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									winter heating
This winter heating guide includes ways to reduce
heating costs and provides advice on choosing the right
heater based on suitability and running costs. Efficient
heating saves energy, money and the environment.
                                                                             Did you know?                        average household energy use
                                                                             A simple way to reduce               Heating and cooling costs                Efficient heating saves energy,
                                                                             your heating costs is to ensure      account for around a quarter             money, and the environment
                                                                             that you are not overheating         of the average household’s               by reducing greenhouse
                                                                             your home.                           energy use, so it makes                  gas emissions.
                                                                                                                  sense to carefully consider
                                                                             Use a room thermometer to
                                                                                                                  heating options.
                                                                             keep your room heated
                                                                             to 18 - 21 degrees in winter.
                                                                             In summer, keep the room
                                                                             temperature at around                                                                                Heating & Cooling
                                                                             23 - 26 degrees.

                                                                                                                    Hot Water


                                                                                                                            Lifestyle                                          Kitchen

                                                                                                                            4%     Laundry                            Lights
                                                                                                                                   5%                                 6%

Choosing the right heating system for you
how big a space?                                                           how often will you run it?           what type of fuel?
Do you want to heat one person,        or reverse-cycle air conditioner.   If you’ll be using it often, it’s
a large room, or the whole house?      It’s also important to get expert   probably best to spend a bit more
                                       advice on choosing the right size   initially on a gas heater or air
Portable electric heaters like bar
                                       heater for the area.                conditioner and take advantage of
radiators or fan heaters are cheap
                                                                           the lower running costs.
to buy but costly to run. They’re      If you choose central (or ducted)
best for personal heating or small     heating for your whole house,       If it won’t be used very often,      natural gas                  electricity                Solid Fuel
rooms like a home office.              make sure the system can be         portable electric heaters have the   Very efficient for           The most expensive         Firewood is an efficient
                                       zoned so you can heat only the      lowest upfront cost. If you plan     heating and emits            and greenhouse             option when used in
Heating larger living areas requires
                                       rooms you are using rather than     to leave a heater running            around a third of the        intensive option           slow-combustion heaters,
more energy, so it’s important to
                                       the entire house.                   unattended, such as in kids’         greenhouse gas of            and therefore requires     however open fires lose
choose an efficient option like a
                                                                           bedrooms, oil-filled column          electricity from coal.       careful planning to        up to 85% of their heat
high star-rated gas heater
                                                                           heaters are a safer option.                                       ensure efficient use.      straight up the chimney.
                                    A guide to heAting options
electric heating                                                                                              gas heating                           Firewood
Portable heaterS                    UnDerFloor or in-Slab                 reverSe cycle air                   Types: Unflued radiant and            Types: Open fires and slow
                                    heating                               conDitioner                         convection heaters and flued          combustion wood heaters
Types: Radiant, fan, convection
                                                                                                              convection and ducted heating.
and oil filled column heaters.      This heating is usually most          Types: Window/wall, split
                                                                                                                                                    Open fires look great but they
                                    appropriate for new homes or          system and ducted (central) air     Gas heating emits around one-
Portable heaters, although cheap                                                                                                                    are inefficient with up to 85% of
                                    extensions because it may need        conditioning.                       third of the greenhouse gas
to buy when compared with                                                                                                                           heat being lost up the chimney.
                                    to be installed before the concrete                                       emissions of electric heaters, and
permanent or fixed heaters, can                                           Reverse cycle air conditioning is
                                    slab or flooring is laid. It may be                                       although the upfront cost of gas      With inherent air pollution
be relatively expensive to run.                                           one of the most efficient ways
                                    possible to pre-heat the floor in                                         heaters is higher than portable       problems and safety issues, it
If chosen for the right purpose                                           of heating rooms. They can be
                                    lower priced shoulder or off-peak                                         electric heaters, the running costs   might be worth considering a
and used carefully, portable                                              sized for a small room, large
                                    periods if you have a smart meter.                                        are significantly cheaper, saving     slow combustion wood heater,
heaters can be a useful solution                                          living area, or whole home and
                                                                                                              you money in the long run.            especially in a city area. It’s up
for your home. They work most       Underfloor heating can be costly      generally include a programmable
                                                                                                                                                    to 6 times more efficient than an
efficiently when used to heat a     to run and has high greenhouse        thermostat and timer.               When choosing a heater, look at
                                                                                                                                                    open fireplace and can be used
person or a small area for short    emissions for the amount of heat                                          the energy star rating and buy the
                                                                          While the upfront cost may be                                             to heat large living areas.
periods of time.                    produced. Consider installing a                                           most efficient model you
                                                                          high, if the system is zoned, you
                                    timer and thermostat to reduce                                            can afford.
                                                                          can heat the space you require
                                    running costs.
                                                                          efficiently and quickly. They are   Unflued gas heaters are less
                                                                          energy star rated so it’s easy to   expensive than flued gas heaters
                                                                          choose an efficient model.          but they require room ventilation.
                                                                                                              They cannot be used in bedrooms
                                                                                                              or bathrooms and may cause
                                                                                                              respiratory irritation for
                                                                                                              some people.

