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					guide to student services

     Let me first extend to you a warm welcome to Heriot-Watt University. As one of our
     students, you become a member of an international family of friends who will be important
     to you for the rest of your life. During your time here, you will have many opportunities
     for experiencing new challenges in learning, for acquiring new professional skills and for
     widening your personal horizons.

     Heriot-Watt University is a caring and friendly institution, but it can sometimes be a daunting
     experience to be in a new environment away from the familiar faces of family and friends.
     The University seeks to ensure that all students have the opportunity to gain the most from
     their learning experience and to achieve their individual potential within and beyond the
     University community. The separate offices of Academic Registry, Student Welfare Services
     and Careers Advisory Service have recently been brought together to provide a seamless
     service to students from the point of registration through to graduation and employment.
     Our Student Services aim to support your learning through a wide range of provision
     including accommodation, computing, healthcare, sport, welfare and careers. These
     complement the services and facilities offered through the Students Association.

     This Guide to Student Services describes the services available and what each of them can
     offer you at every stage of your studies. The Guide aims to help you through your university
     life and to be aware of how to make the most of it. There is also a summary of University
     policies and procedures which affect you as students and web-site addresses where the
     full versions can be found.

     The Principal
                                  guide to student services 06/07


academic mentoring

academic counselling and skills

academic registry

careers advisory service          media services              university policies

  9-10                              22                          37-41
catering and residences           museum & archives           shops and other commercial

  11-13                             23
                                                              facilities on campus

centre for sport and exercise     musician in residence         42
  14-15                             24
                                                              useful contacts

chaplaincy                        students association          43-44
  16                                25-28
                                                              campus maps

university information and        student welfare services      46-47
computing services (UICS)                                     bus timetable

  17-18                             29-32
                                  technology and research       48
finance office                      services

  19                                33-34
library                           university health service

  20-21                             35-36
guide to student services 06/07

       academic mentoring

              The University operates a mentoring scheme whereby all departments assign a
              member of academic staff to an individual student to provide the first point of contact
              for students who require advice or assistance with both academic and non academic
              matters. Additionally, the mentor should be able to direct the student mentee to
              other sources of information and advice which are available centrally.
              The objectives of the mentor scheme are as follows:
              • to ensure that at each point in their university career students are able to
                consult a dedicated staff member on all aspects of university life.
              • to provide a mechanism whereby student progress may be maintained and
                remedial action taken where appropriate.
              The main features of the mentor scheme are as follows:

       Appointment of Mentor
              Mentors are appointed upon entry to the University and normally remain unchanged
              unless the student transfers course or requests a change of mentor through their
              Head of School.

              In the first year attendance at meetings with the mentor is required at least four
              times (twice in term one and once in each subsequent term). In years subsequent
              to the first year at least one meeting a term will take place. Attendance at meetings
              is compulsory. Students should ensure that they attend any additional meetings
              arranged at the request of the mentor.

       Nature of Meetings
              The meetings are arranged to monitor students’ academic progress, to offer advice
              and to direct the student to the person or section most able to offer specific advice
              on matters such as accommodation, finance or health for example.

       Recording of Meetings
              The mentor will record a short note of each meeting for reminder purposes which
              the mentee may view on request.


                                                          guide to student services 06/07

                   academic counselling and skills coaching

Advice and guidance available to help you develop your abilities to:
• plan and organise your approach to your studies e.g.
  -   time management
  -   organising your course work
  -   balancing priorities e.g. study with sport / earning / recreation / family
  -   maintaining your motivation
• develop and apply a wide range of academic / study skills e.g.
  -   writing effectively
  -   efficient reading
  -   meaningful note making
  -   revision and exam techniques
  -   coping with stress
We can also help you with:
• becoming a more effective learner, whatever your stage of study; whatever
  your scores to date…
• exploring if you have concerns if you are on the right course, and if not, how
  to get on the right track for you
• Personal Development Planning (PDP) so you can get the most out of being
  at University by planning for and achieving your academic, social and career
Study skills seminars, open to all students, are offered throughout the academic
year and details are posted in Schools and around each Campus. They can also
be arranged for groups of students who request help with course-specific study
Confidential one to one appointments are available for any student wanting to
explore how to do things better, or who is experiencing difficulties with their studies.
We also act as a point of referral to other sources of help around the University, so
please do not put off seeking the help you need because you are unsure who best
can help you. We can help you tease out issues and where appropriate, refer you
on to other sources of help and guidance.

guide to student services 06/07

       academic counselling and skills coaching

       Staff, Location and Contact Details
              Edinburgh Campus
              Isabelle Pottinger, Academic Counsellor at Edinburgh Campus (Tuesday – Friday,
              Term time only)
              Room 1.07 Scott Russell Building, Heriot-Watt University
              Tel: 0131 451 3062 - I.Pottinger@hw.ac.uk
              Or via Careers Advisory Service   Tel: 0131 451 3391

              Scottish Borders Campus
              Heather Johnston, Academic Skills Coach at Scottish Borders Campus (Tuesdays
              and Wednesdays, Term time only)
              Room G5
              Tel: 01896 892248 – H.I.K.Johnston@hw.ac.uk
              Or via Careers Advisory Service, Room E2 Tel: 01896 892131

                                                          guide to student services 06/07

                                                         academic registry
    Academic Registrar and Director of Student Services: Kathy Patterson

The Academic Registry forms part of the Office of Student Services, together
with Student Welfare Services and the Careers Advisory Service. It is responsible
for a range of academic administrative services in relation to undergraduate and
postgraduate students, staff and courses at all campuses of the University (Edinburgh,
Scottish Borders in Galashiels, Orkney and Dubai), as well as supporting those
studying independently or through other Centres.
• The Academic Registry is responsible for the administrative aspects of:
  Registration • Student Records • Tuition Fees • Examinations and Assessments
  • Intermediate and exit Awards • Graduations • Postgraduate Studies •
  International Student Advice • Exchange Programmes • External Contacts
  Database • Distance Learning • Quality Assurance • Student related statistical
  returns • Academic Committee Secretariat • Part-time Fee Waiver Scheme •
  Individual Learning Accounts • Common Assessment & Progression System
  (CAPS). • Accreditation of Prior Learning • Student Complaints • Discipline
  and Appeals to Senate • Ordinances and Regulations • Prizes and Medals •
  Approved Learning Partners
• Further information is available on the Academic Registry Website located
  at: http://www.hw.ac.uk/registry
The Student Support Office based in your School should be the first point of

guide to student services 06/07

       academic registry

       Registration and Student Records
               Staff are available to assist students with any enquiries relating to their registration
               on a course. Advice and assistance is also offered on the following:
                 Registration information; Term Dates; Certification of student status; Tuition
                 Fees; Grant cheque collection; Council Tax; Course Transfers; Withdrawing
                 from your course/the University; Replacement ID Cards; Appeals for
                 Suspension of Studies and Further Assessment Opportunities; Academic
                 transcripts; Submission of Research Theses.

               Enquiries to:
               Sheelagh Wallace, Student Records Officer             00 44 131 451 3384

       Examinations and Graduation
               Students can be provided with information and advice on all aspects of examinations
               and graduation:
                 Examination timetables - Dates of publication • Regulations on progression,
                 assessment and examination • Off-campus examinations arrangements •
                 Assessment Results letters • Re-sit examinations - applications, deadlines, fee
                 charges, dates • Graduation – dates, arrangements, Venues (in Edinburgh and
                 Overseas), applications, deadlines, fee charges, postponement, in absentia
                 awards • Degree Certificates • Intermediate and Exit Awards

               Enquiries to:
               Karen McArthur, Registry Office Manager               00 44 131 451 3379

       Scottish Borders Campus
               In addition to the above services at the Edinburgh Campus, a similar service is
               provided by staff in the School of Textiles and Design for students located at the
               Scottish Borders Campus.

               Enquiries to:
               Lesley Lindsay Tel: 00 44 1896 892130

                                                               guide to student services 06/07

                                                               academic registry

International Student Advisers’ Office
      The International Student Advisers offer advice and support to all international
      students on campus and also to students who wish to take part in an exchange
      placement abroad for part of their course. Contact the office for advice and
      information on: Immigration and Visa extensions; Fees Status; Foundation
      English Programme Support; General International Student Advice; and Exchange
      Placements including EU Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Programmes.

