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									                              Origami Quilts
                            Fold, twist and tuck                                        Embroidered
                                                                                                                                                Vol. 17 No. 4
                            your way to dazzling                                      Bags & Purses
                            dimensional quilts! This                                  These 16 glorious
                                                                                                                     Simple Sewing
                            collection of 20 unique                                   designs range from          with a French Twist
                            quilts, wall hangings and                                 tiny bead encrusted         An illustrated guide to
                            pillows are quick, easy                                   evening bags to             sewing clothes and
                            and trouble free, and                                     practical everyday          home accessories
                            result in stunning texture-                               totes. Includes full-size   with a touch of French
                            filled designs. Ideal for all,                            patterns, step-by-step      style. With more
                            just fold, press and stitch.                              photographs and a           than 50 projects from
                            128pp.                                                    stitch glossary. 127pp.     ultra-simple to more
                            188140 - $49.95                                           193103 - $39.95             complicated designs
                                                                                                                  this book teaches a
                                                                                                                  range of skills and
   Meshwork Bags                                                                                                  techniques for sewing
Long awaited! NEW!
                                                                                                                  by hand or machine.
Meshwork book, with
beautiful weaves
                                                                                                                  188145 - $59.95
adaptable to any

pattern. Please note:
this is a Japanese text,
                                                                                                                    Quilts of Provence
                                                                                                                  Both history & how-to,
with minimal English.
                                                                                                                  this book captures the
The photos and
directions are clear!                                                Kona Bay Fabric                              exceptional artistry & the
                                                                                                                  fascinating development
96pp.                                                         4 x 25cm cuts of Blend ‘Em’s!
                                                                                                                  of Provencal needlework
138202 - $49.95                                                      Valued at $21.95                             - while beckoning you
                                                                   with orders over $100**                        to create your own
                               Making Vintage                                                                     exquisite keepsakes with
                             Bags As every                     **Valid Until 31 August 2007 when you
                                                                                                                  the instructions features.
                             fashion-conscious girl            quote CMB174 while stock is available
                                                                   **excludes p&h and other specials              216pp, hc.
                             knows, you can never                                                                 188130 - $74.95
                             have too many bags!
                             This book contains 20                                                                  Goldwork
                             original bag designs
                             covering looks inspired
                                                                                                                  Revel in history! This is
                             by the sophisticated
                                                                                                                  a most comprehensive
                             1920s right through to
                                                                                                                  book on an ancient form
                             the fun and flamboyant
                                                                                                                  of embroidery. Discover
                             1950s. 176pp.                                                Beautiful Big
                                                                                                                  15 original projects that
                             188151 - $44.95                                            Dogs                      either reference historical
                                                                                        35 different big dog
                                                                                                                  examples or exhibit
                                                                                        breeds in applique
                                                                                                                  contemporary techniques.
  Retro Aprons                                                                          patterns. Includes
                                                                                                                  Every aspect of goldwork
Make an apron for every                                                                 large scale patterns
                                                                                                                  is covered. 208pp.
occasion - Multi sized                                                                  of each and several
                                                                                                                  193107 - $69.95
for a flattering fit! The                                                               quilts patterns.
stylish way to protect                                                                  188129 - $39.95
                                                                                                                    Earthly Delights -
your clothing whilst you
toil at your chores!!
                                                                                                                  The Perfect Finish
                                                                                                                  Caution: Once you
Perfect for school
                                                                                                                  pick it up you won’t
project, fetes and more.
                                                                                                                  want to put it down!
6 projects.                                                  Quiltmaker Vol I
                                                                                                                  Award-winning quilter
238002 - $29.95                                          Using the designs
                                                                                                                  Karen Kay Buckley
                                                         on this CD is a snap.
                                                                                                                  answers the question
                                  Crochet                Browse the collection,
                                                                                                                  “What do I do for the
                               Handmade Style           find the design you
                                                                                                                  border?” Karen gives
                               Crochet is easy to       want, specify the
                                                                                                                  great instructions for
                               learn and quick to do . size, then print. Easily                                   all sorts of border
                               The basics of this fun   custom-size these
                                                                                                                  treatments - plain,
                               and versatile craft are designs to precisely                                       pieced, appliqued,
                               explained in this latest fit borders, blocks,                                      you name it. Features
                               of the Handmade Style and sashes. Designs                                          43 quilts she’s made, with a border story for each.
                               series, which offers 23 include: Abstract,                                         138pp. 188153 - $49.95
                               projects for crocheted   Animals, Celtic &
                               bags, garments,          Woven, Feathers,
                               jewellery, homewares. Flowers, Leaves, Stars
                                                        & Sky, Hawaiian &
                                                                                                                   New Kona Bay Fabrics
                               and more. 111pp.
                               193077 - $29.95          Swirls. 550 designs. EQ034 - $44.95
                      w w w . c r a f t m a i l b o x . c o m . a u
                                                                                             “I always look forward to your
                                                                                   brochure and keep it for future reference. Thank you

   Oriental Dreams                                                                              for the cheerful service.”

