on the battleflag; the new flag:     following:

                                              Dudes we need some musicians and singers
                                              to create a theme for Grand Central.

                                              We also seek a skilled directory to create a
                                              related video, apply here:

                (Advertisement)                Secretary of the Interior runs
                                                     away from office
                                              Central City – In a surprising move Secretary of
                                              the Interior Tolerand tonight ran away from office
                                              after severe critique on her functioning was
                                              vented in the Bowery Bar, some of the posts in
                                              the argument were really loud, luckily the bar
                                              has no neighbors, otherwise we might have
                                              received a citation for extreme noise.

                                              Immediately after the second post Ms. Tolerand
                                              left office and the region for Lazarus. Yours truly
                                              sent her a telegram which can be found in the
                                              bar's thread In hindsight, knowing Ms Tolerand is
                                              quite sensitive when it comes to her functioning
                                              and can't deal with criticism very well; however
                                              when in a high position she should have been
                                              prepared to get some of just that, as a saying in
                                              my country goes: High trees will catch a lot of
                                              wind. Especially (no, not really) for her this offer
                                              from one of our advertisers:


                                                 Tin foil caps, $2.00 a piece, order from
                                                        Sman by PM, specify size.

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