      Enquiries to:
      Gillian Mitchell , Secretary        00 44 131 451 3028
      International Student Advisers: -
      Eileen Blackwood                    00 44 131 451 3398
      Peter Reinbold                      00 44 131 451 3709

Appeals, Complaints, Discipline; Part-time Fee Waivers; Individual
Learning Accounts; Dubai and off-Campus Study (through
Academic Registrar’s Office)
      Kathy Patterson, Academic Registrar        00 44 131 451 3368

      Director of Student Services
      For all matters relating to management of the Academic Registry; Student Complaints
      and Appeals to Senate; and Student Discipline

      Deputy Registrar
      Stewart Smith 00 44 131 451 3632 S.Smith@hw.ac.uk

      For Student Discipline cases and Appeals to Senate
      Dr Maggie King, Assistant Registrar (Learning Strategies) 00 44 131 451 3728

guide to student services 06/07

       academic registry

               For information on the Part-Time Fee Waiver scheme, Common
               Assessment & Progression System (CAPS) and Accreditation of Prior
               Wilma Ord , Assistant to Registrars               00 44 131 451 3369

               For General Enquiries
               Chris Knighting, Project and Development Officer            00 44 131 451 3292

               For information on Individual Learning Accounts and Tuition Fees.
               Michele Stenhouse, External Programmes Officer      00 44 131 451 4016

               For information on off-campus study enquiries and Dubai Campus.

       Office Locations and Opening Hours
               The main Academic Registry Office at the Edinburgh Campus is located on the
               ground floor of the Lord Balerno Building and is open: 0930 – 1245 (except
               Wednesdays when opens at 1000); 1345 – 1630 Monday – Friday
               The School of Textiles and Design Office is open 0900 – 1700 and is located in
               Room D10 at the Scottish Borders Campus.
               The International Student Advisers’ Office is located on the ground floor of the Lord
               Balerno Building and is open:
               09.30 – 12.45 Monday and Friday
               09.30 – 12.45 and 14.00 – 16.30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
               The Academic Registrar’s Office at the Edinburgh Campus is situated on the
               ground floor of the Lord Balerno Building and is staffed from 0900 – 1700 Monday
               – Friday.
               Further information is available on the Registry Web site located at:

                                                                 guide to student services 06/07

                                                       careers advisory service
                                                                     Director: Nick Thow

      The Careers Advisory Service part of the Office of Student Services and provides
      careers guidance, information and vacancy services to students in all years of study,
      to help them to identify their career goals, and to develop the skills required to find
      suitable employment.

Services Provided
      Careers Seminars: Classroom based seminars covering a wide range of topics
      such as career options, effective applications and interviews, aptitude tests and
      assessment centres. Many of these sessions are run as part of the personal
      development programmes now integrated into every degree course. To find out
      about seminars and workshops open to all students go to http://www.hw.ac.
      Information on: Employers, graduate occupations/career options, courses and
      funding, voluntary work and self-employment plus much more. Information
      resources are available in our Careers Information Room and on our website:
      Drop-in Enquiry Service: For quick information and advice on most career
      matters - including CVs and interviews - you can consult a member of staff
      our Information Room between 1100 - 1700. There is no need to make an
      appointment (Friday ’til 1600). Advice Direct: This online facility allows you to
      email an information or advice query to our Careers team from any computer
      Details on our website. Individual booked appointments: These sessions can be
      arranged to meet the need of students requiring more in-depth guidance. To
      book an appointment with a Careers Adviser call into our Information Room or
      phone or email us (see below for contact details).

Computer-aided guidance
      “Prospects Planner” (available at: www.prospects.ac.uk and “Pathfinder HE”.
      (Available via PC Caledonia (“Careers & Welfare” Folder or at the Careers Service) are
      software programmes designed to help you explore which careers might suit you.

      Student/Alumni Mentoring Programme: Assists 3rd year students with their
      career development by matching them up with Heriot-Watt graduates.

Vacancy Services
      Details of employer presentations, vacancies, recruitment fairs, campus recruitment
      interviews are available on our website or can be emailed directly to you by registering
      with our Jobs Direct service at www.hw.ac.uk/careers/jobsdirect.htm
      Job Shop – provides information about vacation jobs and part-time jobs during
      term-time, industrial placements and voluntary work opportunities. Details of
      these opportunities can also be found on our web site at www.hw.ac.uk/careers/

guide to student services 06/07

       careers advisory service

       Careers Fair
              Held annually during the Autumn term.

       Frequently asked Questions
              Q. How do I find out about part-time/vacation jobs?
              A. You can get the latest part-time and vacation jobs e-mailed to you by registering
              with our Jobs Direct service at www.hw.ac.uk/careers/jobsdirect.htm or by visiting
              the Job Shop at the Careers Service.
              Information is also available in the Job Shop for international students and for
              3rd year students looking for course related internships in the summer of their
              penultimate year.
              The Job Shop is open from 1100 – 1600, Monday – Friday where someone will be
              on hand to give you help and advice.

              Q. How can I get help with job applications and interviews?
              A. The ‘CVs & Interviews’ section of our web site contains lots of useful hints and
              There you can use our Online CV Builder or our pre-formatted CV From to produce a
              ‘skills based’ CV. You can also check your existing CV using our Online CV Checker.
              You will find these at www.hw.ac.uk/careers/cv.htm
              After you have done this, you may wish to see an adviser for a final check. CV
              checks are generally available each day between 1100 and 1600.
              To help you prepare for interviews, you can also download our Cracking Interviews
              leaflet at

              Location and Telephone Numbers
              Edinburgh Campus: 1st Floor, Scott Russell Building.
              Tel: 0131 451 3391/3396 Careers@hw.ac.uk
              Borders Campus: Located in Room E2.
              Tel: 01896 892131        Careersbc@hw.ac.uk        www.hw.ac.uk/careers/

       Opening Hours
              Edinburgh and Borders Campuses:           Monday - Friday           0900 – 1700
              Information Room /Reception:              Monday - Thursday         1000 – 1700
                                                        Friday                    1000 – 1600
              Advice:                                   Monday - Friday           1100 – 1600
              Job Shop:                                 Monday - Friday 1         100 – 1600

                                                             guide to student services 06/07

                                                      catering and residences
                                                             Director: Sheena Lennie

Services Provided
      Catering and Residences responsibilities range from the day to day running of
      your accommodation, to the operation of a variety of eating outlets on campus.
      The Department also offers a number of rooms to hire for meetings or social

Residences at Edinburgh Campus
      Gail Palmer:               Residences Manager      0131 451 8090
      Helen Gentleman:     Residences Manager            0131 451 3110
      Denise Nothard:            Clerical Assistant      0131 451 8090
      The Residences main office is located in Leonard Horner Hall.
      Office opening hours:       Monday-Friday: 0830-1630
      Tel/Fax:         0131 451 8090
      In addition there are housekeeper offices in each of the Halls of Residences:
          Residences I/II:                Tel/Fax: 0131 451 3604
          Leonard Horner Hall:            Tel/Fax: 0131 451 3118
          Robert Bryson Hall:             Tel/Fax: 0131 451 3600
          Robin Smith Hall:               Tel/Fax: 0131 451 8088
          George Burnett Hall:            Tel/Fax: 0131 451 8089
          Lord Thomson Hall:              Tel/Fax: 0131 451 8091
          Lord Home Hall:                 Tel/Fax: 0131 451 8127

      Location and Telephone Numbers
      Main Reception: Student accommodation can be booked at the main University
      Reception. Stamps are also on sale here. Tel: 0131 451 3501
      Conference Office Meeting rooms and accommodation for friends or relatives can
      be booked through the Conference Office, located on the top floor of the Hugh
      Nisbet Building. Tel: 0131 451 3669  Fax: 0131 451 3199

      Opening Hours
      Main Reception:            Open 0800 – 2100 (7 days)
      Conference Office:          Open 0900 – 1700 (Monday – Friday)

guide to student services 06/07

       catering and residences

       Catering at Edinburgh Campus
              Most of our catering outlets are located within the Hugh Nisbet Building:
              The Middle Floor Dining Room serves main meals daily, catering for those on full
              board, and meal cardholders as well as casual diners.
              Offering a specialised range of coffees, pastries & sandwiches, Café Brio provides
              a relaxing area to take time out between lectures.
              For healthy eating, the Microbyte serves freshly made sandwiches and speciality
              breads many with low calorie fillings. Meal deals are offered providing excellent
              If you are in a hurry, then the Venue offers a variety of take away food. Delicious
              Paninis and filled baguettes as well as specialised coffees.
              With big screen TV, and full range of wines and spirits, the Lectern Bar serves bar
              meals daily.
              For special occasions, our licensed restaurant Scholars, offers a table d’hôte lunch
              menu on weekdays.
              Catcard: A new cashless catering system is now in operation whereby students can
              deposit funds in a personal account throughout the year to spend in the various
              catering outlets. Funds can be deposited at till points in catering outlets and at
              the Main Reception.
              Visitor Accommodation: With 165 en-suite rooms available all year, visiting friends
              and relatives are welcome to stay on campus. Special rates available.
              Munch Mobile: Monday – Friday Service to all residences. This offers canned drinks,
              filled rolls and sandwiches, snacks.
              Function Rooms: From fine dining to party discos, catering for up to 400. We can
              offer a range of rooms and styles of service with menus to suit. More information
              please contact the Catering office on 0131 451 3605.
              Meeting Facilities: If you are a member of a club or society, meeting rooms can be
              booked through the conference office.