KB071               KB070 KB089                      KB072              KB068     KB090
                                                                                                     Japanese Imagery
                                                                                                     in 100 Quilts
                                                                                                     This visual celebration
                            KB084                                            KB085                   of contemporary quilt
                                                                                                     design contains wide
                                                                                                     ranging & impressive
                                                                                                     works, which artfully
                                                                                                     combine tradition with
                                                                                                     innovation. Catalogued in
                                                                                                     Japanese & English, the
                                                                                                     exhibition is a showcase
    Kona Bay Lavendar and Lilac                          Kona Bay Goldens - $21.95p/m                of artistic talent &
                                                                                                     superb technique. 123
- $21.95p/m or 4 Piece Fabric Packs                  or 4 Piece Fabric Packs
                                                                                                     pp. 338001 - $69.95
25cm pack KBK160 - $21.95                            25cm pack KBK163 - $21.95
50cm pack KBK161 - $43.90                            50cm pack KBK164 - $43.90                                                             Japanese
1mtr pack KBK162 - $78.95 (10% Disc)                 1mtr pack KBK165 - $78.95 (10% Disc)                                                 Quilt Blocks The
   KB073                                                                                                                                  possibilities are
KB065       KB066     KB067                           KB073              KB069 KB087                                                      endless - over 125
                                                                                                                                          patchwork, applique
                                                                                                                                          and sashiko
                                KB088                                                                                                     designs. SOLD OUT
                                                                                 KB086                                                    - ORDER NOW
                                                                                                                                          FOR DECEMBER
                                                                                                                                          198030 - $39.95

    Geisha Prints - $21.95p/m
or 4 Piece Fabric Packs                                  Kona Bay Blues - $21.95p/m                   Asian Fabric
25cm pack KBK169 - $21.95                            or 4 Piece Fabric Packs                         Magazine Subscription
50cm pack KBK170 - $43.90                            25cm pack KBK166 - $21.95                       Asian Fabric magazine
1mtr pack KBK171 - $78.95 (10% Disc)                 50cm pack KBK167 - $43.90                       conveniently delivered
                                                     1mtr pack KBK168 - $78.95 (10% Disc)            quarterly to your door
                         60cm Geisha                                                                featuring loads of free
                                                      KB080 KB082 KB083 KB081
                        Panel                                                                        patterns in each issue.
                        Collection features 4                                                        12 month subscription
                        different geisha blocks.                                                     (quarterly issue).Vol. 9 Out
                        .                                                                            Now. CMB207 - $64.95
                        #KB091 - $15.95 per                                                          (incl postage)
                        60cm panel

                           Tip! All fabrics                                                                                           Traditional
                            are available                         Kona Bay Indigo Collection II
                                                             - $21.95p/m or 4 Piece Fabric Packs                                    Japanese Designs
                            individually -                                                                                          A beautifully illustrated
                           minimum cut is                    Indigo, Red and Black.
                                                             25cm pack KBK172 - $21.95                                              photocopiable
                                25cm.                                                                                               collection of decorative
                                                             50cm pack KBK173 - $43.90
                                                             1mtr pack KBK174 - $78.95 (10% Disc)                                   Japanese patterns and
KB074     KB076 KB078 KB079 KB077 KB075                                                                                             motifs, flowers, plants,
                                                                                                                                    and more. Perfect for
                                                                Kona Bay Indigo Collection II                                      all craftspeople.
                                                                - $21.95p/m or 4 Piece Fabric                                       285002 - $15.95
                                                                Colours: Black, Red, Indigo.
                                                                25cm pack KBK175 - $32.95                Dazzling Designs
                                                                50cm pack KBK176 - $64.95             Awaken your eyes
                                                                1mtr pack KBK177 - $118.50 (10%       and your imagination
                                                                Disc)                                 with these six wildly
                              Posterize It!                                                           colourful quilts! Indulge
                           Shoot, Enlarge,                                                            in uninhibited fabrics and
                           Print and Sew. Get                                                         enjoy the splendour of
                                                       When only the best                             colour. 47pp.
                           picture-perfect results
                                                      will do for your photo-                         138212 - $27.95
                           - simply blow up a
                                                           quilt projects.
                           photo to poster size,
                                                          So Easy to Use!
                           print it in sections
                                                                                                     Inkjet Fabric Sheets - Cotton Satin 283
                           and sew the sections
                                                      Print, let dry, peel off                       thread count, sturdy fabric with a bit more body than
                           together. 5 projects                                                      quilt-weight. EQ026- $34.95
                                                       the plastic backing,
                           using photo collages,
                                                      soak for 10 minutes.                           Inkjet Fabric Sheets - Cotton Lawn Best quality
                           scrapbook pages,
                                                      When the fabric dries,                         quilt-weight fabric! Soft-as-silk!   EQ025- $34.95
                           dimensional textures
                           and more. 64pp.                                                           Inkjet Fabric Sheets - 100% Cotton
                           138194 - $49.95                                                           #EQ-INKJ - $34.95

   N o w               o v e r                       3 0 0 0               p r o d u c t s                               o n l i n e !
                                                                                               “Have been getting your emails
                                                                                      and brochures for some time now. Really love your

Quilter’s Delight                                                                      products and specially the ‘specials’. Very good
                                                                                             value.” Joy V, Customer since 1996

