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					Calisthenics Victoria Inc
6/104 Ferntree Gully Rd
(PO Box 8041)
East Oakleigh 3166
Ph: 9562 6011
                                  V OL UM E        5 4                                   OCTOBER            2010

                              President’s Report:

                              As this edition of Clublink is published, our 2010 Championships are drawing to a close
                              and congratulations are extended to all State Championship winning teams.

                              From my personal involvement (and that of other volunteers), it is very pleasing to report
                              another successful and smoothly conducted championships. This was mainly due to:
                                 the huge commitment of time and effort by our committee and volunteers,
                                 the co-operation and friendliness of the coaches and their team members
                                 the support and enthusiasm of the audiences.

                              During the school holiday sessions invitations were extended to lower grade clubs to
                              attend free of charge to the championships, to view the higher grade teams. This is
                              always a popular occurrence and again this year was very much appreciated by the Clubs
                              who took up this offer.

                              Special presentations were made during the Championships to the 17 girls who passed
                              Grade 4 Skills Exams with Honours in 2009.

                              This year, the Australian Calisthenics Federation instigated a new award, that of
                              “Diamond Coach”, part of the criteria being that the nominees must have taught for at
                              least 25 years and retired at least 3 years ago.

                              Two Victorian Coaches were nominated and are the recipients of the inaugural Diamond
                              Coach awards: Mrs Enid Feltham and Mrs Julie Waites, who between them have taught
                              Calisthenics for a total of approx. 100 years. Congratulations to both ladies who were
                              presented with gold brooches at the championships to mark this special award.

                              Congratulations and best wishes are extended to our 2011 Victorian State Team coaches,
                              Narelle Potter (Seniors), Brooke Synnott (Intermediates), Sarah Carthew (Juniors) and
                              Tracey Ferris (Sub Juniors), who will be assisted respectively by Roberta Dwyer-Smith,
                              Rachel Fenton, Jodie Russell and Kylie Delacoe.

                              The National Championships will be held on the Gold Coast next year and I am hoping
                              that we will be receiving many applications to audition to be a part of this great opportu-
 2011 CUT OFF                 nity to experience calisthenics at this elite level, in addition to developing new friend-
   DATE FOR                   ships. Applications from participants from all grades of Calisthenics will be very welcome.
IN THE MARCH                  Good luck to all our Calisthenic participants, coaches and families for the remainder of
                              your 2010 competition year.
   THE 22ND
                              Joy Smith, CVI President

                                     Calisthenics - Something for Everyone!
     Age Groups for 2011 Teamwork                        2011 CLUBLINK
             How old will you be on the
               31st December 2011?                      PUBLISHING DATES
           Use that age to determine the              Edition 1:
    calisthenic section in which you should be
               participating in 2011.                        Cut off date 28th Feb 2011

   Tinies            7 years and under                       Distribution date 14th March 2011
   Sub Juniors       9 years and under                Edition 2:
   Juniors           12 years and under
   Intermediates     16 years and under                      Cut off date 29th April 2011
   Seniors           16 years and over
                                                             Distribution date 13th May 2011
   Masters           minimum 26 years
                                                      Edition 3:
   Minimum ages for 2011 Solos/Duos
             How old will you be on the                      Cut off date 18th July 2011
               31st December 2011?
                                                             Distribution date 5th August 2011
     Use that age to determine your eligibility       Edition 4:
               for a section in 2011.
                                                             Cut off date 16th September 2011
   Graceful Solos 11 years and over
   Calisthenic Solos 8 years and over                        Distribution date 3rd October 2011
   Calisthenic Duos 10 years and over
                                                      The Clublink is published on the CVI website at
      ACF Calisthenic Skill Levels           Club members may
      required for 2011 Solos / Duos                  order current printed copies of the Clublink
             How old will you be on the
                                                      through their Club administrator, free of charge.
               31st December 2011?
                                                      Non members may purchase printed copies for
Use that age group to determine which pupil levels
                                                      an annual fee of $10.00.
 you require if you want to compete in any of the
          following 2011 Graceful and/or
 Calisthenic Solo or Duo sections in Melbourne,
               Ballarat and Geelong.                        2011 CLUBLINK
   Test 1
   Test 2
                      8 years
                      9 years
   Test 3            10 years
   Grade 1           11 & 12 years
   Grade 2           13 & 14 years                    Name: …………………………………………
   Prep 3            15 years
   Grade 3           16 years
   Grade 4           17 years & over                  Address: ………………………………………