                                                              guide to student services 06/07

                                                   catering and residences

Catering and Residences at Scottish Borders Campus
      Residences: Beryl Ewart 01896 862 180 B.M.Ewart@hw.ac.uk

      Services Provided
      Catering on Campus – by Students Association
      Residential Accommodation

      Location and Opening hours
      The Refectory is situated beside shop in the Main University Building.
      Monday - Friday          0800 - 1800

      Tweed Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE,
      Tel:    01896 753474
      Fax:    01896 755884
      Office opening hours:     Monday - Friday 0900 - 1700

guide to student services 06/07

       centre for sport and exercise
       Director: Mike Fitchett

              The sport and exercise facilities and opportunities available at Heriot-Watt University
              are amongst the best in the country, designed to provide a comprehensive and high
              quality range of indoor and outdoor facilities, all within easy walking distance from
              any part of the Edinburgh Campus.

       Facilities and services available
              Sport and Exercise Centre
              • Three Sports Halls including an indoor 5-a-side football hall with a synthetic
                grass surface
              • A fixed resistance suite; an air-conditioned cardiovascular suite and two free
                weights rooms - all recently upgraded.
              • Eight squash courts including a Championship court incorporating a glass front
                wall and seating front and back
              • Three floodlit synthetic grass tennis courts
              • Comprehensive Exercise Programme incorporating classes, workshops,
                advisories and inductions.
              • Comprehensive campus sports programme offering a competitive sports

              Sports Academy
              Opened in April 2004 this comprises:
              • Football Academy in association with Heart of Midlothian, which includes
                a synthetic floodlit pitch and Astrodome (60m x 40m) for indoor football, a
                floodlit competition pitch and 5 additional first class football pitches.
              • Sports Science & Sports Medicine Centre serving students/athletes as well
                as providing a venue for the Sport & Exercise Science degree.

                                                             guide to student services 06/07

                                           centre for sport and exercise

     Location, Telephone Numbers and Contact
     Diagonally opposite the Bus Terminus at the top
     of the Avenue.
     For bookings and enquiries telephone Reception
     on 0131 451 8400/8405.

     Opening Hours
     0830 - 2115 seven days a week.
     Contact Reception for summer vacation opening

Scottish Borders Campus
     Students at the Scottish Borders Campus have the opportunity to join in the
     activities on the main Edinburgh campus or involve themselves in the expanding
     programme at Galashiels.
     A dedicated Sport and Exercise Development Co-ordinator is responsible for
     operating a comprehensive sport and exercise programme for students based on
     the campus. The campus has a dedicated facility utilised in conjunction with Borders
     Rugby, in which exercise classes and recreation sports occur.
     For further details please contact Linda Ferguson on 01896 753351 Ext 2232.

guide to student services 06/07

       Chaplain: Rev. Howard Taylor

       Services Provided
              The free Wednesday meal at 1800 (students cooking for students) provides a focus
              for lasting friendships for many students from all over the world. Like all other
              Chaplaincy events, it is open to people of any religion or none. The Chaplaincy
              also offers regular day and weekend trips into the Scottish countryside, a Wives
              group, a piano for practice, a large sitting room, a kitchen and dining room, pool
              and table-tennis tables. It is ideal for individuals to find a place of relaxation or
              use as a meeting place.

              There is a small Chapel where Catholic Vigil Mass (1800 on Saturdays) and a non-
              denominational Church Services (Sunday 1130) are held. Several other meetings
              organised by staff and students take place during term. The Chaplain and Honorary
              Chaplains (representing different denominations) are available for pastoral and
              welfare matters. Confidentiality is assured. Information and advice for all religions
              is provided.

              The Chaplain, Howard Taylor, teaches modules in the School of Management &
              Languages. One is Moral and Social Philosophy (all three terms) which he teaches
              jointly. The other is Philosophy of Science and Religion (2nd term) which he teaches
              alone. He welcomes anyone who wishes to enroll for these modules.

       Location and Telephone Number
              Edinburgh Campus: Chaplaincy Centre (Up the steps from the Schools of
              Mathematical & Computer Science; and Built Environment)
              Tel: 00 44 131 451 4508
              Chaplaincy@hw.ac.uk or M.Boulogne@hw.ac.uk
              Opening Hours 0900 - 2300 every day during term, including weekends.

       Scottish Borders Campus:
              The Honorary Chaplain, Rev. Leslie Steele (Church of Scotland) visits regularly.
              Tel: 01896 752320.

                                                              guide to student services 06/07

     university information and computing services (UICS)
                                                               Director: David Rundell

      UICS provide, maintain and develop the information systems, computing and
      networking facilities that are available to all students.

Services Provided
      The main student service is PC CALEDONIA, a network of over 650 PCs running
      Windows XP and Office 2003.
      PC Caledonia is available at both the Edinburgh Campus and the Scottish Borders
      Campus. It can be accessed from most academic Schools and from the Libraries
      at both campuses. On the Edinburgh campus it is also accessible from some of
      the residences, and a 24 hr access room that is open to all students is provided on
      both campuses.
      The core services offered on PC Caledonia include MS Office (Word, Excel,
      PowerPoint and Access), email, Internet and WWW access, and laser printing.
      Access is also provided to a wide range of other applications, including specialised
      software for specific academic disciplines, and Unix services. PC Caledonia filestore
      can be accessed across the Internet using a web browser.
      Students using their own equipment can access the Internet from the residences
      on the Edinburgh Campus through the broadband ResNet Service. User-owned
      laptops equipped with appropriate wireless cards can be used to access some
      services from designated locations through a web browser interface, e.g. in the
      Riccarton and SBC Libraries.
      The Help Desk offers friendly help and support. It is located in the Computer Centre
      at the Edinburgh Campus and the Library at Scottish Borders Campus. There is
      drop-in access or contract via email (ithelp@hw.ac.uk) or telephone (extension
      4045 at Riccarton and extension 2045 at SBC). This includes the provision of online
      information through Help pages, FAQ’s, documentation, fact sheets, etc. and the
      sale of laser print.
      For full information visit our website at http://www.hw.ac.uk/uics
      Registration to use the services is required, but this is easy and quick for all
      undergraduates as part of their matriculation.

guide to student services 06/07

       university information and computing services (UICS)

       Location and Telephone Number
              The Help Desk is located in the Computer Centre at the Edinburgh campus, and in
              the Library at SBC. There is drop-in access or contact via email or telephone:
              ithelp@hw.ac.uk         Tel 4045        for Edinburgh Campus
              ithelp@sbc.hw.ac        Tel 2045        for Scottish Borders Campus

       Opening Hours
              Help Desk (Monday to Friday):
              Edinburgh Campus        0900 - 1700
              SBC                     1000 - 1600 (term-time)
              Staff are normally available 0900 - 1700 at both campuses to respond to phone
              or email contact.

              PC Caledonia:
              The services run 24x7x52 (running in unattended mode out of normal working
              hours). Access to particular labs depends on location and is indicated on the PC
              Caledonia Lab Locator boards outside each lab.

                                                              guide to student services 06/07

                                                                   finance office
                                                                Director: Phil McNaull

      The Finance Office’s Accounts Receivable team is responsible for the collection of
      all tuition fees, accommodation charges and other ad-hoc charges due.

Services Provided
      • Maintaining up to date records of income billed to students and cash received
      • Operating appropriate credit control procedures for outstanding invoices
      • Administering the University’s Direct Debit scheme
      • Provision of a Customer Service desk for students who wish to make payments
        in person and handle any general enquiries

Direct Debit Payments
      The University offers extended payment terms to all students with a UK bank account
      if they opt to pay their tuition fees and accommodation charges by Direct Debit.
      The benefits of this option include:
      • No additional costs to you for choosing this option
      • Allows you to spread the payments due over 6 instalments (November to April)
      • Only one simple form for you to complete and return
      • Peace of mind of knowing that you will never miss a payment
      • We help you to plan your finances by providing a payment schedule before the
        first instalment is due

      If while at the University you should experience any financial difficulties in paying
      either tuition fees and/or the accommodation charges as they fall due, please do
      contact our Accounts Receivable team who will endeavour to assist you, wherever

Location & Contacts
      The Finance Office’s Customer Service desk is open daily from 0930 - 1630 and
      is located at:
      The Ground Floor, Lord Balerno Building, Edinburgh Campus
      You can also contact the Accounts Receivable team via e-mail at

guide to student services 06/07

       University Librarian: Michael Breaks

              The Library provides information and library services to students and staff.

