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									                                     Newsletter Winter 2005                             ABN 5 006 240 802

We are moving!
After 25 years in Kew, Cottages & Castles is moving to a new      Cottages & Castles
address in South Melbourne. Our email and website addresses       79 Montague Street,
remain the same. Visitors to our Laver Street office often          South Melbourne 3205
commented on the leafy garden surroundings. We hope you           Telephone 03 9682 0
will consider the new location equally pleasant , and perhaps     Facsimile 03 9682 022
a little easier to find:                                
                                                                  cottages @

My House in Umbria (or was it Tuscany?)
We enjoyed the glorious scenery as Maggie Smith drifted
around a sunlit villa in the recent film – took us back to some
comparable locations of our own! The setting was listed as
San Casciano, possibly San Casciano dei Bagni, a village in
Tuscany, southeast of Siena.We have many beautiful properties
in this area, ranging from large to small apartments with
fabulous views. For instance: (prices quoted are mid-season)

TS09 Piazzolo sleeps 4 – 5, p.56 780
Piazzolo - a 7th century country house, complete with
a large, sunny living room and a traditional country-style
kitchen with a huge dining table. Located six km east of Siena,
the property has beautiful views of the hills and woods of
the countryside.
“The Tuscan house we chose was just gorgeous…The house
itself was everything we thought it would be, very picturesque,
very private and had almost everything one would require.”

TS038 Casa Orsolina sleeps 4 – 6, p.57 327
Casa Orsolina – a two-bedroom village house in the hill top
town of Pari, with spectacular views across the countryside.
The village, 25 km south of Siena, has a small grocery shop, a
butcher and a little local restaurant.
“— villa, village, views exceeded expectations —
 excellent value for money.”
                                                                      “… villa, village, views
“…lovely — nicely furnished, pleasant outlook
 over the Tuscan hills.”
                                                                      exceeded expectations...”
[Umbria continued on page 4]                                                                                 ts038

   Tel: ( 03 ) 9682 0 Fax: ( 03 ) 9682 022 email: page 
Surtout Provence
A fair number of our clients seek accommodation to suit a largish party, often for a group of friends to get together in very
special surroundings. Maybe for a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or just because they always promised each other
that one day they would. Two such stays last year in Provence produced rapturous feedback, and we thank Natalie Yamey
and Nora Joyce, respectively, for permission to reproduce their comments.


                                          “The trip was absolutely amazing and
                                           our time in Provence was the highlight.”

Vaison la Romaine
The trip was absolutely amazing and our time in Provence was         of the walled Roman village. The pool area was beautiful with
the highlight. I sent sms messages to friends while we were          many sun lounges. The pool was sparkling clean and the
there, saying we were staying on a movie set. The photos in the      gardens beautifully maintained. As a bonus the vines on the
brochure did not do this villa justice. Vaison la Romaine is         pergola were overflowing with bunches of ripe black and green
the most beautiful hilltop village that is still a vibrant working   grapes. They were delicious.
town. We could walk each morning to buy fresh pastries,
                                                                      The village was very well placed for sightseeing and the
baguettes and cheese for breakfast and return to our beautiful
                                                                     surrounding areas were very pretty. All in all it felt like
private, quiet setting.
                                                                     a holiday in heaven and the place and the service both local
Both indoors and out was picturesque and charming. The house         and in France deserves a 0 / 0.
had the fabulous balance of being built of ancient stone with
                                                                     – Natalie Yamey
lovely pieces of Provençal antiques, while being modernised and
having mod cons. The kitchen was very well equipped, sufficient        The Yamey party stayed at 8405 Vaison la Romaine (p.45),
to satisfy fussy gourmet cooks, with a Paul Bocuse oven. We          a 4-bedroom house in the Haute Ville which sleeps 8. The
had many a meal there with the marvellous produce bought             mid-season price in June and September is 565, reducing
at the markets, prepared in the kitchen and then dined either        to 4075 in low season, starting on 30 September. Apart
on the beautiful terrace or the large dining table.                  from the Roman remains, Vaison is famous for its Tuesday
                                                                     market. Surrounding attractions include Avignon, Nîmes
The ambience in the house was enchanting and each window
                                                                     and the magnificent Roman theatre at Orange.
had a charming view. The air and the light were wonderful and
there was something magical about being almost at the top

page 4    Tel: ( 03 ) 9682 0 Fax: ( 03 ) 9682 022 email:
La Roque d’Anthéron
We had the best time imaginable at La Roque d’Anthéron
in September and I could not recommend it any more highly.
Our group was ecstatic with the setting and every day we just
wanted to come back home to enjoy our evening drink on the
terrace with its beautiful view and watch the sun set and the
lights come on in the village below.
The house was extremely well equipped and beautifully
decorated. It was as if the owners had just walked out and left          “ of our best holiday
all their goodies for us to enjoy. We would have liked a little
more information on the history of the house as it has obviously
                                                                          locations ever.”
been well loved and could probably tell a few tales of its own.
The location enabled us to visit all the places we wanted to see                                                          3062
without too much driving and the local village was more than
adequate for our shopping needs. It was voted one of our best
holiday locations ever.
– Nora Joyce
The Joyce party stayed at 3062 La Roque d’Anthéron
(p.42), a 0 bedroom Provençal mas, which sleeps 7
including 2 babies. The property is 28 km NW of Aix-en-
Provence, with extensive views across the Durance valley
to the Lubéron hills. The mid-season price (June and
September) is 7608 per week.

