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					                Saint Vincent’s Primary School
                        A Small School with a Big Smile

WEEK 6 TERM 4                 18 November 2010
      Our Vision, as members of St Vincent’s School, is:
 as a Catholic community to nurture and challenge one another to reach our
                      potential as lifelong learners.
                                             Saint Vincent’s Primary School
                                                      A Small School with a Big Smile
                                                         to have at least one friend with your child in their
                                                         class for 2011.
Over the last few months our Archdiocese has
been saddened by the passing of some of our              Also at this time the teachers will be organising
priests and the serious illness of others. During        the classes for next year. They will be
our last holidays Father Mietek Markowicz (the           considering the following factors in deciding
Parish Priest of Queanbeyan and, before that,            what classes to place the children: educational,
Wanniassa) died suddenly; last week Father Phil          gender equity, friendships, compatibility factors,
Buckley (Parish Priest of Page) died after a short       balance of Catholic and non-Catholic children
illness, and just this week Gerry Monaghan (the          and the number of years a child may have had
ex Parish Priest of Bega and Wanniassa) died.            with the same teacher.
This, coupled with serious illness to Father Greg
Beath, means that not only do we have a number           If you would like to discuss any issues relating to
of parishes now without a priest but also our            this process, or placement of your child, I will be
priests have lost some very dear friends. Let us         very happy to discuss this with you. If you have
all pray for the Archdiocese at this time,               sent in a letter could you also make an
especially for our bishops and priests as they join      appointment to discuss it with me. I must see
together this week at their annual retreat.              you by next Friday, 26 November so the teachers
                                                         have time to organise classes.
Father Phil’s funeral is being held on Tuesday,
23 November and some of our teachers,                    Congratulations to Mrs Moira McAlister, our
including myself, will be going to St Matthew’s          Teacher-Librarian, for conducting such a
School to release staff so that they can attend the      successful Book Fair last week. Many thanks,
funeral. Our other teachers will be combining            Moira, for your hard work and to all our parents
classes here at St Vincent’s so we can help St           and children for supporting the Fair.
Matthew’s out.
                                                         Thank you to all those families who are up to
The children in Years 2 Blue, 3/4 Blue and               date with their school fees. As of today there is
Yellow and Years 5/6 Blue and Yellow have                still $26,000 owing, which I am sure you would
been given a sociogram. The purpose of this              agree is quite a substantial amount. If you are
sociogram is for you to sit with your child and          not up to date could I ask that you settle your
have them write their name in the middle oval,           account as soon as possible.
then discuss with them who are four of their
friends at school. Then write the friends’ names         All the best
in each of the four surrounding ovals. Our aim is        John


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO …… Jack R (2 B), Matthew G (3/4Y), Joshua H (KB), Shanith J (KB),
Adam F (3/4Y) and Amber M (3/4B).


19 November:           9.30-12 noon Kate Hallett            12.00-2.00pm Helpers please
26 November:           9.30-12 noon Hiroko Tierney          12.00-2.00pm Helpers please

Because the Canteen is very busy it would be wonderful to see two helpers at each time slot.

       Saint Vincent’s Primary School
                A Small School with a Big Smile

                               WORKING BEE – THIS SUNDAY
The working bee is on this Sunday, 21 November (10am to 12 noon) to spruce up the school grounds.
Even if you can only attend for an hour (with gardening tools), that would be a significant help – contact
Brendan.vernon@acma.gov.au if you can assist. Refreshments will be provided! Brendan Vernon


The Book Fair held on Friday 12 November in the Library was a great success, with a total of $2465 in
sales. Our commission was $493 which will be spent on new books for the Library. In addition to this
wonderful result, we had 31 donations of new books from the Book Fair. The children who donated these
books had their names inscribed in the book and will be the first borrowers, taking the books home as
soon as they are accessioned into the collection. Thank you for your generosity in your support of the
Library through the Book Fair.
Moira Mcalister

The basket is overflowing and the year is coming to an end. Could all families please check their
cupboards to see if you are missing any items of school clothing (or perhaps have someone else’s by
mistake). The Lost Property basket is kept in Sick Bay, and nothing there has a name on it. Anything
not claimed will go into the Second Hand Clothing Pool.

Well done to all the students who have been participating in the Student Banking this year. As we are
coming to the end of the year you will need to start counting your tokens and have a look at what you can
reward yourself with for saving so well. Could you please bring your tokens into the Front Office prior to
26 November so your gifts can be ordered and given out to you before the end of the term.


                                            Saint Vincent’s Primary School
                                                     A Small School with a Big Smile


With the Summer holidays fast approaching many Canberra families will be starting to plan their
Christmas vacations. Here are some tips to consider which could help maintain good asthma control
while you are away.

   •   Visit your doctor for a check up and a review of your medication and asthma action plan prior to
       your departure.

   •   Ensure you have enough medication and the correct delivery devices.

   •   If you are going overseas, it is a good idea to get your doctor to write a letter stating the history
       and severity of your asthma as well as a list of medications and delivery devices. Carry the letter
       with you at all times in case of an emergency.

   •   Carry your mobile phone with you as well as your reliever puffer.

   •   Know the emergency phone number for the country you are visiting and the nearest emergency

   •   Most importantly, enjoy your trip, relax and don’t let asthma stop you!


                                      DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

Tonight               Parents Meeting re Reconciliation, 7pm in the Library
19 November           Reconciliation Retreat Day; Awards Assembly
20/27 November        Year 2 students receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation 5.30pm
7 December            Carols Night
10 December           End of Year Giving Mass
14 December           Graduation Mass and Dinner (Year 6)


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