       Services Provided
              • Study space
              • Study materials - books, periodicals, videos, audio tapes, cd-rom
              • Computing Facilities - 60 PC-Caledonia Workstations in the Edinburgh
                 16 in Martindale Library, Galashiels
              • Assistance in finding and using information
                 - Enquiry service
                 - Subject librarians for individual consultations
                 - Printed guides to services
                 - Guides to services on library website
              • Assistance in learning to use the library
                 - Timetabled introduction for all new students
                 - Lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops
              • Access to information on the internet
                 - Links to relevant academic resources on library website
              • Library Website
                 - www.hw.ac.uk/library

       Telephone Numbers
              Edinburgh Campus Library:
              Service Desk 0131 451 3577                    servicedesk@hw.ac.uk
              Enquiry Desk      0131 451 3582               libhelp@hw.ac.uk

              Martindale Library - Scottish Borders Campus
              Service Desk   01896 892185           servicedesk@sbc.hw.ac.uk
              Enquiry Desk      01896 892155                libhelp@sbc.hw.ac.uk

                                                     guide to student services 06/07


Opening Hours
     Term                        Monday - Friday       0900 - 2145
                                 Saturday - Sunday     1000 - 2000
     Christmas Vacation          Monday - Friday       0915 - 1700
     Easter & Summer Vacations   Monday - Thursday     0915 - 2000
                                 Friday                0915 - 1700

     Term                        Monday - Thursday     0830 - 2145
                                 Friday                0830 - 1645
                                 Saturday              1000 - 1545
     Vacation                    Monday – Friday       0900 - 1645

guide to student services 06/07

       media services
       Director: Duncan Hurst

              Media Services provide a comprehensive range of on-campus facilities and services at
              Edinburgh and Scottish Borders to meet the needs of students and organisations.

              • Audio visual equipment and facilities, which are required for coursework, are
                provided, subject to availability. Requests must be authorised by an academic
                member of staff.
              • Random access photocopying is available at numerous locations throughout
                the University. Access is via copycards purchased from strategically located
                dispensers. Cards are available in two values - £4.00 for 80 copies or £1.00
                for 15 copies. Production on random access photocopiers is restricted to A4
                single-sided copies on white paper.
              • Operator controlled high-speed multicopying; colour copying; copying on
                coloured papers and card; overhead transparency production; comb and wire
                binding; encapsulation and lamination.
              • Digital printing in mono and colour.
              • Customised colour products - T-shirts/sweatshirts etc.
              • Offset litho printing
              • Imaging from customer files - high-resolution printing to bromide paper and
                film; 35mm slide; overhead transparency and poster panels.
              • Hi-res scanning; image enhancement.
              • CD/DVD production and packaging.
              • Graphic design - printed publications; computer-based presentations; 35mm
                and overhead transparencies; exhibitions and display panels.

       Opening Hours
              Monday to Friday:         0900 – 1700

              Mr Duncan Hurst, Media Services
              D.Hurst@hw.ac.uk         External: 0131 451 3258            Internal: x 3258
              Mr Douglas Marsland, Manager, Audio Visual Services -
              D.S.Marshland@hw.ac.uk  External: 0131 451 3019       Internal: x 3019
              Mr Calum Wilson, Manager, Graphic Services –
              C.C.Wilson@hw.ac.uk      External: 0131 451 4284            Internal: x 4284
              Mr Greg Cowper, Manager, Printing Services –
              G.Cowper@hw.ac.uk        External: 0131 451 4280            Internal: x 4280

                                                               guide to student services 06/07

                                                       Museum and Archive
                                                       University Archivist: Ann Jones

Edinburgh Campus
     Visit the University Museum and Archive, Edinburgh campus, to explore the
     remarkable story of the University’s development from its origins in 1821 as the
     School of Arts of Edinburgh - the first Mechanics’ Institute designed to give ordinary
     people access to specialist education in science and technology. Discover the hidden
     history of our Edinburgh campus at Riccarton - from Robert the Bruce to Europe’s
     first Research Park. Heriot-Watt University Museum and Archive at the Mary Burton
     Centre is open on Monday and Tuesday from 1300 - 1600 and by appointment
     at other times.

Scottish Borders Campus
     If you want to know how Scottish textiles gained their long deserved reputation
     for quality, innovation and excellence, visit the Textile Collection at Heriot-Watt
     University’s Scottish Borders campus. Keynote collections include Borders tweed;
     vibrant couture fabric by innovative textile designer Bernat Klein; cutting edge deign
     by renowned Dundee based upholstery firm Donald Brothers; a collection of rare
     Edinburgh Kashmir inspired shawls and exquisite embroidery from India and Turkey.
     You are welcome to study the Textile Collection which is open on Wednesdays from
     1030 - 1230 and 1315 - 1515 and by appointment on other weekdays.
     Contact: Ann Jones Tel: 0131 451 3219
     Heriot-Watt University Archive, Records Management and Museum Service

guide to student services 06/07

       Musician in Residence: Steve King

              Heriot-Watt promotes a wide-ranging musical programme for performers and
              listeners. Steve King is the musician-in-residence.
              Music has brought the local community into the University both as audience and
              participants who sing and play with students and staff, and, we have performed
              the length and breadth of the country – from Orkney to Knoydart and Skye to the
              Borders – delighting audiences, raising the University profile and developing our
              musical skills.
              Heriot-Watt music activities include: orchestra, choir, chamber choir, chamber music,
              contemporary music group, professional lunchtime concerts and are open to anyone
              in the University and the local community.

       Music Scholarships
              We award scholarships each year in the form of free music tuition to talented
              singers and instrumentalists.
              For more information contact: Steve King, on ex. 3705, or e-mail me
              Visit our website: www.hw.ac.uk/music

                                                                  guide to student services 06/07

                                                            students association
                                    President: Steven Findlay (president@hwusa.org)

           Vice-President (Education & Welfare): Liam Burns (vpew@hwusa.org)
      Vice-President (Services & Communications): Chris Ross (vpsc@hwusa.org)
    Vice-President (Scottish Borders Campus): Michael Irwin (vpsbc@hwusa.org)

      The Students Association is here to make sure that not only is your time at Heriot-
      Watt University enjoyable and fulfilling, but also that it is as problem-free as possible!
      We work to achieve this in a number of different ways.

Representing Students
      Representation is perhaps the most important aspect of the work that the Students
      Association does. Elected Student Officers represent student views throughout
      the University when decisions are taken that affect you. Should you be unhappy,
      worried or have a concern about any issue, make sure you let us know! We’ll do
      our utmost to put your views across to the people in charge and work with (or
      maybe fight against!) the University to make sure your needs are provided for and
      that Heriot-Watt students get the best possible deal.
      Students can input into the representation process in various ways – through class
      reps, questionnaires and surveys, or by standing as a candidate in the Association’s
      annual student elections. And of course, feel free to contact or chat to any of your
      current Student Officers or Association staff.
      For further information regarding representation, please contact the Students
      Association President, Steven Findlay (president@hwusa.org), or if you are on the
      Scottish Borders Campus – contact the Vice-President (Scottish Borders Campus),
      Michael Irwin (vpsbc@hwusa.org).

Social Space and Commercial Services
      The Students Association runs The Union buildings in Edinburgh and Galashiels; these
      are the centres for all student social activity on each campus. On the Edinburgh
      Campus, The Union is home to three bars, catering outlets and a multi-purpose
      entertainment venue. The Students Union on the Scottish Borders Campus has a
      bar, catering and entertainment facilities.
      Both Unions also provide space for Heriot-Watt students to organise their own social
      events (such as gigs, club nights or running the fiction library), space for a wide
      range of different volunteer activities and many student societies. Some of The
      Union’s rooms are also used for various functions and regularly organised courses
      such as yoga, personal safety - and even belly dancing!
      The Union is your space where you should feel comfortable and you’re always
      welcome to make use of it!

guide to student services 06/07

                                                                         students association

              The Students Association runs shops on both the Edinburgh and Scottish Borders
              Campuses - selling everything from paper and pens to milk and sugar at competitive
              Student Officers and volunteers oversee all of our commercial services, which are
              managed and run with student views firmly in mind. What’s more, all profits from
              our commercial activities go straight back into providing improved facilities for
              If you would like to get involved and help organising events in The Union, or fancy
              putting on your own event, please get in touch! These guys will be running the
              • Keith Easton, The Union’s Venue & Commercial Manager: k.easton@hw.ac.uk
              • Jamie Nutter, The Union’s Events Manager: j.nutter@hw.ac.uk
              • Chris Ross, Vice President (Services & Communications): vpsc@hwusa.org
              Or, if you are studying at the Scottish Borders Campus, contact Michael Irwin, Vice
              President (Scottish Borders Campus): vpsbc@hwusa.org.

