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									                           WE ARE BLACK
                           WE ARE WHITE
                           Western Magpies Newsletter
                                      2010 – Issue 1 (May)

                    Steve Day (President) 0422 257 955, Pete Matheson (Vice President) 0400 178 477
                    Kerryn Prosser (Secretary) 0409 370 965, Wayne Turner (Treasurer) 0403 172 256
                 Vicki Turner (Memberships) 0412 777 062, Jackie Breasley (Sponsorship) 0447 933 539
                                    Rod Currie 0419 033 889, Ian Hale 0409 688 319,

                                A word from the President
                      Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of “We are Black, We are White” the
                      Western Magpies brand new newsletter for the 2010 season. This year promises to be
                      a great one for the Western Magpies with us introducing a couple of changes, firstly
                      we have moved to a new home, after spending the last three years at the Mighty Quinn
                      it was decided that the Supporter Group needed to move on. A search for a venue was
                      conducted by the committee and “The Basement on Broadway” or “The BoB” as it is
                      now known became our new “nest”. On behalf of the Western Magpies and the
                      committee I would like to thank Billy and all the staff at the Mighty Quinn their
                      efforts during our previous three years with them, its been a blast guys !!

Secondly we have designed a new logo as we felt that our previous logo didn’t really say Western Australia,
we hope the new logo creates a more Western Australian identity. We are now in the process of designing
some merchandise incorporating the new logo and should hopefully have some available around midseason.

The Western Magpies have once again sponsored Harry O’Brien and in addition we are also sponsoring
Brad Dick in 2010. We wanted to sponsor two West Australian boys and who better than the two most
exciting West Australians on Collingwood’s list.

Our committee have all stayed onboard for another year and I would like to personally thank each and every
one of them for their tireless efforts. Everyone on the committee is a volunteer and receive nothing in return
for their efforts. They do it because of their love of Collingwood and their ethusiasim to get like minded
Collingwood fans together and watch the games.

Finally I want to thank you, the Western Magpies Members, you the Collingwood supporter. It is because of
you that we are here, without the members there would be no Western Magpies so thank you for your efforts
in attending functions and making the black and white army sound loud and proud. As I have said before
2010 is going to be an exciting time for Collingwood so sit back, cheer loudly and lets all enjoy the ride.

Go Pies

Steve Day
                                      2010 Function List

Here is a list of all the Official Western Magpies functions for the remainder of the 2010 season. All
functions are held at the Basement on Broadway (The BoB) in Nedlands. All our Official functions will
have committee members present and a raffle and margin competition will be held.

         Round 11 - Sunday 6th June - Western Bulldogs - 2.10 pm

         Round 14 - Saturday 3rd July - West Coast - 5pm

         Round 16 - Saturday 17th July - St Kilda - 12.10 pm

         Round 17 - Saturday 24th July - Richmond - 12.10 pm

         Round 18 - Saturday 31st July - Carlton - 12.10 pm (Annual Auction
         to follow game)

                            Magpie Radio on SportFM 91.3
At 10am every Saturday Morning during the Football season on SportFM 91.3, Join Pete Matheson, Ian
Hale, Jackie Breasley and Rod Currie as they talk about all things Collingwood. The show includes match
previews, match reviews and features special guests from Collingwood Football Club and the community
both past and present such as players, coaches and other Collingwood identities. The list of guests on the
show so far include Eddie McGuire, Anthony Rocca, Josh Fraser, Brad Dick, Harry O’Brien, Joffa and
many more. Be sure to tune in !!!
    Western Magpies Sponsor Harry O’Brien and Brad Dick in 2010
                                      The Western Magpies have once
                                      again sponsored Harry O’Brien
                                      for the 2010 season. We have
                                      also had the opportunity to
                                      sponsor a second West Australian
                                      player in livewire forward Brad
                                      Dick. We’ll all be following both
                                      Harry      O’s      and      Brad’s
                                      performances during the 2010
                                      season very closely. Obviously
                                      Brad is injured at the moment but
                                      should hopefully be back from
                                      injury by round 8 if all goes well.