                                Twice Quilted                                        Piece by Piece             Luminous
                             Quilt two interlacing                                 Learn 3 different           Landscapes
                             motifs in different                                   methods for achieving       Gloria has assembled a
                             colours and give a                                    beautiful applique          repertoire of techniques
                             stunning finish to any                                quilts - turned-edge &      to give all your pictorial
                             project. Continuous-                                  raw-edge applique and       quilts breathtaking
                             line designs make it                                  paperless paper piecing.    impact, from working
                             easy—just follow the                                  Discover how to achieve     with photographs to
                             lines. Twenty pattern                                 the hand-appliqued look     painting fabric, creating
                             sets—40 designs in                                    on your own sewing          silhouettes, constructing
                             all—include classic                                   machine. 96pp.              backgrounds and
                             and themed motifs                                     138210 - $64.95             embellishing with
                             for hand or machine                                                               stitching. 96pp.
                             quilting.                                                                         138147 - $62.95
                             138193 - $62.95             A Colourful
  Amish Quilt                                                                                                      Celtic Quilts
                                                       Journey                                                 Event if you’ve never
Patterns                                               Traditional designs are
30 popular and often                                                                                           appliqued before, these
                                                       given a contemporary
requested amish                                                                                                methods will show you
                                                       twist by Kaffe Fassett
patterns. Includes                                                                                             how easy it is to create
                                                       and team. Detailed
quilting templates in                                                                                          heirloom-quality quilts.
                                                       written instructions
actual sizes needed                                                                                            Learn how to baste Celtic
                                                       and coloured piecing
to make a full-sized                                                                                           motifs with fusible web
                                                       diagrams. 21 projects,
quilt.32 pieced                                                                                                and machine applique
patterns, 124pp.                                                                                               with invisible stitches.
                                                       508001 - $54.95                                         12 projects with elegant
188149 - $39.95
                                                                                                               block, medallion and
                                                                                                               border patterns, 96pp.
                                                                                    The Surface                138211 - $49.95
                             New Sew Easy                                         Handbook                         Bargello Quilts
                           Celtic                                                   Discover the               You’ll find these striking
                           This unique celtic                                       secrets to creating        contemporary quilts,
                           technique is explained                                   visual complexity          inspired by a traditional
                           in step by step colour                                   & depth in fabric.         needlepoint stitch, to
                           photographs with clear                                   This comprehensive         be truly stimulating!
                           instructions suitable for                                guide brings together      Even beginners can
                           all levels. The drafting                                 dyeing techniques &        create dazzling Bargello
                           principles are simple                                    surface design - it is     designs. Colour photos
                           and enable wonderful                                     an essential reference     of 23 quilts will inspire
                           designs to be created in                                 tool covering dyeing,      you. 8 patterns, 96pp.
                           minutes for any project.    printing, painting and creating resists on fabric.      138188 - $44.95
                           56pp. 188065 - $49.95       138pp. 285013 - $54.95
   Stitch Dissolve                                                                                              Machine
Distort                                                                                      Wholecloth        Quilting
Explore the range of                                                                         Linen             Learn everything from
fabrics and materials                                                                        Quilting          easy straight-line
that can be dissolved,                                                                     Over 80             quilting, to stippling,
melted, punched and                                                                        quilting            to more complex
slashed, and even                                                                          patterns to         motifs. Alex gives
distorted, to create                                                                       choose from,        you easy expert tips
unique textiles. Explore                                                                   plus different      and techniques on
free-machining,                                                                            size and            workspace through to
painted stitches,                                                                          placement           perfecting the quilting
pin tucks, and ways                                    variations. Includes squares & corners, fans            stitch. 7 exercises, 7
to get a variety of                                    & circular designs, narrow and wide borders,            projects. 56pp.
texture effects. 127pp.                                medallions, centre designs, stars and more. 96pp.       138162 - $44.95
188131 - $59.95                                        138209 - $64.95
                                                                                                                   EQ6 Simplified
                              Designer Quilts                                      Learn to Machine            Move at your own
                            19 of Moda’s best
                                                                                  Quilt                        pace through 8 basic
                            fabric artists share
                                                                                  Learn about tools and        & advanced lessons
                            their lives, talents, 12
                                                                                  supplies, styles of          enabling you to get
                            beautiful quilts and 4
                                                                                  quilting, and how to free-   the most out of your
                            special projects in this
                                                                                  motion quilt - the easy      quilt designs. Written
                            beautifully presented
                                                                                  way! Well presented,         by professional quilt
                            book, reflective of
                                                                                  easy to read and use!        designer, Fran Iverson
                            moda’s fabulous
                                                                                  Full of tricks, tips and     Gonzalez, for quilters,
                            fabrics. Includes
                                                                                  techniques. 6 projects,      in easy to understand
                            detailed photos and
                                                                                  79pp.                        language with simple
                            instructions. 112pp.
                                                                                  138201 - $39.95              diagrams. Tips
                            238003 - $64.95
                                                                                                               throughout. EQ6 SIM - $39.95

                        w w w . c r a f t m a i l b o x . c o m . a u
                                                                                                          “I’d be awfully lost without my
                                                                                                               Craft Mailbox help.”

Patchwork Passions                                                                                                   Judy S.