                                                                                                                gas efficiency
  reaching for the stars                                                                                        Gas energy labels enable you to compare the annual
  Buy choosing an energy efficient heater, you can save money and reduce greenhouse                             energy consumption of gas space heaters and then
  gas emissions. Use the energy rating labels to compare products and then choose                               choose the most efficient model
  the most efficient model you can afford.                                                                      for your home.
Overheating your home in winter can increase electricity and gas bills.
You can keep your heating costs lower by following the HEAT guide.

 the heat coDe        hold in the heat by insulating and                                       evaulate heating options and choose
                      draught-proofing your home                                               the right one for your home

 h    HOLD IN
      THE HEAT        A lot of heat can be lost through
                      windows so it is important when
                                                          Insulating a home can be the
                                                          cheapest and easiest way to keep
                                                                                               Choosing the right heater is all
                                                                                               about being comfortable in your
                                                                                                                                      Central heating can be a good
                                                                                                                                      option, however it costs more to

                      heating to cover windows by         warm in winter. NSW government       home at minimum cost. You              heat large areas or a whole house.
                      closing blinds or curtains.         rebates of up to $300 are on offer   want it to be the right size, the      It will always be cheaper to heat
      EVALUATE                                            to encourage home owners to          most economical fuel, and the          only the rooms you are using such
                      Draught-proofing under doors        insulate their homes – visit www.    most efficient type of heater for      as the living areas, than to heat an

                      and around windows is a cheap       your budget.                           entire house.
      ACTION          and easy way to improve the         for details.
                      insulation of your home. Check                                           If natural gas is available, this is
                      out your local hardware store for   Installing ceiling batts can         a cheap heating option with low

 t    TEmPERATURE     draught stoppers, door snakes       immediately slash average            greenhouse gas emissions. Gas
                      and window sealing tape.            heating costs by up to a quarter.    heaters can give out more heat
      AND TImERS                                          An insulated house is warmer in      than portable electric heaters,
                                                          winter and cooler in summer.         and that means they’re good for
                                                                                               larger rooms and getting to a
                                                          Heaters and air conditioners run     comfortable temperature more
                                                          more efficiently in an insulated     quickly. Look for the highest star
                                                          home, reducing greenhouse gas        rating on gas heaters.
                                                          emissions and energy bills.
                                                                                               Electric heaters (like radiators
                                                                                               or fan heaters) are the cheapest
                                                                                               to buy but the most expensive
                                                                                               to run. They work best if you sit
                                                                                               in front of them for immediate
                                                                                               personal warmth. They’re not the
                                                                                               most effective type of heating for
                                                                                               a whole room or living area.

                                                                                               A reverse cycle air conditioner is
                                                                                               one of the most efficient options
                                                                                               for heating houses with electricity-
                                                                                               only connections, and is well
                                                                                               suited for heating larger rooms.
                                    the dollArs & sense of heAt
action - take steps to become more                                    timers and temperature checks can                                          other heating tips:
energy efficient                                                      reduce your heating bill
                                                                                                                                                 • Electric blankets use
Wearing warmer clothes or           Close the doors to bathrooms      Using a simple timer to heat a       heater with a built-in timer. Ask       much less energy than
throwing an extra blanket on        with exhaust fans, as these can   home only when you are there         the sales person to show you how        room heaters. Pre-warm
the bed or the lounge can keep      let cold air into a heated home   is one of the simplest and most      to use it.
                                                                                                                                                   your bed and then
heating costs down.                 and make heaters work harder      cost-effective ways to cut heating
                                    than they have to.                bills. Leaving heaters running       The temperature of a heated room        switch it off when you
Dressing warmly even when                                             overnight or when you’re out is a    in winter should remain between         go to sleep.
inside during the cooler months                                       sure-fire way to a high winter       18 and 21 degrees. If the room        • Closing doors in the
is an easy way to slash heating                                       energy bill.                         is at this temperature and you          rooms you want to
costs and is cheaper than running                                                                          are still cold put on another
                                                                                                                                                   heat is one of the
an electric bar heater all day                                                                             jumper. For every degree above
during winter.                                                                                             21 degrees that you program a           easiest ways to cut
                                                                                                           heater, it adds roughly 10 per cent     heating costs.
                                                                                                           extra to your heating costs.          • Hot air rises so running
                                                                                                                                                   slow-moving ceiling fans
                                                                                                                                                   in reverse can be a great
                                                                                                                                                   way to push the warmth
                                                                                                                                                   back down to where it is
                                                                                                                                                   needed, especially if you
                                                                                                                                                   have high ceilings.