 Grade 3 & 4 must have at least 80% pass in
   Aesthetic & Dance section for Graceful Solo.       …………………………………………………
 Standard Grades Levels are not acceptable for
   Solo / Duo entrants
If you are registered in Regional Victoria and want
to compete in other regional solo competitions, you                     Price: $10.00
will need the following Skills Levels:
                                                      Please make cheques payable to:
   Test 3             11 years                                     ‘Calisthenics Victoria Inc’.
   Grade 1            12 years
   Grade 2            13 & 14 years                   The subscription entitles you to all four
   Prep 3             15 & 16 years                   editions of Clublink to be published in 2011.
   Grade 3            17 years and over
                                                      Forward this renewal form to:
 You must have passed the above ACF                                  CVI
Calisthenic Skill Levels before the end of                           P.O. Box 8041,
2010 to compete in Solos / Duos in 2011.                             East Oakleigh, 3166
       Myer Christmas Parade
                               Ho Ho Ho come one, come all!
      Calisthenics performers will once again entertain the live audience at the parade, predicted
      to attract approximately 60,000 people. The television audience is estimated to approach
      the 500,000 mark this year.

      The parade will be held on Saturday the 13th November, commencing at
      11.00am. Feel welcome to attend the parade, cheering our 50 participants
      as the parade travels from the corner of Bourke and Spring Streets, west
      down Bourke Street and concluding at the corner of Bourke and Queen

                                Vale – Sue Hayes
Sadly, we report the passing of Sue Hayes earlier this month at the age of 90. Many of you will
remember Sue from the Peninsula Competitions which she, and her late husband Doug, started in
1952. Many in the Calisthenic community will have vivid memories of competing at Peninsula in the
various halls around Frankston, experiencing storms, blackouts and tiny stages, and sometimes not
finishing a section before midnight!! But these are the experiences which live long in our memories.

Sue was a Foundation Member of the VCCA (formerly VCTA) in 1958, and opened her first club
“Yahl” in Preston in 1940! Sue taught at many Clubs including Chelsea, Pines, Dorset, Mornington
Youth Club, St. Aiden’s Carrum, Edithvale & Ormond Methodist Club, Frankston Police & Citizens
Club. She started the Peninsula Calisthenic Club in 1951, later renamed Carwen, which her daughters
still operate. She was a Life Member of the VCTA . Sue was also an adjudicator and founding
member of the Adjudicator’s Association. She received Life Membership of the ASCA Vic Branch
and provided many opportunities for adjudicators from Victoria and interstate to gain valuable ex-
perience at the Peninsula Competitions.

Sue was heavily involved in the Chelsea Youth Week Festival, and ran a Solo Competition as part of
the activities. She was a dedicated worker for the Frankston Hospital organising many Calisthenic
performances to raise money and awareness.

Sue was dedicated and passionate about Calisthenics - a fact no-one could dispute. She made an
enormous contribution to our sport through the training and development
of thousands of pupils, coaches and adjudicators over a long period of

Our heartfelt thoughts and deepest sympathy is extended to her three
daughters – Shirley Wearne, Wendy Webber and Carolyn Grant.
                                                  THE JUDGES JOURNAL
                                                A note from the A.S.C.A. - September 2010
                                              Australian Society of Calisthenics Adjudicators