                              24 Angel Quilt                                              Modern Primitive                                        Fast-Finish Panel
                            Blocks This whimsical                                       Quilts Find the                                         Projects
                            & elegant collection                                        essence of country,                                     12 quick quilts and
                            includes 24 full-sized                                      with a refreshing twist                                 crafts with basics,
                            block patterns for                                          in this simple folk                                     tips and techniques
                            foundation piecing.                                         art quilt collection.                                   for mixing pre-printed
                            Designs for bed quilts,                                     Antique looks meet                                      panels and patchwork
                            wall hangings, lap quilts,                                  easy construction &                                     blocks. Full colour
                            potholders, pillows or                                      lots of creative licence                                photos and illustrations
                            wearables. 32pp.                                            in these charming                                       with easy to follow how
                            188146 - $24.95                                             designs. 9 projects,                                    to instructions. 48pp.
                                                                                        96pp.                                                   188154 - $39.95
                                                                                        138206 - $59.95
  Log Cabin Quilts
Take a fresh, original                                       Happy Hour                                               Start to Quilt
look at the Log Cabin                                      Relax and enjoy                                          Brilliant! Finally, a
as you choose from                                         your own happy hour                                      dedicated age specific
projects that feature                                      working on one of                                        teens/tweens quilting
it in traditional and                                      these easy projects,                                     book - full of how-to
innovative ways. A                                         which are suitable for                                   instructions, photos &
panel of distinguished                                     all skill levels. Make a                                 techniques, with suitable
designers approach                                         tote bag, table runner,                                  projects which are
this beloved pattern                                       pillow or quilt. 10                                      desirable & achievable! 5
from different                                             projects. 32 pp.                                         projects. 49pp.
perspectives in                                            238006 - $29.95                                          288002 - $21.95
presenting their
designs. 160pp. Hc. 198032 - $42.95                                                                                                                   Garden of
                              Quilted Bags                                                  Patchwork with                                          Create your own
                            in a Weekend 25                                              Julie Wallace                                              beautiful garden in
                            charming, contemporary                                       17 great projects that                                     fabric by grabbing
                            designs. Create                                              are simple and easy to                                     your (quilting) tools
                            a stylish range of                                           achieve. In this Book 3                                    and digging deep (in
                            shoppers, purses, totes,                                     Julie has a new section                                    your fabric stash). Be
                            and evening bags from                                        on Chenille work, Quick                                    inspired by the vibrant
                            old scraps and leftover                                      Patchwork Papers                                           colours used in these
                            pieces. Clear step-by-                                       projects and projects                                      most attractive quilts. 4
                            step artworks, templates,                                    that are designed to                                       projects. 47pp.
                            and a techniques section                                     use up some of that                                        138199 - $27.95
                            offer start-to-finish expert                                 fabric stash. 68pp.
                            instruction. 128pp.                                        QB001 - $29.95
                            188144 - $44.95                                                                            Pieceful Pet Beds
 Weekend                                                                                 Spring Bouquet             Have fun making a snuggly
Quilting Wonders                                                                       A folded hexagon project     patchwork bed for the four
This wide selection                                                                    with instructions. Approx    legged member of your
of 40 projects covers                                                                  finished size 31.5” x 27”.   family. Pattern is for cat or
baby & toddler quilts,                                                                 Pattern. RS58 - $14.95       dog - Small (up to 12lbs)
throws, full sized quilts                                                                                           or Bigger (up to 25lbs).
for teens and adults,                                                                                               Includes applique pattern.
table runners and                                                                                                   185018 - $19.95
toppers, and Christmas
decorations. Most are
achievable in just a
weekend! Fantastic
collection of usable                                          Plucked Chook
patterns. 176pp.                                           Hang your plucked
138205 - $44.95                                            chook in the kitchen or
                                                           even use it to collect
                                                                                                                                                             Farmyard in
                                                           the signatures of all                                                                             Patchwork
                              A Few of My                  your ‘chick’ friends.                                                                             & Applique
                                                           Pattern and instructions.                                                                     Charming
                            Favorite Feedsack
                                                           DD001 - $14.95                                                                                sketches of
                            Quilts Oh, those                                                                                                             farm animals,
                            fabulous feedsack quilts!                                                                                                    birds and
                            Use vintage feedsacks,           Dance of the
                                                                                                                                                         quaint rural
                            reproduction prints or         Dragonfly
                                                                                                                                                         features are
                            new feedsack prints to         Bargello project with
                                                                                                                    translated into simple applique patches to be hand
                            create your next quilt         instructions for two
                                                                                                                    or machine-sewn to any background fabric. Over
                            from the 11 patterns           quilt sizes - Large 48” x
                                                                                                                    30 applique motifs to copy. Colour photos show
                            provided in this book.         56” or Small 32” x 42”.
                                                                                                                    how scrap fabric can be used. 127pp.
                            32pp.                          Pattern.
                                                           RS73 - $14.95                                            188143 - $44.95
                            SOLD OUT

T e l > 1 3 0 0                               3 0 7                 7 2 1                F a x > 1 3 0 0                                 3 0 7                 7 5 4
                                                                                                    “Contact through the Craft
                                                                                               Mailbox 1300 number was very helpful.

 A World of Creativity                                                                                       Thanks.”
                                                                                                            Yvonne G.