       Advice and Support
              To enable you to get the most out of university life, we provide help to deal with
              any problems you might encounter along the way.
              The Advice & Support Centre (ASC) is student focused and independent of the
              University. It provides:
              • Finance advice – help with all aspects of student funding and issuing short
                term emergency loans
              • Consumer advice – from leaky plumbing in your flat to dodgy computers
              • Personal support & counselling – from a simple, friendly listening ear to a
                professional programme of personal counselling
              • Representation – from academic appeals to helping you complain about a
                service you have received
              • Other advice – on a range of issues such as dealing with harassment and
                helping you identify other specialist advice such as drug counselling
              • C-Card Service – a simple scheme that gives you access to copious amounts of
                free condoms
              The Advice & Support Centre, with its full time qualified staff and trained student
              volunteers, is open Monday to Friday 1000 to 1630 within the Edinburgh Campus
              Union. They’re a friendly, helpful and approachable bunch – ready to give you any
              help you might need.
              If you are a student on the Scottish Borders Campus, you can contact the SRC Office
              for access to all these advice and support services.

                                                                guide to student services 06/07

                                                          students association

Student Activities
      There are many ways of getting involved in the Students Association. As well as
      standing in an election, you can get involved in a wide range of volunteer activities.
      For example, you could help out in the Advice & Support Centre; help with organising
      some of the entertainment events in The Union; write for the student newspaper
      “Watts On”; or get involved with raising money for charity.
      The Association also supports a wide range of student clubs and societies, all run
      by students who share a particular interest. Our current societies range from the
      Brewing Society to the Salsa Society. If you don’t like the sound of any of the
      current societies, why not set up your own! It’s dead easy, and we’ll provide all
      the help you need.
      Getting involved in student activities helps you get much more from university life.
      Apart from simply being a lot of fun, you meet new people, make great friends
      and develop your transferable skills – all of which will also really enhance your CV
      and make you feel more part of the University community.
      For further information on all the different student activities and societies, please
      contact Gillian Fortune, the Societies Administrator (G.J.Fortune@hw.ac.uk) or visit
      Gillian in the Union.

Opening Hours
      The Union – Edinburgh Campus
      Monday – Wednesday         0915 - 0030 (0200 depending on events)
      Thursday                           0915 - 0200
      Friday                             0915 - 0300
      Saturday                           1200 - 0130
      Sunday                             1200 - 0030

      The Union – Scottish Borders Campus
      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday     0830 - 0000
      Friday                             0830 - 1530
      Wednesday                          0900 - 0200
      Saturday and Sunday                Closed
      Special Events at both Campuses may have bar extensions

      The Shop – Edinburgh Campus
      Monday – Friday            0800 - 2200
      Saturday                           0830 - 2200
      Sunday                             0900 - 2200

guide to student services 06/07

       students association

              The Shop – Scottish Borders Campus
              Monday – Thursday             0845 - 1700
              Friday                         0830 - 1545
              Saturday and Sunday            Closed

       How to Contact Us
              Edinburgh Campus
              Through the main Association Reception as you enter The Union
              Tel: 0131 451 5333
              Fax: 0131 451 5344
              Email: hwusa@hw.ac.uk

              Scottish Borders Campus
              Come in to the Student Representative Committee (SRC) Office
              Tel: 01896 892170
              Fax: 01896 892183
              The Students Association website is www.hwusa.org

                                                                guide to student services 06/07

                                                    student welfare services
                                                           Director: Christine Johnston

Student Welfare Services
      Student Welfare Services provide support and advice on accommodation, disability
      issues, and finance. We also provide a counselling service and support and train
      the campus wardens. The department operates on both Riccarton and Scottish
      Borders Campuses.
      Student Welfare Services forms part of the wider Office of Student Services, together
      with the Academic Registry and Careers Advisory Service.

Accommodation Service
      The Accommodation Service allocates places to stay on campus. The service also
      deals with:
      • Any problem related to staying on campus
      • General information for students seeking accommodation outside the
      • University Leased flats scheme
      • Lodgings scheme
      • Advice on legal implications of leases

      Janice Brook, Accommodation Officer
      00 44 131 451 3385    J.Brook@hw.ac.uk
      Margaret Wilson, Lodging Scheme
      00 44 131 451 8269      M.M.Wilson@hw.ac.uk
      Graham Rudd, Leased Flats Scheme
      00 44 131 451 8221     G.Rudd@hw.ac.uk

Counselling Service
      A professional, confidential counselling service is available to all students attending
      Heriot-Watt University, full-time and part-time, usually on an appointment basis. Any
      issue or concern can be discussed in confidence. Common issues are:
      • Worry, Anxiety, Self esteem, Relationships, University Course, Life Events
        Family, Loss and Bereavement, Low mood and depression
      • Counselling provides a space to reflect and explore the difficulties being

guide to student services 06/07

       student welfare services

              Staff are also available to assist students with any welfare problems or queries.
              We have information on a wide range of topics. Leaflets are available on subjects
              such as:
              • Depression
              • Anxiety
              • Sleep Problems
              • Phobias
              • Eating Disorders
              • Bereavement
              • Drugs
              • Alcohol
              Further information on these topics can be accessed on our website: www.hw.ac.

              Morag Patten, Student Counsellor and Welfare Officer
              00 44 131 451 3387      M.I.Patten@hw.ac.uk
              Eleanor Drummond, Welfare Officer (at Scottish Borders Campus)
              01896 892178          E.Drummond@hw.ac.uk

       Disability Service
              The Disability Service provides information, guidance and support to students with
              disabilities and also works closely with University Schools, Departments and external
              partners to support the institution’s ability to respond effectively to the needs of
              people with disabilities. The service provides:
              • Assessment of needs
              • Assistance with Disabled Students Allowance applications
              • Enabling technology
              • Special examination arrangements
              • Study support

              Sandra Sabiston, Disability Adviser
              00 44 131 451 3509         S.Sabiston@hw.ac.uk
              Sarah Carley, Dyslexia Study Skills Adviser
              00 44 131 451 3509        S.Carley@hw.ac.uk
              Stuart Misson, Technology Adviser
              00 44 131 451 3786       S.Misson@hw.ac.uk

                                                             guide to student services 06/07

                                                  student welfare services

     Eleanor Drummond, Welfare Officer (Scottish Borders Campus)
     01896 892178          E.Drummond@hw.ac.uk

Funding Service
     The Student Funding Administrator is available to answer queries regarding funding,
     • Hardship Fund Applications
     • Child Care Fund Applications
     • Problems with Student Loans or Bursaries
     • Debt Control and debt collection agencies
     • Help with banks, building societies, credit card companies, mobile phone

     Aileen Abercromby:, Receptionist/Student Funding Clerical Assistant
     00 44 131 451 3386      A.E.Abercromby@hw.ac.uk
     Lesley West, Student Funding Administrator
     00 44 131 451 3613       L.P.West@hw.ac.uk

     The role of the campus wardens is to look after the welfare needs of those students
     in their care. Wardens are usually post graduate students. There are 18 wardens on
     Riccarton campus and 5 at Scottish Borders Campus.
     • They are often the first point of contact for students staying on campus who
       are experiencing difficulties.
     • They can help them either directly or by referring them to one of a network of
     • A secondary role is to maintain discipline within the Halls

Location and Telephone Numbers
     Edinburgh Campus
     Hugh Nisbet Building, opposite the bank Tel: 00 44 131 451 3386

     Scottish Borders Campus
     Room E4, near Refectory           Tel: 01896 892178
     Further information is available on our website or by emailing us.
     www.hw.ac.uk/welfareWWW/          Email: s.w.s@hw.ac.uk

guide to student services 06/07

       student welfare services

       Opening Hours
              Edinburgh Campus
              We are open 0930 – 1245; 1400 - 1630,
              Monday to Friday throughout the year.

