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					Opening Hours
 9am to 5pm                       Hair
Late Thursday
  until 7pm
  Saturday                       Beauty
 9am to 4pm
  01328 730983

                               Also visit our little
                                Bath & Body
                               Boutique Shop
                                         Welcome to the
                                         Corner House
                                         The Corner House Salon was conceived to provide a truly
                                         relaxing and pampering experience in a luxuriously
                                         decorated and private space. Like all good businesses
                                         the salon is a family run affair, Jane runs the hair side,
                                         daughter Nicola manages the extensive range of health
                                         and beauty treatments and son Michael oversees the
                                         boutique bath and body shop.

                                         The salon’s ethos is to give each customer a unique
                                         experience as soon as they step in the door; luxurious
                                         French upholstered chairs and an indulgent décor await
                                         you, massage chairs soothe your back while we wash
                                         your hair, freshly ground coffee and exquisite teas are
                                         offered, relaxing music is played while you enjoy a
                                         treatment and we will never hurry you out the door.

                                         Finally, if you want to take a piece of us home, we have
                                         a range of truly luxurious and indulgent bath and body
                                         products for sale in our boutique shop.

                                         We look forward to pampering you.

Corner House
The Corner, Ulph Place, Burnham Market
Hair Studio                                                                  Child’s Hair Styling - under 12

                                                                             Wash, Cut & Finish                                             £18
At the Corner House we only use the best products from Paul
                                                                             Just a Cut                                                     £10
Mitchell, Wella Professional, Kent and GHD.

Enjoy the luxurious atmoshphere of our boutique salon and                    Hair Colouring
experience something different, like our massage chairs that
soothe your back while we wash your hair.                                                                          Colour                   With
                                                                                                                  & Finish                  Cut
We promise to never hurry you out the door and will always
leave plenty of time between appointments.
                                                                             Full Head (foils)                       £68                 £78
                                                                             Half Head (foils)                      £56                 £66
Ladies’ Hair Styling                                                         Part Head (foils)                      £45                 £55
                                                                             Short hair (cap)                       £45                 £55
Luxury Wash, Cut & Finish                                      £35
Includes head massage and extra conditioning treatments                      Tinting                               £40                  £50
Wash, Cut & Finish                                             £28                     Skin test required 48 hours proir to first colour.

Wash & Finish                                                   £18
                                                                             Permanent Wave & Finish                                        £50
                                                                             With Cut                                                       £60
Gentlemen’s Hair Styling
                                                                             Finish & Fascinator                                            £25
Luxury Wash, Cut & Finish                                      £29
Includes head massage and extra conditioning treatment

Wash, Cut & Finish                                             £22           Party Hair                                                     £20
Just a Cut                                                      £13
                                                                               Bridal Hair From £40
                                                                             A truly relaxing and pampering experience to make you feel great, as
Gentleman - our ground floor shop stocks Truefitt & Hill razors, shaving     our stylist works with you on your big day. We will spend plenty of time
  brushes, balms and body products. This range of men’s shaving and               with you prior to this, to understand the exact look you want.
skincare products is really rather spectacular. 10% off with any hair cut.
PerfectNails                                                              Luxury Pedicures                                  from £20
                                                                          This skin softening pedicure uses Natural AHA’s to target hard
                                                                          skin, feet are then filed until perfectly soft. A heel balm is applied
                          The more you get to know your nails,            and nails are polished with a Jessica colour of your choice.
                          the better you can treat them. The Jessica
                          Nailcare range gives you the right tools        Super                                                         £20
                          for the job for great looking natural nails.    Treatment time 45 minutes
From preparation of your hands with cleansers, exfoliators
and masques to nail and cuticle care with Phenomen Oil, Nail              Deluxe With Exfoliating                                       £25
Nourishment and Nail Hydration; you can ensure your nails look            Treatment time 1 hour
and and feel amazing. French polish at no extra cost.
                                                                          Super Deluxe                                                  £35
                                                                          Treatment time 1 hour 30 minutes
Express Manicure                                             £10
Treatment time 25 minutes                                                 With our super deluxe pedicure you get special treatment – soak,
A maintenance treatment including nail shaping and a choice of            file, cuticles, hard skin removal, massage, mask & foot balm.
Jessica polish.