    New Swarovski                                                    Yo-Yo Inspiration                            Clover Yo-Yo Makers
Hot-Fix Crystal Colours,                                                              A Gathered                   Exciting new sizes
     Lowest Prices                                                                   15 fun, creative quilt           and shapes!
                                                                                     and craft projects.
                                                                                     Designs are based
                                      BeJeweler                                      on fabric yo-yos and
                                      Beginner Kit                                   similar techniques.
                                      - Discover the                                 Step-by-step
                                     versatility of this                             instructions for more
                                     hot-fix crystal                                 than a dozen flowers,
                                     applicator. Use                                 berries, and leaves,
                                     on machine                                      plus basic quiltmaking,
                                     embroidery, quilt                               appliqué & embroidery
 tops, dance costumes, wedding dresses, jeans,                                       techniques.                  Yo-Yo Makers A new quick and easy way
 paper, horse bridles, bags and more. You’re only                                    138208 - $44.95           to make nicely shaped yo-yos! Super easy stitch
 limited by your imagination with the BeJeweler Pro!                                                           template ensures neat finish and regular sizing for
                                                             Quilting in the
 #SW-Beg - BeJeweler + 150 Crystals in                                                                         a perfectly matched project. Instruction manual
                                                           Country                                             included.
 assorted colours and sizes - NOW including                Wow any crowd with
 Hot-Fix Pearls - $69.95                                   country-style quilts
                                                                                                               CV8702    -   Extra Small Round (3/4in) - $9.95
                                                           that celebrate special
 Clear Crystals - Qty of 50                                                                                    CV8700    -   Small Round (1 1/4in) - $9.95
                                                           moments. Includes
 #SW063-50 - 3mm - $6.95                                                                                       CV8701    -   Large Round (1 3/4in) - $10.95
                                                           patterns for a yo-yo
 #SW110-50 - 4mm - $8.95                                                                                       CV8703    -   Extra Large Round (2 1/4in) - $11.95
                                                           doily, tree ornaments,
                                                           signature quilt,
 Aurora Borealis Crystals - Qty of 50                                                                            Heart Shaped Yo-Yo Makers
                                                           hexagon teapot pad
 #SW064-50 - 3mm - $6.95                                                                                       CV8704 - Small (1 1/4in) - $10.95
                                                           and more. 6 themes,
 #SW111-50 - 4mm - $11.95                                                                                      CV8705 Large (1 3/4in) - $11.95
                                                           16 projects, delicious
                                                           recipes and more.
 Coloured Crystals - Qty of 50                             96pp.
 Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black                               138204 - $59.95
 Diamond, Capri Blue, Emerald,
 Fire Opal, Fuchsia, Jet (Black), Jonquil, Light Rose,                  Craft Mailbox Yo-Yo Tips!
 Light Sapphire, Light Siam, Peridot (pictured), Rose,
 Sapphire, Siam, Silk, Topaz, Vintage Rose.
                                                                     1. Use a Clover Tapered Tailor’s
 3mm - $6.95 (Quote colour required)                                 Awl to drape & tweak the fabric in
 4mm - $9.95 (Quote colour required)                                            your yo-yo.
                                                                                                               Flower Shaped Yo-Yo Makers
 Special Effect Colours - Qty of 50                                     Clover Tapered Tailor’s Awl            CV8706 - Small (1 1/4in) - $10.95
 Golden Shadow, Jet Hematite, Meridian Blue,                                #CV486W - $12.95                   CV8707 - Large (1 3/4in) - $11.95
 Light Siam Satin, Volcano (pictured).
 3mm - $9.95 (Quote colour required)                                2. Quilter’s Metallic Lame is perfect           10% DISCOUNT SPECIAL:
 4mm - $13.95 (Quote colour required)                                to use with Flower Shaped Yo-Yo
                                                                                                                   Purchase All 8 Clover Yo-Yo Makers
    FREE Pattern Sheet and Instructions                                                                                         for $80 - #CV87S
included with every BeJeweler and Swarovski
             Hot-Fix Crystal order                            Purses Bags &
                                                           Totes This versatile                                   Puppy Love
                                                           book contains 14                                    Instructions and patterns
    Hot Dot Crystals                                       different bag projects                              for two dogs. A 9” yo-yo
 Create sparkling jewellery,                               for all purposes, from                              pup whose body is created
 an elegant evening bag,                                   knitting to a yoga                                  with two sizes. Stuffed
 wedding accessories,                                      mat! Even use your                                  yo-yos make the paws and
 shimmering shoes and                                      yo-yo maker to create                               tail. Yo-yo maker templates
 fun wearables using your                                  the decorations for a                               used were Clover’s size
 BeJeweler & Swarovski Hot                                 stylish tote! 16pp.                                 CV8701 – 1 3/4” & CV8703
 Fix Crystals. Incl pattern                                238004 - $29.95                                     - 2 1/4”.
 ideas & 26 projects. 20pp.                                                                                    133350 - $19.95
 185017 - $17.95                                                                                                                             Yo-Yo Bear
                                                                                                                                           Instructions and pattern
                                                                                                                                           for 7 1/2” bear. The
                                                                                                                                           bear’s body is created
                                                                                                                                           with yo-yos strung
                                                                                                                                           together with thick
                                                                                                                                           thread. The dimensional
                                                                                                                                           head and paws are
                                                                                                                                           needle felted. Yo-yo
                                                                                                                                           maker template used is
                                                                                                                                           Clover’s size CV8700
                                                                                                                                           - 1 1/4”.
                                                                                                                                           133340 - $19.95

                         w w w . c r a f t m a i l b o x . c o m . a u
                                                                                                                     Web Tip!
                                                                                                         Quickly locate items you require
                                                                                                    by typing a keyword into the ‘search’ box,
Stitching with Pleasure                                                                                           then click ‘Go’!