              Scottish Borders Campus
              Tuesday - Thursday   0900 - 1600
              Friday         0900 – 1300

                                                                  guide to student services 06/07

                                       technology and research services
                                                             Director: Gillian McFadzean

Intellectual Property, Confidential Information and
      Intellectual property is what you produce when you are at the University - the results
      of your learning and research. It is what you create when you look at a problem,
      research it, and solve it with some new method or invention, or when you write about
      an idea. Intellectual property can be found in techniques, research results, inventions,
      methods, products, computer software, algorithms, laboratory notebooks, books,
      articles, designs and teaching materials, amongst many other items.
      Intellectual property is protected through the use of specific rights established under
      the law, called “intellectual property rights. The four types of intellectual property
      right are copyright, patent rights, trademark rights and design rights. These include
      the right to make copies of a product, the right to reproduce a written work, the
      right to use an invention, process or method, and the right to use a particular logo
      or design.
      When undertaking certain courses of study within the University, the University
      recommends that ownership of certain parts of your intellectual property is
      transferred to the University, in exchange for a share in the proceeds of any
      commercial exploitation. The University recommends this because they provide
      financial support, and a dedicated full time exploitation team with many business
      contacts, to help successfully exploit your intellectual property.
      The University does not recommend that ownership in all of your intellectual
      property is transferred. Published articles in specialist journals, papers and books
      remain your property. Also, intellectual property created out your time as a student
      is not covered, that is to say if you wrote a fictional book at home then that would
      not be covered.
      Transfer is not obligatory – unless it is a condition of your funding, you will always
      have the right to refuse to transfer ownership of your intellectual property to the
      Confidential information is, in short, anything which, if you told people about, might
      damage the interests of the University. It specifically includes information relating
      to intellectual property that could be protected, but is not protected, and which if
      you told people about could not be protected in the future. It includes clever but
      non-patentable methods, like trade secrets. Confidential information also includes
      any information that you are told is confidential.
      It is possible to share such information if the need arises, but to respect the interests
      of everybody involved you must make sure this confidentiality is preserved. If you
      want to disclose any confidential information you must have a confidentiality
      agreement in place.

guide to student services 06/07

       technology and research services

              In particular, when publishing information, for example in a poster display in your
              School or within a thesis or journal article, you must be careful not to jeopardize any
              of the interests of the University, for example by writing an article on something that
              may be patented, or disclosing any information at a conference that’s meant to be
              confidential, without first seeking advice from Technology and Research Services.
              If you leave the University to work or study elsewhere any intellectual property
              owned by the University will be kept by the University. Further, any confidential
              information must be kept confidential even after you have left. When you leave,
              the University may carry out an Intellectual Property Audit. This is done to take out
              stock of what you have done whilst at the University, so it is known what we own
              and what you own. Any income that comes in from the work you did whilst at the
              University will still be split up as if you are still with the University. By leaving, you’re
              not foregoing any reward due from any of your inventions.
              In the interests of clarity we ask anyone undertaking research within the University
              should record results in a hardbound laboratory notebook. This helps establish
              inventive contribution, and may help ensure that if you help invent something you
              are appropriately rewarded.
              If the University no longer wants to continue protecting intellectual property it holds,
              it may give first refusal to pick up the rights which attach to it, or to continue that
              protection process, to the inventors. If the University has already spent money on the
              invention then we may ask you to pick up some of the costs that were involved.
              For further information please consult the University Policy on Intellectual Property,
              Confidential Information and Commercialisation, available on the TRS website

              Technology & Research Services, Top Floor, Scott Russell Building
              email at trs@hw.ac.uk       Tel: 0131 451 3192.

                                                                  guide to student services 06/07

                                                      university health service
                                               Physician-in-Charge: Dr V R F De Lima

      The University Health Service provides the full range of General Medical and Dental
      Services under the National Health Service. The Service is located in a new purpose
      built Health Centre which was opened in December 1999 and is sited on the main
      Avenue. The Department has a full complement of medical, dental, nursing and
      administrative staff: in addition Community Staff provide services such as Psychiatric
      Nursing, Midwifery, Health Visiting and District Nursing on a sessional basis. There
      is also a private (non NHS) physiotherapy service. Heriot-Watt has had a University
      Health Service since 1973, and continues to expand its range of service provision.

Services provided
      Full NHS General Practitioner service, plus
      • Occupational Health
      • Health/Lifestyle Promotion programmes
      • Chronic illness care, e.g. diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, etc.
      • Contraception and Women’s Health Advice
      • Minor surgery
      • Counselling for a range of student mental health problems
      • A full Travel Health Clinic
      • Services ancillary to medicine, e.g. Physiotherapy, Dietetics etc
      • Emergency care - 24 hour service
      • Sick Bay provision

Location and Telephone Number
      Heriot-Watt University Health Centre, The Avenue, Edinburgh Campus
      Medical Centre Tel: 0131 451 3010             Fax : 0131 451 3503
      Dental Surgery Tel: 0131 451 3080
      Web-site:         www/hw.ac.uk/health

Opening Hours
      Term-time         Monday-Friday:              0830 - 1900
                        Saturday:                   0900 - 1300
      A Nurse is on duty during these hours. Doctors’ and Dental consultations are by
      Vacation          Monday-Friday               0830 - 1800
      A Nurse is on duty until 1700.
      Doctors’ and Dental consultations are by appointment.

guide to student services 06/07

       university health service

       Scottish Borders Campus
               Students are advised to register with one of the local General Practices at the time
               of matriculation.

       Frequently asked questions:
               Q Do I pay to see the doctor?
               A   No, medical consultations are free but you will be charged to see the dentist
                   or optician unless you have an exemption certificate.
               Q Do I pay for my medication?
               A   Yes, unless you have an exemption certificate.
               Q Can my family register with the University Health Service?
               A   Yes, if they are living in the Practice area.

                                                                  guide to student services 06/07

                                                                 university policies

Bullying and Harassment Policy
      The University is committed to a working and learning environment that is free from
      discrimination. Harassment can seriously impede study and the learning environment
      for students and therefore any incident of harassment will be treated as a formal
      Student Complaint, regarded extremely seriously and is likely to result in disciplinary
      action, which may include expulsion.
      Contact: Kathy Patterson. Ext.: 3368

Common Assessment & Progression System
      The Common Assessment and Progression System (CAPS) applies to all undergraduate
      and postgraduate taught courses across the University. Full details are provided in
      the relevant Regulations.
      Contact: Dr Maggie King Ext.: 3728

Conditions for use of the University Computing Facilities
      Computing facilities can only be used by students and staff in connection with
      bonafide activities of the University and users are required to abide by the specified
      Conditions of Use (Regulation 29). Violation is considered to be a disciplinary offence
      of the University. Computer misuse may also be a matter for legal proceedings and
      the University will involve the relevant authorities where appropriate. In addition there
      are more specific policies, which also apply to certain services, such as e-mail.
      Contact: Help Desk. Ext.:4045 or 2045

Data Protection
      The University needs to obtain and process certain information to allow it to register
      students, organise courses and comply with its legal obligations to funding bodies
      and the Government. The University does this in compliance with the Principles set
      out in the Data Protection Act 1998. If you wish to access any personal information
      that the University holds about you, you can make a data subject access request
      under the Data Protection Act.
      Contact: Ann Jones. Ext.: 3219 foi@hw.ac.uk

guide to student services 06/07

       university policies

       Disability Policy & Information for Students with Disabilities &
       Special Needs
              The University is committed through its Disability Policy to providing students who
              have disabilities and special needs with appropriate advice and support throughout
              their university career.
              Contact: Sandra Sabiston Ext.: 3509

       Disciplinary Procedures (Ordinance 9)
              The Ordinance describes the standard of conduct which students are expected to
              observe and indicates the procedures and penalties which will apply in the event
              of a breach of discipline. Great care has been taken to ensure that the rights of the
              students are safeguarded at all stages of disciplinary investigations.
              Contact: Stewart Smith Ext.: 3632

       Drug and Alcohol Abuse
              Illicit drug use is a criminal offence and contravenes University Regulations. The
              aim of this policy is to reduce the social, psychological, physical harm or negative
              consequences which may accrue to students from excessive alcohol or drug use or
              dependence and to protect the wider student and University community.
              Contact: Christine Johnston Ext.:4505

       Equal Opportunities
              The University is committed to equal opportunities for all, irrespective of sex, colour,
              ethnic origin, disability, marital status, religious or political beliefs, trade union
              membership, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction. The University aims
              to create conditions whereby the treatment of all students is on the basis of their
              relative merits, abilities and potential.
              Contact: Michael Breaks Ext.: 3570

                                                               guide to student services 06/07

                                                              university policies

Freedom of Information
      The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, 2002, provides important new rights of
      access to recorded information held by Scottish public authorities, including Heriot-
      Watt University. If you request information from the University we must provide
      it, or a valid reason for not doing so, within 20 working days. Some information
      is exempt from disclosure, for instance if its release would seriously prejudice the
      commercial interests of any person or organisation or breach the Data Protection
      Act, 1998.
      Contact: Ann Jones Ext: 3219