As we find ourselves in the midst of the competition season it is undoubtedly a time where Coaches, par-
ticipants, families and adjudicators alike are all incredibly busy. It is important to recognize that compe-
titions are run by hardworking volunteers who give of their time to ensure all participants can have a
‘magical’ experience on the stage. We commend Coaches and club committees who have provided their
parent body with protocols at competitions and are encouraged by the good sportsmanship and recogni-
tion of all performances and places at competitions.
The Australian Sports Commission has released new research in its report: Towards a Level Playing
Field: sport and gender in Australian media that reveals the achievements of women in sport continue to
be under-represented in the Australian media. Key findings of the report, which was issued by the Min-
ister for Sport, Kate Ellis MP are:
 women in sport made up just 9 % of all sports coverage in Australian television news and current
   affairs and 7% of other sport programming

 television news reports on female sport had the lowest average duration of all the types of sport
 female athletes generally need to win in order to receive media coverage, whereas male athletes
   tend to receive coverage regardless of their success
Let’s celebrate our wonderful and unique sport! It would be great to see Calisthenics showcased in the
media with a focus on what our unique sport provides for participants and encourage clubs to contact
their local media to include articles that highlight the wonderful benefits of our sport.

                              Margaret Whelan – awarded Life Membership

                        Margaret pictured receiving her award from Barbara Nickless –
                                 Immediate past president of ASCA Victoria

Margaret Whelan was recently presented with life membership of the Australian Society of Calisthenics
Adjudicators at the Victorian Branch meeting. Margaret is well known to many people within the calis-
thenic community as an active Coach and Adjudicator for many years.

Margaret was one of the founding members of the Adjudicators’ Association in the 1960’s and served as
an active Victorian branch committee member for 15 years taking on many roles including Secretary,
Treasurer for 10 years and adjudicator training. Margaret adjudicated in various states across Australia
as well as Royal South Street and adjudicated at the National competitions in 2007.

Margaret was a pupil at Clifton Calisthenics College from the age of 6 through to early adulthood and a
Coach from 1956 through to 1997, most notably at Chadstone CC and North Balwyn CC. Margaret was
also actively involved in the Coach education and Calisthenic skills programs.

We thank Margaret for her contribution to the Adjudicators association nationally, and in Victoria, and
attribute many of the current practices to her significant contribution.

In closing – we wish all Coaches and participants much enjoyment for the remainder of the year.
MASTERS SECTIONS -                            They can take your Club to a new level
It was all smiles from the Divison 1 Masters section at their CVI State Championships. After months
of training, the State Titles was their first appearance at competitions for the year. We asked a few
of the Coaches of that section, what they thought they, and their Club, had gained from having a
Masters Section.

Tracey Tutin coaches the Intermediates at
Crown Calisthenic College and for the past
two years has also assisted with the coach-
ing of their Masters. She explained that
the Master’s section in their Club, first
evolved when some of the ex-Crown ‘girls’
indicated that they wanted to again appear
on stage, as did some of the Mums at their
Club that had participated at Regent many
years ago.

Tracey has found that Coaching Masters is
very different to Coaching other sections -
there should not be any pressure to
perform or practice; there is much more emphasis on the social aspects of being a team member -
“class should be a most enjoyable night, with lots of laughs and giggles.”

The Masters at her Club have found that it is a good way of getting fit and enjoy the camaraderie
that comes with being in a member of a team.

Tracey loves the way that having Masters has meant that the whole Club seems to be socialising much
more. As the ‘Mums’ in the team have daughters spread throughout all age groups of the club, those
that are mums of Seniors now mix with the Tinie and Subbie mums and for this reason, take a keen
interest in the other sections of the Club - from a Club aspect, it has made us more of a cohesive

Coaches from Ceres and Maroondah were interviewed on video - their interviews will be seen on our
website and facebook sites shortly. All Coaches thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Coaching Mas-
ters and agreed that it was totally different to Coaching any other section of their Clubs.

                                                          After speaking to quite a few of the par-
                                                          ticipants, they all agreed that the social
                                                          aspect was important to them - “I can run
                                                          on a treadmill in a gym to get fit, but it’s
                                                          pretty boring by myself. With Calisthen-
                                                          ics, I can get fit and have great fun with
                                                          friends at the same time.” They did have
                                                          a small warning to Coaches - “don’t treat
                                                          us like a Seniors group as we’re here for
                                                          different reasons. We like to feel good
                                                          about ourselves too, not all of us feel com-
                                                          fortable in leotards; we’re older and pre-
                                                          fer to cover ourselves up a little more
                                                          than younger ‘childless’ Seniors!”
                               Calisthenics Victoria Inc
                                     Team Member Application
                                    2011 Victorian State Team
                                    Closing date 8th November 2010

Name: ........................................................................................................................