                                  Celtic Motifs                                        Temari - How               Needleweaving
                               Unlock the keys                                      to Make Japanese            and Embroidery:
                               to Celtic symbols!                                   Thread Balls                Embellished
                               Understand and                                       Through step-by-step        Treasures Combine
                               appreciate the                                       instructions you can        drawn thread embroidery,
                               history and culture of                               create these colourful &    needleweaving & surface
                               Celtic art! Includes                                 elegant balls. Materials    stitches. As well as step-
                               mandalas, interlacing                                required are simple-        by-step instructions for
                               symbols, trees of                                    styrofoam balls or eggs     working the techniques,
                               life and peacock                                     + threads and beads. 11     Effie suggests suitable
                               feathers for use in art,                             designs, 123pp.             fabrics, threads and
                               quilting, patchwork or                               193100 - $36.95             equipment, making up
embroidery design. 103pp. 285009 - $33.95                                                                       and finishing. 15 projects.
                                                            The Craft of                                        120pp. 193082 - $34.95
  Fun with Folded
                                                          Temari Described
Fabric Boxes                                              as ‘embroidering the                                    Easy Embroidery
A bounty of boxes to                                      surface of a ball’, the                               on Paper - Learn how
fashion from fabric or                                    ancient Japanese craft                                to make 35 beautiful
paper! Quick and easy                                     of Temari uses basic                                  cards & picture frames by
no sew techniques for                                     stitching & wrapping                                  combining paper pricking,
making origami boxes,                                     techniques to create                                  cardmaking & embroidery
with easy to follow                                       an array of beautiful                                 techniques. Stitches are
how-to illustrations and                                  and original designs.                                 explained using clear
photos. Results will be                                   Over 20 designs which                                 diagrams. All projects have
as individual as you are!                                 can be varied in any                                  patterns & full instructions.
63pp. Use with Fast to                                    number of ways. 64pp                                  Suitable for beginners to
Fuse                                                      193099 - $24.95                                       advanced. 48pp.
135008 - $44.95
                                                                                       Embroidered              285010 - $21.95
                                                                                     Borders and Motifs
                                                                                     A variety of 22 coloured     Handmade Cards
                              Fast to Fuse
                                                                                     designs for borders        Create memorable cards
                            Double-sided fusible
                                                                                     and motifs to add to       for every occasion.
                            stiff interfacing. Perfect
                                                                                     your bed and bath          This book presents
                            for anything that needs
                                                                                     linens, pillows, window    a dazzling array of
                            flexible firmness.
                                                                                     treatments, tableware      creative possibilites for
                            Machine wash, tumble
                                                                                     and many wearables.        designing, decorating,
                                                                                     Great for gift projects.   and lettering unique
                            F2F - $29.95 p/yd
                                                                                     32pp.                      cards and envelopes.
                                                                                     193104 - $19.95            This comprehensive
                                                                                                                 guide covers the entire
                                                                                                                 process. 144pp.
   Tatting Patterns                                                                                             193088 - $44.95
This book contains not
                                                             The Myth & Magic
only 116 beautiful and
useful patterns, but                                      of Embroidery
                                                                                                                  Embroidery on
detailed and simple                                       Provides fascinating
                                                          insights into the use of                              Paper Learn a simple
directions telling                                                                                              technique with only a few
you what materials                                        embroidery in rituals and
                                                          story-telling. Techniques                             materials; just a piercing
to use, how to work                                                                                             tool, needle and thread.
each pattern, and                                         such as close-up work,
                                                          landscape work and                                    69 actual size patterns for
illustrations of the                                                                                            all occasions: Christmas,
finished pieces. For                                      traditional stitches are
                                                          described in detail.                                  birth, marriage, birthday
people who already                                                                                              and many more. 80pp.
know how to tat. 48pp. 193094 - $16.95                    This book will appeal to
                                                          embroiderers of all skill                             193102 - $26.95
                                                          levels. 144pp. 193096 - $39.95
                              Tatting with Visual
                                                                                        Myth & Magic
                            This book of visual or                                                                Embroidered
                                                                                      This cross stitch
                            diagrammatic patterns                                                               Christening Gowns
                                                                                      book of fantasy has
                            enables tatters to                                                                  Perfect for your special
                                                                                      70 magical designs
                            understand directions                                                               baby’s celebration,
                                                                                      of Wizards, Angels,
                            at a glance, rather than                                                            these 8 exquisite
                                                                                      Dragons, Mermaids,
                            having to read every                                                                garments, vary from
                                                                                      Cherubs, Unicorns,
                            written word. This truly                                                            simple to dripping with
                                                                                      Fairies and more.
                            is a contribution to                                                                lace and embroidery!
                                                                                      Projects range in size
                            speed in tatting. The 53                                                            Excellent clear
                                                                                      from a showcase
                            patterns cover a wide                                                               instructions and step by
                                                                                      design down to smaller
                            range of skills. 113pp.                                                             step photos make these
                                                                                      projects for cards, box
                       193093 - $34.95                                                                          achievable for all sewing
                                                                                      tops and towel edgings.
Tortoise Tatting Shuttles (2)                                                         112pp.                    levels. 144 pp.
#CV8100 - $11.95                                                                      193098 - $34.95           193084 - $34.95

T e l > 1 3 0 0                                3 0 7              7 2 1               F a x > 1 3 0 0                                3 0 7      7 5 4
                                                                                                  Do you have a friend who
                                                                                             would love to receive our catalogue?