Luxury Manicures                                 from £20                 Gentlemen’s Club Manicure £15
A luxurious manicure using Jessica handcare products to nourish and       Men’s nails grow faster and stronger than women’s so its important to
hydrate your hands and cuticles. All treatments include file, cuticles,   keep them hydrated and under control. Consists of nail analysis, shaping,
hand soak and massage and end with the application of Jessica polish.     cuticle care, hand conditioner and option of a treatment nail finisher.
                                                                          Above with Heated Mittens £20
Super                                                       £20
Treatment time 45 minutes
                                                                            Bio-Sculpture Nail System
Deluxe With Exfoliating                                     £25           A natural nail system that will enhance nail growth & strengthen
Treatment time 1 hour                                                     nails. We will ensure there is no buffing or damage to nails.

Super Deluxe                                                £35           Extensions                                                    £40
Treatment time 1 hour 30 minutes                                          Treatment time 1 hour 45 minutes
                                                                          Overlays, clear & colour                                      £26
With our super deluxe manicure we use thermal mittens to relieve          Treatment time 1 hour
aching joints, leaving you totally relaxed with beautiful soft hands.
                                                                          Weekend nails                                                 £20
                                                                          Treatment time 45 minutes
Express Pedicure                                             £10          Nail art                                          From £5
Treatment time 25 minutes
A maintenance treatment including nail shaping and a choice of            Nail repairs                                      From £2
Jessica polish.                                                           Soak off only                                     From £5
Make-up                                                              Waxing
                               We will introduce you to Artdeco      Luxury Waxing                                   from £14
                               mineral make-up, the trendsetter
                               make-up company that keeps            We use Collin Propil after wax expert treatment. A complete
up-to-date with trends a year before you see them anywhere else.     post-hair removal treatment bringing together more than 10%
                                                                     anti-regrowth active ingredients to slow down the growth of hair
                                                                     and reduce its density, combined with soothing active ingredients
Cleanse & Make-up                                         £30        to calm irritation of the epidermis caused by hair removal. With our
                                                                     luxury wax, you skin is softer and clear from hair for longer.
We use the ‘pure minerals’ range, which contains a premium
pure mineral complex. The use of pure minerals underlines a
women’s natural beauty and avoids any artificial look.               Treatment                       Basic                Luxury
Party Eyes                                              £15
                                                                     Bikini                           £9                      £14
False Eyelashes                                         £15
Eyelash Tint                                            £14          Underarm                         £8                      £13
Eyebrow Tint                                           £6.50         Forearm                          £9                      £17
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint                                  £16          Full arm                         £13                     £22
Eyebrow Shaping                                        £6.50
                                                                     Back                             £17                     £26
Eye Jewels (up to 5)                                    £15
                                                                     1/2 leg                          £13                     £20
Bridal Package                                            £80        1/2 leg & bikini                 £19                     £28
Detailed consultation including a skinscope test, trial make-up      3/4 leg                          £18                     £27
session, make-up on the day of your wedding and lipstick to
take away to keep yourself looking great all day and night.          3/4 leg & bikini                 £24                     £33
Bridal party receive 10% off cleanse and make-up price.
                                                                     Full leg                         £22                     £31
  1 HourMake-up Tuition £40                                          Full leg & bikini £28                                    £37
Our therapist will make-up one half of your face and you get to
practice what you have learnt on the other half.                     Lip or chin                      £7                       £9
We will make sure you look great and will give you lots of helpful   Lip & chin                       £10                     £13
tips on how to apply your make-up and take care of your skin.
Corner House Relaxation
Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of stress
and increase the rate of the body’s natural healing process.
                                                                Reflexology	                    	                       £25
                                                                Treatment time 50 minutes