                                                                      Programming a timer to turn
                                                                      on the lounge room heater 20
                                                                      minutes before you get up each
Keeping windows and doors                                             morning and turning it off 20
closed, drawing curtains at night                                     minutes before you walk out the
and turning heaters off when you                                      door will save money and keep
go out or to bed will keep a                                          you warm. Timers cost less than
house snug in winter and cut                                          $20 and can be bought at any
heating costs.                                                        hardware store or consider a
Use this table to compare heating options and choose the best heater
for the space you want to heat.

heater           GAS                                                GAS                                             ELECTRIC
types            flued gas heater                                   unflued gas heater*                             radiant heater

Pros             Cheaper to run than electric heaters.              Cheaper to run than electric heaters.           Good for giving instant heat.
                 Gas heating has one-third of the greenhouse gas    Delivers more heat than electric heaters,       Cheaper to buy.
                 emissions of electric heaters.                     which warm a room faster.
                                                                                                                    Good for spot heating over short periods of time.
                 Can be sized for small rooms, large                They are energy star rated so it’s easy
                                                                                                                    Good for bathrooms as no warm air is lost when
                 living areas, or an entire home.                   to choose an efficient model.
                                                                                                                    an exhaust fan is turned on.

cons             Higher upfront cost than portable                  Unflued models require some room ventilation,   Expensive if used for heating a large room.
                 electric heaters.                                  and may cause irritation for some people.
                                                                                                                    Generally not built with a thermostat, making
                 Flued gas heaters are more expensive               Not suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.         them more costly to run.
                 than unflued gas heaters.
                                                                                                                    Hot to touch, so children must be supervised.
                                                                                                                    Fire safety can be an issue.

Purchase price   medium - High                                      medium - High                                   Low

running cost            Weekly   $7.00                                     Weekly   $7.00                                  Weekly $18.00
($/day)**               monthly $30.00                                     monthly $30.00                                  monthly $75.00

best area        Small to large living room or a whole house         Small to medium living room                    One person
to heat
time it takes    Fast                                               Fast                                            Fast
to heat up


                 KEY           ●	 Good	         ●	 Average         ●	 Not good
                                                                                                  COmPARISON OF GAS AND
                                                                                                       ELECTRIC HEATERS
ELECTRIC                                                       ELECTRIC                                                                              ELECTRIC                                                                             ELECTRIC
fan heater                                                     oil-filled                                                                            Convection heater                                                                    reverse cycle
                                                               column heater                                                                                                                                                              air conditioner

Portable and easy to move around.                              Portable models can be moved from                                                     Cheap upfront cost.                                                                  Can be sized or zoned for optimal efficiency.
                                                               room to room.
Cheaper to buy than gas heaters.                                                                                                                     Can be moved from room to room.                                                      Generally include a programmable
                                                               Safer than fan and radiant heaters.                                                                                                                                        thermostat and timer.
Good for personal heating or                                                                                                                         Fan-assisted models help distribute
small areas like a home office.                                Good to heat kids’ bedrooms.                                                          the warm air.                                                                        They are energy star rated so it’s easy to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          choose an efficient model.
                                                               many models include timers.                                                           many models include timers.

Expensive to run and can be noisy.                             Takes a long time to heat a room.                                                     Expensive to run.                                                                     High upfront cost.
Safety concerns if the fan                                     Not suited to large living areas.                                                     Can take a long time to heat a room.                                                  If the system is not zoned, you may heat more
is covered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                space than is needed.
                                                               Expensive to buy models with thermostats.                                             Not suited to large living areas.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Window/wall type units can be noisy.
                                                               Costly to run, especially if left on overnight
                                                               or when not at home.

Low                                                            Low - medium                                                                          Low - medium                                                                         High

       Weekly $12.00                                                      Weekly $12.00                                                                        Weekly $12.00                                                                         Weekly     $5.00
       monthly $51.00                                                     monthly $51.00                                                                       monthly $51.00                                                                        monthly   $21.00

One person or a small room                                     Kid’s bedroom                                                                         Small room                                                                             Small to medium room

medium                                                         Slow                                                                                  medium                                                                                 Fast

         Note: *Room should be ventilated when using unflued gas heaters. Not suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.
               **If you use the heater more than 8 hours per day this will cost more. If you have more than 1 heater multiply the cost by the number of heaters.
               Assumptions: Based on average of 8 hrs per day per heater. For a heat capacity of 2.4kW output with 70% duty cycle for thermostat type heaters (ie all but radiant heater), and tariff of 12.87c/kWh for electricity and 1.66c/mJ for gas.
For more information on
how to save on your energy
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