                                 Cheer Squad Guest Passes
One of the advantages of being a Western Magpies member is that you have to opportunity to sit with the
cheer squad in Melbourne if you are travelling over to see the Pies play. The Cheer squad have a guest pass
system in place and they have opened this up to Western Magpies members. So if you are travelling over to
Melbourne to watch the Pies play and would like the unique experience of sitting in the cheer squad then
contact Rayleene Staff on 0404 151 785 or email her on r_staff@yahoo.com and let her know that you are a
Western Magpies member. Rayleene will need at least two weeks notice if you do decide to contact her.
Please note to be eligible for a Cheer Squad guest pass you must have a game ticket (a ticket is NOT
included with the guest pass), be Collingwood Supporters, wear the Black and White only and be prepared
to barrack very very loudly

                               Collingwood Numberplates

What better way to show your love of the Mighty Magpies than to have a set of Collingwood numberplates
on your car. The plates look great and let everyone know just how hard you barrack for the Pies. Currently
our numberplate prices have remained static for the last couple of years and are considerably cheaper than
other supporter groups that we could mention in WA. The numberplates cost $395 for non
Collingwood/Western Magpies members and a fantastic $345 for Collingwood /Western Magpies members.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of plates then contact Pete Matheson on 0400 178 177 he will be
able to let you know what numbers are available and send out the relevant application forms.
         Introducing our new “nest” The Basement on Broadway
2010 sees the Western Magpies in a new home, The Basement on Broadway is a modern style sports bar
featuring a huge projector screen, numerous plasma TV’s and a kicking sound system. It doesn’t matter
where you sit or stand at “The BoB” you’ll never miss a minute of the action (even if you have to go to the
toilet – Believe me that’s something that has to be seen to be believed). They have a great range of beers on
tap and the menu is fantastic. There is also plenty of undercover parking available. Make sure you come
down and check it out on June 6th for our Round 11 function versus the Western Bulldogs.

       Western Magpies & Collingwood Members 10% Discount
                           at The BoB
As part of our allegiance with the Basement on Broadway all Western Magpies and Collingwood members
will receive a 10% discount on anything purchased over the bar during our functions (both food and drink).
If you haven’t already received your discount card (i.e at our previous functions) they will be sent out to
Western Magpies members in the next couple of weeks with the supporter group packs. Otherwise you can
pick up your card at our next function in Round 11 versus the Western Bulldogs. Please note if you do
intend to pick your card up we will need to see proof of membership either to Collingwood or the Western
Magpies on the day. Be sure not to miss out on this great deal from The BoB.

                                           BROADWAY FAIR
                                    Pies take on the West
Friday 14th May, Collingwood took on Fremantle in what was surprisingly a top of the table clash with the
winner sure to secure top spot on the ladder. The Pies ran out convincing winners on the night downing the
Dockers by 36 points. A massive contingent of Collingwood fans were at the game and the Western
Magpies pre and post game function at the Presidents Room of Subiaco Football Club was a roaring
success, Thanks to Joffa who made the trip over from Victoria and was a guest speaker at the function.
Below are some photos of what turned out to be a most enjoyable night.
                            A Big thank you to our Sponsors
The Western Magpies would like to thank all our sponsors for their help in 2010. Many of our sponsors
have been on board since the Western Magpies were formed, in particular Roredata – Geological Data
Management Services and Drummond Golf. We have also had two new sponsors come on board for the
2010 season, in the Basement on Broadway and Gartelmann Wines. But whether new or old we would like
to thank you all for your support it is very much appreciated. For more information on our sponsors or if
you are interested in sponsoring the Western Magpies then please contact Jackie Breasley on 0447 933 539.

                                Members Feedback needed.
Want to be in the next newsletter ? Got a funny Collingwood Story or some great Pies pictures ? We want to
put some member profiles in the next newsletter so if you want a chance at being in our next newsletter
please email your details, photos and a bit about yourself to stevemei@global.net.au

If you have any ideas of other items that we can put in the newsletter please email them to the same address,
we want to make this newsletter as much about the members as possible, so if you have anything then feel
free to send it through.
                       Western Magpies General Information
If you need to contact us for any reason all the information you should require can be found below.

                          Website :- WWW.WESTERNMAGPIES.COM

                                   Email :- stevemei@global.net.au

                    Numberplate Enquiries :- Pete Matheson – 0400 178 477

                      Membership Enquiries – Vicki Turner – 0412 777 062

                                           Your Committee
                                        Steve Day - 0422 257 955

                                             Vice President
                                      Pete Matheson – 0400 178 477

                                      Wayne Turner – 0403 172 256

                                      Kerryn Prosser – 0409 370 965

                                          Committee Members
                                      Jackie Breasley – 0447 933 539
                                        Rod Currie – 0419 033 889
                                         Ian Hale – 0409 688 319
                                       Vicki Turner – 0412 777 062

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