Swedish Massage                                                 All parts of the feet relate to a part of the body. By massaging
                                                                each area of the foot, a diagnosis of the parts of the body which
                                                                are out of balance can be made and treatment given to correct
Full body                                           £35         the imbalances returning the body to good working order.
Treatment time 1 hour
Back, neck & shoulder                               £20         Indian Head Massage                                     £25
Treatment time 30 minutes                                       Treatment time 30 minutes

Our favourite - a combination of deep and superficial soft      A soothing and relaxing head, shoulder and arm massage to
tissue manipulation. Used to release tensions, impurities       balance the mind and body.
and ‘knotty’ areas from muscles. Focusing on pressure points
to release blocked energy, pain and stress.
                                                                Hopi Ear Candles                                        £35
                                                                Treatment time 1 hour

                                                                This treatment was founded by the Hopi Indians and can
Aromatherapy Massage                                            help with tinnitus, sinus problems, headaches and helps to
                                                                re-balance the mind and body.
Full body                                           £45
Treatment time 1 hour 45 minutes
Back, neck & shoulder                               £25
Treatment time 30 minutes
Face & scalp                                        £20
Treatment time 30 minutes

Massaging the body with essential oils containing extracts
from highly aromatic plant hormones. The oils help to balance
the body and mind and are chosen by your therapist to suit
your needs. Full body massage includes a face mask.
                                           High performance                      Essential Treatments                                           £30
                                           treatments where                      Treatments are 1 hour
                                           science meets luxury,
                                                                                 Water Radiance, Instant Radiance or Dermo Purifiying . The ideal
                                           Collin is constantly
                                                                                 starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the
innovating, creating treatments and products that correct the                    beginning of your journey into specialised skincare.
skin. Each Collin product we use is at the forefront of cosmetology
and contains leading edge technology combined with a sensory
pleasure thanks to modern, delicious, sensual textures and scents.               Algomask                                                       £44
                                                                                 Treatment time 1 hour
Collin treatments provide visible, fast and clinically proven                    This intense surge of moisturising active ingredients and freshness
results. No matter what your skin type, age or skin problem,                     provides your skin with vitality and radiance. Rich in Algisium®
we have treatments and products to suit your skin’s needs.                       and algae extract, this treatment replenishes your skin: it is radi-
                                                                                 ant, supple and comfortable.

SkinScope Analysis                                                  £30
We recommend new clients receive a full SkinScope prescription before starting   Collagency C                                                   £60
treatments.This is of course complementary if you book a course of treatments.   Treatment time 1 hour

SkinScope is a computerised skin analysis system, which uses a                   Brightening, hydrating, regenerating, anti-aging - the powerful
highly advanced camera scope capable of accurately analysing                     combination of Collagen and Vitamin C. These properties bring
your skin whilst measuring its needs. This computerised technology               extreme reduction in fine lines and wrinkles whilst brightening a
                                                                                 dull and lifeless looking skin. This duo kick starts the natural Anti
ensures you never buy unsuitable products again. Your therapist will
                                                                                 Ageing of the skin. Extreme levels of hydration are put back into
design you a bespoke corrective plan and homecare prescriptions.                 the skin whilst a natural protection against the damaging effects
Getting it right means you will get the results you really want.                 of UVA and UVB are observed.