                                                                   When thinking Provence, don’t overlook Ansouis, one of
                                                                   the properties in our Cottages & Castles Collection. This 8th
                                                                   century farmhouse has been extensively renovated by its
                                                                   Australian owner, and its attractions are manifold.
 “An experience we would                                           Consider, for example, the setting: 7 acres of olives, woods
 repeat in a heartbeat.”                                           and vineyards, a ten minute walk from Ansouis, rated as one
                                                                   of the most beautiful villages in France, and a 20 minute drive
                                                                   to Aix en Provence. The vine-covered house is built around
                                                                   a beautiful sandstone courtyard, which is perfect for breakfast
                                                                   and long Sunday lunches. An amble through the lavender
                                                                   garden takes you to the spectacular horizon pool, with
                                                                   sweeping views to the Luberon Mountains
                                                                   Retaining its traditional character, the spacious, rather
                                                                   rambling interior is attractively furnished, with three
                                                                   double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a well-equipped
                                                                   kitchen. Ansouis PROV02 sleeps 6, and the mid season
                                                                   price is 3660 per week.

   Tel: ( 03 ) 9682 0 Fax: ( 03 ) 9682 022 email: page 3
                                                                  We started our trip in Country Kerry with a delightful house at

 County Kerry                                                     Dingle. The picturesque village is full of wonderful restaurants,
                                                                  pubs and shops. The local people were so warm and friendly;
                                                                  we even became known at our local where we dropped in for
                                                                  a nightcap most evenings, strolling home after sampling some
                                                                  wonderful food.
                                                                  Being based in Dingle enabled us to travel around the Dingle,
                                                                  Beara and Mizen Head peninsulas, viewing some of the most
                                                                  spectacular coastline, patchwork fields, ruins and the most
                                                                  beautiful villages in Kerry. Nowhere is far in Ireland, and we
                                                                  ventured into County Clare to spend time at the magnificent
                                                                  Cliffs of Mohar.
                                                                  For our second week we rented another cottage, a refurbished
                                                                  stable in Bantry Bay, County Cork. What a pleasant surprise
                                                                  this was, set in the most beautiful grounds leading down to the
“Forget the luck of the Irish,                                    sea. Cork is also very beautiful but personally it comes second

 it was all ours!”                                                to County Kerry. The villages of quaint houses, pubs and shops
                                                                  all beautifully maintained with the most magnificent flowers
                                                                  and wonderful people await you in Ireland.
                                                                  – Rosita Johnson
My husband Richard, myself and two friends just spent a
memorable three weeks in Ireland and what a magical country       The Johnson party stayed at R70 Armoine in Dingle
that is! Out of 2 days of perfect weather we only had a couple   (sleeps 4, 970 – 560 in September), & R92 Ardnagashel
of drizzly mornings or afternoons but that certainly never        at Bantry Bay (sleeps 4, 720 – 55 in September).
deterred us from setting out every day in a different direction
for a new adventure.

                                                                  [ Umbria continued from page ] Or perhaps a base near
                                                                  Cortona, featured in Under the Tuscan Sun, is more your
                                                                  style? For the Frances Mayes experience, consider:

                                                                  ILM0 Il Meleto sleeps 8, 4000 – 5000
                                                                  Il Meleto - a spacious, traditional Tuscan villa in extensive
                                                                  private grounds, 6 km west of Cortona.
                                                                  “All I can say by way of recommendation is that if we were able
                                                                  to go back tomorrow, we would, without hesitation.”

     “… lots of character, home                                   TA09 La Palazzina sleeps 4, p.74 335 (most of September)
    comforts and beautiful views”                                 La Palazzina - this 500-year-old circular tower 25 km east of
                                                                  Cortona is an old favourite which has many times featured in
                                                                  our advertisements.
                                                                  “A unique establishment with lots of character,
                                                                  home comforts and beautiful views”

Wanted: New Properties                                            We are on the look-out for well-presented properties in both
                                                                  Australasia and Europe, to add to our self-catering collection.
                                                                  Do let us know if you have made the plunge into European
                                                                  real estate (the basis of many travel books!) and are interested
                                                                  in making your property available for holiday letting.

page 4    Tel: ( 03 ) 9682 0 Fax: ( 03 ) 9682 022 email:

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