Health & Safety Policy
      The University Health and Safety Policy is designed to enable all members of the
      University community to go about their everyday business with the knowledge that
      they can do so safely and without risk to their health or wellbeing.
      Contact: Peter Kerr Ext.: 3333

Payment for Additional Modules
      The number of modules to be studied in order to achieve a final qualification are
      pre-determined. The full-time and part-time fees for all courses take account of
      the cost for all modules within a course that a student is required to study in order
      to achieve a final qualification.
      Should a student wish to study module(s) in addition to those required to achieve
      the final qualification, the additional module fee(s) must be paid by the student.
      Contact: Helen Crosby Ext.: 3445

Race Equality
      Heriot-Watt University is committed to creating an environment in which all students
      are treated fairly and equitably, to ensure that the University promotes equality of
      opportunity and good relations between people of different racial groups, and
      eliminates unlawful racial discrimination.
      Contact: Michael Breaks Ext.: 3570

guide to student services 06/07

       university policies

       Smoke Free Policy
              The new University Smoke-Free Policy came into effect on 26th March 2006. The
              policy does not permit smoking in any University Building by any member of staff.
              The ban extends to all visitors and students (although individual student residential
              rooms are not covered) and helps to ensure that the University is compliant with
              the National Ban on Smoking in Public Places (as decreed in the Smoking, Health
              and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005)
              The Heriot Watt University Smoke Free Policy can be found in full on the HR pages
              of the intranet. Please go to http://www.hw.ac.uk/hr/p_index.php and follow the
              link for “Smoke Free Policy”. There is also a supporting guidance document which
              can similarly be found on the intranet.
              Contact: Lindsay Donoghue Ext:3552

       Student Complaints and Appeals
              The University is committed to delivering high quality teaching and services, and to
              maintaining effective procedures to allow all students to make complaints, submit
              appeals and to raise any causes for concern or cases for improvement. It is the
              University’s aim to settle complaints promptly, fairly, courteously and as near as
              possible to the point of origin.
              Contact: Kathy Patterson Ext: 3368

       Student Fees and Charges
              The Policy has been produced to help new students to Heriot-Watt University settle
              in by understanding the financial requirements of the University. It relates to all fees
              and charges payable by the students to the University for the use of its facilities and
              the provision of its services. The policy is intended to be reasonable and fair.
              Students who are experiencing financial difficulties in paying fees should seek help
              at the earliest opportunity. Any problems can be discussed with Student Welfare
              Services or the Students Association Advice and Support Centre where trained staff
              are available to assist.
              Contact: Kevin Mallett Ext: 4001

                                                                 guide to student services 06/07

                                                                university policies

Student Finance and Fees
      Provides information and advice to home and overseas students on a range of fees
      and finance related matters.
      Contact:Chris Knighting Ext: 3292

Student Guidance on Plagiarism
      The University has produced a guidance document covering the definition of
      plagiarism, examples of good and poor practice for students to use when citing the
      work of others in their assessment and the ways that plagiarism should be managed
      by students. The Guidance has also been translated into Arabic and Chinese.
      Contact: Chris Knighting Ext.:3292

Student Mental Health Policy
      The University’s study programmes are open to all who have the intellectual capacity
      to benefit from and successfully complete a chosen course of study. This policy sets
      out the University’s procedures for helping or referring students who may have a
      mental illness or who display disruptive behaviour. This policy is a positive one, being
      designed to help identify early signs of mental illness and to ensure that students
      are referred for appropriate treatment or counselling.
      Contact: Christine Johnston Ext: 4505

Summary of the Guide to Student Services list.
      List of relevant Regulations, Policies etc which provides a one page summary of the
      Guide to Student Services.

guide to student services 06/07

       shops and other commercial facilities on campus

              Hugh Nisbet Building, ground floor, Edinburgh Campus
              Tel: 0131 451 5287
              Monday - Friday          0900 - 1700
              This shop carries all the required text books and operates a fast order service for
              any other books requested. It also stocks fiction and leisure reading.

       Endsleigh Insurance
              Hugh Nisbet Building, ground floor, Edinburgh Campus
              Tel: 0131 451 5355
              Monday-Friday            0930 – 1700
              For Motor, Possessions and Travel Insurance etc.

       Royal Bank of Scotland
              Hugh Nisbet Building, ground floor, Edinburgh Campus
              Tel: 0131 449 2411 or internal extension 4503
              Monday - Friday          0915 - 1645
              Wednesday                1000 - 1645
              There is also a Bank of Scotland cashpoint at the front entrance to the University.

       Student Union Shops
              Hugh Nisbet Building, ground floor,
              Edinburgh Campus
              Monday - Friday          0800 - 2200
              Saturday                 0830 - 2200
              Sunday                   0900 - 2200
              These hours will vary during vacations
              For groceries, toiletries, clothing, stamps,
              phone cards, photo processing, University
              souvenirs, sandwiches, milk and bread etc.
              Scottish Borders Campus, located within The Union
              Monday – Thursday    0845 - 1700
              Friday                   0845 – 1545

       University Nursery
              Edinburgh Campus
              Tel: 0131 451 5236/4119
              Monday - Friday          0830 – 1730
              Full or part day places for children aged from birth upwards
              Contact Student Welfare Services            0131 451 3386

                                                           guide to student services 06/07

                                                             useful contacts

Other agencies
Advice Agencies
     Advice Shop                                                     0131 2251255
Citizens Advice Bureaux:
      58 Dundas St                                                  0131 557 1500
      137 Dundee St                                                 0131 474 8080
      166 Great Junction St                                         0131 554 8144
      1 Murrayburn Gate, Wester Hailes                              0131 442 2424
      Money Advice Scotland                                         0141 572 0237
      Shelterline (Housing Advice)                                  0808 800 4444
      Parentline – help for parents & carers of children            0808 808 4000
        Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre              0131 556 9437
        Victim Support                                              0131 668 2556
        Domestic Abuse Helpline                                     0845 027 1234
      Grapevine                                                     0131 475 2370
      Lothian Coalition of Disabled People                          0131 475 2360
      Lothian centre for Integrated Living                          0131 475 2350
Drugs/ Alcohol
     Crewe 2000 ( Drug Info)                                        0131 220 3404
     National Drugs Helpline                                         0800 776 600
     Turning Point ( Drug counselling)                              0131 554 7516
     Know the Score ( Drug info and advice)                         0800 587 5879
     Alcoholics Anonymous                                           0131 225 6090
     Drinkline                                                      0800 917 8282
     Edinburgh and Lothian Council on Alcohol                       0131 337 8188
      Asthma Helpline                                                 0845 701 0203
      Breathing Space (Phone line for people who are depressed)         0800 838587
      Caledonia Youth Advisory service (sexual health)                0131 229 3596
      Cruse (Bereavement)                                             0870 167 1677
      Depression Alliance Scotland                                    0131 467 3050
      Eating Disorders helpline                                       0845 634 1414
      Health in Mind (Mental Health support services)                 0131 225 8508
      Gay Men’s Health                                                0131 558 9444
      GUM Clinic, Royal Infirmary                                0131 536 2103 (men)
      (for STD’s & HIV testing etc.)                          0131 536 2104 (women)

guide to student services 06/07

       useful contacts

                Health Centre - Edinburgh Campus                                    0131 451 3010
                               - Borders Campus (local centre for general enquiries) 01896 757777
                National AIDS Helpline                                                0800 567 123
                National Meningitis Trust                                           0845 600 0800
                NHS 24 (24 hours health advice)                                      08454 242424
                Samaritans                                                           08457 909090
            Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh                                           0131 536 1000
            Western General Hospital                                              0131 537 1000
            St. John’s Livingston                                                  01506 419666
            Royal Edinburgh                                                       0131 537 6000
            Royal Hospital for Sick Children                                      0131 536 0000
                Police, HQ (Lothian & Borders)                                    0131 311 3131
                Police, local (Edinburgh campus)                                  0131 442 2626
                Police, Scottish Borders campus                                    01896 752222
       Student Funding
            Career Development Loans                                                0800 585 505
            Student Loans Company                                                  0800 40 50 10
             Student Nightline                                                    0131 557 4444
             Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard (7.30 – 10.00pm)                 0131 556 4049
             Gay Switchboard, London (24 hour)                                    0207 837 7324
             Osprey, International students advisory                              0131 452 8424
             Lothian Racial Equality Council                                      0131 556 0441
             Immigration & Nationality, Public inquiry office                      0141 887 2255
             Home Office (general enquiries/rules)                                  0870 6067766
             City Council (all departments inc. housing)
                 - Edinburgh                                                      0131 200 2000
                 - Borders Council                                                 01835 824000
                                                                                   01896 757777