Address: ......................................................................................................................PC....................…..

Date of Birth: ...................................................…. Age as 31st Dec 2011:………...........…………..........….

CVI Registration No : .....................................…. Section for 2011: ..................................................

Phone: (home)..................................................….... (work/mob) : ..........................................................

Email Address:............................................................................................................................................

Applicant’s signature:...................................….Parent’s signature: ..............................................…...
(If over 18 years)                                        (If under 18 years)
Club currently attending: ...................................Signature of current coach: .................................
Clubs and Coaches, when signing the application form, are agreeing that the applicant, if
successful, will be available to attend camp, stage rehearsals and ALL training sessions.

Prerequisites: Applicants will be expected to demonstrate their ability in all aspects of
               Calisthenics. Successful applicants will be required to attend ALL classes,
               stage rehearsals and camp.
Coaches:                  Coaches will be named prior to the auditions.
Auditions:               Auditions will be held on Sunday the 14th and 21st November. Notification
                         of audition times will be sent to you on the close of applications, together
                         with an estimate of financial and time commitments for the State Team
National Titles: The 23rd ACF National Championships will be held on the Gold Coast, Qld,
               from the 6th to 9th July, during the first week of the Victorian July
               school holidays.
Forward your application to:      The Secretary
                                                              2011 State Team Sub Committee
                                                             PO Box 8041
                                                             East Oakleigh 3166

                                For further information, please call CVI on 9562 6011
   State Team Items for 2011 National Championships
       Sub Juniors:        March, Free Exercises, Rods, Aesthetics, Character/Folk Dance

              Juniors:     March, Free Exercises, Rods, Clubs, Aesthetics, Song & Dance

               Inters:     March, Free Exercises, Rods, Clubs, Aesthetics, Cali Revue

              Seniors:     March, Free Exercises, Rods, Clubs, Rhythmical Aesthetics, Song & Dance

                            2011 State Team Coaches
   Congratulations to the Coaches and Assistants selected to Coach the 2011 Victorian State Team!

      Sub Juniors:           Tracey Ferris (Coach) Kylie Delacoe (Assistant)
             Juniors:        Sarah Carthew (Coach) Jodie Russell (Assistant)
              Inters:        Brooke Synnott (Coach) Rachel Fenton (Assistant)
             Seniors:        Narelle Potter (Coach) Roberta Dwyer-Smith (Assistant)

                     State Team Calisthenic Charms
The Victorian State Team are continuing their fundraiser sale of ‘Calisthenic Charms’ in 2010. They now have
three brand new charms for sale; a butterfly, a heart and a treble clef. The original charms will still be
All charms are sterling silver and are priced at only $10.00 each. It is the intention of State Team to intro-
duce different charms each year, eventually making a ‘Calisthenic Charm Bracelet’.
Gold charms may be ordered - their cost is $50.00. Contact the CVI office if you would like to place an
order for Gold Charms.

                           No. required    Total $     If you would like to place an order for the sterling
                                                      silver charms, forward this form to:
 Aesthetics Girl @ $10
                                                                         Victorian State Team,
 Teddy bear @ $10                                                        PO Box 8041,
                                                                         East Oakleigh, 3166.
 Dance Shoes @ $10
                                                      Forward my charms to:
 Girl with Rod @ $10
                                                      Name: ……………………………................................................……….
 Mini Clubs @ $10
                                                      Address: …………………………………..………………………………………….
 Girl with Clubs @ $10
 Butterfly @ $10

 Heart @ $10                                          Phone No………………………………….

 Treble Clef $10                                      Please make cheques payable to ‘Victorian State Team’.

 TOTAL                                                   If clubs wish to order charms, for every 10 charms
                                                            ordered, they will receive one free of charge.
Healthy competition is one major way to help children accomplish a little more than they thought they
were capable of. Whether this is in athletics, academics, or nearly any other area of life, participating in
competition and feeling positive about the outcome gives children the self confidence they need to push
forward and continue striving to do their best.