   The Magic of SkinScope
                                                                                 Hydro-Lifting                                                  £60
   Read your skin’s moisture level, oil level, pore size & wrinkle depth.        Treatment time 1 hour
     Test your skin’s elasticity, smoothness, transparency (underlying
                         pigmentation) & sensitivity.                            3 treatments                                                £123
         Create your bespoke skin type analysis and description.
                                                                                 6 treatments                                                £264
          Create you a bespoke corrective salon treatment guide.                 A complete and energising treatment for a lifting effect. The active
                                                                                 ingredients in this treatment moisturise, nourish and regenerate the skin,
    Show you before and after treatment course results of your skin.             lifting and strengthening it. It brightens the complexion and provides an
                                                                                 instant burst of radiance. A course of 3 or 6 treatments recommended.
3D Youth Treatment                                         £60          The Regenerating                                                  £58
Treatment time 1 hour                                                   Peeling Treatment
3 treatments                                             £324           Treatment time 1 hour
6 treatments                                             £610           3 treatments                                                   £164
The treatment for the deepest wrinkles. This treatment is centred       6 treatments                                                   £330
on filler spheres which are applied typically to wrinkles. These
spheres swell to a volume 100 times greater than their original         This treatment offers the most visible transformation you can obtain
volume to plump up the skin. The result is wrinkles are filled in       with aesthetic treatments. It will erase dead cells and relaunch cell
on the surface and features are smoothed. A course of 6 or 12           renewal. The global effect on cellular and tissue regeneration brings
treatments is recommended.                                              immediate and long term effectiveness. Suitable for all skin types
                                                                        except sensitive.
The Anti-Aging Calming                                     £55
Treatment time 1 hour                                                   The Whitevidence Youth                                            £60
                                                                        and Lightening Treatment
4 treatments                                             £187           Treatment time 1 hour

For the first time red, sensitive, angry skin can be treated with       3 treatments                                                   £162
highly effective anti-aging properties. Your skin will be totally       6 treatments                                                   £320
strengthened, red reduced instantly and the signs of aging will be
combated. Clinical tests show wrinkle reduction of up to 27%.           This treatment visibly reduces ‘photo-aging’ brown pigmentation,
                                                                        wrinkles and loss of skin firmness while increasing the skin’s luminosity and
Anti-Aging Eye Contour                                     £43          colour uniformity. The treatment uses ultra-concentrated formulas
Treatment time 1 hour                                                   to give immediate results whilst offering long term corrective
                                                                        effectiveness. After one treatment you may find your skin 100%
4 treatments                                             £154           more radiant, 95% firmer, wrinkles reduced by 85% and brown
                                                                        pigmentation reduced by 68%. Skin will also be more uniform in
This innovative treatment uses gentle micro-current stimulus to         colour and smoother.
reduce lines and wrinkles whilst lifting and firming the eyelid. Your
delicate eye area will be radiant, lines diminished by over 40% and        Time for a Little Treat £37
puffiness and dark shadows reduced.
                                                                                               Treatment time 45 minutes
Anti-Aging Eye Contour                                     £63                        The morpho skin lift
& Mini Face Lift
Treatment time 1 hour                                                    This facial incorporates deep cleansing, wrinkle reduction and a lifting
                                                                            and firming mask. Your skin will look rested and more youthful.
4 treatments                                             £234                              The	pore	refiner
Combining all the benefits of the Anti-Aging Eye Contour treatment      This treatment reduces dilated pores, creates a smooth matt complexion
                                                                        whilst respecting the skin’s fundamental needs. A peachy, soft complex-
with our sublime anti-aging skincare products. Your skin will be                    ion is yours once more. A great pre-party facial!
lifted with particular attention to the eye area.
Collin Indulgence
Tranquillity                                               £60          Body Silk Treatment                                          £25
Treatment time 1 hour 15 minutes                                        Treatment time 30 minutes
A sea salt scrub will eliminate rough, dry skin. You will then
receive a full body massage to relax you whilst our secret ingredi-     For soft, silky, beautiful skin. The treatment removes dry, dead, rough
ent gently warms your skin. You are then enveloped in lemon             cells and a hydrating veil is applied. Idea before and after tanning.
verbena paste to ensure the warmth stays within you. Relax for a
further ten minutes followed by an invigorating, wakening balm.         Purifying Back Treatment                                     £37
                                                                        Treatment time 1 hour
Serenity                                                   £70
Treatment time 1 hour 45 minutes                                        A specific solution for all individuals with congested skin texture
A sea salt scrub will elminate rough, dry skin. You will then receive   on the back. A treatment rich in purifying and absorbing agents
a full body massage to relax you whilst our secret ingredient gently    to rediscover purified, clarified skin.
warms your skin. You are then enveloped in lemon verbena
paste and placed in a blanket to ensure all muscles and joints are
cocooned in a blissful wave of warmth. Relax while your therapist
cleanses your skin and performs a 30 minute relaxing Collin facial
treatment to erase the stress of your hectic life. This treatment
finishes with an invigorating, wakening balm and a treatment
cream for your face.