guide to student services 06/07

guide to student services 06/07

       campus maps

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             �         ������������������������������������                  �          � � ��������������������
         �       � � �������������������           �                                �         ��������������������������
             �         ��������                                              �          � � ��������������
             �         ��������������������������������������������
             �         ���������������������������                           �          � � ��������������
             �         �������������������������������������������������������          � � ������������
         �       � �   ����������������������������                          �          � � �������������������                                            �����������������
             �         �����������������������                               �          � � �������������������������������������
             �         ����������������                                                                                                       �        � � ��������������������������
                                                                             �          � � ��������������������������������                       �       ��������������
         �       � �   ��������������������������
             �         ������������������������������������������������      �          � � ���������                                              �
             �         �������                                                                                                                     �       �������������
                                                                             �          � � �������
         �       � �   ������������������������                                                                                               �        � � ��������������������������������
                                                                             �          � � ���������������
             �         �������������������                                                                                                    �        � � �����������    ������������������������
             �         ���������������������������������������������         �          � � ������������������������
                                                                                                                                                   �       �              ��������������������
             �         ����������������                                             �         ��������������������������
                                                                                    �         ��������������������������������                �    �       �������������� �����������������
         �       � �   ������������������������                                                                                               �    �       �����������������������������������
             �         ����������                                            �          ��    ����������
             �         ��������������������������������������������          �          � �   ����������������������                               �       ���������������
             �         ��������������������������                            �          � �   ��������������������                            �        � � �����������    ��������������
         �       � �   ����������������������                                �          � �   ����������������������������
             �         ��������������������                                                                                                   �    �       �������������� �����������������
                                                                             �          � �   ���������������������                                �       �              ���������
         �       � �   �����������������������
             �         �������������������������������                       �          � �   ��������������������������������������          �    �       ������������������������������
             �         �����������������������                               �          � �   ����������������������������������                   �       �              ������������
             �         �����������                                                                                                                 �       �              ���������������������
                                                                             �          � �   �����������������������������������������            �       �              ���������������
         �       � �   ������������������������                                     �         �������������                                        �
             �         �����������������                                                                                                           �       ����������
                                                                             �          � �   �����������������������������
         �   �� �      �����������������������
                                                                             �          � �   ��������������                                  �        � � ���������������������������������
             �         �����������������                                                                                                           �       �                ����������������������
         �   �� � ����������������������                                                                                                           �
             �         ������������������������������������������                                                                                  �       �������������
         �                                                                                    ��������������������
             �� � ���������������������                                                                                                       �        � � ��������������������������������������
             �         ���������                                                                                                                   �       ���������������������������������
         �   �� � ������������������������
                                                                               �        � � ���������������                                        �       ������������������������������������������
                                                                               �        � � �������������                                          �       �������������������
         �   �� � ���������������������                                                                                                            �
             �         ������������                                            �        � � ������������                                           �       �������
             �         ����������                                              �        � � �����������
             �         �������������������������������������������                                                                            �    �       ����������������������������������������
                                                                               �        � � ���������������                                        �       ������������������������������������������
         �   �� � �������������������������                                                                                                        �       �������������������������������������
                                                                               �        � � �����������
                                                                                                                                                   �       ��������������������������������������������
         �   �         ����������������������������������                      �        � � �����������������
                                                                                                                                                   �       ���������������������������������������
         �   �� � �������������                                                �        � � ��������������������
         �   �� � �������������������                                          �        � � ����������������
         �   �� � ������������������                                           �        � � ������������������
         �   �� � ���������������                                              �        � � ���������������������                                                                       ��
         �   �� � �������������������                                          �        � � ��������������                                                 ���       ���     �������    �����
         �   �� � ��������������                                               �        � � �������������������                                            ����      ����    �����      �������

             ���������                                      ��                 ��                 ��                    ��           ��

             ������                                          �                 �                   �                       �
                                                             ��                �                   �                       �          �       ��
                                                             �                 �                   �                       �          �   �        ��
                                                                                              �            �                          �   �        ��
                                                                               �                               �    �      �   �                   ��

                                                                               �                                    �      �                       ��

                                                                               �                                                      �       ��   ��
                             �          �                    ��      �                                                                             ��

                                                             �                 �                                           �   �              ��
                           ���          �                    �                 �                               �           �

                                 ���                         ��          ��                                             ��
                                       ���              �    ��      �   ��

                                                 ���        ���          ���        ���
                                             �                                                �    �

                                                                      guide to student services 06/07

                                                                          campus maps


                                            E ST
                             THE HIGH MILL

   SCOTTISH                                                       WORKSHOPS

   BORDERS                                                                       SCHOOL OF


   GALASHIELS                                                  HALL

                                                  ING                                  RUGBY
                                       ENTRANCE AND

                                                        CAR PARK

                                                         AND HGV

                                                        TEST AREA

     FOYER      PARK
                        DINING HALL


         BLOCK D

                                 BLOCK A                                            GALA

                       BLOCK B
              BLOCK C              HALL

guide to student services 06/07

       bus timetable

               For information regarding the Lothian Bus Services phone (0131) 555 6363
               (24 hours) or visit

                                                               guide to student services 06/07

KEY WORD INDEX                   SERVICE                              KEY WORD INDEX                SERVICE

Academic transcripts             Schools/Institutes                   Intermediate Awards           Academic Registry
                                 Academic Registry                    International Students        Academic Registry
Access Funds                     Student Welfare Services                                           Chaplaincy
Accommodation/                   Catering and Residences              Interview Techniques          Careers Service
Halls of Residence                                                    Jobs                          Careers Service
Address updates                  Schools/Institutes                   Leases                        Catering and Residences
                                 Academic Registry
                                                                      Library                       Library
Admission (Postgraduate)         Schools/Institutes
                                 Academic Registry                    Meal Cards                    Catering and Residences

Alcohol Abuse                    Student Welfare Services             Meeting Room Hire             Catering and Residences

Alumni Fund                      Corporate Communications             Module transfers              Schools/Institutes
                                                                                                    Recruitment and Admissions
Appeals                          Academic Registry
                                                                      Music                         Musician in Residence
Careers Advice                   Careers Service
                                                                      Newsletters                   Corporate Communications
Careers Information              Careers Service
                                                                      Postgraduate Study            Academic Registry
Catering on Campus               Catering and Residences                                            Careers Service
Catholic Mass                    Chaplaincy                           Part-time fee waiver scheme   Academic Registry
Certifications                    Schools/Institutes                   Pastoral care                 Chaplaincy
                                 Academic Registry
                                                                      PC-Caledonia                  Computing Services
Chaplain                         Chaplaincy
                                                                      Private Lets                  Catering and Residences
Christian Worship                Chaplaincy
                                                                      Progression                   Academic Registry
Council Tax                      Student Welfare Services
                                                                      Registration                  Academic Registry
Counselling                      Student Welfare Services
                                 Students Association                 Regulations
                                                                      (assessment, examination)     Academic Registry
Course transfers                 Schools/Institutes
                                 Academic Registry                    Religion                      Chaplaincy

CV Guidelines                    Careers Service                      Representation                Students Association

Debt Budgeting                   Student Welfare Services             Social venues/events          Chaplaincy
                                                                                                    Students Association
Disabled Students                Student Welfare Services
                                                                      Special Needs                 Student Welfare Services
Drugs Advice                     Student Welfare Services
                                                                      Sport                         Centre for Sport & Exercise
Dyslexia Advice                  Student Welfare Services
                                                                      Student Hardship
University Events                Corporate Communications
                                                                      (Funds and Loans)             Student Welfare Services
(timetables, results, re-sits)   Academic Registry                    Student mentoring scheme      Schools

Exchange Programmes              Academic Registry                    Study Skills                  Student Welfare Services

Exercise                         Centre for Sport & Exercise          Studying abroad               Academic Registry

Fee Status                       Academic Registry                                                  Careers Service

Funding (Postgraduate)           Schools/Institutes                   Suspension of Studies         Academic Registry
                                 Recruitment and Admissions                                         Schools/Institutes

Function Room Hire               Catering and Residences              Term dates                    Academic Registry

Global alumni contacts           Corporate Communications             Tuition fees                  Academic Registry

Graduation                       Academic Registry                    Tuition fees (payment)        Finance Office

Halls of Residence               Catering and Residences              University Leased Flats       Catering and Residences

Healthcare                       University Health Service            Wardens                       Student Welfare Services

Immigration/Visa Renewal         Academic Registry                    Weddings                      Chaplaincy

Information Services             Library                              Welfare Advice                Student Welfare Services
                                                                                                    Students Association

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