For example, when a child sees someone else accomplishing a particular activity that she believes she can
do as well, she will go after the goal. This is what competition is all about, no matter the age, and it is also
one of the ways healthy competition helps push kids forward. It encourages them to continue trying until
they can accomplish a specific skill or activity.

As coaches and parents we need to reinforce the positive, as well. That means that we are telling the kids
what a great job they did and inserting a lot of positive praise for everyone, regardless of what their skill
level might be. Like I have said before, parents and coaches need to identify when a child does something
positive and then immediately praise them to reinforce the improvement and effort. It should not matter
whether a child is the most talented in their group or the least. What is important is that they continue
trying and that they feel happy about how they are doing. What is the most important in young children, is
that they feel encouraged to keep going and participating in the activities.

Something that parents are on the look out for in local sporting clubs is encouragement. Does the Coach
promote positivity for all the children, no matter how well they completed a specific task or mastered a
skill? Is everyone a winner? Does everyone get praise, no matter if they win or lose? These are the things
that parents want to be looking for in a program, because this is the kind of encouragement that keeps
kids on the right track, trying and motivated.

A way to help children grow in confidence is to encourage all kids to say, ‘I did it!’ Saying that helps them
associate the achievement with their own effort. They get used to trying something, accomplishing it, and
then proclaiming it to the world. As you can see, that is the kind of thing that goes well beyond sporting
activities and into the classroom and other settings in life as well.

So overall, parents want to look for sporting clubs that promote healthy competition. A place where every
child is a winner no matter their ability or skill level and by choosing coaches who reinforce the positive
behaviours in kids all along the way.

(Adapted from an article by Harvey Howard at

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 2011 CVI State Championships                         CVI State Championships
          MANAGER                                        SUB COMMITTEE
                                                           APPLICATION FORM
Name: _____________________________            Applications are invited from anyone interested
                                                in joining the 2011 CVI State Championships
Ph (B): ____________________________                           Sub Committee.
Ph(AH):____________________________            Forward applications by the 8th November to:
                                                         Gwenda Lucas
Address: ___________________________                     Director of Competitions
                                                         P.O. Box 8041
__________________________________                       East Oakleigh 3166
Please list previous experience:
                                               I ________________________ wish to
__________________________________             apply for a position on the 2011 CVI State
                                               Championships Sub Committee.
                                               Phone (B)__________________________
                                               Phone (AH)_________________________
Forward applications by the 8th November to:

 Gwenda Lucas, The Director of Competitions    Signed ____________________________
    P.O. Box 8041, East Oakleigh 3166
                                               Date    ______________
                                     WEIGHT LOSS
The Grapefruit diet, the Liver Cleansing Diet, Eating in the Zone, the Shape up for Summer Bikini Diet —
the list of popular self-help diets go on. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes and a long-term approach
is required to lower body fat levels. The ultimate goal is to change the balance between daily energy intake
and energy expenditure.
Health experts estimate that between 96 –98% of dieters regain all the weight lost ‘on a diet’ within 2-3
years and the faster the weight is lost, the faster it returns. One reason for this failure is that dieting
may cause bingeing (and nobody binges on cottage cheese and lettuce!) Another problem is that the meta-
bolic rate is reduced by 15-30% within 24-48 hours of starting a kilojoule–restricted diet. Metabolic rate
is the energy required to keep all the baseline functions of the body working and accounts for most of the
body’s daily energy requirements. A reduction in metabolic rate means
a lower energy budget to survive on. In other words, the more you
restrict your intake, the less you may need to eat and the harder it
becomes to lose weight (body fat). Therefore long term changes are
much more likely to be successful, achievable and maintainable.

Weight — what does it mean?
While most people talk about losing weight, what they actually want to
achieve is a loss of body fat. In fact for successful long term weight
loss, the goal is to lose body fat while preserving muscle mass. Body
weight is a poor measure of the amount of fat we carry and changes
measured on the scales do not necessarily reflect changes in body fat
stores. Measurements of ‘skinfold’ fat levels and body girths or circum-
ferences (e.g. waist & hip measurements) are all useful to build up a
picture of body fat loss or gain. Such measurements should be made by
a trained anthropometrist following standardised protocols.