Nutri-Comfort Envelopment                                  £47
Treatment time 55 minutes
A relaxing treatment which will reveal soft, supple, nourished
skin. Your whole body will glow with good health whilst the mask
delivers essential vitamins to energise tired skin and reinforce its
elasticity. Ideal before or after tanning.

Relaxing Back Treatment £37
Treatment time 45 minutes
A 2-step treatment that begins with a back massage followed with
the application of a relaxing heated mask. This remineralising mask
                                                                               CollinTanning £26
based on algae and clay is used to eliminate toxins, reduce muscle                            Treatment time 1 hour
tension and procure a pleasant feeling of relaxation. A complete
treatment to combat the harmful effects of stress and tiredness.                 Working with your skin your own natural colour.
                                                                                A natural look which may be increased if required.
Slimming & Figure Correction
Our Slimming Treatments and homecare are designed                     Algo Slimming Programme
to work on specific problem areas; and you will see and
feel a difference after each treatment.
                                                                    Anti-Cellulite Programme
                                                                    Treatments are 1 hour
Diet Kick-Start                                         £45
Treatment time 1 hour                                               For those with cellulite, this programme will work precisely on
                                                                    the fat cells and firm the silhouette – dispersing cellulite for a
4 treatments                                          £150          smooth, firm contour.
Designed to support any weight loss plan and kick start your
diet. By working on your circulation in your lymphatic and
digestive systems, this treatment “kick-start” the natural
                                                                    Contouring Programme
                                                                    Treatment time 1 hour
internal cleansing systems within your body. You will be
invigorated and cleansed both inside and out. Recommended
                                                                    For those with stubborn fatty deposits around the waist, stomache
course of 4 treatments and 2 per week.
                                                                    and upper arm. This treatment will “break down” the fat cells for a
                                                                    more contoured figure.
Cellu-Active Envelopment                                £35
Treatment time 40 minutes
                                                                    Draining Programme
                                                                    Treatment time 1 hour
A body wrap with a gradual heating effect to act on cellulite and
refine the texture of the skin. Algae extracts and caffeine are
                                                                    If you suffer from cellulite and are prone to fat, heavy, swollen
combined to smooth “orange peel skin” and restore a shapely body.
                                                                    lower legs, this treatment aids the elimination of toxins through
                                                                    lymphatic drainage whilst firming the contours of the body.
     Drop a dress size in 5 weeks
For our full slimming programme, we will design a                   Lipo Draining Programme
                                                                    Treatment time 1 hour
 bespoke course of 10 treatments which will include
   different treatments from our Algo Slimming                      This treatment breaks down the fatty tissues and disperses water
  Programme on the opposite page. By using this                     retention by improving the lymphatic circulation. Ideal for those
and our recommended home care products and by                       with a fuller figure.
following a sensible eating plan, you can expect to
 lose up to 1 dress size. We recommended a course                   10 Course Programme                                      £350
      of 2 treatments per week over 5 weeks.
Corrective                                                                    Special Treats
                                                                              As a special treat for yourself or a perfect present, these
The Morpho-Body                                                 £48           packages have been put together by our therapists as
Stretch Mark Peeling                                                          the perfect indulgent treat.
Treatment time 1 hour