Relax with Craft                                                                                 Let us know: 1300 307 721

                                Positively                                             Little Book of              The Art of
                              Postcards A small                                      Tassels If you have a       Feltmaking
                              sized commitment of                                    passion for fine tassels,   Exploit the natural
                              time is all you need to                                then this is the book       properties of wool to
                              create these picture-                                  for you! It describes       make delightful, unique
                              perfect postcard quilts!                               the parts of a tassel,      felt items, including
                              Give, trade or treasure                                supplies & the 4 basic      jewellery, wearables,
                              these mini greetings                                   steps. Extend your          toys, masks & more. All
                              - and make a one-                                      skills with these 25        you need to start are
                              of-a-kind quilt in an                                  beautiful projects. Clear   wool, hot soapy water
                              evening. Develop your                                  instructions. 80pp.         and your hands. Even
                              own themes, embellish,                                 193101 - $19.95             the kids can do it! 144pp.
                              create, send! 96pp.           Making Period                                        193080 - $44.95
                              138203 - $49.95              Doll’s House
  Colorworks                                               Accessories                                           Needle Felting Tools
This crafter’s guide                                       80 individual projects                                CV8900 - Felting Needle Tool $29.95
to colour gives you                                        to make. Decorative                                   CV8905 - 5 x fine weight needle refill - $13.95,
practical, hands-on tools                                  and practical pieces                                  CV8906 - 5 x heavy weight needle refill - $13.95
for using colour in nine                                   are made from simple,                                 CV8910 - Small Mat (11x9x6cm) - $18.95
crafts including knitting,                                 inexpensive materials,                                CV8911 - Large Mat (16x10x6cm) - $33.95
quilting, and beading.                                     using a minimum of
115pp plus a 32 page                                       equipment and no                                        The Handbook of
interactive section                                        special skills. Styles                                Indigo Dyeing Learn
features a pull-out                                        and eras from the 15th                                how a huge variety of
colour wheel, two colour                                   to the 20th centuries.                                wonderful effects can
value scales and more.                                     160pp.                                                be produced by folding,
SP9470 - $39.95                                            193091 - $39.95                                       stitching, binding and
                                                                                        Crochet                  clamping fabric before
                                Embroidery                                            Cardigans                  dyeing. Clear instructions
                             Illusions Embroidery                                     These four exciting        and step-by-step pictures
                             worked on transparent                                    designs use a variety      demonstrate the dyeing
                             organza stretched over a                                 of crochet threads and     process and how to
                             frame creates the illusion                               yarns and utilize a        prepare, dye and make 4
                             of stitchery suspended in                                variety of stitches. All   projects. 96pp.
                             air. 20 projects includes                                projects are perfect for   193092 - $38.95
                             ferns, flowers, seahorse,                                daytime or evening.
                             fruit, landscapes & an                                   Skill level - easy and       Handpainting
                             exotic elephant - even                                   intermediate 24pp.         Fabric Transform plain
                             Little Bo-Peep. 192pp.                                   193085 - $14.95            fabrics into beautiful
                             193078 - $59.95                                                                     clothing & decorative
                                                                                                                 accents! Anyone can
  Yummy Yarns                                                 Roses Through                                      learn to create gorgeous
Learn to knit in 20+ easy                                                                                        handpainted fabric
                                                           the Home Now you
projects featuring fun                                                                                           designs - combine
                                                           can crochet roses for
novelty yarns! Create                                                                                            imagination, simple
                                                           every room in your
luxurious scarves,                                                                                               innovative techniques and
                                                           home. Includes designs
shawls, purses,                                                                                                  readily available paints,
                                                           for table decorations,
cool tops and fun                                                                                                dyes and art supplies.
                                                           wall hangings, bathroom
embellishments such                                                                                              128pp. 193087 - $44.95
                                                           accessories, cushions,
as collars, cuffs and
                                                           throws and more. 16
sleeves. 128pp.                                                                                                    Express It
                                                           great projects, 31pp.
193079 - $39.95                                                                                                  100’s of humorous phrases
                                                           193090 - $14.95
                                                                                                                 and thoughtful expressions
                                                                                      8-Hour Fashion
                                                                                                                 for your craft projects. It is
                                                                                    Scarves                      so handy and inspirational
                                 Vintage Animals
                                                                                    7 colourful crocheted        to have a collection
                              It’s time to stitch up the
                                                                                    scarves for all seasons.     of words, sayings and
                              past. Enjoy this array
                                                                                    Make each scarf in 8 hours   phrases available. 42pp.
                              of patterns you can
                                                                                    or less. 16pp                193086 - $14.50
                              adapt to your individual
                                                                                    193076 - $13.95
                              taste. Wonderful
                              snippets from the “Good
                              Old Days” magazines
                              and catalogues add to
                              this nostalgic treasure.                                                                                            Chic Shoulder Bag
                              98pp.                                                                                                         Quick and easy handbag
                              188147 - $42.95                                                                                               in half a day! Finished
                                                            Clover Soft Touch                                                               size approx 10” x 12”.
                                                           Crochet Hooks -                                                                  Paper Pattern.
                                                           $10.95 Easy to hold and gentle on your hands.                                    RS65 - $14.95
     Single skein of DMC thread - Choose                  Their shape reduces fatigue, even after long hours
 your quantity and list the DMC colours you                of crocheting. Sizes: C/2.5, D/3.0, E/3.5,
 require. DMC - $1.00 per skein                            F/4.0, G/4.5, H/5.0, I/5.5, J/6.0.