Dietary Fat
There is no doubt that too much fat in the diet increases the risk of becoming overweight. Fats are
energy dense (37kJ/g) compared to protein (17kJ/g) and carbohydrate (16kJ/g). Alcohol is also quite
energy dense at 29 kJ/g. Excess intake of dietary fat is stored more easily in the body than either
protein or carbohydrate. Reducing dietary fat is an easy way to reduce energy intake and promote fat loss.
People who have successfully lost weight and managed to keep it off for at least one year, show that the
most common factors for success are increased activity and low-fat eating. However, low-fat eating by
itself isn’t a guarantee of achieving or maintaining loss of body fat. Other important factors are the total
energy density of the diet and exercise/activity patterns.

Energy Density
Theoretically, switching from high-fat foods to low-fat foods looks like a good way to reduce the energy
density of our food intake and reduce total energy intake. However, the replacement foods chosen by
many people are often high in sugar, low in water and fibre, and easy to consume in large amounts. Tubs of
low-fat ice cream, jumbo low-fat muffins or economy size packets of pretzels and jelly beans. Although
these foods may be 99% fat free, they are still energy-dense and can quickly contribute to excessive
energy intake. To achieve the real goal of reducing energy intake, we need to replace high-fat foods with
low-energy density choices such as fruit and vegetables.
Adequate carbohydrate intake is still an important principle of healthy eating. High-fibre versions of
carbohydrate-rich foods should be included in meals and snacks - wholegrain breakfast cereals and whole-
meal versions of bread, rice and pasta. However, the main volume of the meal should be filled by fruit and
vegetables and by meeting our fluid needs with low-energy choices, especially water.
The register of successful ‘weight losers’ (people who have lost 7kg or more and
maintained that weight loss for at least 1 year) identifies that a substantial
increase in physical activity is an essential factor in staying leaner. Although
experts generally consider that 30 minutes of physical activity each day will
achieve beneficial outcomes in terms of cardiovascular health, it seems that a
daily commitment of 60 minutes of exercise is needed to have a real effect on
energy balance. The best type of exercise for weight loss is an aerobic activity
such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. Look for ways to incorpo-
rate active living into your daily routine—for example, walk instead of drive,
take the stairs and cycle to get around.

Food quantities
Surprisingly, much of our eating is done for reasons other than hunger. In these situations, it is difficult
to identify why someone might be eating.
Common reasons include:
                             the clock says it’s mealtime
                             the food tastes great
                             feeling bored or tired
                             eating as a reward
                             confusing thirst and hunger
                             eating out of habit
                             eating because it’s there
                             eating too quickly and failing to recognise “full” signals
                             “just in case I get hungry later”
                             eating but not feeling satisfied

Rather than eating on ‘automatic pilot’, take time out prior to meals to ask how hungry you really are,
what type of foods would be enjoyed and what other stressors are pushing you to eat.

Summary of Strategies for Successful Weight Loss
   Health should be higher on the list of priorities than low body weight. In the long term, this will
       benefit performance, training, emotions and health.
     Choose a balanced diet, emphasising a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods.
     Investigate reasons for eating when not hungry. Everybody does it, but some people do it more
       than they realise.
     If you are not already very active, include some aerobic training into your lifestyle. You can also
       increase the levels of active living by using stairs, walking or commuting by bicycle.
     Approach weight loss as a long-term change in lifestyle that is comfortable and will be sustainable.
       Weight loss is not a race and needs to be approached consistently over time.

Article kindly supplied from
                         ACF Diamond Coach – Coaching Hall of Fame
In 2010, the ACF introduced a new award to recognize the contribution Coaches have made to the growth
and development of Calisthenics. The nominee must – have coached for a minimum of 25 years; have been
retired from active coaching for at least 3 years; and meet very strict criteria covering sportsmanship;
being a role model; citizenship; participant development and coach development.

