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Women in Biotech


									                                                   Women in Biotech
                                                   Who's Who and What's What?
                                                   edited by Ann Uldridge

                             Look for your WiB Newsletter on the last Thursday of each month. Send
                             content to

Issue 10: July 2006          Newsletter Focus for August: More on "The Business of Biotech" If you have
                             a point of view you would like to air, let us know!
   Genetraks Demise -
    What We...
   teQstart - Capital for    Genetraks Demise - What We Can Learn?
    Ear...                                                  Sometimes, the lessons from failure are more
   Congratulations!                                        powerful and encompass more learnings than
                                                            those from success.
   Upcoming Events
   Dr Bronwyn Battersby -                                   Dr Roz Brandon, the former CEO of
    Mere...                                                  Genetraks, which raised almost A$12M during
                             its 5 year life, has allowed WiB to publish this Case Study to assist everyone
   Nominate Yourself or a   involved in the commercialisation of biotechnology in Australia.
   Subscription             She draws lessons from her experience for Management, Governance, Product
                             Development, Human Resources, Capital Raising in the USA and provides her
                             Commercialisation Wish List.

                             We thank her most sincerely and hope that this will encourage others to come
                             forward with their stories, both positive and negative.

                             Next month - Christine Lane profiles Alchemia and its CEO, Tracie
                                                                                               Read More>>

                              teQstart - Capital for Early Ventures
                             Ruth Drinkwater, Manager of teQstart provides an overview of the rationale
                             and activities of teQstart, a Queensland State Government initiative.

                             Believing that Australia cannot rely on a commodities boom for its long-term
                             prosperity and that it must develop new products and services for a global
                             market using its own intellectual property,the Queensland government
                             established the BioStart investment initiative in 2001 to foster investment into
                             start-up biotechnology companies and doubled that initiative in 2005 with a
                             second fund to cover other high-tech areas.

                             The combined $6.M BioStart and teQstart Funds are managed by teQstart Pty
                             Ltd which invests up to $250,000 as a co-investment with expert equity

                             2006 WIT Unisys Scholarship & Awards Finalists (Life Sciences only):

                             In only its first full year of operation, WiB has managed to encourage the
                             Biotech sector into garnering 40% of all applicants in this prestigous award
                             program. We congratulate our finalists...

                             QUT Postgraduate Reasearch Award:

                                  Nikki Appleby (Winner)
                                  Nyssa Drinkwater
                                  Erin Rayment
                                  Melissa Fernandez
Smart State Career Development Award

     Zee Upton
     Catherine Challen

Optus Challenger Spirit Award

     Anne-Marie Birkill

IMB PhD candidate wins a 12month student WiB membership:
Richa Dave, PhD Candidate, IMB University of Queensland

If you know of a WiB member that should be congratulated - let us know at

Upcoming Events
August 4th: WiB Rendevous - after work, casual networking. We are a
friendly lot! This is the way to meet your peers in Biotech and science without
muss, without fuss. Come along, bring your business card and build your
networks. From 5.30pm Regatta Hotel, Members $5.

                                                                     Book Here

August 25th: Influence the younger generation.

Technology Takes You Anywhere will encourage almost 1200 girls from Years
6 - 12 to take up careers in Technology industries. Volunteer to act as a
guide and a role model>>

August 22nd: WiB Executive Round Table Breakfast. Followup from last
Round Table.

September 26th: WiB Mentoring Event: "How did you get that Job".
Come and hear how 6 different biotech professionals each achieved their
current jobs. This is your chance to ask any burning questiobns in a very
casual environment!

September 21st and Friday 22nd : ClubBio2006: “Breaking the
Barriers” You can also click here to find details of other upcoming AusBiotech

October 23rd - 25th: Conference - Queensland Clinical Trials Network
Inc. (QCTN) and the Australasian Health & Research Data Managers
Association Inc. - "Australasian clinical research –collaborating to do it
right" for clinical investigators, senior R&D managers, study nurses, data
managers, clinical project managers, medical directors, quality assurance
managers, regulatory affairs specialists etc.

                                                          More Information>>

Dr Bronwyn Battersby - Mere Mortal
                               Bronwyn is one of those rare creatures who
                               revels in straddling the chasm between
                               academic research and the business of
                               biotechnology. Since 1998, she has been
                               working at the Centre for Nanotechnology and
                               Biomaterials (CNB) at the University of
                               Queensland (UQ) and with Nanomics
                               BioSystems, a spin-out company setup in 2001
                               to commercialise the biosensing technology she
                               helped develop.

                               During her PhD studies in the early 1990’s, she
                               was also a world class cycling athlete (photo
                               shows Bronwyn at the start of the 1996 World
                               Downhill Mountain Bike Championships) but
                               has slowed down a little with having to work
full-time and look after her 13 month old little boy, Jasper.

                                                      More about Bronwyn>>

Nominate Yourself or a Colleague!
Women's Minister Desley Boyle launched the 2006 Smart Women - Smart
State Awards.

The awards recognise women and girls who are outstanding in science,
engineering and information & communication technology.

More information available at

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