N o w                    o v e r                          3 0 0 0                   p r o d u c t s                                  o n l i n e !
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                             Local Call >   1300 307 721                                                                                           brush one end, tip the other. Perfect
                             Order Online > www.craftmailbox.com.au
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                             Email >        sales@craftmailbox.com.au                                                                                           scrapbooking.
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QTY      CODE          PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                       EACH            TOTAL
                                                                                                                                        Kona Bay Fabric, 4 x 25cm cuts of Blend
                                                                                                                                       Em’s Valued at $21.95, with orders over $100**
                                                                                                                                                            **Valid Until 31 August 2007 when you
                                                                                                                                                                  quote CMB174. Limited Stock.
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Postage, Handling & Insurance (Flat rate regardless of how many products you order)                   7.50
TOTAL PAYABLE                                                                                   $                       Cardholder’s Signature

                                               Fabrico                                                         Quilt Labels                                                  Win A Trip to Houston
                                              Dual Marker                                                 A pack of 4 quilt labels printed
                                              Pens                                                        in brown on quality muslin ready
                                                                                                                                                                        How to enter: Each time you
                                 Acid free                                                                for you to add your own details
                                                                                                                                                                        spend $50 (excludes postage &
                                 markers. We                                                              Each label is 16.5cm x 11cm.
                                                                                                                                                                        handling charges) with The Craft
                                 have the full                                                            238001 - $14.95
                                                                                                                                                                        Mailbox between 7 February - 30
                                 range of 24                                                                                                                            September 2007, you will earn one
                                 colours available.                                                                                                                     entry (eg. spend $200 = 4 entries)
                                 Order online or                                                                                                                        in our competition to win one prize
                                 list the number                                                                                                                        of a trip for two on a guided 7 day/6 night US tour,
and colour of the marker you require.                                                                                                                                   including 3 days entry to the International Quilt
#Fabrico - $5.95ea (list the colour)                                      Silicon Iron                                                                                  Festival in Houston, Texas (incl: return economy
                                                                        Rest Prevent                                                                                    airfares ex-Sydney, 3-4 star accommodation, some
                   Rainbowspun 1m x 60cm                               scorching ccidents by keeping your iron on this                                                 meals, excl transfers). Orders can be placed by
              of each of 6 glorious colours, these                      heat resistant silicone iron rest pad. Withstands                                               phone, fax, mail, online and at Craft Shows. Win
                                                                                                                                                                        A Trip to Houston Competition Terms & Conditions: Information on how
              100% bonded polyester fibres                              temperatures up to 250 deg C.                                                                   to enter and prizes form part of these terms and conditions. Competition
              can be embroidered, embellished,
                                                                        012104 - $18.95                                                                                 open to Australian residents only. The winning entry will be the first drawn
              stitched, hand washed, and                                                                                                                                2.00pm (EST), 2/10/07 at The Craft Mailbox, 59 Bay Parade, Malabar
                                                                                                                                                                        NSW. The winner will be notified by phone, email and/or by written
              ironed! They are acid free with no                                                                                                                        correspondence. Winner will be published in “The Australian” on 6/10/07.
              bias - ideal for quilting, wedding                            Quickscreen                                                                                 Prize must be taken 28/10/07-06/11/07. In the event the winner cannot

              accessories, scrapbooking and                             Interfacing with printed grid for                                                               or does not take the prize, the prize will be redrawn 10/10/07. Cash
                                                                                                                                                                        will not be awarded. Prize is not transferable or exchangeable. Total
              more. Colours: Gold, Purple, Blue,                        patterns with 90 deg patchwork                                                                  prize valued up to $7,500. Promoter: The Craft Mailbox (Australia)
Green, Red & Orange. VL002 - $19.95                                     designs makes it easy to line                                                                   ABN: 65901403854, Craftainers ABN: 28107968927, Applicuts ABN:
                                                                                                                                                                        34568429789. Permit Numbers: NSW (TPL 07/00666), VIC No. 07/305),
                                                                        up your work. Time-saving                                                                       ACT (TP07/00208) and SA (T07/220). For more details & full prize
                                                                        and efficent. Foundation                                                                        description, visit: www.winatriptohouston.com.
   Freezer Paper Sheets A4
                                                                        or tearaway, washable and
size, for use in a printer! Contains                                                                                  3 In 1 Color Tool
50 industrial sheets, especially                                        drycleanable. 90cm wide. VL001 - $8.95pm
coated for better adhesiveness to                                       VL003 - Plain Water Soluble Vilene $12.95pm Choose great colour
                                                                                                                                                                     combinations every time. Pick
fabric. EQ029 - $14.95                                                                                                                                               a favourite colour, match the
                                                                                 Daisy Wheel                                                                         colour to one of the 24 colour
             Appli-bond                                                Create yarn daisies easily by                                                                cards then choose a colour
                                                                        winding your thread around                                                                   theme from the 6 options
                                                                        this Daisy Wheel. Join the                                                                   provided for each colour. Incl:
            Each needle has 3 bayonette cutting
                                                                        daisies together to make                                                                     red value finder & 3 preview
            edges and pierces the bonded fabric with
                                                                        scarves, shawls and other                                                                    windows to isolate and audition
            ease. They are also helpful when doing
                                                                        fashion accessories. Great                                                                   your fabric.
            the button-hole stitch on fusible applique.
                                                                        way to use up left over wool.
            CMB1050 - $7.95                                                                                                                                          CT10321 - $39.95
                                                                        006001 - $11.95

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