CVI were delighted when two of our most respected coaches - Enid Feltham and Julie Waites - were
announced as the inaugural recipients of this prestigious award during the National Championships in
Canberra. The actual presentations will take place at the State Championships in September.

                                             ENID FELTHAM
Enid Feltham founded Regent Calisthenic College in 1939, and coached all age groups from Tinies through
to Ladies (Masters) for 61 years before her retirement in 1997. She progressed the College through from
Novice to Championship Grade where the College competed very successfully until its closure in 1997. She
maintained an excellent reputation for a high standard of work, excellent technique, loyalty, discipline and
creative choreography. Loyalty and respect for her ethics and love of Calisthenics and teaching standards
ensured that many former pupils returned to the College with their own children and grandchildren.
Enid was a Foundation Member of the VCTA (now VCCA) where she served on the Committee for many
years. For the VCTA, she developed a graded system of movements which should be taught to the differ-
ent age groups and grades; and initiated the development of “The Handbook of Basic Calisthenics” – the
”little blue book” - the forerunner of our coaching manuals. She was always willing to share her knowledge
with other coaches and conducted many seminars especially in her favourite discipline of Club Swinging.
She was also an astute and respected adjudicator for a long period.
Many of her pupils were encouraged to become coaches, and she would place them at Church Clubs in the
metropolitan area, assist them with their work, mentor them, and run the Regent Inter Club Competitions
for their teams every year. Most of these coaches went on to become very successful coaches at Royal
South Street and later CVI State Championships, and a number are still coaching today. Several moved
into adjudicating and are still actively involved today.
Enid set high standards during her 61 years of teaching Calisthenics, and has always encouraged others,
including her daughter Diane, and granddaughter Brooke, to push the boundaries, be adventurous, be open
to new ideas and “reach for the stars”.
Enid is a Life member of the VCTA (VCCA), and received an Australian Sports Medal in 2000.

                                             JULIE WAITES
Julie Waites established her own Club, Dandenong Calisthenics College and taught for 37 years. During
this time the College rose from the lower divisions to reach Championship standard. She taught all age
groups at both competitive and recreational levels, as well as numerous soloists. She initiated the Dande-
nong Calisthenic Competitions which offered Solo sections, and also a competition for Tinies.
Julie set difficult and innovative work for her teams, but her keen eye for correct terminology and tech-
nique ensured her pupils reached the high expectations she set for them. She was for many years a mem-
ber of the VCTA (now VCCA) Committee where she was heavily involved in the level 1 (VER) course. She
was awarded Life Membership of the VCTA (VCCA) for her services to coaching. Julie provided guidance
to country clubs, and offered assistance and mentoring to numerous coaches in their early years of coach-
ing. She encouraged and inspired many of her pupils to become coaches, and many are still very much
involved in all aspects of Calisthenics today - coaching and administration. Julie established Calisthenic
classes through Legacy for disadvantaged children who had lost their fathers in the war. Fifteen years
ago Julie became an adjudicator, and today is regarded as one of our most experienced and respected
members of ASCA.
Julie was heavily involved in the Pupil Skills Program from its inception in 1981, training many pupils for all
levels including successful Gold Medalists, she was also a well qualified examiner. For many years Julie
has been a valued member of the CVI Grading Committee.