4 treatments                                                 £174             Pregnancy Package                                        £90
8 treatments                                                 £340             (Ante Natal)
How? It’s all about regenerating the collagen and elastin fibres to work      • Light Leg Treatment
more actively and knit the scar tissue to reduce the marks. Results are       • Nutri-Comfort Envelopment Hydration/Relaxation Treatment
visible after the very first treatment and for many can be life changing      • Mini Facial (cleanse, exfoliate, mask)
as stretch marks may have defined their self confidence and wardrobe
for many years. Not only are the marks reduced but the skin takes on          Pregnancy Package                                        £90
new firmness and strength. This treatment will strengthen the skin’s          (PostNatal)
tissue and improve the appearance of marks on any area of the body.
Each treatment will cover a 20 x 20cm area. Recommended course of 4           • The Anti Aging Eye Contour Treatment
to 8 at 1 per week.                                                           • Nutri-Comfort Envelopment or Morpho-Skin Stretch Mark Treatment
                                                                              • Mini Back Massage
The Sublim’ Bust 3D                                             £36
Décolleté Treatment                                                           Top to Toe                                             £120
Treatment time 1 hour
                                                                              • Sublim 3D Bust Treatment
6 treatments (Highly recommended)                             £198            • Relaxing Back Treatment or Cellu-Active Envelopment
                                                                              • Hydrolifting Facial Treatment
A unique treatment to restore the décolleté of your dreams in 3 dimensions,   • Shape and varnish for hands and feet
for a younger and more toned appearance. This treatment will:
• restore volume to the cutaneous structures with a concentrate of
volumising microspheres;                                                      Total Escape                                             £80
• shape the bust thanks to a cream that is ultra-rich in restructuring
ingredients and a Collin exclusive bust sculpting massage;                    • Relaxing Back Treatment
                                                                              • Algomask Treatment
• Tone with an invigorating algae mask.
                                                                              • Whitevidence Hand Treatment
The Light Leg Treatment                                         £43           Eye Opener                                               £56
Treatment time 1 hour
                                                                              • The Professional Anti-Aging Eye Contour Treatment
6 treatments                                                 £240             • Eyebrow Shape and Tint
                                                                              • Eyelash Tint
The treatment par excellence to restore light legs. Manual draining
manoeuvres to activate elimination. Your legs recover a feeling of
lightness. Sold singularly for relaxation and relief or recommended as
a course of six to cure.
Bath & Body Boutique Shop
Our bath & body boutique shop is both                         Truefitt & Hill
fun and indulgent. We offer everything                        This range of men’s shaving and skincare products is really
for a blissful bathtime experience, from                      rather spectacular. It was established in 1805 and has since
fantastic shower caps with roses attached                     provided discerning gentlemen with the finest in grooming
to beautifully packaged shimmering body                       products. Their products contain exquisite blends of rare
powder, and even some treats for men.                         and sophisticated essences. We stock horn-handled razors,
                                                              shaving brushes, balms and body products.

We fell in love with these lovely body products, and          Kent Brushes
consequently have a very large range! They are made of        We have an extensive range of hairbrushes ranging
good healthy ingredients, smell and feel fantastic and are    from the handmade satinwood brushes in a presentation
packaged so fabulously you’ll want it on display.             box to cheap and cheerful handbag headhoggers.

ZPM London                                                    Come and see our ZPM shower caps
Make-up Bags and Weekenders - this range of toiletry          The perfect present to cheer up every morning!
bags is as fantastic as the shower hats (the fabrics are
in fact printed by the same incredible people). We have
little make-up purses, daytripper size rolls and, for those
who can’t leave anything at home, the weekender which
unrolls to hang fantastically in anyone’s bathroom, you
won’t make it home without it being mentioned!

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