“Congratulations” ladies on your induction to the ACF Calisthenics Hall of Fame, and
                  “Thank You” for your contribution to Calisthenics!
                       COMBINED TINIES PERFORMANCE
At the beginning of August there was a very enjoyable and successful combined performance of five
Tinies teams from two “young” calisthenic clubs – Heathergene & Sterling.
In 2010 Sterling is trialling a new initiative for non-competitive Tinies with an option of three different
class times during the week, and four “performance opportunities” during the year. Heathergene have two
groups of Tinies - none with more than 12 months experience – only
the older group who will participate in competitions this year.
Discussions between the Principal Coaches saw an opportunity for
both groups to gain a great deal of benefit by performing for each
other in front of an audience of family and friends, in a casual and
encouraging environment. Thus the “August Studio Concert” was
The big day arrived and a lot of very excited little girls arrived to
don costumes and make up. The newly installed stage curtains and
lighting provided the atmosphere; props and music were set and the
performances began. The smiles on everyone’s faces said it all, and
parents enjoyed the day as much as the girls.
Some of the other highlights of the day were a shared canteen and
a raffle run to benefit both clubs, certificates of participation were
presented to all performers and many clicking cameras collecting
memories throughout the concert to treasure for years to come.
Both Heather Ely (Heathergene) and Ginny Gaskell (Sterling) agreed
that it was a fantastic initiative for calisthenics….
“It was a wonderful experience for pupils, parents and coaches!!! Should be more of it!!!”
“It was a great afternoon, the parents were so happy and kept raving about it. It was great for our Tinies
who go to comps in 2 weeks to have the experience.”
If there are any club officials reading this article who might be interested in participating in one of our
Studio Concerts next year, please contact Lesley Hale at or phone on
0430 445 224. We are hoping to have two combined studio concerts in 2011.

                            DGC SUMMER SCHOOL
                               Dance / Gymnastics / Calisthenics
                                           Donna Gabriel Consulting (DGC) ABN: 39 897 178 146

               Monday 17-Friday 21 January 2011
                All Ages and Abilities Welcome!
       Everyone involved can be challenged & excited by a week of Team, Fun & Passion for Excellence!

                                                  BALLET              Christine Waters
                                          GYMNASTICS                  Bianca South
                          CALISTHENICS & DRAMA                        Donna
            *DGC Teachers & Coaches are fully accredited and highly experienced in their fields of expertise

                      CVI Merchandise
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Christmas is just around the contact us today if you would like
to place an order.

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  CVI Competition Committee                             2011 CVI Manager
   Grading Sub Committee                              Grading Sub Committee
    Applications are invited for anyone         Application Form:
          interested in joining the
       2011 Grading Sub Committee.
 Applicants must be non-coaching members.       Phone (AH) ____________(B)____________
Please return this form by the 8th Nov to:
          Director of Competitions
             CVI, PO Box 8041                   Please list previous experience: ___________
            East Oakleigh 3166
I__________________________wish to              ___________________________________
apply for a position on the 2011 Grading Sub
Committee.                                      ___________________________________

Signed____________________________              ___________________________________

                                                Forward your application by the 8th Nov to:
_________________________________                         Director of Competitions
                                                             CVI, PO Box 8041
Ph(AH)_____________Mob____________                           East Oakleigh       3166
Calendar of Events
Date                   Event                                          Enquiries

3rd October            Prep classes Hawthorn (P3, Gr 3 & 4)           0419 222 771

4th - 30th October     RSSS Ballarat Comps                            5332 1054

17th October           Prep classes Chadstone (T3, Gr 1 & 2)          0419 222 771

22nd October           RSSS Ballarat Graceful Girl Comp               5332 1054

24th October           Prep classes in Airport West (T3, Gr 1 & 2)    0419 222 771

13th November          Myer Christmas Parade                          9562 6011

14th November          State Team auditions                           9562 6011

20th Nov - 15th Dec    Exams for T1 to 3, St & Gr 1 & 2               0419 222 771

18th February          Closing date for Solo/Duo registrations        9562 6011

4th - 6th March        Avonde Solo Competition

11th - 13th March      South Eastern Solo Competition

18th - 20th March      Peninsula Solo Competition

25th March             Entry cut-off date for May/June Skills Exams   0419 222 771

25th - 27th March      Mt Eliza Solo Competition

31st March             Closing date for Club Registrations            9562 6011

1st - 3rd April        Bayside Solo Competition

8th - 9th April        Ballaarat Solo Competition

15th - 17th April      VCCA Solo Competition

27th April - 7th May   CVI Solo/Duo State Championships               9543 4111

13th - 15th May        Dandenong Solo Competition

22nd May               Prep classes Hawthorn (P3, Gr 3 & 4)           0419 222 771

Calisthenics Victoria Inc, proudly
sponsored by the Victorian State
  Government, Vic Health and
     Empire Trade Exchange

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